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Collected by traumaemt

mine (18 stories listed)

  • Gina\' Execution: by Elecutrix
    (Synopsis: Gina in the Electric Chair)
  • Fate of a Murderess: by Rebel Snowdrop
    (Synopsis: Jennifer marries into money, but wants out of the family. She learns the hard way that you shouldn't mess with the DeMoeiras - her in-laws have a long history of dealing with errant women. They use all their ingenuity to devise new torments based on the most cruel forms of ancient punishment.)
  • FarmHouse: by DoctorE
    (Synopsis: the usual, kidnap,rape,abuse,torture etc. )
  • Exploding Cupcakes: by Harold
    (Synopsis: Catherine buys an exploding cupcake on credit.She should have paid cash.)
  • Execution of a Soccer Mom: by Jill Crokett
    (Synopsis: Beautiful 36yr old wife and mother is sentence, punitively punished and put to death in futuristic society.)
  • Evelyn`s Exekution: by euterquäler
    (Synopsis: Evelyn, ein Mitglied des Widerstands während der SS-Zeit wird von einem SS-Offizier, einem brutalen Sadisten auf grausame Weise hingerichtet.)
  • Dungeon Meat: by Llabmik
    (Synopsis: A cock-warming tale of the Spanish Inquisition featuring depraved priests, perverted nobles, vile torturers and hapless female victims. There will be future instalments ending at the auto-da-fe.)
  • Cyber: by Kallie Thomas
    (Synopsis: Nice girl falls into the hands of an online predator.)
  • Crown of Torments: by Synon55
    (Synopsis: The Necromancer returns from the grave to take his harrowing revenge against the Warrior Queen and her supporters.)
  • Club X: by Fire-Bird
    (Synopsis: This is an extreme story inspired by Dolcett's extreme drawings "Club X".)
  • Checkout: by Spitman
    (Synopsis: Three girls go for a wild, crazy holiday week in Amsterdam in a Dolcett-oriented future world, curious to see if it's true and they really eat girls over there. They find themselves caught up in the atmosphere, with unexpected consequences.)
  • Captive: by Hard Tongue
    (Synopsis: Sarah is kidnapped and her life flashes before her eyes.)
  • A Cellar Full of Screams: by Susan Karlson
    (Synopsis: Older man trains willing girl to be his partner in rape and torture scenes with unwilling females.)
  • Bad, Bad Company: by Faibhar
    (Synopsis: The wrong crowd seals her fate.)
  • Aurelie's Mexican Vacations: by darknessmonger and Aurelie Catena
    (Synopsis: Aurélie goes on a trip to meet someone she met online and shared sadistic fantasies. She slowly starts to find out that for him they are more than fantasies, and wonders if she will ever return to her country.)
  • Savages: by Darkstorm
    (Synopsis: A young botany professor is captured, stripped, and enslaved by a Brazilian Amazon tribe. She makes friends with other slaves and begins to accept her new station in life.)
  • His Next Wife: by Paul Glanville
    (Synopsis: Pampered, cheating rich man\'s wife wants to get into an exclusive Men\'s Only club that her widower husband goes to every month. What happens in there that makes him so horny when he gets home to her? Is she prepared to do anything to get in? Will she get out alive?)
  • Suicide Jane: by ninja5
    (Synopsis: Better Than Life. Jane retired from her days as a pornstar for BTL\'s. Now shemakes BTL snuff simulations for the mob. One night she gets a call from a mob boss who wants her to make a very special kind of BTL for him. It\'s not in her interest to say no.)


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