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Collected by lovemetender

fantasies (4 stories listed)

  • Cheater Trapped and Tortured: by Darkroom
    (Synopsis: Two men played by the same cock-teasing whore team up for the ultimate payback. Stretched and spread, the poor tease is driven mad by their focused and sadistic assault.)
  • General Chen`s White Torture Slave: by arrakur
    (Synopsis: nothing original about this: white American millionaire daughter gets kidnapped by pirates and soon afterwards finds herself a prisoner of General Chen, the dictator of a fictional Asian island state. a ruthless dictator, in fact. with a strong taste for white women and fiendish sex-tortures.)
  • The Chamber: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: Just a back to the roots short, not quite over the top torture of a young, beautiful woman.)
  • Why Me?: by greysequoia
    (Synopsis: She is abducted from work, punished, and raped)


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