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Collected by meesterben

MrBens favs (36 stories listed)

good reads!!! (3 stories listed)

  • The Hotel Room: by Gina Hoisington
    (Synopsis: The woman in the hotel room has been unknowingly subjugated by her psychopathic boyfriend; she has unwittingly allowed him to begin destroying her life. She is manipulated into entering the hotel room where she has been set up to be sexually tortured and repeatedly raped, and then discarded by her rapists when she is no longer of value.)
  • Nothing: by nom
    (Synopsis: A cunt finds the answers to all her questions.)
  • Tiffany Crosses the Color Line: by JustALittleRougher
    (Synopsis: Tiffany's journey into becoming a submissive sex slave continues as she is introduced to interracial sex.)

good reads!!! (2 stories listed)


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