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From Vampire Slayer to Vampire Slave

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Synopsis: A group of vampires capture a slayer and turn her into their slave...

From Vampire Slayer to Vampire Slave

by Roadrunner, with ideas from Bronte

Part One

Author's note: this story began as a roleplay between myself and Bronte on the Roleplay section of the forum. The forum went down after we did a couple of episodes, and when it was up again the whole roleplay was gone, as was Bronte. I really liked what we had going so I decided to write a story based on what I could remember about the roleplay. Even if I wasn't able to reproduce what she has written, I think Bronte deserves credit for at least how the slayer character is like, and for her very naughty and wicked imagination.

The idea of the roleplay was this: Picture a world that's like a cross between "Blade" and "Buffy" in which the vampires are highly organized and have humans working for them, and their enemies are the slayers--young women who are chosen by fate to fight them. In the scene, a vampire captured a slayer and instead of killing her, he turned her into his slave.

And here's the story:

Like many drugs, the drug Jake nicknamed "Craving" was discovered by accident. His lab was trying to create a drug that could temporarily enhance human senses so their human soldiers could be more helpful when they assist in the vampires’ operations. The scientists did manage to produce a compound that could enhance human senses, in particular tactile sensation and the feelings of pain and pleasure, for several hours. However, they also noticed that the compound had a curious effect: it not only caused the subjects to experience sensations more intensely, it also caused these sensations to be imprinted in the subjects' memory and they would develop a craving for them when the effect of the compound was gone. The vampire council was divided as to what to do with this compound. It obviously wasn't the drug that they were looking for, and if they wanted to give humans some kind of craving to control them there's a more obvious option. Some members suggested marketing it to humans for profit, but Jake had an idea.

       A few months ago a new slayer called Annie arrived and she'd already killed more vampires than the previous slayer in a year. She was young and inexperienced, but also strong-willed and agile. Jake imagined that if the she was bitten, she would probably kill herself rather than to become one of his kind, but what if they gave her some other kind of craving? She was nubile young woman after all... Other members of the council had always found Jake a curious character. He was among the earliest vampires to have arrived at the New World, but despite his seniority he was never really interested in the power play within the council. He was recognized by the various factions in the council as somewhat eccentric (even among vampires) but fair. Instead, he was more interested in the pleasures of the flesh. When they heard about Jake’s plan, they were not thrilled but saw no harm in trying it out.

       So Jake set up a trap in an old factory, leaving false trails so the slayer could "discover" what seemed to be the vampires’ biggest laboratory. In the meantime, he put together an assault team of specially-trained vampires and drug-enhanced humans. As he expected, the slayer found her way to the factory one evening. As soon as Annie arrived, her actions were already closely monitored. Jake enjoyed the sight of her athletic nineteen-year-old body as she fought her way into the basement of the factory, killing vampires and flooring humans along the way. Seeing that she was deep enough into the trap, he gave his special assault team of the go-ahead.

       Armed with wooden batons and high-voltage picanas, the team approached the young slayer. High on adrenaline, Annie was confident when she saw them. However, when they began fighting her, she was surprised to find each of them a skillful fighter. They took turns fighting her, and she began to feel tired. The slayer took a few blows from their batons, but she also managed to wound one of them. She began to suspect something was wrong and, swallowing her pride, she began looking for a way to get out. Finally, one of the assault team members slowed down and Annie stabbed him in the heart. To her surprise, he didn’t turn into ash. A human! But how could he be so fast? Annie hesitated, and a team member took the opportunity and zapped her with his picana. Zaaap! the slayer let out a grunt and fell down onto her knees. She tried to get up but was zapped again. Eventually, a blow of the baton to her knee made getting up no longer possible, but the young girl still tried to fight. It didn't last very long, though...

       Seeing that his prey was captured, Jake left the control room and headed towards his specially prepared dungeon. A couple of vampires were already there waiting for him and his catch. Shortly afterwards, Jake could hear Annie’s voice cursing and her struggling against her captors. When the slayer arrived, she was being frog-marched by the team that defeated her. Jake could see that Annie was still defiant, even when they injected the compound into her neck. "Who are you, you filthy vermin!” she demanded through gritted teeth. “And whatever you’re trying to get out of we, you’ll never get it!” Annie hissed, probably thinking that she’s injected with a truth serum. She was dragged to the brightly lit center of the room, and she tried to look around, but a female assault team member grabbed her hair and forced her to look straight up at Jake.

       " this is the new slayer, nice," Jake said with a smirk as he eyed his prey up and down. "I've been wanting to meet you for some time," he said. Annie’s pretty young face was covered with a thin layer of sweat, and her full chest was heaving quickly, pushing invitingly against her sweater. Jake saw her throat moving and knew that she was going to spit. How childish, he thought to himself as he slapped her hard across her face. The drug was already starting to work, and the girl was clearly surprised by how much the slap hurt. "You, you'll never get anything out of me!" Annie hissed, trying to sound tough. "Listen, Slayer-cunt!" Jake said as he grabbed her chin hard. "I don't want anything from you and you're totally worthless to me! You're just something for us to play with!" Seeing how the poor slayer seemed shocked by his words, Jake laughed. Slayer or not, she’s still young and inexperienced, but damn, she looked even hotter in person than in the surveillance tapes he had of her. Despite Annie’s renewed struggles, Jake’s team managed to bind her wrists tightly behind her with thick ropes. They then proceeded to tie her elbows together, and she winced as her shoulders were strained painfully. Annie glared at her captor. She was angry at her defeat, but also worried by what she was experiencing. With her senses heightened, the discomfort of the ropes biting down on her wrists, the strain on her shoulders and the guys' grip on her arms, they all seemed to feel much stronger. Even the sensation of her clothes rubbing against her skin seemed so vivid.

       "Interesting, huh?" Jake asked teasingly as he eyed the slayer’s young, firm tits, barely contained by her sweater. Annie noticed his stare, but there's nothing she could do as he grabbed the front of it and rip it open, and her bra-clad tits are exposed. “Why don’t you kill me, you scum! Are you afraid of me?” Annie hissed, which only revealed to Jake how desperate she was. He just laughed and hooked his fingers into the front of her sports bra. He did it slowly to let her savor the feeling of his fingers between her tits, rubbing against their silken skin. Then, with a sudden jerk, he ripped her bra open, and Annie’s young tits sprang free. "Look at her, our slutty Slayer-cunt has her tits out!" a vamp next to her said laughing. Angry and humiliated, the slayer bit her lip and tried to look tough, even when Jake cupped one of her tits with his hand and fondled it gently. As Jake became rougher and rougher, Annie began squirming in discomfort, especially when he began squeezing her tit cruelly, kneading it. He then turned his attention to the girl’s pink nipple. Again he was gentle at first, toying with it, but then he began pinching it hard. Annie bit her lip to suppress her cries of pain, but then Jake began alternating between pinching and toying with it. Finally, the poor girl couldn’t help but let out a moan. Jake laughed and let go of her nipple, and ordered his people to strip her.

       “I’ll kill you all, you sick freaks!” Annie hissed angrily and desperately as several vampires grabbed her. One of them grabbed her by her ponytail and forced her head down, straining her shoulders even more. As the others tore her sweater and her already-ripped bra off her, Annie felt angry and humiliated, but she was also surprised by how vivid the feeling was when her clothes strained against her flesh before they were torn off. She tried kicking the vampires, but her movements were limited as she had to maintain her balance for fear of dislocating her shoulders if she fell over. Soon her boots and jeans were also removed, leaving her only in her panties. One of the vampires grabbed her pussy through her panties and squeezed it a few times. Annie closed her eyes and bit her lips, determined not show any weakness. As she expected, her parties were also torn off her, leaving her completely naked. She secretly scolded herself for keeping her pussy shaven, which she had started doing back when she was a cheerleader at school. She could feel the cold air on her body and hear the humans and vampires commenting on her body, saying how they could see everything with her ass slicking out like that. She opened her eyes and saw to her embarrassment that a couple of men were standing behind her eyeing her ass and legs. Instinctively she took a few steps sideways, as if she could hide her most private parts from them, but this only had the effect of making her pendant tits jiggle invitingly.

       "Yeah, we're a group of sick freaks," Jake said with a grin as he approached the naked slayer, "and you're our toy..." He reached out and grabbed her nipples, and the slayer was completely helpless as he tightened his grip and stepped back. She staggered forward to ease the pain on her nipples, and she could hear the audience laugh as she did that. "What now, no more tough talk or threats, slayer whore?" Jake smirked. With the slayer’s nipples still in his grip, Jake started walking around her so she had to struggled to follow me. After a few rounds, he finally stopped. He let go of her nipples, walked over to a bench and returned with a flogger. He stood a few feet away behind Annie, and she tried to turn your head and see what he was doing. Jake placed a hand on the girl’s tight, round ass, and her could feel her stiffen. He ran his hand gently over her ass, feeling the smooth skin, and even let his finger brush against her exposed lips. Then, suddenly, he took his hand away and his other hand brought the flogger down on her ass. Smack! It wasn’t a hard smack, but with the pain enhanced the drug, Annie had to bite down on her lip to prevent herself from crying out. She tried to prepare herself for the next hit, but it's the caressing hand that returns. Then smack! The flogger struck again, this time harder, then it's smack! again, harder and harder. "How do you like that, huh, slayer-cunt? Your tits are next," Jake said as he gave the girl’s ass another swat.

       Her tits? Annie didn’t even want to think about how it would hurt if the vampire was to whip her tits, but she tried her best to not let her fear show. Her eyes followed Jake wearily as he circled her, finally stopping in front of her. She took a deep breath, gathered her courage and prepared for the worst…. Smack! “Oooow!” She was surprised by a burning pain on her pussy and couldn’t suppress her cry. She turned around in horror to see a female vampire standing behind her with a flogger in her hand and a wicked smile on her face. At this moment Jake struck, hitting her tits hard with his flogger. “Oooow!” Annie winced and cried out again. Jake and the female vampire, whose name she later found out to be Josephine, took turns flogging her. Annie tried to press her thighs together to protect her pussy, but it still hurt to have her thighs struck by the flogger. “You’re only going to get it worse if you keep fighting,” Josephine said and she brought the flogger down on Annie’s ass again. Annie’s ass and the back of her thighs were now reddened, and her tits were also turning a nice pink. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore, and tears began running down her cheeks. “Oh, look, the slayer-cunt is crying!” a vampire said chuckling. “Damn you, damn you all! Ooow! Oooow!” Annie shouted angrily, only to be rewarded with two extra-hard strokes across her tits. She felt hands grabbing her ankles, and tried to press her legs together, but with Jake flogging her tits harder and harder, she lost her strength for a moment and her feet were pulled apart. She turned around and with her tear-filled eyes she saw that a man was cuffing her ankles to a spreader bar, and then she looked up and saw Josephine’s wicked grin. “Noooooo! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah!” Her protest turned into howls of pain as Josephine started flogging her pussy. With Jake continued flogging her tits, Annie felt like her whole body was engulfed by a burning pain and she couldn’t tell if her tits or her pussy hurt more. Suddenly, the two vampires stopped, leaving her sobbing and shaking. Josephine reached out and touched her sore pussy gently with her fingertips, and Annie almost jumped. It was humiliating to have a female vampire touching her most private part, but she didn’t want Josephine to start flogging her again, either, so she just bit her lip and endured Josephine’s gentle, exploring fingers. “Do you like that, huh, slayer-cunt?” Josephine cooed, giggling, “or do you want me to start hitting you again?”

       Seeing that the slayer wasn’t answering, Jake decided to make things more interesting for her. He put down his flogger and picked up a couple of metal clamps. Annie’s eyes were closed. Under Josephine’s skillful fingers she began to notice a new sensation arising inside her, and she was both shocked and ashamed. The compound made it so difficult for her to resist what she was feeling, but she couldn’t bear to let the vampire know it. She was so focused on fighting the pleasure in her pussy that she didn’t notice the clamp until Jake pressed it against her right nipple and let its jaws bite down on it. “Ooooooooow!” Annie’s eyes opened wide in horror and she let out a long wail of agony, her whole body shaking. She fought the urge to ask him to stop, but Jake already had another clamp ready. Now that he had her attention, Jake pressed it against the delicate flesh of her tit and let its jaws shut slowly, allowing her to savor the sensation of them biting down on her flesh. A couple more clamps later, the once-proud slayer was a trembling, sobbing mess. She let out a grunt of despair when Jake started flickering her left nipple with a clamp, and soon her left tit was also decorated with several shiny clamps. The clamps felt like spots on her tits, and the evil Jake flickered them from time to time to renew the sensation. “Give me a couple of those, Jake,” Josephine said, “so I can clamp them on this whore’s cunt.” The words horrified Annie. She just couldn’t take it anymore, not on her sore, delicate pussy. “No!” she blurted out, “please, don’t!” As soon as she said that, she could hear everyone laughing.

To be continued…

From Vampire Slayer to Vampire Slave

(M+/f, F/f, nc, bd, tort, humil)

by Roadrunner, with ideas from Bronte


       “Oh, wow, the slayer says please!” said Josephine giggling. “Shes begging you, Josephine,” a male vampire in the crowd said chuckling. “Begging? She says please, but that doesnt mean shes begging,” Josephine said as she grabbed Annie by her chin and made the slayer look up at her. “Are you begging me not to put the clamps on your cunt, whore?” she asked teasingly. “I…I…” Annie stammered, sobbing. She felt humiliated, but she also didnt want to tell the cruel female vampire that she wasnt begging. Her tits felt like theyre on fire where theyre clamped, and she was horrified at the prospect of having those clamps on her pussy. Seeing her hesitation, Josephine shook her head, let go of Annies chin and took a step“No, no, wait, please! Yes, yes, Im begging! Please! Dont do that!” Annie cried out, and she broke down crying. Josephine, however, wasnt going to let the slayer off so easily. “Oh, you were? I didnt notice,” she cooed as she ran her fingertips along Annies quivering, young pussy lips. “Yes, yes, please, Im begging you…” “And youre begging me to do what?” “Im, Im begging you not to put those clamps on me…” “On you where? Sweetie, youve got to be more specific,” Josephine went on. Annie hesitated, but she knew she had no choice, and she was already begging anyway. “On, on my vagina,” Annie said hesitantly, almost whispering.

       “Your vagina?” said Josephine laughing, “sluts like you should use the word cunt!” “Yeah, say it, or shell put the clamps on your whores cunt and whip them off!” A man shouted. Annie was stunned by her predicament. These monsters were not only hurting her and insulting her, theyre making her degrade herself in front of them. She felt angry, but also confused. Her tits hurt terribly, and her ass was still burning from the whipping. The female vampires fingers on her pussy made her feel violated mentally, but theyre also creating an electrifying sensation inside her. All these sensations of pain and pleasure were so strong that she didnt know what to do or how to fight them, and even the shame of having to utter those rude words seemed to be having some kind of evil side-effect as well.

       “Well, slut, what do you say? What exactly are you begging us not to?” the asked her again. At this point Josephine gave her pussy lips a light pinch, causing Annie to shudder. “Ah! Im begging you not to put those clamps on my cunt!” she blurted out, and then she closed her eyes and lowered her head, defeated. “Now thats more like it,” Josephine said with a smack on Annies ass, causing the girl to cry out and jump. She spanked Annie a few more times, drawing more cries from her. Both she and Jake were pleased to notice that the slayer had now stopped trying to suppress her cries. “But dont you think that were done with you, slayer-cunt!” Josephine said with gritted teeth as she gave Annie a few more hard spanks. “Youve killed so many of us, and today were going to make you pay for it! Jake, whip her tits!” Annie looked up in horror, just in time to see Jakes flogger come down hard onto her poor tits. “Ooooooow! Ooooow! Aaaaaaah!” The slayer cried out as Jake flogged her tits, with new tears streaming down her face. A couple of the clamps fell off, and it hurt even worse. The slayer howled and cried as Jake went on, until all the clamps had fallen off. Her nipples were hurting so much that she could swear they were torn off, but another vampire, Carl, let her know that they were still there by grabbing them tightly with his fingers. Those fingers felt like fire to Annie, and Carl was clearly enjoying her cries and her painful expression. He took a few steps back, pulling her nipples with him. “You killed my brother, slayer-cunt!” he hissed. Instinctively Annie wobbled forward, only to put more strain on her shoulders. Eventually her tits were pulled into two cone-shapes. “Oooow! Ooooow! Im sorry, please stop! Ooooow!” Annie said sobbing. She had never thought that one day she would be apologizing to a vampire, but it just hurt so much.

       “Sorry?” Carl hissed, “its too late for that now!” But Annie was desperate. She had already apologized to a vampire, and she thought nothing could be more humiliating than that. She couldnt allow that to be in vain. “I, I really am sorry! Please dont hurt me anymore!” She pleaded again. It seemed to have worked, because Carl finally let go of her nipples.  She was whimpering when Carl grabbed her chin and made her look up. He forced her mouth open with one hand, and unbuttoned his fly with the other. When Annie saw Carl took out his cock she wanted to turn her head away, but he wouldnt let her. “Cmon, whore,” he said as he touched her cheek with the head of his cock, “show me how sorry you are!”

       So these vampires didnt want to just kill her, they wanted to use sex to humiliate her! Annie was disgusted by the idea, but she didnt know what to do. The drug made the pain so unbearable, and she just couldnt fight that. Perhaps she could let them do what they wanted and wait for her chance? Thinking that she was only passively letting the vampires do what they wanted to her made her feel better, even when Carl shove the head of his cock pass her lips into her mouth. “Youd better do a good job to please Carl here,” Josephine said, “or I promise youll suffer a thousand times worse!” Her words made Annie shudder, but her fingers were also making Annie shudder in an entirely different way. As she continued rubbing Annies pussy, Annie felt like she was overtaken by waves of pleasure that shed never experienced before/ Her knees felt weak and she began squirming uncontrollably. She began breathing heavily and grunting against the cock that by now had filled her mouth completely. Carl grabbed her head and began guiding it back and forth. “Cmon, suck it, whore! Use your tongue!” He ordered. A man came forward and grabbed Annies tits, almost making her jump, but he was only fondling them. As he continued to play with her tits, Annie was shocked by how good it felt. Her tits were still sore and reddened from the flogging and now they were experiencing pleasure from a strange mans fondling! And her nipples were getting hard! Annie could hardly think, with all the sensations shes experiencing, and with Carl trying to get her to take more and more of his cock down her throat, choking her from time to time. When Carl started thrusting into her mouth every time he pulled her head forward, Annie let out a few muffled cries. After a while, she was clearly moaning. Josephine laughed and began rubbing Annies pussy faster. Her other hand found Annies clit and tickled it, drawing a loud moan from her. “Hmm, looks like our slayer-cunt is having a good time! Look how wet she is!” Josephine said loudly. Annie was ashamed, but the pleasure was so overwhelming, she just had to release it. She moaned loudly into Carls cock and began grinding her ass against Josephines fingers. At this point, Carl held her head tightly and began flooding her mouth with his cum, imprinting the taste of vampire cum onto the slayers memory. Annie was caught off guard, and she opened her mouth instinctively. “Swallow it you stupid cunt!” he hissed, but most of his cum was already dripping down her chin to her neck. “Useless whore!” he snapped as he pulled out of Annies mouth and wiped his cock against her face.

       Annie knew she had probably done something wrong but at this moment her mind was completely occupied by the pleasure she was experiencing. “Look at you, you little slut!” Josephine purred as she reached forward and show Annie her hand. Annie could see that Josephines fingers were glistening with her juices, but her humiliation didnt stop there. Josephine pressed her fingers against Annies lips and forced them into her mouth, giving the slayer a taste of her own juices. Her other hand continued to toy with Annies pussy, and just when she forced her fingers into Annies mouth her other hand brought the young slayer to a powerful orgasm. “Hmmmmmm! Hmmmmmmm!” Annie closed her eyes and screamed against Josephines fingers as she sucked on them involuntarily. Her whole body spasmed, and her knees buckled. The slayer came and came, and when her orgasm finally subsided, she could barely stand. “Look at you, you horny little whore!” Josephine said giggling, but all Annie could do was to whimper. Her eyes were still closed and her body was still trembling lightly. But then she felt her wrists being lowered and opened her eyes. Several guys grabbed her and lowered her onto her knees. They untied her wrists from the rope hanging down from the ceiling but kept them tied together. She looked up and saw that Carl had picked up a scary-looking single tail. “You had your chance, slayer-cunt. But you blew it,” he said ominously.

       Annie was so concerned with what Carl was going to do that she barely noticed it when her ankles were uncuffed from the spreader bar. With the others holding her, one guy pulled the rope further down from the ceiling. Knowing that her ordeal was far from over, Annie whimpered. She gasped in surprise, however, when the guy began wrapping the rope around the base of her left tit. “Oh, God, no!” She cried out when she realized what the cruel man had in mind, but there was nothing she could do as the man tightened the rope around her left tit, and then proceeded to do the same to her right tit. Soon the slayer was moaning in pain again, but her moan turned into a cry of pain and horror when the guys began pulling the rope and hauling her whole body up by her tits. “Noooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaah!” Annie screamed in agony, but the guys only laughed and kept pulling, until she was standing on tiptoes. She struggled to gain more purchase hoping to relieve the terrible shearing pain on her tits. Suddenly, there was a loud crack and Smaaaaack! Her waist felt like it was branded by a hot iron belt. Screaming, Annie looked up, just in time to see Carl getting ready for the second stroke with the single tail. Not being able to think straight, she struggled madly to pull herself away from him, but it was of course useless, and she was struck again by Carls single tail. This time he wrapped it skillful around her body, leaving behind a vivid red welt running from her stomach to her back. Amused by her reaction, Carl used the single tail to chase her around, as much as the rope would let her. Soon the slayers stomach, arms, back, ass and thighs were all criss-crossed with red welts. Her face was covered with tears, and her voice was hoarse from screaming. She lost her foothold several times, and each time she did that she would be hanging entirely by her tits, which were now turning purple. Annie was in so much pain that she thought and wished she would pass out, but she didnt. When Carl finally stopped, the once-proud slayer was a crying, shaking mess. “Oh God, it hurts so much!” she said sobbing, “please, please, stop! Ill do what you want, just dont hurt me anymore!”

       “So youll do what we want, huh, cunt?” Josephine said as she grabbed Annie by her hair from behind and pulled her head backwards. When the Annie looked up into her eyes Josephine could see fear in the slayers eyes. The young girls face looked so delicious, and Josephine couldnt help but lowered her head and pressed her lips onto Annies. Annie was stunned by what the female vampire was doing, but she was too exhausted from the pain to resist so she reluctantly let the female vampire kiss her. The kiss felt soft and voluptuous. With her whole body engulfed by pain, it felt like the only refuge that she could escape to, and she was forced to take it. Her breathing became long and hard, and when the female vampire finally broke off the kiss Annies lips were quivering. Then a shadow caught her attention, and Annie looked away from Josephine to find Jake standing in front of her. A female vampire was standing behind him and caressing his body through his clothes with one hand. Her other hand unzipped Jakes trousers and took out his long, hard cock. Annie gasped and recoiled, but Josephine held her by her shoulders. She whimpered when Jake grabbed her thighs and lifted her up, with her legs spread and his cock only inches away from her pussy. Annie noticed that she could relieve the strain on her tits by leaning back against Josephine. In return, Josephine wrapped her arms around Annie and grabbed her tits, but Annie didnt struggle. Her eyes were fixed on Jakes cock. She knew she was about to be violated by a vampire and there was nothing she could do, but she still couldnt prevent herself from crying out in despair when she felt the head of his cock pressing against her delicate lips. “Noooooooo!” she whimpered as Jake pushed forward, and she could feel the head of his cock parting her lips. The head of his cock felt so big, it just kept  stretching her lips. Finally the entire head was inside her, and then, looking down at her face, and with a cruel smile on his, Jake gave a deep thrust and buried his entire length in the slayer tight, young pussy.

       “Uuuuuuuuuuurgh!” Annie let out an animal-like grunt as she was sandwiched between the two vampires. Jake kept his body pressed tightly against her, and Annie could feel his cock throbbing inside her. It felt so hard, so thick, and she couldnt help but let out a moan and he pulled back a couple of inches, and let out a cry when he plunged all the way back into her. Jake began to thrust back and forth, slowly at first, then faster and faster. As he continued, the slayers short cries turned into moans, then louder and louder. “So you like getting fucked by a vampire, huh, slayer-cunt?” Annie could hear someone said, but she could only reply with her moans. She closed her eyes, and when Jake began fucking her even harder she couldnt help but wrapped her legs around him, drawing a cheer from the crowd. She could tell that her pussy was dripping wet, but she didnt care anymore. The sensation was so overwhelming, and when Josephine kissed her again she began to return the kiss. Josephines hands squeezing her tied tits felt good, but somehow she just wanted them to squeeze harder.

From Vampire Slayer to Vampire Slave

by Roadrunner, with ideas from Bronte


Annie was reluctant when Josephine first kissed her, but soon she began kissing the female vampire back. Their tongues intertwined passionately, and when Josephine began squeezing Annie's bound tits, she could feel the slayer's whole body trembling. "Oooh, you like that, don't you, you little slayer-slut!" Josephine purred, breaking off the kiss. She laughed when Annie moved her head around restlessly, like she was seeking Josephine's lips to continue the kiss. But before her lips could find Josephine's, they opened wide uncontrollably as the slayer threw her head back and cried out loudly in pleasure. "AAaaaaaaah! Aaaaaah!" Annie cried out again and again as Jake thrust into her hard, his body slamming against hers, making a loud "smack" every time. Using her legs, she tried to thrust back against him to meet his thrusts. Her body was overtaken by a powerful wave of pleasure, like she had never experienced before. "You're coming, aren't you, you little whore?" Josephine cooed in her ears. "Oh, God, yes, yes, yeeeeeees!" Annie answered without thinking. She didn't know what was going on with her, but even the humiliation of admitting that she's coming seemed to intensify what she was feeling. Once she began coming, it seemed like it would never stop. Her whole body was spasming, and her tits felt like they were going to explode against the tight ropes binding them. She couldn't tell how long she was in this mind-blowing orgasm, but she felt like if it was any longer she would surely die. Then she felt Jake's strong hands grabbing her ass as he buried his cock deep in her quivering pussy, and he began shooting jet after jet of cum deep into her.

       "Oh, oh, oh," Annie was still moaning as her orgasm finally began to subside. Jake kept his cock buried inside her long after he had shot his last drop, and Annie had her legs wrapped around his waist hungrily. Finally, with a smirk on his face, Jake withdrew from the once-proud slayer, drawing a grunt from her. The grunt quickly turned into a cry of pain, as Annies legs were still shaking and they could hardly support her, and her weight was pulling at her tits again. “Look at you, slut!” Josephine said as she gave Annies ass a spank. “You just fucked a vampire! And your cunt is drooling for more vampire cock!” She pointed at Annies thighs and everyone could see that they were glistening with her juices. Josephine wiped some of it with her hand and then rubbed it on Annies face. Annie let out a cry of dismay, and she immediately received a slap. “What? You dont like it? Tell me, didnt you just come, huh, you little slut?” Josephine hissed as she grabbed Annie by her hair and twisted her head around, making her look at everyone around. “Ooow! Y--yes, yes,” Annie answered, wincing as she struggled to stay on her feet. “Well maybe we should just keep whipping you, you ungrateful little whore! Carl!” Annie didnt notice that Carl still had his single tail ready, and as soon as Josephine called out there was an excruciating burning pain on her delicate pussy. Annie screamed and looked at the cruel vampire in horror. She screamed and danced and squeezed her legs together as he continued whipping her, but she just couldnt take it anymore. “Please, stop! Please! I cant take it anymore! Please!” she pleaded, sobbing, “Ill do whatever you want, just dont hurt me anymore!”

       “Oh God, Oh God,” the slayer was sobbing with her head down as the crowd around her cheered. “So you will do what we want?” Josephine asked as she forced Annie to look up. “Y-yes,” the slayer answered with a defeated look. “But we want to fuck you.” “Y-yes.” “Yes what?” Josephine asked teasingly. “You--you can f-fuck me,” Annie finally answered, and Josephine could swear that the poor slayer was blushing. She wasnt going to let the slayer off so easily, though. “We can fuck you? You dont sound so enthusiastic. But look at your cunt, its dripping wet!” “Please, dont make me say--Aaaaaaaah! Alright, alright, please, fuck me, please!” “No, thats not enough,” a male vampire in the crowd said, “say your name and say that youre a vampire whore, and beg us to use you like the whore that you are!”

       "Aaaaaah!" Annie threw her head back and screamed again as Carl whipped her pussy yet another time. Her pussy was extremely sensitive after her powerful orgasm, and the pain was excruciating. "No, no, please don't hit me again! I'm a, I'm a vampire whore! My name is Annie and I'm a vampire whore!" She finally blurted out as she looked around with pleading, tearful eyes. The crowd roared with laughter, and she felt so ashamed, so weak. But at the same time, the weakness felt strangely arousing to her, and when she uttered those humiliating words she couldn't help noticing how hard her nipples were.

       "Now that's more like it!" the vampire who made her say those words said chuckling as he laid down between her legs, his cock pointing right up at her. The others began lowering the rope, and Annie whimpered when her pussy was entered again. She was lowered until she was sitting on the vampire and completely impaled on his hard cock. "Start riding your master's cock, you little vampire whore!" Josphine said as she gave Annie's tits a smack. Seeing no other option, Annie lowered her head as she lifted herself up and sat down on the cock again. "C'mon, whore, you can do better than that!" Josephine snapped as she slapped Annie's tits again. Whimpering, Annie tried again. After a few attempts, she found that she could lean back and support herself by placing her bound hands on the vampire's legs and grind her hips up and down on the vampire's cock. As soon as she began doing that, the vampire let out a sigh of pleasure. "That's good, whore, keep riding! Harder!" He said as he reached up to play with her tied tits. And before Annie realized it herself, she was grinding her hips faster and faster, and her breath turned into gasps, and then she began moaning. "Oh, you like that, don't you, you little slut!" Josephine purred as she carressed Annie's face, not missing any opportunity to humiliate the slayer. She made a gesture, and one of her human goons went over to the wall facing them and pulled back a curtain to reveal a large mirror. Annie cried out when she saw herself in the mirror, tied, her body covered with whip marks, stained with cum, juices and sweat, her face blushing with excitement as she bounced up and down on the vampire's cock. She was shocked and shamed by what she saw, but she just couldn't take her eyes off the image. "Yes, that's you, a filthy, worthless vampire whore!" Another vampire said as her came over and grabbed Annie by her hair. He started untying Annie's tits, and the slayer cried out in agony as circulation returned to her tits, but she was also grinding her hips faster and faster. Laughing, both vampires started fondling her tits to make her suffer even more.

       Annie felt like her tits were on fire. She whinced and moaned as the two vampires continued to play with them, but her hips were not slowing down. Instead, she was grinding them faster and faster and trying to thrust her pussy down onto the vampire's cock as hard as she could. She grunted when Carl grabbed her arms and pushed her body forward like she was unhappy that he had made it more difficult to ride the vampire's cock. "Don't worry, slut, I bet you'll like this," Carl said chuckling as he pressed his cock against her dripping pussy. Was he trying to force his cock into her pussy? Annie wondered in her almost delirious mind. But Carl was only rubbing his cock against her to get it wet with her juices before he aimed it at her virgin ass. "Oh, God, no, nooooo!" Annie cried out when she felt Carl cock pressed against her asshole. The vampire she was riding wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly, and there was nothing she could do as Carl slowly forced his cock into her tight, resisting ass. "Ooooow! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah!" She cried out louder as she felt the head of Carl's cock inside her, and she couldn't believe how big it felt. He kept pushing and pushing, like it was never going to end, and Annie felt like she would be split in half any minute. Finally, she could feel Carl's body pressed against her ass, but she could still hardly belive how deep his cock was buried inside her. "Damn, the whore's got a tight ass!" Carl grunted in pleasure as he kept his cock buried in the young slayer's ass. Annie could feel both cocks throbbing inside her. They both felt so big, she could swear that they were pressed against each other inside her. Then slowly, Carl began thrusting back and forth.

       "Ooooooooooooooh!" Annie cried out loudly as her ass was violated. The other vampire grabbed her ass, pushed it up, and slammed it down on his cock. With her hands tied behind her back, Annie laid on top of the other vampire passively and let him push her up and down. Carl matched his strokes with the other vampires so they would thrust into her at the same time. Despite herself, Annie's body began to tremble and she started moaning, and before she knew it, she was coming again.

       Annie kept moaning loudly as she was overtaken by another powerful orgasm. "Look at you, whore!" a vampire said chuckling as he stepped forward with his erect cock. He slapped her face teasingly with his cock and Annie, still moaning with her eyes closed, moved her head around desperately to catch it, and when she finally managed to wrap her lips around the vampire's hard member, she sucked it eagerly into her mouth. "You like it, huh, slayer-cunt?" the vampire went on as he reached down, grabbed Annie's tits, and began slamming his cock into her mouth, "to be used in every hole by a vampire cock, huh?" Annie could hear his words, but somehow the humiliation only added to her arousal and within seconds her body betrayed her once again and exploded in another powerful orgasm. At the same time, she could feel the cocks in her pussy and ass coming too, filling and flooding her. She screamed into the cock in her mouth and began sucking on it even more hungrily, until the vampire, with a loud, animalish grunt, pressed his cock tightly down her throat and started shooting out jet after jet of cum, which she swallowed eagerly. But there was just so much cum, and Annie coughed and snortled as some of it ended up in her windpipe.

       "Pathetic little whore," the vampire said as he pulled out of her mouth and wiped his cock clean on her face. After the powerful orgams, Annie could no longer talk back. She just laid on top of the vampire whose cock she was impaled on while Carl pulled out of her ass. And when the vampired lifted her off his cock and threw her aside onto the floor she just lay there whimpering, her eyes still closed, her body trembling lightly.

       Annie was weak and exhausted, but her tormentors had no intention to let her rest. "Get her on the Sybian," Josophine said. Annie heard her words and opened her eyes. She could see a black, leathery device on the floor a few feet away from her. The device looked like a saddle, with several metal D-rings on its side and what looked like a rubber cock on top. Even though she had never seen a Sybian Annie could guess what it was for, and she let out a moan of dismay. "Please, no! Please, I can't take it anymore! No! Uuuuurgh!" her pleas were ignored, and She couldn't help letting out a cry when several men picked her up, grabbed her legs and lowered her onto the rubber cock. Annie whimpered and shuddered as her still very sensitive pussy was impaled by the rubber cock. Her ankles were cuffed to the sides of the machine, and her bounds wrists were tied to a ring at its rear end, making it impossible for her to get up even if she had the strength to try. "Please, you have already raped me! What else do you want from me? Pleeeeease, stop!" Annie looked up at Josephine and pleaded. "Shut up, slut," Josephine purred as she held Annie by her chin, "you'll like it. I promise," she said giggling, and she turned on the Sybian.


"Aaaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaah!" Annie had been cuffed to the Sybian for almost an hour, and she had lost count of how many times she had come. In fact, she felt like she was having one single continuous orgasm with many mind-blowing peaks. Each of them felt like it was going to destroy her whole person, but somehow she survived, only to be taken to the next one. At first she tried desperately to resist the machine, but she was quickly overcome. Then she let herself cry out loudly, as if by doing that she could release some of the mind-blowing energy that was building up inside her body.

"Look at her!" A vampire said chuckling as he grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it cruelly, but the pain he caused only seemed to add to her pleasure, as her body began shaking violently as she came again immediately. "Yeah! She's a total cum-hungry whore now!" Another vampire said as he started smacking her other tit. After a few smacks, he took a flogger and began whipping Annie's tits with it, drawing even more loud, desperate cries of the slayer. The Sybian's seat was all wet with her juices, and they're flowing all the way down to the ground, forming a small puddle.

"Let me try this," said Josephine with a wicked smile. She took a vibrating massager and pressed it against Annie's clit. "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooh!" The slayer had just come, and now she threw her head back and let out a long, loud, animalish cry, and her pussy began squirting. "Wow! Look at that!" The crowd cheered and roared with laughter. "Look at the mess you've made, you whore!" Josephine said giggling as jet after jet of squirt smashed against the Sybian and spread all over the ground, but Annie wasn't answering. By now she couldn't even make a sound. Her mouth just opened wide in a silent scream, her lips quivering. Her unfocused eyes were rolling in their sockets while her body spasmed violently, and her mind just went blank.


Annie woke up a few hours later to find herself lying on the ground alone in the dark. She felt weak, hungry, thirsty and sore all over. Her body was covered with dried cum and juices. The combination of the feel of it on her skin and the mixed odor made her feel dirty and disgusting. As she was reminded of what had happened, Annie burst into tears. She felt angry, violated and humiliated. She couldn't believe how she was made to beg and verbally debase herself in front of those vampires and how they made her body betray her. She moved her arms and legs, pinched herself, and determined that the effect of the sensation-enhancing drug was gone. This time, she thought to herself, I won't give them any chance to use the drug on me, and I'd rather die fighting than surrender.

       Her captors had put some sort of leather collar around her neck. It was locked with a metal buckle, and Annie tried to remove it without success. She sat up and reached around with her hands in darkness, and determined that she was in a metal cage. The cage wasn't covering the ground, but it was too heavy to lift. It wasn't tall enough for her stand inside it but large enough for her to move around on her knees. She found hinges and a lock on one side, and she began thinking how she could lurch at someone when they try to open the cage to get her. She drifted in and out of sleep thinking about how she would fight and escape, until several hours later, when she was woken up by footsteps in the corridor. The dungeon's door opened, and the lights were turned on. Annie sat up in her cage, and when her eyes adjusted to the lights she saw ten men standing around her cage. "Rise and shine, Slayer!" one of the men said laughing. Annie could recognize a couple of the men from the day before as the vampires' human goons. She was on alert when she saw that they're all carrying cattleprods, and her heart raced as one man approached her cage. She might be able to subdue him, but should she? The others were standing too far away, and she wasn't sure if she had regained enough strength to take on all ten of them. But she was so angry with these people that she just wanted to get as many of them as she could, and she so desperately wanted to make a stand and prove to them that she was still fighting.... Annie realized that she had never been so indecisive before.

       "Get down on your hands and knees, whore!" the man said as he prepared to unlock Annie's caged, and Annie froze. She was stunned, not by what he was calling her, but by the effect it had on her. A weakness swept through her body when she heard the order and the word "whore", and she almost felt... aroused? She was still hesitating when another man poke his cattleprod into the cage and zapped her in her left thigh. "Ooooow!" Annie cried out and jumped up, only to have another guy zap her in the arm. The cattleprod's sting hurt a lot less when compared to the enhanced effect of Josephine's whip, but it still managed to revive the memory of that painful experience, and Annie began to feel even weaker. She was even beginning to feel scared and helpless. Laughing and teasing her, the group kept zapping her with their cattleprods through the cage, focusing especially on her tits and her pussy, until all Annie could do was to curl up on the floor, writhing and crying out loud everytime her body was zapped. "So do you want us to stop, huh, cunt?" One of the men asked chuckling. "Ooooow! Yes, yes, please!" after a few more zaps, Annie finally blurted out.  "Please who? You've got to learn your manners, slut!" the man said as he zapped Annie near her pussy. "Aaaaaaah! No, please, sir! Please, stop! Sir! Please!" Annie pleaded as she looked up at the man, with tears swelling in her eyes.

       "Now that's better," the man said as he finally lowered his cattleprod and opened Annie's cage. "Here, attach this to your collar," another man said as he threw a leash into the cage. When Annie had done that, the man began pulling her by the leash. "C'mon, crawl out of your cage, whore!" the man barked. Annie was still weak from the zapping. After being made to beg the men to stop and call one of them "sir", she was now even ordered to crawl. But despite of her humiliation,  Annie decided to do as the man said, thinking that she'd wait for her chance. But when she began crawling with her hands and knees, she experienced that strange mixed feeling of weakness and arousal again. Her tits swayed with her movement, making her feel ashamed, but she also couldn't help noticing that her nipples were getting hard. "Hurry up, cunt!" Another man said as he touched her exposed pussy with the tip of his cattleprod. Even though it wasn't switched on, Annie still cried out and jumped as she was reminded how exposed she was.

       With one guy leading Annie by her leash, the group led her to a recessed area in the dungeon where Annie saw a toilet and a shower. "Let's get you cleaned up, your filthy little slut!" A guy said chuckling as he and several others grabbed Annie and held her down. Annie wasn't resisting, and she was surprised that they tried to hold her down. However, she soon found out why when she felt a cold nozzle inserted into her ass. "Wh-what are you doing? No, please!" Annie cried out in dismay, but there was nothing she could do apart from whimpering in shame as she felt warm water being injected into her. As if this wasn't bad enough, she was then made to empty her bowls on the toilet with them watching, and Annie had to try her hardest to fight back her tears. Next, the men cuffed her wrists above her head in the shower and proceeded to soap her up and wash her clean. They took their time to fondle her and explore every inch of her body. Despite her shame and revulsion, Annie found her breath quickened when they were done. "Hey, slut, aren't you gonna thank us for cleaning you up?" One of the guys said chuckling as they toweled her dry.

       What? Haven't you scumbags humiliated me enough? Annie screamed in her mind. But before she could decide what to do one of the men had already taken out his riding cropped and brought it down on her tits, hard. "Ooooooooow!" Annie cried out in pain and bent forward, covering her tits with her hands. "You still haven't learned your lesson, have you, slut?" another man chimed in as  he zapped her ass with his cattleprod. Annie fell onto her hands and knees, crying out as the man grabbed her by her hair and started cropping her ass until she finally gave in. "Th-thank you, sir," she said as the man forced her to look up at him, "for giving this f-filthy whore a shower..." After uttering these degrading words, she was then made to eat cereal and drink out of two dog bowls. By this time Annie had stopped resisting. She's still too weak, and she wasn't ready to fight them yet, she told herself. But since she was made to call herself a whore, she'd been experiencing that strange mixture of weakness and arousal again. When she lowered her head to lap up the water in the dog bowl, she couldn't stop picturing in her head how she looked, on all fours, with her ass lifted up, shaking slightly with her movement. After Annie finished her meal, the men told her that it's time for her "daily training". With these words they got her onto her knees, tied her wrists together behind her back and tied her hair into a ponytail. The men then surrounded her, unzipped and took out their cocks. "It's time for you to practice your cocksucking skills, slut!" The first man said as he grabbed Annie by her ponytail and pulled her head towards his semi-hard cock. Annie was disgusted at first, but when the man rubbed his cock against her face, she found herself opening her mouth and trying to take in the man's cock. Once she's got the head of the man's cock in her mouth, the feel and taste of it just made her lose control. She began sucking on it, moving her head back and forth, rolling her tongue around it as the man told her to, and she found herself wanting to taste his cum. The men were calling her a slut, spanking her ass and squeezing her tits roughly, but that only seemed to drive her wilder. "Look at the whore!" the man Annie was sucking said chuckling as she began making muffled noises. "You want my cum, don't you, whore? Well take it! Swallow every drop!" He said loudly as he began filling up Annie's mouth with hot jets of cum, and Annie struggled to swallow it all. Her body was on fire from the rough handling. Her nipples were hard, and her pussy began to moisten.

Two other men stepped forward with their hard cocks in their hands. "You want more, don't you, slayer-cunt?" One of them asked chuckling as he slapped her playfully with his cock. Annie was so ashamed when she found herself struggling and trying to take his cock into her mouth, but then she managed to catch the head of the man's cock and she engulfed it greedily. "That's right, cunt, suck it!" The man said and, as a reward, he reached down and squeezed one Annie's nipples roughly. "Hey, cunt, don't forget me," said another guy with his cock out. He took hold of Annie's other nipple and began pulling it until she let go of the first man's cock and took his in her mouth.

The two men made Annie go back and forth between their cocks by pulling at her nipples. It hurt, and it made Annie felt used, but her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. She began squirming, desperate for someone to touch her pussy. "You wanna get fucked, don't you, whore?" A man asked as he gave her ass a smack. Before Annie could answer the man she was sucking began flooding her mouth with his cum, and Annie tried her best to swallow all of it. Some of the man's cum spilled out of her mouth and ran down her chin, and Annie received a hard slap on her tits as a punishment. The Slayer whimpered, but she immediately turned her head towards the other man and took his cock in her mouth. The other man continued to spank her ass, but to her disappointment he just wouldn't touch her cunt. Finally, the man in her mouth came, and Annie swallowed his cum greedily. She let out a gasp when the man who was spanking her pushed her face down onto the ground, and she knew she was going to get fucked.

However, one of the man's walkie talkie beeped, and the group immediately stopped to wait as he talked to it in a hushed voice. "Well, it looks like you're gonna have an easy day, slut," the guy said laughing when he finished talking. It seemed then something had come up, and the group had to stop Annie's training for now. They led her back to her cage and uncuffed her, and left her locked inside her cage. When the men were gone, Annie was left alone in the dimly-lit dungeon. Her tits were sore from all the rough handling, and she could still smell the drying cum stains on her face. She wanted to cry, from the things the men made her do, and how she had reacted. She cupped her tits and rubbed them gently to ease the pain. Then, almost unknowingly, she began squeezing and rubbing her tits, while her mind went back to how roughly they were handled by the men. She was shocked by what she was doing, but she just couldn't stop. She began tweaking her nipples, first with both hands, and then, with one hand playing with her nipples, she slid her other hand down to her still-wet pussy.


Annie touched her pussy tentatively with her fingertips and was surprised at how wet her lips were. As she ran her fingers along them her whole body shuddered lightly, and she began breathing heavily with pent-up desire. She laid on her side and curled up like a fetus, with her hand buried between her thighs like she was ashamed of what she was doing. However, her shame seemed only to add to her arousal and soon she found herself rubbing her lips faster and faster. Finally, she couldn't hold back any longer and let out a long moan of pleasure.

       Suddenly, the lights in the dungeon were turned on and the door swung open. Annie opened her eyes in surprise and was mortified to see Jake and Josephine there with several humans and vamps. "Look at you, you shameless little whore!" Josephine said giggling. "You! You tricked me!" Annie retorted loudly in shame and anger as she took her hand away from her pussy. Jake gave a nod, and two of the vamps approached Annie's cage, one carrying a cattle prod. He jabbed Annie in her thigh with the cattle prod, drawing a loud cry of pain from her. The other vamp opened the cage while he continued to shock Annie with the prod, forcing the slayer to crawl out of the cage to the center of the room.

       "I tricked you?" Josephine hissed as she grabbed Annie by her hair, "did I make you play with yourself, huh, slayer-cunt?" She took the cattle prod from the vamp and shock Annie a few more times on her inner thighs. "Ouch, ouch, ah! No, no! No!" "No what, cunt?" "No you didn't make me! Ouch!" "So why are you playing with yourself, huh?" "I, I....Ouch! No, Please!" "Answer me!" "Ooooow! I, I played with myself because I wanted to! Please, stop!" "Because you're a horny little slut!" "Yes, yes, because I'm a horny little slut!" Annie finally blurted out before she started sobbing, but Josephine didn't think that's enough. "Say it again, louder!" "I, I played with myself because I'm, I'm a horny little slut!" Annie repeated, rubbing her thighs in pain.

       "Right, now get on your feet, whore!" Josephine hissed as she dragged Annie to her feet. Annie felt so ashamed that she couldn't look up at the crowd around her, but she could feel them looking at her. They were looking at her young, firm tits which were now shaking with her body, and her shaven pussy which was glistening with her juices.

       "Well, slut, I'm gonna be nice today," Josephine said as she let go of Annie's hair. "You're horny, huh? Well I'll let you come. I'll let you finish what we interrrupted, now," Josephine said laughing. Annie looked up at the female vampire in shock. These monsters, they'd raped her, and now they wanted her to touch herself before them! On the other hand, now that Josephine had stopped hurting her with the cattle prod, Annie began to realize how aroused she still was. In fact, it seemed that the pain of getting shocked by the cattle prod and Josephine's words had only added to her arousal. "What are you waiting, slut? Put your hands on your tits!" Josephine snapped as she touched Annie's pussy menacingly with the cattle prod. Fearful of the prod, Annie instinctly cupped her tits with both hands. She could feel her hard nipples with her palms, and she rubbed them a few times hoping that Josephine wouldn't shock her with the prod. "Squeeze your tits, play with your nipples!" Josephine ordered, and Annie complied. She began fondling her tits and tweaking her nipples between her fingers. Immediately, shockwaves of pleasure ran through her body, and Annie could feel her knees getting weak. "Now that's better," Josephine continued, "why don't you use one hand to play with your tits and use the other on your pussy." Hesitantly, Annie ran her right hand down her body to between her legs while continuing fondling her tits. At first she was only putting her hand on her pussy, but soon she began rubbing her lips with her fingers. Her breath quickened, and her face was blushing with excitement. She couldn't believe that she was masturbating in front of a whole group of vampires and humans, but now the humiliation only made her more excited.

       "Look at you, slayer-cunt," Jake said, "enjoying yourself, huh?" At first Annie didn't answer, and Josephine immediately gave her a shock on her right tit. "Ouch! Yes, yes, sir, pl-please!" Annie stammered almost incoherently. "Keep your feet apart!" Josephine continued to bark out orders, "spread your lips and play with your clit!" Annie lowered her left hand and used it to spread her pink lips, then she started rubbing her clit with her fingertips. She no longer cared that she was exposing her most intmate parts to her enemy, she just wanted to bring herself to orgasm. "No so fast, slut," Josephine said giggling, like she could read Annie's mind, "turn around." Annie was surprised by the order but she turned complied. She was now facing away from Josephine, but she kept on playing with herself. However, Josephine's next order made her intention clear. "Bend over," she said simply. Annie obeyed, and as soon as she bent over, she realized that she must be presenting everyone there with a lewd sight of herself. She was bending over with her feet wide apart. Both her asshole and her pussy were clearly visible, and her full, young tits were hanging down between her legs. When Josephine told her to finger-fuck herself, Annie was already too close to stop, and she began shoving two of her fingers up her dripping wet pussy--tentatively at first, then faster and faster. "Toy with your asshole," Josephine added. Almost without thinking, Annie reached up with her other hand and touched her asshole with the tip of her middle finger while thrusting her two fingers in and out of her pussy, faster and faster. At this moment, an incredible wave of orgams swept through her entire body and Annie let out a loud moan. Her body began spasming uncontrollably and she fell onto her knees. She thrusted her fingers deep into her pussy and kept them there as she body spasmed, moaning and gasping. It took a long time for the spasms to finally subside....

       Annie withdrew her fingers from her pussy slowly. She was still on her knees with her face pressed against the ground and her eyes closed, panting heavily. She was too overwhelmed by her orgasm to care how she must have looked to her tormentors, with her ass raised and her dripping pussy clearly visible. She sensed someone behind her, and she struggled to open her eyes and saw that it was Jake, with his pants unzipped and his hard cock out. "No..." she protested as he grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him, and she shuddered when she felt the head of his cock pressing against her pussy. However, he didn't try to enter her, and was just rubbing his cock against her wet lips instead. His intention became clear, however, when he moved up and pressed his cock against her tight, quivering asshole. "Noooo!" Annie's protest was more energetic now, but equally useless. Holding her tightly, Jake pushed and Annie could feel his cock stretching the tight ring of her ass open. Continuing to protest feebly, Annie tried to relax herself to make it hurt less. "No, God, no! Ooow, Ooooow!" Annie cried and squirmed as she was impaled on Jake's cock. It felt huge in her tight ass even when only half of its length was in. Jake kept pushing and pushing until he was completely inside her, and all Annie could do was to moan and struggle weakly. Grabbing the slayer's hair, Jake wrapped it around his hand and used it like a reign as he began thrusting in and out of her ass slowly.

       "Give it to her, Jake," a female vampire that Annie didn't known said as she stood before the two, "ride her like a slut pony!" the vampire said as she reached out and grabbed Annie's face, caressing it. As Jake began fucking her ass harder, Annie found herself moaning into the woman's palm. The frighteningly powerful fire of desire withing her was burning again, and now even the pain of Jake puling her hair was adding to her arousal. "You just love being used, don't you, Slayer-slut?" the female vampire asked teasingly. "No, no---ooooh!" Annie's denial turned into a moan when the vampire reached down, grabbed one of her erect nipples and started pinching it. Using her free hand, the vampire hiked up her leather skirt to reveal her trimmed pussy. She pressed it against Annie's face, and with Jake pounding her ass now Annie was forced to bury her face the vampire's wet pussy completely. Smelling her aroma, Annie felt like her senses were about to overload, and without much thinking, she closed her eyes and began licking.

       "Nggrrrrh!" Annie moaned into the vampire pussy she was eagerly licking. The vampire was about to come. She grabbed Annie's head and began grinding her pussy against Annie's face, adjusting her rhythm so she was pushing the slayer's body backwards to meet Jake's thrusts. As Annie approached her own orgasm, she moaned louder and louder, no longer caring what her audience were saying, until her body exploded in a powerful orgasm, and exploded again shortly afterwards, when Jake finally shot his load deep into her quivering asshole.

       After Jake had pulled out of her, Annie collapsed on the ground, exhausted. Slowly she began to come out of her cum-drunk state and, feeling violated and humiliated, she rolled onto her side and tried to curl up into a ball. "What are you doing, slut?" Josephine scolded laughing, "isn't it a bit too late to pretend that you're ashamed?" When the female vampire grabbed Annie by her hair and made her look up, she could see a slight hint of anger in Annie's eyes, and she wouldn't have any of that. "Tie the slut up!" Josephine ordered. "Nooo! Haven't you had enough? Just kill me already!" Annie wailed in despair as several vamps grabbed her and tied her wrists together behind her back. They then laid her on her back and tied her bound wrists to a D-ring on the ground. Grabbing her ankles, they lifted and bent her legs so that her ankles and on either side of her head, and tied each ankle to a D-ring on the ground. Bound like that, Annie was not only forced to spread her legs wide apart, putting her cunt and asshole on display. She herself was forced to look directly at them, and she could see that her asshole was still distended and dripping with Jake's cum, and her bald pussy was glistening with her own juices.

       "That's right, take a good look at yourself, your worthless whore!" Josephine snapped as she shoved three fingers roughly down into Annie's exposed pussy. "Wh---uuuuuurgh!" Annie's protest was rendered incoherent as Josephine began fingering her furiously. She couldn't believe she was getting aroused again, but her body was clearly betraying her. "Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah!" She began moaning and tucking at her bonds uncontrollably, and when Josephine suddenly pulled all her fingers out of her, Annie's whole body spasmed and she began squirted, wetting her face with her own squirt.

       "Oh God, nooooo!" Annie whimpered and began sobbing. But before she could recovered from the shock and the powerful orgasm, a male vampire had come over. He stood with his back facing her so he could insert his huge cock into the slayer's pussy, and the slayer's sobbing was interrupted by a loud grunt as she felt her swollen pussy being filled and stretched again.

       "Uuurgh! Uuuurgh!" Annie grunted loudly each time the vampire slammed his cock into her. Her position allowed her to see everything clearly. She could see how her lips were stretched wide by his fat cock, how his balls slammed against her with each thrust, and how her juices were flowing all the way down her stomach to between her tits. That's a part of her that wanted to close her eyes or look away, but she was just mesmerized by the sight of the cock pistoning in and out of her fresh, young pussy. She felt so used and humilaited, but that feeling only seemed to arouse her even more. Oh, God, she thought vaguely, what kind of shameless whore have I become? Is the drug still working on me?

       She was taken back from these thoughts when the vampire pulled out of her suddenly. She had already come once from his fucking but was about to come again, and now she felt suddenly emptied. She began to squirm and move restless as far as her bonds would allow her, and the crowd laughed. This time, Annie closed her eyes and turned her head to one side. At that moment, she felt the vampire's cum hit her face, and her lips parted almost instinctively. She swallowed any cum that got inside her mouth, and she had to fight herself herself to stick her tongue out to try and lap up the cum around her lips.

       "Open your eyes!" Annie heard Josephine said giggling, "It's too late to pretend to be modest now, your horny little slut! I said open your eyes!" Josephine said with a slap on Annie's pussy. "Aaaaah!" Annie cried out and opened her eyes in surprise. It hurt, but she was so closed to coming that the slap almost felt good. Maybe if Josephine slapped her pussy again, she could even come? "What, you like that, slut? Huh?" Josephine laughed and slapped Annie's pussy a few more times, each time bringing her tantalizingly closer to her orgasm. "Beg me, slut," she ordered, "beg me to smack your worthless cunt harder!" "Please, ma'am!" Annie cried out, "hit me, hit me harder!" she begged, moaning louder and louder, until she was brought to another squirting orgasm, drenching her face again with her juices.

       "Tsk, tsk," Josephine said, shaking her head, "now, don't you think you deserve to be punished for being such a dirty little whore?" She asked looking down at Annie while another vampire handed her a long, thin cane.

From Vampire Slayer to Vampire Slave

by Roadrunner, with ideas from Bronte

and a big thankyou to everyone who sent me their comments.


"Wh...what?" Annie opened her eyes and looked up at her cruel tormenter. She knew what Josephine was expecting her to answer, but she couldn't bring herself to say it. "I'm asking you a question, slut!" Josephine snapped, and brought her cane down across Annie's ass. Swish! "Aaaw! Aw, aw, yes, yes," Annie finally blurted out, "yes, ma'am, yes..." "Yes what?" Josephine still wasn't satisfied. "Yes, ma'am, I...I deserve to be p..punished..." "Punished for what, you stupid cunt?" "F-for being such a--such a dirty little whore..."


       "That's right, you're a dirty little whore, now take this!" Swish! Swish! Swish! with these words Josephine brought her cane down on Annie's ass a few times, leaving a red welt behind with each strike, and drawing a loud cry from the slayer. "Now, what do you say, huh, cunt?" Josephine asked. "Wh--what?" Annie looked up at the vampire with her tear-filled eyes, puzzled, but then she realized what was expected of her. "Th--thank you ma'am..." she said, hoping that it would be enough. "For what?" "For...punishing me----Aaaaaaw!" Annie's answer was interrupted by another strike of the cane. "For caning your slutty ass! Do I have to tell you everything?" Josephine sighed in faked frustration. "Y, yes ma'am, for caning my sluty ass......Ooooow! Thank you ma'am for caning my ass....Aaaaaah! Thank you ma'am! Aaaaaah! Thank you ma'am for caning my p--pussy! Aaaaaaah! Ohmigod it hurts thank you ma'am......" Annie begged, sobbing, as her caning continued. Her ass felt like it was on fire, and when Josephine's cane struck her defenseless pussy from time to time it's like her pussy was branded with a hot iron. However, the humiliating words that she was made to say were getting her more and more aroused, and she found herself hoping secretly that another vampire would come over and ravish her abused pussy.

       "Nnnnnaaaaaaaaa!  God! It hurts so much oh thank you ma'am, I mean thank you ma'am for hurting my pussy! Oh, God, oh, God..." Annie said sobbing when her pussy was struck yet another time. By now her ass and her thighs were covered with red welts, and her delicate pussy lips were also reddened. When Josephine stopped, Annie looked up with her tear-filled eyes and couldn't believe how beaten and abused her body looked. "Lovely, isn't it? That's how a pain slut should look like," Josephine said laughing when she noticed the slayer's stare. She touched Annie's sore pussy lightly with her cane, causing the slayer's body to stiffen. "Now, slayer-cunt, what should I do with you?" She asked. "Pl, please stop hurting me and un---Aaaaaaaaah!" Annie cried out in pain when her pussy was caned again. "Wrong answer, you stupid whore!" Josephine snapped as she caned Annie's pussy and ass as few more times. "Aaaah! Aaaaaw! Aaaaaaw! Oh ma'am I'm sorry, I'm sorry! You can do anything you want with me!" Annie cried out in desperation, finally guessing the answer that was expected of her. "Finally!" Josephine said giggling as the crowd laughed with her while the slayer broke down and cried in defeat and humiliation.

       Much to Annie's relief, Josephine ordered her to be untied. She was released from her position and made to kneel down while several men and vampires surrounded her.  She looked up with and saw that they all had their cocks out and were stroking them, and was shocked that she was actually turned on by that sight even after all the pain she had suffered. However, her feeling of shame was soon overcome by her desire and she opened her mouth unconsciously and began panting eagerly. "You wanna taste my cum don't you slut?" A guy said as he slapped her lightly with his cock. "Well, slut, if you're horny why don't you start playing with yourself?" Josephine said giggling. This was the second time Annie was told to masturbate in front of everyone, and this time she did it without hesitation. She reached down and began rubbing her lips furiously, her gaze still fixed on the cocks in front of her. Moments later, two of the men began coming, shooting their loads all over her face. Smelling their cum and feeling it on her cheeks, Annie felt even hornier. She opened her mouth wider to catch some of the cum, and her body began squirming. Soon others were coming too, covering her face entirely with their cum. There was cum even in her eyes, and as Annie was forced to close them, she felt so totally used and humiliated, but at the same time she also felt a strong desire to just abandon herself to that feeling of humiliation. I'm a vampire whore! She screamed in her own mind.

       Suddenly, there was a Swish! sound in the air and Annie felt a red-hot pain across her tits. Crying out, she opened her eyes and saw that it was Josephine caning her tits. "Don't stop, slut," Josephine said, "I'm going to let you come one more time!" Annie did what she was told and continued to rub herself while Josephine caned her tits. The combination of pain and pleasure soon pushed she over the edge and she came in a scream orgasm as Josephine covered her tits with red welts.

       Exhausted, Annie collapsed on the floor, shaking violently. The crowd laughed at her and called her names as she dreamily licked up the cum on her face, but they didn't touch her. She was sent back to her cage and left there cum-drenched for the night. The next morning began with the same routine. She was cleaned up and led to what they call her "training room". With her wrists cuffed behind her back, she were made to pleasure the four men there with her mouth. "C'mon, a slut like you should know how to suck cock properly," one of the men said. The men coached her not only with their words, but also with their whips and hard slaps on her face and tits. Much to Annie's surprise, even though the men were feeling her up all the time, they never fucked her, and she finished her day aroused but without coming even once. When she was led back to your cage that night, they even put a leather chastity belt on her so she couldn't play with herself.

       When the men repeated the same procedure the next day, their intention was obvious. Yet there was nothing Annie could do except to suck on their cocks obediently so she could at least taste their cum. She began to feel frustrated. Even the men's hard slaps on her tits and cruel pinches on her nipples began to feel arousing, and she were shocked by how much she craved their abuse. She was made to suck two men off with them standing side by side. They each grab one of her nipples and made her alternate between their cocks by pulling at them, calling them her "slut handles". Being handled like that was making Annie so horny, and she began lowering her body like she was hoping to grind her pussy against one of their booted feet. "What do you think you're doing, slut?" A third man snapped as he whipped her hard across her ass. "Horny, huh? Wanna get fucked, slut? Beg us, and maybe we'll fuck that dripping cunt of yours!" But when she did, all she got was their ridicule.

       Moaning in frustration, Annie sucked the two cocks in front of her eagerly, doing her best to please them. Before long, the man in her mouth began grunting, and Annie squirmed in anticipation of his hot cum filling her mouth. What the man did, however, was to pull out of her mouth and start spraying his cum onto her face. Caught by surprise, Annie opened her mouth wide and tried to catch as much of the man's cum as she could, but the other guy, who was stroking his cock, began coming too, and Annie grunted when his cum hit her face. With her wrists cuffed, all she could do was to stick out her tongue and try comically to lick any cum that's dripping down her nose while the men took souvenir photos of the humiliated slayer with their phones.

       "Look at you, you cum-hungry whore! You're such a disgrace!" Josephine's words hurt. Annie was so caught up with lapping up the men's cum that she didn't notice the female vampire. She looked up at her tormentor, insulted, but when Josephine reached out with her hand to wipe the cum off her face, she couldn't help leaning forward to lap the cum off Josophine's hand. Laughing, Josephine wiped the cum on the slayer's tits instead. "Stop this nonsense, you stupid slut," she scolded playfully as one guy uncuffed Annie. "Now, get down on your hands and knees, and don't you dare touching yourself!" Annie compiled, and the next guy attached a leash to her collar. He began pulling her, and Annie realized that she was expected to crawl, and she obeyed almost instinctively. She realized that she was led out of her training room and towards the dungeon, the venue of her first rape. Does this mean that the vamps were going to "use" her again? Weakness swept her over as that thought crossed her mind. Her pendant tits swayed rhythmically as she crawled, and she could feel her nipples harden in expectation.

Josephine kept teasing Annie as she walked behind the crawling slayer, but Annies attention was drawn by noises that she seemed to be hearing. When she was led into the dungeon, she could finally see what was going on, and she was shocked. A tall young woman with flaming red hair was lying face up on a small table, with her ass resting on one edge and her head on the other. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the table's legs, and her young naked body is covered with whip marks and hand prints. Two vampires were fucking her, one is her pussy and one in her ass, while a human was using her mouth. Another human looked like he'd been titfucking her, as he was now spraying his cum all over her tits. Judging from the cum stains on the young womans body, this had been going on for some time. "Morning, slayer cunt," Jake, who was standing nearby and who looked like he had already had his fun with the young woman, greeted Annie cheerfully. "I don't think you've met Brandi. She's a slayer from the northwell, she's actually still in training, but she heard about your disappearance and came here to look for you. Apparently she used to idolize you," he said chuckling.

Jakes words caused shame and anger in Annie. How, how could you! You f—“ Annie almost forgot herself and got up, but Josephine stopped that by bring her riding crop cruelly down across the slayers tits a couple of times.  But more importantly, it's what the female then said. "You're hungry for the taste of cum, huh, slut? Well you can lick it all off your fellow slayer cunt!" She said as she grabbed Annies leash and dragged her towards Brandi, who just recognized Annie and was looking at her with tear-filled eyes. "Oh, and if you want to come, you have to make her eat you," Jake added, chuckling.

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