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Collected by bullfinch

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F/f read and enjoyed

  • Clair's New Toy: by XtremeInk
    (Synopsis: This is a custom story I'm writing for someone, so it's not my usual fare. Clair forces Ann into becoming her pain toy. There will be lots of nc sex in this. It's a little slow to start, but will have more sex toward the end.)
    Comment: 229kb. 8.5pts. F is Clair, f is ann - wives of college profs.
  • Who's your Mommy now?!: by sharkshark
    (Synopsis: Brenda is a domineering executive who loses her elderly secretary because of her neglect. She demands that her plaything assistant bring her a new secretary. The petite 55 year old assistant brings in her unemployed daughter, which she later regrets.)
    Comment: 14kb. 8pts. F is Brenda, f is tracey and daughter madison
  • Denise: by Miss Irene Clearmont
    (Synopsis: Featuring a great deal of BDSM. Mostly F/f FF/f. Body modification. Pretty serious 'Ds' situations and plenty of sex. Has a plot, some charater development and a nasty twist at the end.)
    Comment: 352kb. 10pts. F is author, f is denise.
  • Female Teacher Addicted To A Cruel Teen Girl: by Faye Duncan
    (Synopsis: Thirty-seven year old Julia, a submissive love and sex addict, falls prey to fourteen-year-old Madison)
    Comment: 163kb. 8pts. F is Madison, f is julia.
  • The Interns: by DocilePet
    (Synopsis: Tamala Barker, Attorney at Law, was a very successful business woman. After the breakup of a short marriage she became somewhat depressed. That is, until she met Dr. Mary Mercy, a medical doctor with a PhD in pyschiatry. They became lovers and partners and, more importantly, decided to embark on what came "naturally" to them in an alternate lifesyle. Together they sought to fulfill their highly charged sex lives by completely dominating "the interns". This is a continuing story from the viewpoint of those with a dominant personality as well as those with a submissive personality. Whatever your sexual orientation, be it "dominant" or "submissive," the author attempts to take you on a journey you won't soon forget.)
    Comment: 872kb. 9pts. F is Tamara, f is lynn. Inter-racial.
  • Sharing Elizabeth: by Wiley Hunter
    (Synopsis: While Mistress is away for the night, she shares her latest slut with her sadistic friend. Part 1 of 1.)
    Comment: 18kb. 8pts. F is Samantha, f is elizabeth (teen).1/2 A gift for Samantha.
  • Edna’s Basement: by Missy
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: 118kb. 9pts. F is Edna (40yrs), f is missy (teen).
  • Mary and Elizabeth: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: Mary owns and runs an expensive Boarding Kennels business in a remote part of California. Taking into her head the notion that it would be pleasant to live and be treated like one of her 'guests' for a month, she finds a willing Domme to indulge her. But she gets more than she'd bargained for!)
    Comment: 88kb. 8.5pts. F is elizabeth, f is mary. One of the best girl-dog stories.
  • Polish Au Pair Takes Control: by Kristina Katyn
    (Synopsis: Geraldine found herself submitting more and more to her au pair\'s wishes)
    Comment: 16kb. 8.5 pts. 1/2
  • Amy's Shame: by Ginny and Amy
    (Synopsis: Her misdeed in the bussiness was caught by her rival. She was kept as the plaything for her mistress.)
    Comment: 103kb. 9pts. F is Jamie, f is amy. Blackmail at work.
  • Ms. Calypso and the Vanishing Act: by Jackpot
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: 45kb. 9pts. Another Madame Cong story.
  • The Lesbian Rape of Barbara Carrilla.: by GabLez
    (Synopsis: Barbara is abducted by two vicious women. They transform her into a sleazy whore to use as their sex toy)
    Comment: 33kb. 7.5pts. F are Inga and Glenda, f is barbara. 1/5. F are mean and cruel.
  • Birthday Preasent: by Robin Lane
    (Synopsis: A woman comes home to find that a friend from her past has left her a very special birthday gift.)
    Comment: 131kb. 9pts. F (Mistress Diane) has f as present.
  • Almost Chance: by Noe Bode
    (Synopsis: Travelling on a train to meet a friend, Jen is sidetracked when she meets a mysterious woman and is soon drawn into a world fo submission and slavery.)
    Comment: 174kb. 9pts. F is Mistress Kate, f is jen. Slow and sensual.
  • Jane's Fag Girl: by Brenda
    (Synopsis: The pampered wife of a millionaire takes a younger woman as her submissive fag girl.)
    Comment: 19kb. 9pts. F is Jane, f is tori.
  • Two new pretty things for Mistresses. Expensive red shoes & a slavegirl.: by slavegirlemily
    (Synopsis: A pampered model courtesan finds out the cost of her beauty & its consequences. As she visits one of her Mistresses Spa resorts)
    Comment: 87kb. 8pts. F is Mistress, f is emily.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: by Confused Billiam
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: approx 20kb. 9pts. F is Jessica, f is blaire (a teen).
  • Lindsey Blossoms: by CainePaine
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: 51kb. 9pts. F is Lindsey, young and wealthy. f is andrea, m is mutt.
  • The Atonement: by Racecar
    (Synopsis: She killed a man in a car accident and ran away. The only witness, her best friend, seduced her hunsband and together made her their little slave.)
    Comment: 384kb. 9pts. F is Cheryl, f is barbara. Blackmail. Well written humiliation. Some M/f.
  • While You Were Out: by Couture
    (Synopsis: Tina wakes to find some strange things going on. And the strangest of all is happening inside her very own head.)
    Comment: 39kb. 9pts. F is Ellen, f is tina. Hypnosis at college. 1/5
  • An Apology: by kittenfemme
    (Synopsis: Submissive little sara is punished for inadvertently insulting her Mistress with an offhand remark.)
    Comment: 20kb. 9pts.1/7. Slow, consensual.
  • Housewife's Awakening: by WF Writer
    (Synopsis: Debbie could hardly contain her excitement. Her nieces were arriving that afternoon. Stephanie was 19; Amber 18 and Debbie always enjoyed their visits. Both girls loved to shop and go out dancing at night. They provided a small diversion in Debbie's otherwise mundane life.)
    Comment: 647kb 8pts. F are teens, Stephanie and Amber. f is debbie - aunty slut.
  • Second Place: by Terri Madison
    (Synopsis: Two girls competed with each other for almost everything. Finally the second-place fought back and turned the first-place a docile slave.)
    Comment: 292kb. 9pts. danielle humiliates terri at work. some M/f.
  • Trapped - Lucy's Tale: by Lofwyrkp
    (Synopsis: Lucy is kidnapped and turned into another unusual slave)
    Comment: 27kb. 9pts. Lactation.
  • Mistress Claudia: by Romy
    (Synopsis: Mistress Claudia is the most sadistic Mistress in the whole of Paris. She goes from room to room in the house of pain, satisfying her sadistic needs.)
    Comment: 20kb. 9pts.Torture house
  • Blackmail: by Callidus
    (Synopsis: A high school teacher's affair with a student from last school year comes back to haunt her in the form of a lesbian student with photographs.)
    Comment: 189kb. 9.5pts. F is 18 yrs. f is teacher.
  • The Photographer's Party: by Rilawild
    (Synopsis: Natasha and her best friend are invited to a party, which turns out to be BDSM themed. )
    Comment: 83kb. 9.5pts. 1/1
  • Loaning Lucy: by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: A D/s lesbian 'romp' marking the start of what may become a beautiful relationship )
  • Taking Carol: by Lorddare
    (Synopsis: A young housewife is blindsided by a mysterious new neighbor with an agenda. This is an ongoing story that will be added to at the author's pleasure.)
    Comment: 910kb. 8.5pts. (10pts.) Miss Karen is one of my favourite Dommes. Blackmail, humiliaton, et al. Her enjoyment is very well described
  • College Submission: by Da'Rookie22
    (Synopsis: Jackie had been eagerly awaiting this weekend for awhile now. With the college community heading home (or to Florida) for Spring Break, she decided to use this new-found privacy to engage in a thorough self-bondage session... that is, until her best-friend/roommate catches her...)
    Comment: 109kb. 9.5pts. 1/1
  • ABIGAIL’S TWO DAY GIFT: by Brittany Heart
    (Synopsis: Fun with her slaves)
    Comment: 26kb. 8pts. Deep South setting.
  • A Mother's Submission 2: by george weston
    (Synopsis: This is a continuation of Diane's travel on the road to self awareness and fulfillment...and much more. The story continues with the original cast of characters and resumes the tale at the last eposide of A Mother's Submission.)
    Comment: 151kb. 9pts. humiliation and incest. Janet is F and Geraldine is f.
  • A slut, her mistress, and Lady Sapphire: by Lady`Sapphire
    (Synopsis: A (partially) first-person account of a (partially) true story.)
    Comment: 31kb. 8.5pts.
  • The Charity Auction: by Rocky
    (Synopsis: A professional woman discovers that fantasy and reality are not at all the same when she offers herself as "property" to be sold at her favorite charity's annual fund raising event.)
    Comment: 113kb. 8pts.
  • The New Pet: by CarrieAnne
    (Synopsis: Beatrice is a woman who makes a living out of finding very expensive \"pets\" for her cliente.)
    Comment: 26kb. 8.5pts
  • Fore!Play: by Fox
    (Synopsis: Mistress Alison thought it would be fun when she and her pet accepted Lady Meranda's invitation. This story was published previously by the author on and It has been revised prior to uploading here.)
    Comment: 151kb. 8.5pts(10pts) chapt 9 is super.
  • Carolyn\'s Gifts: by Anita Parker
    (Synopsis: Carolyn ovewhelms her lover with the gift of a pair of beautiful, new, unwilling pets. When he\'s away they fall back into her care; they soon learn to yearn for their Master\'s return.)
    Comment: 55kb. 8pts (9pts.) body modification.
  • Troika: by Cobalt Jade
    (Synopsis: A Russian Countess takes her three captive ponygirls out for a run on a brisk winter's day.)
    Comment: 27kb. 8pts. 1/2. pony girls.
  • A Dilema for Donna: by Petricia
    (Synopsis: A new divorcee attends a cocktail party and gets placed into an increasing difficult situation. )
    Comment: 41kb. 10pts. 1/2
  • 'Tis the Season: by Musker
    (Synopsis: The finale to "Omens" and "Cornucopia" with new characters, new B&D situations and under a Xmas theme. Also the out come to the party crashing five is revealed.)
    Comment: Very long. Pony girl training. 1/3
  • Visiting her Pet: by Jayden McZimmer
    (Synopsis: A Mistress visits her pet after a year of talking online)
    Comment: Good. 1/3
  • Mira's Collection: by Allison Wonderland
    (Synopsis: Rich people are known for their eccentric hobbies, and Mira is no exception. Hers just happen to include collecting humans...)
    Comment: short. 1/1
  • Making Alice Over: by Sawa
    (Synopsis: How I turned my assistant into my dream doll / lover.)
    Comment: short. body mod. 1/1
  • Cowgirl: by Topcat
    (Synopsis: Iowa teen turned into slave to dominant female family.)
    Comment: long. teen to slave and beast.
  • The Other Woman: by redleg112
    (Synopsis: This is a parallel story to author's another story Dr. Benson's Office - wife's revenge.)
    Comment: Good story,poor english.F is tammi, wronged wife. f is lynn, the other woman.
  • The Doctors\' Wives: by Ladymaker
    (Synopsis: Jodi is a young medical student who had a brief affair with the wife of a doctor. The wife took Jodi under her wing, offering money in exchange for small \"services.\" Eventually Jodi becomes the swap-around girl plaything for a group of wealthy idle women, though the humiliation she suffers at their hands serves only to pique her interest. However she may swear never to meet with them again, her checkbook and her own masochistic nature keep her coming back in spite of herself. In this story, Jodi is working a catered lunch for her sponsor.)
    Comment: short. VG. 1/1
  • The Bridge Club: by Arika Lee
    (Synopsis: An ambitious lawyer has decided that a wealthy socialite holds the key to her future...and she is right.)
    Comment: long. well written. wealthy F. 1/2
  • From Society Girl To Slave: by Anonymous
    (Synopsis: A young, wealthy society girl who finds herself in the care of a harsh, cruel uncle after her parents die. She is transformed from a confident young woamn, into a mere servant/slave by a strong female dominant the uncle hires in order to swindle the young girl out of her inheritance. The girl is abused and humiliated until she finally is broken, and becomes the docile serving girl/slave they want her to be.)
    Comment: good.long.set in 1920s Britain.
  • Zippers: by Anita Parker
    (Synopsis: A dowdy, depressed young secretary, in desperation, seeks help with her non\'existant love-life. She is transformed beyond her dreams and for a while nothing could be better but this is not to last as she finds herself being steered in more degrading, \'commercial\' directions.)
    Comment: long.body mod.1/1
  • Fate: by Mistress Jytte and Musker
    (Synopsis: A psychological story dealing with revenge, love, lesbian sex and S&M. The plot line is such that there are really three stories in one. This is a first for me, so I hope I can pull it off without boring the readed to tears or making it sound to hokey. It is also a colaborated story that seems to be working out pretty well, all be it that I am as slow as molasis in writing it.)
    Comment: long.slow.1/1
  • Regina's Awakening: by Ande Diqiu
    (Synopsis: A bad day for Ragina becomes a great night.)
    Comment: short. 1/1
  • The Witch: by Kirsten Smart
    (Synopsis: The Spanish Inquisition uses its cruellest female torturer to interrogate a beautiful Spanish-African peasant girl. During her time in prison she encounters others who are also suffering at the hands of the Church, and the story ends with a burning at the stake.)
    Comment: long.mediaeval. 1/1
  • After Tennis: by Cordoza
    (Synopsis: A long crafted tale of a family's secret pleasure in lesbian rape, incest and animal lust. )
    Comment: long.beastiality.1/3
  • Hypno Slavers: The Dr. Emily Group: by Aceith
    (Synopsis: Unsuspecting patients, seeking help with sexual dsyfunction problems, are slowly converted into mindless submissives under hypnosis, to be sold as slaves to wealthy buyers.)
    Comment: long. 1/2
  • Pleasure In Control: by julie<->julia
    (Synopsis: Julia lands a dream job with a top fashion lingerie house that leads her into a life of beautiful women and daring sexual exploits. In this autobiographical story, Julia explores her sexuality and her body as well as her new contacts. Gradually she pushed the boundaries of her experiences and enters a secret world of lesbian passion, sex and more.)
    Comment: long.1/2
  • A Slave To Politics: by SpeechMasterOne
    (Synopsis: A Deputy Mayor finds she becomes a sex toy to a sexy young intern.)
    Comment: very good.long. slow.1/3
  • So Easy: by Topcat
    (Synopsis: Be careful of the foreign exchange student you bring into your home. Dominate lesbian takes small town girl and makes her a pet.)
    Comment: long. high school.pdf. 1/2
  • Stephanie’s Inquisition of Susan: by Dominantmind
    (Synopsis: A younger female takes control of a mother and wife.)
    Comment: short.incomplete. 1/1
  • Sara and Ms Davies: by jamb
    (Synopsis: New to the city, Sara is confused when a woman asks her out for a date. She soon finds out that this woman is no ordinary lesbian...)
    Comment: long.1/2
  • Owned Teacher: by thumb
    (Synopsis: A female teacher was controlled by her student, completely.)
    Comment: long.slow.1/2
  • Kelly\'s Birthday Surprise: by themaneloco
    (Synopsis: Kelly\'s friends give her the greatest present of all for her birthday; her own slave girl.)
    Comment: short. high school. 1/4
  • Allie and Nicole: by Annie the Slick
    (Synopsis: Allie is a 15 year old girl that loses both her parents in an auto accident. She is taken in by her one time babysitter, Nicole, who has always lusted after her. Poor Allie is humiliated and forced to satisfy her new Mistress in many inventive ways.)
    Comment: long. teen. 1/3.pdf
  • Caroline's Realm: by Euryleia Rider
    (Synopsis: Wealthy, dominating woman takes in penniless relation.)
    Comment: long. very good.1/7
  • The Leather Twins: by Anne Gray
    (Synopsis: Identical twin sisters "aquire" and train two bondage playmates.)
    Comment: long. v good. 1/26.
  • Linda and Miss Helen: by Nicole Victor
    (Synopsis: A young woman tired of submitting to an online Mistress decides to make the move to real life submission. This is the story of their developing relationship.)
    Comment: short.heavy. 1/1
  • The Roommate: by littlebro_969
    (Synopsis: Lynn is a freshman just starting college and she becomes the slave of her roommate.)
    Comment: short. 1/6
  • Maliia's Nightmare: by Maliia Kanaulahu
    (Synopsis: Two Asian college roommates who have a secret attraction to each other take part in a psychology experiment that is either a nightmare or a dream depending on your point of view and they are pierced and modified, bound and controlled as slavegirls and eventually forced to serve in any humiliating capacity. )
    Comment: short. body mod. website.
  • Two Japanese Sisters: by sarijak
    (Synopsis: Kitty and her Mistress decide to take a break in the sun, and they run into Hanako and Ayako, in a meeting that will change the lives of the two Japanese sisters.)
    Comment: medium length. VG. 1/12
  • GirlFRIENDS: by Faibhar
    (Synopsis: An aerobics instructor takes what she hopes to be a weekend in the country with two of her female students. Unfortunately, differing agendae leads to much lesbian encounters, a quasi snuff filming and later, a straight sex encounter whilst crucified. The instructor survives, but is smitten with what some might label a Stockholm Syndrome, which in turns leads to an entirely different world to be further explored.)
    Comment: heavy.pdf. 1/60 faibhar stories.


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