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From Vampire Slayer to Vampire Slave

Part 5


Annie touched her pussy tentatively with her fingertips and was surprised at how wet her lips were. As she ran her fingers along them her whole body shuddered lightly, and she began breathing heavily with pent-up desire. She laid on her side and curled up like a fetus, with her hand buried between her thighs like she was ashamed of what she was doing. However, her shame seemed only to add to her arousal and soon she found herself rubbing her lips faster and faster. Finally, she couldn't hold back any longer and let out a long moan of pleasure.

       Suddenly, the lights in the dungeon were turned on and the door swung open. Annie opened her eyes in surprise and was mortified to see Jake and Josephine there with several humans and vamps. "Look at you, you shameless little whore!" Josephine said giggling. "You! You tricked me!" Annie retorted loudly in shame and anger as she took her hand away from her pussy. Jake gave a nod, and two of the vamps approached Annie's cage, one carrying a cattle prod. He jabbed Annie in her thigh with the cattle prod, drawing a loud cry of pain from her. The other vamp opened the cage while he continued to shock Annie with the prod, forcing the slayer to crawl out of the cage to the center of the room.

       "I tricked you?" Josephine hissed as she grabbed Annie by her hair, "did I make you play with yourself, huh, slayer-cunt?" She took the cattle prod from the vamp and shock Annie a few more times on her inner thighs. "Ouch, ouch, ah! No, no! No!" "No what, cunt?" "No you didn't make me! Ouch!" "So why are you playing with yourself, huh?" "I, I....Ouch! No, Please!" "Answer me!" "Ooooow! I, I played with myself because I wanted to! Please, stop!" "Because you're a horny little slut!" "Yes, yes, because I'm a horny little slut!" Annie finally blurted out before she started sobbing, but Josephine didn't think that's enough. "Say it again, louder!" "I, I played with myself because I'm, I'm a horny little slut!" Annie repeated, rubbing her thighs in pain.

       "Right, now get on your feet, whore!" Josephine hissed as she dragged Annie to her feet. Annie felt so ashamed that she couldn't look up at the crowd around her, but she could feel them looking at her. They were looking at her young, firm tits which were now shaking with her body, and her shaven pussy which was glistening with her juices.

       "Well, slut, I'm gonna be nice today," Josephine said as she let go of Annie's hair. "You're horny, huh? Well I'll let you come. I'll let you finish what we interrrupted, now," Josephine said laughing. Annie looked up at the female vampire in shock. These monsters, they'd raped her, and now they wanted her to touch herself before them! On the other hand, now that Josephine had stopped hurting her with the cattle prod, Annie began to realize how aroused she still was. In fact, it seemed that the pain of getting shocked by the cattle prod and Josephine's words had only added to her arousal. "What are you waiting, slut? Put your hands on your tits!" Josephine snapped as she touched Annie's pussy menacingly with the cattle prod. Fearful of the prod, Annie instinctly cupped her tits with both hands. She could feel her hard nipples with her palms, and she rubbed them a few times hoping that Josephine wouldn't shock her with the prod. "Squeeze your tits, play with your nipples!" Josephine ordered, and Annie complied. She began fondling her tits and tweaking her nipples between her fingers. Immediately, shockwaves of pleasure ran through her body, and Annie could feel her knees getting weak. "Now that's better," Josephine continued, "why don't you use one hand to play with your tits and use the other on your pussy." Hesitantly, Annie ran her right hand down her body to between her legs while continuing fondling her tits. At first she was only putting her hand on her pussy, but soon she began rubbing her lips with her fingers. Her breath quickened, and her face was blushing with excitement. She couldn't believe that she was masturbating in front of a whole group of vampires and humans, but now the humiliation only made her more excited.

       "Look at you, slayer-cunt," Jake said, "enjoying yourself, huh?" At first Annie didn't answer, and Josephine immediately gave her a shock on her right tit. "Ouch! Yes, yes, sir, pl-please!" Annie stammered almost incoherently. "Keep your feet apart!" Josephine continued to bark out orders, "spread your lips and play with your clit!" Annie lowered her left hand and used it to spread her pink lips, then she started rubbing her clit with her fingertips. She no longer cared that she was exposing her most intmate parts to her enemy, she just wanted to bring herself to orgasm. "No so fast, slut," Josephine said giggling, like she could read Annie's mind, "turn around." Annie was surprised by the order but she turned complied. She was now facing away from Josephine, but she kept on playing with herself. However, Josephine's next order made her intention clear. "Bend over," she said simply. Annie obeyed, and as soon as she bent over, she realized that she must be presenting everyone there with a lewd sight of herself. She was bending over with her feet wide apart. Both her asshole and her pussy were clearly visible, and her full, young tits were hanging down between her legs. When Josephine told her to finger-fuck herself, Annie was already too close to stop, and she began shoving two of her fingers up her dripping wet pussy--tentatively at first, then faster and faster. "Toy with your asshole," Josephine added. Almost without thinking, Annie reached up with her other hand and touched her asshole with the tip of her middle finger while thrusting her two fingers in and out of her pussy, faster and faster. At this moment, an incredible wave of orgams swept through her entire body and Annie let out a loud moan. Her body began spasming uncontrollably and she fell onto her knees. She thrusted her fingers deep into her pussy and kept them there as she body spasmed, moaning and gasping. It took a long time for the spasms to finally subside....

       Annie withdrew her fingers from her pussy slowly. She was still on her knees with her face pressed against the ground and her eyes closed, panting heavily. She was too overwhelmed by her orgasm to care how she must have looked to her tormentors, with her ass raised and her dripping pussy clearly visible. She sensed someone behind her, and she struggled to open her eyes and saw that it was Jake, with his pants unzipped and his hard cock out. "No..." she protested as he grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him, and she shuddered when she felt the head of his cock pressing against her pussy. However, he didn't try to enter her, and was just rubbing his cock against her wet lips instead. His intention became clear, however, when he moved up and pressed his cock against her tight, quivering asshole. "Noooo!" Annie's protest was more energetic now, but equally useless. Holding her tightly, Jake pushed and Annie could feel his cock stretching the tight ring of her ass open. Continuing to protest feebly, Annie tried to relax herself to make it hurt less. "No, God, no! Ooow, Ooooow!" Annie cried and squirmed as she was impaled on Jake's cock. It felt huge in her tight ass even when only half of its length was in. Jake kept pushing and pushing until he was completely inside her, and all Annie could do was to moan and struggle weakly. Grabbing the slayer's hair, Jake wrapped it around his hand and used it like a reign as he began thrusting in and out of her ass slowly.

       "Give it to her, Jake," a female vampire that Annie didn't known said as she stood before the two, "ride her like a slut pony!" the vampire said as she reached out and grabbed Annie's face, caressing it. As Jake began fucking her ass harder, Annie found herself moaning into the woman's palm. The frighteningly powerful fire of desire withing her was burning again, and now even the pain of Jake puling her hair was adding to her arousal. "You just love being used, don't you, Slayer-slut?" the female vampire asked teasingly. "No, no---ooooh!" Annie's denial turned into a moan when the vampire reached down, grabbed one of her erect nipples and started pinching it. Using her free hand, the vampire hiked up her leather skirt to reveal her trimmed pussy. She pressed it against Annie's face, and with Jake pounding her ass now Annie was forced to bury her face the vampire's wet pussy completely. Smelling her aroma, Annie felt like her senses were about to overload, and without much thinking, she closed her eyes and began licking.

       "Nggrrrrh!" Annie moaned into the vampire pussy she was eagerly licking. The vampire was about to come. She grabbed Annie's head and began grinding her pussy against Annie's face, adjusting her rhythm so she was pushing the slayer's body backwards to meet Jake's thrusts. As Annie approached her own orgasm, she moaned louder and louder, no longer caring what her audience were saying, until her body exploded in a powerful orgasm, and exploded again shortly afterwards, when Jake finally shot his load deep into her quivering asshole.

       After Jake had pulled out of her, Annie collapsed on the ground, exhausted. Slowly she began to come out of her cum-drunk state and, feeling violated and humiliated, she rolled onto her side and tried to curl up into a ball. "What are you doing, slut?" Josephine scolded laughing, "isn't it a bit too late to pretend that you're ashamed?" When the female vampire grabbed Annie by her hair and made her look up, she could see a slight hint of anger in Annie's eyes, and she wouldn't have any of that. "Tie the slut up!" Josephine ordered. "Nooo! Haven't you had enough? Just kill me already!" Annie wailed in despair as several vamps grabbed her and tied her wrists together behind her back. They then laid her on her back and tied her bound wrists to a D-ring on the ground. Grabbing her ankles, they lifted and bent her legs so that her ankles and on either side of her head, and tied each ankle to a D-ring on the ground. Bound like that, Annie was not only forced to spread her legs wide apart, putting her cunt and asshole on display. She herself was forced to look directly at them, and she could see that her asshole was still distended and dripping with Jake's cum, and her bald pussy was glistening with her own juices.

       "That's right, take a good look at yourself, your worthless whore!" Josephine snapped as she shoved three fingers roughly down into Annie's exposed pussy. "Wh---uuuuuurgh!" Annie's protest was rendered incoherent as Josephine began fingering her furiously. She couldn't believe she was getting aroused again, but her body was clearly betraying her. "Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah!" She began moaning and tucking at her bonds uncontrollably, and when Josephine suddenly pulled all her fingers out of her, Annie's whole body spasmed and she began squirted, wetting her face with her own squirt.

       "Oh God, nooooo!" Annie whimpered and began sobbing. But before she could recovered from the shock and the powerful orgasm, a male vampire had come over. He stood with his back facing her so he could insert his huge cock into the slayer's pussy, and the slayer's sobbing was interrupted by a loud grunt as she felt her swollen pussy being filled and stretched again.

       "Uuurgh! Uuuurgh!" Annie grunted loudly each time the vampire slammed his cock into her. Her position allowed her to see everything clearly. She could see how her lips were stretched wide by his fat cock, how his balls slammed against her with each thrust, and how her juices were flowing all the way down her stomach to between her tits. That's a part of her that wanted to close her eyes or look away, but she was just mesmerized by the sight of the cock pistoning in and out of her fresh, young pussy. She felt so used and humilaited, but that feeling only seemed to arouse her even more. Oh, God, she thought vaguely, what kind of shameless whore have I become? Is the drug still working on me?

       She was taken back from these thoughts when the vampire pulled out of her suddenly. She had already come once from his fucking but was about to come again, and now she felt suddenly emptied. She began to squirm and move restless as far as her bonds would allow her, and the crowd laughed. This time, Annie closed her eyes and turned her head to one side. At that moment, she felt the vampire's cum hit her face, and her lips parted almost instinctively. She swallowed any cum that got inside her mouth, and she had to fight herself herself to stick her tongue out to try and lap up the cum around her lips.

       "Open your eyes!" Annie heard Josephine said giggling, "It's too late to pretend to be modest now, your horny little slut! I said open your eyes!" Josephine said with a slap on Annie's pussy. "Aaaaah!" Annie cried out and opened her eyes in surprise. It hurt, but she was so closed to coming that the slap almost felt good. Maybe if Josephine slapped her pussy again, she could even come? "What, you like that, slut? Huh?" Josephine laughed and slapped Annie's pussy a few more times, each time bringing her tantalizingly closer to her orgasm. "Beg me, slut," she ordered, "beg me to smack your worthless cunt harder!" "Please, ma'am!" Annie cried out, "hit me, hit me harder!" she begged, moaning louder and louder, until she was brought to another squirting orgasm, drenching her face again with her juices.

       "Tsk, tsk," Josephine said, shaking her head, "now, don't you think you deserve to be punished for being such a dirty little whore?" She asked looking down at Annie while another vampire handed her a long, thin cane.

Review This Story || Author: Roadrunner
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