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From Vampire Slayer to Vampire Slave

Part 6

From Vampire Slayer to Vampire Slave

by Roadrunner, with ideas from Bronte

and a big thankyou to everyone who sent me their comments.


"Wh...what?" Annie opened her eyes and looked up at her cruel tormenter. She knew what Josephine was expecting her to answer, but she couldn't bring herself to say it. "I'm asking you a question, slut!" Josephine snapped, and brought her cane down across Annie's ass. Swish! "Aaaw! Aw, aw, yes, yes," Annie finally blurted out, "yes, ma'am, yes..." "Yes what?" Josephine still wasn't satisfied. "Yes, ma'am, I...I deserve to be p..punished..." "Punished for what, you stupid cunt?" "F-for being such a--such a dirty little whore..."


       "That's right, you're a dirty little whore, now take this!" Swish! Swish! Swish! with these words Josephine brought her cane down on Annie's ass a few times, leaving a red welt behind with each strike, and drawing a loud cry from the slayer. "Now, what do you say, huh, cunt?" Josephine asked. "Wh--what?" Annie looked up at the vampire with her tear-filled eyes, puzzled, but then she realized what was expected of her. "Th--thank you ma'am..." she said, hoping that it would be enough. "For what?" "For...punishing me----Aaaaaaw!" Annie's answer was interrupted by another strike of the cane. "For caning your slutty ass! Do I have to tell you everything?" Josephine sighed in faked frustration. "Y, yes ma'am, for caning my sluty ass......Ooooow! Thank you ma'am for caning my ass....Aaaaaah! Thank you ma'am! Aaaaaah! Thank you ma'am for caning my p--pussy! Aaaaaaah! Ohmigod it hurts thank you ma'am......" Annie begged, sobbing, as her caning continued. Her ass felt like it was on fire, and when Josephine's cane struck her defenseless pussy from time to time it's like her pussy was branded with a hot iron. However, the humiliating words that she was made to say were getting her more and more aroused, and she found herself hoping secretly that another vampire would come over and ravish her abused pussy.

       "Nnnnnaaaaaaaaa!  God! It hurts so much oh thank you ma'am, I mean thank you ma'am for hurting my pussy! Oh, God, oh, God..." Annie said sobbing when her pussy was struck yet another time. By now her ass and her thighs were covered with red welts, and her delicate pussy lips were also reddened. When Josephine stopped, Annie looked up with her tear-filled eyes and couldn't believe how beaten and abused her body looked. "Lovely, isn't it? That's how a pain slut should look like," Josephine said laughing when she noticed the slayer's stare. She touched Annie's sore pussy lightly with her cane, causing the slayer's body to stiffen. "Now, slayer-cunt, what should I do with you?" She asked. "Pl, please stop hurting me and un---Aaaaaaaaah!" Annie cried out in pain when her pussy was caned again. "Wrong answer, you stupid whore!" Josephine snapped as she caned Annie's pussy and ass as few more times. "Aaaah! Aaaaaw! Aaaaaaw! Oh ma'am I'm sorry, I'm sorry! You can do anything you want with me!" Annie cried out in desperation, finally guessing the answer that was expected of her. "Finally!" Josephine said giggling as the crowd laughed with her while the slayer broke down and cried in defeat and humiliation.

       Much to Annie's relief, Josephine ordered her to be untied. She was released from her position and made to kneel down while several men and vampires surrounded her.  She looked up with and saw that they all had their cocks out and were stroking them, and was shocked that she was actually turned on by that sight even after all the pain she had suffered. However, her feeling of shame was soon overcome by her desire and she opened her mouth unconsciously and began panting eagerly. "You wanna taste my cum don't you slut?" A guy said as he slapped her lightly with his cock. "Well, slut, if you're horny why don't you start playing with yourself?" Josephine said giggling. This was the second time Annie was told to masturbate in front of everyone, and this time she did it without hesitation. She reached down and began rubbing her lips furiously, her gaze still fixed on the cocks in front of her. Moments later, two of the men began coming, shooting their loads all over her face. Smelling their cum and feeling it on her cheeks, Annie felt even hornier. She opened her mouth wider to catch some of the cum, and her body began squirming. Soon others were coming too, covering her face entirely with their cum. There was cum even in her eyes, and as Annie was forced to close them, she felt so totally used and humiliated, but at the same time she also felt a strong desire to just abandon herself to that feeling of humiliation. I'm a vampire whore! She screamed in her own mind.

       Suddenly, there was a Swish! sound in the air and Annie felt a red-hot pain across her tits. Crying out, she opened her eyes and saw that it was Josephine caning her tits. "Don't stop, slut," Josephine said, "I'm going to let you come one more time!" Annie did what she was told and continued to rub herself while Josephine caned her tits. The combination of pain and pleasure soon pushed she over the edge and she came in a scream orgasm as Josephine covered her tits with red welts.

       Exhausted, Annie collapsed on the floor, shaking violently. The crowd laughed at her and called her names as she dreamily licked up the cum on her face, but they didn't touch her. She was sent back to her cage and left there cum-drenched for the night. The next morning began with the same routine. She was cleaned up and led to what they call her "training room". With her wrists cuffed behind her back, she were made to pleasure the four men there with her mouth. "C'mon, a slut like you should know how to suck cock properly," one of the men said. The men coached her not only with their words, but also with their whips and hard slaps on her face and tits. Much to Annie's surprise, even though the men were feeling her up all the time, they never fucked her, and she finished her day aroused but without coming even once. When she was led back to your cage that night, they even put a leather chastity belt on her so she couldn't play with herself.

       When the men repeated the same procedure the next day, their intention was obvious. Yet there was nothing Annie could do except to suck on their cocks obediently so she could at least taste their cum. She began to feel frustrated. Even the men's hard slaps on her tits and cruel pinches on her nipples began to feel arousing, and she were shocked by how much she craved their abuse. She was made to suck two men off with them standing side by side. They each grab one of her nipples and made her alternate between their cocks by pulling at them, calling them her "slut handles". Being handled like that was making Annie so horny, and she began lowering her body like she was hoping to grind her pussy against one of their booted feet. "What do you think you're doing, slut?" A third man snapped as he whipped her hard across her ass. "Horny, huh? Wanna get fucked, slut? Beg us, and maybe we'll fuck that dripping cunt of yours!" But when she did, all she got was their ridicule.

       Moaning in frustration, Annie sucked the two cocks in front of her eagerly, doing her best to please them. Before long, the man in her mouth began grunting, and Annie squirmed in anticipation of his hot cum filling her mouth. What the man did, however, was to pull out of her mouth and start spraying his cum onto her face. Caught by surprise, Annie opened her mouth wide and tried to catch as much of the man's cum as she could, but the other guy, who was stroking his cock, began coming too, and Annie grunted when his cum hit her face. With her wrists cuffed, all she could do was to stick out her tongue and try comically to lick any cum that's dripping down her nose while the men took souvenir photos of the humiliated slayer with their phones.

       "Look at you, you cum-hungry whore! You're such a disgrace!" Josephine's words hurt. Annie was so caught up with lapping up the men's cum that she didn't notice the female vampire. She looked up at her tormentor, insulted, but when Josephine reached out with her hand to wipe the cum off her face, she couldn't help leaning forward to lap the cum off Josophine's hand. Laughing, Josephine wiped the cum on the slayer's tits instead. "Stop this nonsense, you stupid slut," she scolded playfully as one guy uncuffed Annie. "Now, get down on your hands and knees, and don't you dare touching yourself!" Annie compiled, and the next guy attached a leash to her collar. He began pulling her, and Annie realized that she was expected to crawl, and she obeyed almost instinctively. She realized that she was led out of her training room and towards the dungeon, the venue of her first rape. Does this mean that the vamps were going to "use" her again? Weakness swept her over as that thought crossed her mind. Her pendant tits swayed rhythmically as she crawled, and she could feel her nipples harden in expectation.

Josephine kept teasing Annie as she walked behind the crawling slayer, but Annies attention was drawn by noises that she seemed to be hearing. When she was led into the dungeon, she could finally see what was going on, and she was shocked. A tall young woman with flaming red hair was lying face up on a small table, with her ass resting on one edge and her head on the other. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the table's legs, and her young naked body is covered with whip marks and hand prints. Two vampires were fucking her, one is her pussy and one in her ass, while a human was using her mouth. Another human looked like he'd been titfucking her, as he was now spraying his cum all over her tits. Judging from the cum stains on the young womans body, this had been going on for some time. "Morning, slayer cunt," Jake, who was standing nearby and who looked like he had already had his fun with the young woman, greeted Annie cheerfully. "I don't think you've met Brandi. She's a slayer from the northwell, she's actually still in training, but she heard about your disappearance and came here to look for you. Apparently she used to idolize you," he said chuckling.

Jakes words caused shame and anger in Annie. How, how could you! You f—“ Annie almost forgot herself and got up, but Josephine stopped that by bring her riding crop cruelly down across the slayers tits a couple of times.  But more importantly, it's what the female then said. "You're hungry for the taste of cum, huh, slut? Well you can lick it all off your fellow slayer cunt!" She said as she grabbed Annies leash and dragged her towards Brandi, who just recognized Annie and was looking at her with tear-filled eyes. "Oh, and if you want to come, you have to make her eat you," Jake added, chuckling.

Review This Story || Author: Roadrunner
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