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Part 5

Chapter 5

Denise's Story, continued

As morning wore off, the women of the village began selecting their sexual partners.  Some found their lovers among the free women of the village.  Others selected one of the slaves.  Denise stopped her story when one of the older women grabbed her arm and pulled her onto a grass bed.  Lisa went with a young teenager who wanted to study the stubble on her pussy before being aroused.

That night, after Lisa had been titillated by several different women including Akamutha, she lay down with her head in Denise's lap.  The elder slave teased her nipples as they fell to sleep.  When they woke the next morning, they breakfasted and drank their ration of the aphrodisiac.  Then Denise resumed.

“Being a sexual beast – especially a lesbian one – did not sit well with my mother.  In those days, they did not keep us constantly aroused.  We were all slow to be stimulated, slow to arouse.  So Mom's head was clear when she made her plan.

“One night she woke us up.  'I am leaving for a while, my dears.  Do not worry for me.  I will be back for you with plenty of help.'  She extricated herself from our arms and kissed us on our foreheads.  'Look out for one another and resist temptation.'  Then she disappeared into the night beyond the lodge house.

“Two days later, they brought her back.  They forced her to kneel, her face touching the ground.  Then one of the women brought in a switch and started beating her with it.  One, two, three.... I lost count after twelve.  But it excited me and I masturbated with increasing intensity. 

“Mother, to her shame, found it very stimulating.  They stopped when she found herself in a paroxysm of orgasm.  Her breath grew profoundly hard.  Her nipples stuck out and juice dribbled down her thighs.  A woman who checked her red pubic hair found her so wet  her hand gleamed from the juice.  The whole assembly laughed and talked about doing it more often to her.  Mother cried and cried, not so much from the pain as from the embarrassment. 

“They gave her to my sister and me.  We salved her wounds for the relief and tweaked her tiny nipples and tickled her pussy for the fun of it.  'Girls, please--' she said, but we ignored her begging.  She was no longer our mother, but our pet.  And when she was better, we gave her to the village to tease and arouse.

“The next time she tried to flee, she didn't tell us.  This time she was gone for a week.  They applied the same punishment.

“The leaders talked about her repeated running away and decided that her mind was too clear.  That was when they decided to make us all drink the tea.  The aphrodisiac had been known to them for a long time, but they only used it to enhance their own sexual experiences.  Most knew that they could think of nothing else while under its power, so they reasoned that it would interfere with my mother's ability to plan her escapes.  Three times a day, they force fed the liquor to us.  Three times a day, my mother found herself unable to think about anything except her own sexual release.  The experiment was a success.

“One slave who had already been drinking the aphrodisiac was Jennifer or Jay-naw-far as they called her, an anthropologist.  News of the unique tribe had reached her while she was doing fieldwork nearby.  Being of the persuasion herself, she was eager to observe the amazons and participate in their life.  They stripped her as soon as she arrived, which she did not mind.  Even life as a slave suited her, so much that she decided to stay. 

“Jennifer took a liking to me and made me her pet.  We would lie beneath the thatch roof with her feeding me the tea and gently stroking my then sparse pubic hairs.  I was easy to seduce.  She would run her hands over my flat chest while I whimpered my love for her. 

“My lover took control of me in a way that no normal American teenager got to experience.  She would take me from sexual partner to sexual partner, arousing me to a fever and then leaving me to be ravished and to ravish in return.

“'Don't you love this,' she'd say to me.  'All the worry and the duress of having to make decisions are off your sweet, milky shoulders.  Just let me guide you, choose when you eat, choose when you sleep, choose when you pee.  Isn't that a relief?  This is what being a slave is all about.  How fortunate it was that you were found by the People?  How lucky you are to have me as a guide and mentor.'

“We remained lovers until her death. 

“My sister Laura, also found a lover, one of three nuns who had been captured when they attempted to found a contemplative convent in the jungle.  The amazons assumed that they were lesbians, too.  And maybe they tasted one another from time to time. They, too, received the bird scar, and they, too, idled nakedly like harem slaves, which they were very much like.

“Sister Elena fondled my sister much as Jennifer stroked me.  Oh, one could hear Laura moan and turn from the other side of the Big House. 

“Mother took to watching us.  She took no lover, no teen to give her something for play. 

“She still wanted to escape her circumstances, but I think she gave up all hope of ever returning to civilization.  So she found another way out.

“One day she said to me, 'I have lost you and your sister.'  The amazons had a need for new recruits.  One way was to capture invaders such as the nuns, the anthropologist, and us.  Such prisoners were turned into slaves.  Another was to accept women who had wandered in from other tribes, out of curiosity or a fire in their loins that their husbands could not cure.  The last way was to give birth and raise their own daughters as lesbians.

“No one had to stay with the tribe.  The amazons had treaties with the other tribes in the area whereby they would loan or trade their women to be impregnated.   If a visitor gave birth to a son, she had to remain and suffer intercourse with a male again and again.  If she gave birth to a daughter, she could choose to return or stay as it gave her pleasure.   The rocking in and out of a man's penis bored most, so they returned home after they met the requirement.

“My mother asked to be sent over in this capacity.  The last I remember of her is watching her white butt swinging back and forth as she started down the trail with her guards.  I heard that she gave birth to two sons.  I met one of these when he sired a daughter by one of my offspring.  The People were very concerned about incest among their own, but they consciously bred us slaves for features like white skin and red hair – much like you would breed rabbits or cats.”

Denise stopped there and went to service one of the older women.  Lisa lay on her back, her eyes shut, until a hand pulled her up.  The woman who owned the hand then stood behind her, toying with her nipples with one hand and exploring her hairless pussy with the other. 

“Little Girl,” said Carla.  “You are making me jealous.  How can you give your time to a hag like Rabbit and ignore me?”

Lisa squirmed, but the pleasure that was growing in her body made it hard for her to break the Brazilian's grip.

“I'm not a little girl,” said Lisa.

“Oh,” said Carla, pulling on one of her titties.  “You are.  Where are your breasts and where is your pussy hair?  Little Girl, let me be your mommy and let me make you happy.  Don't you like what I am doing to you?”

Lisa felt a finger enter her vagina.  It twirled around, making her shake as Carla began kissing her neck and then her lips.

“Yes,” said Lisa.  “Don't stop.”

“Oh, I don't intend to.  And soon, you will be my pet among the slaves.  You will come to me for company.  That old rabbit will be soon out of the way.”

The former professor hyperventilated.  What did Carla mean?  It was hard to think about that subject as she came under the Brazilian's control  It did not matter at the moment what kind of relationship she had with Rabbit.  What mattered was that Carla was bringing her to orgasm and she wanted to be nowhere else.

Review This Story || Author: Darkstorm
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