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Nancy's Baby Girl

Part 3


   Nancy had found a part-time job during the next months, so Steve was home alone with Elizabeth more often than before. He was a little frustrated at how much time she had take away from him and his wife. It has been 2 months since the last time they even had sex. And now, he saw her even less.

It was another dull afternoon. Lizzy was sitting inside her pen, wearing nothing but her pacifier and her diaper as always, and the two pigtails that Nancy always fashioned on her beautiful brown hair. The scars had completely vanished now and the edges of her limbs were now as smooth as her white skin. Steve was sitting on his laptop, surfing mindlessly on the internet. He would occationaly glance at Julia, until he'd caught her eye, then again.

Finally he got up the chair and moved towards her. She looked at his determined look, confused about what was going on. He then picked her up started undoing her diaper. Julia's eyes widened at the horrible realisation. She started screaming hysterically, but the big pacifier muffled her cries. Steve placed her on the table face down and unzipped his pants with one hand, holding her down with the other. Her tiny arms and legs couldn't do anything to save her from what was going to happen. Steve grabbed her by the waist, forcing her down his hard cock. "Ssshhn, hush now" he said to her, as if this would comfort her at the least.

He came hard and quickly inside her. Julia face's was now covered with snot and tears. Steve stroked her on the back across the spine for a moment as she wept quietly. "I need to clean you now. I don't want your mom learning anything about this, ok?" he said to the helpless girl, to scare her, more than anything else. He then took her to the bathroom and washed her private parts. She was still in shock, after having been violated like that.

   Sadly for Julia, this was just the first of many incidents with Steve. At some point he'd fuck her two or three times a day, especially when Nancy would be outside or at work. She could do nothing to avoid it and that made her fear being left alone with him. She would crawl towards her mother whenever she was at home and beg to be taken on the bed with her. All of this unbeknownst to Nancy, who welcomed the extra affection her "daughter" showed her without really questioning it. Steve was thorough with cleaning her every time so that Nancy would never know. And without the ability to speak, even when the pacifier was off, Julia had a hard time explaining to her "mother".

One day Steve came home with a big, spiked dildo, hidden inside his suitcase. Julia would soon find out how unpleasant it would be. Steve would ram it inside her cunt or asshole, sometimes while Nancy was at home with them! He did it after she had changed her nappies, so that she wouldn't look there again. The diaper conceiled the plastic dick that tormented Julia, sometimes for hours. Steve knew it was dangerous, but he couldn't help himself, especially when he would see the girl writhe in pain next to her mother. She'd look up at Nancy with pleading eyes, trying to express her discomfort, but her mother would usually assume she was hungry and breastfed her.

It got up to the point were Steve would sneak in her room at nights and leave her with the dildo inside her. He had to get up before Nancy the next morning, so he could remove it before she sees anything.

   That neverending circle of abuse and care, he and she, would last for almost three years. At the end of it, Julia wasn't the person she was when she visited that house that damned day. Her captor, Nancy, was now the only one she wanted around, to caress her, to love her, to protect her from that monster. The moments with her, those were the best ones. With him, on the other hand, were a living hell.

She has her face shoved against the couch. She feels the rough surface on her cheeks. She hears the sound of the T.V and the thrusts of the man inside her. She is blidnfolded with some kind of towel or rag. Her legs, or better, her thighs are raised high above her. She's almost upside down. He fucks her mechanically, uncaringly, just something he likes to do. She's there to fulfil that basic human need of his, and nothing else matters.

Then, the door opens. Julia hears her mother walk in. "My baby!" she hears her yell, horrified. She is thrown on the couch. "Nancy, listen to me!" Steve tries to explain. She hears yells and curses from her mother. Then she seems like she is leaving. Then she returns. "Nancy, put the gun down, please" she hears the man. "You monster, what did you do to my girl!?" she screams. "Please, just put down the.." A single shot echoes inside the small house.

   She had to change her name. That was now Martha Rogers. Off course, it didn't matter to little Lizzy. She was still "mom" to her. She would always just be "mom" to her. They now lived a more peaceful life, far away from their old home. There was no crib in their small apartment, but that didn't matter to Lizzy. She got to cuddle with her mommy every night on that single bed, and it was just fine. She enjoyed the feeling of her mother's chubby hands wrapped around her and her legs all curled up close to her, her warm breath on the top of her head. Her suffering is over. She can just be her mommy's daughter now. She has learned to enjoy her mother's own milk now, and she opens her mouth invitingly whenever it's "time for Lizzy's meal" as Nancy likes to say.

"I love you more than anything in the world, Lizzy." said Nancy and gave her a big smooch on the side of her cheek, as the girl layed in her arms.

Review This Story || Author: Denkira
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