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Collected by silverlore

wait list (9 stories listed)
stories which I Wait for the completion of.

  • New Life: by Lord Douche
    (Synopsis: Jenny gets a strange package for her birthday and feels compelled to wear what is inside, bringing her best friend along for the adventure.)
  • Tim and Jill: by Lex Ludite
    (Synopsis: How did a con artist, ladies man, and angle player like Tim wind up wih a wife who had no self-esteem, only averge looks, and enough childhood baggage to give any porter a double hernia? It's all here as the ever resourceful Tim takes on the Herculean challenge of turning Jill Norton into a swinging sex symbol, the envy of every greek on campus as well as the townies including, but limited to the local VFW and WAM chapters, the high school football team and the Golden Oldies Retirement Village. Please don't take this over the top exercise for anything but what it is, a wild and wacky fantasy.)
  • Linda and Miss Helen: by Nicole Victor
    (Synopsis: A young woman tired of submitting to an online Mistress decides to make the move to real life submission. This is the story of their developing relationship.)
  • A Visit to Dr. Bevertail's Clinic: by Wareagle
    (Synopsis: A Divorced woman visits a special clinic that deals with sexual issues. Part one has little "sex" in it but sets the mood for the rest of the story.)
  • One Trick Pony: by Sirius
    (Synopsis: A centerfold model meets a mysterious individual who taunts her with his sexuality. She cannot avoid meeting him again only to fall under his spell and into sexual slavery. She is transported to another country where she not only continues to serve her master but learns that he is a NOC, an intelligence agent working to penetrate terrorist cells. He uses her as part of his cover and as a lure to the terrorists. You can only imagine what happens.)
  • J2: by Lord Douche
    (Synopsis: Growing up believing she was just an average teenager, Julie is finding it hard to adjust to her new life. With her heritage visible in every blink of her eyes, she can't escape what she is, or the abilities lying locked in her head. She can't forget that somewhere, someone is still looking for her. He killed her mother, he hunts her father, and he now knows exactly where she is.)
  • Holly the Puppy Girl: by Jon
    (Synopsis: This is a creative story about a transformation to be trained as a non human Puppy Girl / Puppygirl. Living in South Dakota Holly is a 15 teen year old American Girl. She is to become live stock... Holly this little brat will soon get what's coming to her...)
  • Cheating Eva's: by Master Browne
    (Synopsis: A story about a girl that gets cought cheating a uni by another student and is blackmailed into becomeing a slave.)
  • The Bare Necessity: by Athenna
    (Synopsis: Its a F/f D/s Story. Which is too close to reality. How i see my self getting involved in a D/s with another female that is. Its extreme at times, calm at others. Its crazy at times, and sane at others. Just as complex as human mind.)


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