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Part 6


Chapter 6

The Feast

The amazons allowed the slaves to bath in the river, in a safe area where the crocodiles did not lurk.  Lisa stood up to her hips, the river lapping at her pussy as she rubbed the dirt off her body.  She appreciated these weekly breaks.  The water felt good.  She bowed to wet her hair and washed what she could of the grease from it.

When she dunked her head a second time, she came up to notice Akamutha watching her intently.  The tall amazon had her arm around Carla, but her attention was not on her favorite but on Lisa.  The ex-botanist blushed and felt a flush of warmth in her pussy.  Akamutha smiled slyly at her and stuck her tongue out ever so slightly in her direction.  Lisa's tits swelled.  Carla was oblivious to the tall amazon chieftainess's attentions and splashed some water on her pussy.  Lisa waded a little way with her back turned to the couple to splash her pubic mound with a little more water.  When she turned to look again, Akamutha smiled and winked at her.  The blonde felt a rush of feeling and a sense that she would be possessed.

Akamutha chose her as a lover at least once a week.  In the beginning, she had difficulty understanding what the warrior wanted of her, but as she learned the language, she was able to underestand her and pleasure her as she wanted to be pleasured.  Akamutha even experimented with kissing, an exchange of sensation that she was growing to like.  Lisa found that the amazon spent a lot of time arousing her slave lovers when she had had her own orgasm.  The shaved blonde closed her eyes and remembered the delight of her helplessness and her submission.

Akamutha whispered something to Carla, never betraying her interest in Lisa to her favorite.  The Brazilian stood up and clapped her hands, signaling that it was time to come out of the water.

“Line up on the beach,” the senior slave said.  The slaves did as she asked.

“It has been a long time since we had a feast,” said the naked slave girl.  She walked down the line of slaves, sometimes touching their nipples or their pussies, smiling as she did.  “So I must choose one of you for the honor.”

Lisa didn't know what was going on, but she noticed that her fellow prisoners shivered as Carla ran her finger across the navels of each.

“I know whoever I pick will satisfy the village's hunger this season.”  She paused in front of Lisa who was beginning to realize what the “honor” of being chosen entailed.  Carla lingered in front of her, smiling, as the blonde began to shake in fear.

Carla leaned forward and whispered into her ear.  “Don't worry, Little Girl, you will not be the main course for many, many years.”  She chuckled slightly, then moved down the line to Denise.

“Hello, Rabbit.”

“Hello, Carla,” said Denise.

“I like eating rabbit,” Carla said as the other slaves stood silent.  “Will you be tender and tasty for me?”

The older redhead bowed her head.  “I guess I can only do my best,” she said.

“I have been looking forward to this for the longest time, Rabbit.  I remember how delicious your sister was.  I hope you taste the same.”

Denise sighed and hung her head.  Lisa hoped her lover would run into the forest and elude capture, but wouldn't that mean they would choose someone else for dinner?

The older slave looked at Lisa.  “We all go like this eventually, lover,” she said.  “I saw Jennifer be eaten, two of the nuns, and my own sister.  I knew my time was coming, I just did not know when the hunger would overwhelm the villagers.”

Two of the warriors grabbed each of Denise's arms and took her away.  The other slaves were silent.  The only sound was the vague murmur of the river.

“Take them back to the Big House,” ordered Akamutha.  “Paint their bodies, give them the drink, and then seat them so that they can watch their sister's sacrifice.”

The slaves walked back to the village, surrounded by the guards.  They were made to sit down near the fire where the old women of the village washed the mud from their legs and painted birds all over their bodies.  While they worked at this, the warriors prepared Denise.  First, they stood her up and cut the hair off her head with their trade knives.  Then they took a couple of Lisa's razors and removed the remainder of the hair from her head, her armpits, and her pussy.  Denise trembled even though her body betrayed utter resignation to her fate.  One of the older domestics brought out a broth of bird and slathered it over the slave's body.  Then the cooks bound her hand and foot and hung her upside down from the rafters of the Big House.

Tears betrayed Denise's fear.  The domestics basted her again.  Then one of the warriors took out her knife and slashed Lisa's lover's throat. 

She bled like any animal being slaughtered.  At first she choked and struggled, but quieted down as she grew paler.  A pair of the warriors opened her stomach and and drew out her organs.  Then they cut her down, ran a spit through her cunt up through her mouth, and mounted the spit on a support over the communal fire.

Lisa cried as she witnessed this.  All the slaves were forced to watch and ponder their futures as a meal for the village.  Carla sneaked up behind Lisa and tickled her nipples. 

“Stop that!” Lisa cried.

“Oh, lover, Denise is gone now,” said the evil minded head of the slaves.  “You are my lover now.  I won't be sacrificed for a long time.”  She bent down and kissed Lisa's neck.  Despite her repulsion, Lisa felt a shiver of erotic calling throughout her body.

It took several hours for Denise to roast.  When she was finished, the warriors cut pieces off her corpse and passed them around.  The slaves were served last of all.  Lisa discovered she could not refuse and tried to swallow without chewing.  But the sweet flavor of Denise remained on her tongue, a last gift to a friend.  She was horrified to realize that she enjoyed the taste of the meat and wanted more.

“Goodbye, Denise”, she whispered.  “You were delicious.”

Review This Story || Author: Darkstorm
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