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Nancy's Baby Girl

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Synopsis: A yound researcher visits the wrong household and becomes the baby Nancy could never have.


    Nancy Jacobson always wanted a little baby girl. She and her husband, Steve, were trying during the first few years of their marriage, but now she was 38 years old and time was running out. They lived in a big, but not very preserved cabin, a few miles outside of town. That and the fact that none of them had a stable job, made it impossible for them to adopt a child. Nancy, a blond, chubby woman with long fingernails, had become increasingly depressed due to this situation, and rarely left the house. Steve, a quiet, thin-looking man, whose, sideburns had just started turning white, tried to comfort his wife as best as he could. But things didn't seem to change and desperation slowly turned into madness in Nancy's mind...

It was a warm spring day. Steve was out and Nancy was lying on the couch in front of the T.V, when she heard a knock at the door. That was weird. They didn't have anyone drop by for months. She certainly wasn't expecting anyone other than Steve, but he had his keys with him. She slowly got up and walked towards the door. She opened it just enough to see who was outside. A beautiful, young girl was standing in front of her, holding a clipboard. She had straight brown hair and a beautiful smile. Her great physique showed under the blue jeans and the dark green jacket she was wearing.

"Good morning! I'm doing a survey about the upcoming elections. Can i ask you a few questions? It will only take ten minutes." A light bulb flashed in Nancy's head. "She's perfect!" she thought. "Off course! Come inside." she said to the young girl. "Excuse the mess around here. Would you like some coffee?" she asked her. "Water would be nice, thank you." the girl replied. She sat on an armchair next to the couch while Nancy went in the kitchen. "This is a nice place you got, it must be so peaceful ar", her words were cut short by a thud, as Nancy came from behind her holding a frying pan and hit her hard in the head.

   She was still recovering from the heavy blow. Her head was spinning and hurt like hell. She was bound to a chair and had a scarf tied over her mouth. She would drift in and out of consiousness, though she could distinguish in the blur image the blond woman talking in an intense manner with a man. The man seemed to be angry with the woman, who was trying to explain herself to him. Then, darkness. She now saw the blond woman holding a big medical book, and the man leaving the house. Then again, darkness.

   She opened her eyes. she was now tied spread-ankle to a bed. She had been stripped of her clothes and bra, only her white panties were on. She looked up at Nancy, who was at her right, preparing some bandages and some plastic tubes, like the ones used during a blood test. At her left she saw Steve who simply watched, still looking a bit reluctant. She started breathing heavily making noises into her gag when she saw the markings on her arms and legs. They were black dotted lines that circled her arms about 6 inches from her shoulders and her legs about 4 inches above her knees.

"I saw your name was Julia on your clipboard. I've always wanted an Elisabeth since i was a little girl, though. So, that will be your name from now on," she said as she took a large needle in her hards and guided it towards Julia. She screamed as loud as she could as the needle pierced her neck muscle. The drug acted so fast, by the time the needle was removed, Julia had stopped screaming and was already out.

   She sleeped through the afternoon and night. She had lost a lot of blood but she survived. When she finally woke up it was 11 a.m. Nancy was having coffee downstairs when she heard moans coming from her newest "baby room". She rushed upstairs into the room. It was still pretty empty but she had a lot of plans for it. But for the moment there was only a drawer and a pink crib next to the only window in the room. She walked up to the crib and saw the young girl, crying hysterically. Her arms and legs amputated, she just flailed hopelessly inside her crib. The bandages on her butchered limbs had already been removed. Her scars would likely heal fast enough. A big pacifier was stuffed in her mouth and secured there through a thin strap behind her head, impossible for her to reach. Her hair had been separated into two pigtails by two big pink ribbons. Lastly, she appeared to be completely naked apart from a diaper with cute little bear pictures on it.

"What is it Lizzy? Does Lizzy want a hug?" she spoke as if the person in front of her was actually an infant. The girl moaned behind her pacifier, still confused and miserable about her predicament. Nancy carefully picked her up in her arms. Julia struggled trying to attack the woman that had done this to her. "Someone is in a bad mood this morning" said Nancy, holding the girl in the air from under her armpits. "Or is it time to change your nappy?" She brought her face close to Julia's crotch. "No, it seems you're just moody". She placed her back in the crib, which had wooden rails too high for her to get out of. "You'll be fed only when you calm down", Nancy remarked assertively and left, closing the door behind her.

The hours passed and Julia's tears dried after many hours. "How could someone do this to me? What does this crazy woman want from me?" she thought to herself. She could hear some noises coming from downstairs occationaly, the sound of the T.V or Nancy making dinner and cleaning the house. She was really embarrassed at the way she looked. The stupid pigtails and the big diaper with the velcro straps made her look ridiculous, not to mention the pacifier that prevented her from saying anything comprehensable.

   Finally, Nancy arrived. It was now dark outside and Julia was really hungry. She looked up at her silent, with begging eyes. "Are you going to be a good little baby, now?" said Nancy. Julia nodded reluctantly, with a look of defeat on her face. "Come on, mommy is gonna feed you now". The blond woman picked up the girl and cradled her in her arms. Julia watched the woman, scared and humiliated. She stayed like that, holding her for a few moments, then Nancy began tearing up. "I'm so happy that i found you." she said, very emotional. "I'm gonna love you sooo much, little Lizzy, i promise you." She said and gently kissed her on the forehead.

Julia felt grossed out by this but she kept her cool. She was very hungry after all and she knew whining would get her nowhere right now. Nancy then took the quad-amputee downstairs where Steve was already waiting for dinner. A feeding chair was on the head of the table, complete with a belt to keep "Elizabeth" secure. On either side were two chairs for Nancy and her husband. She struggled furiously when she saw it, but it was no trouble for Nancy to place her inside and click the belt around her waist.

"I've made her a cream from veggies and mashed potatoes" she said proudly to her husband. "That sounds nice". Steve said reassuringly. "Did you get the gag i told you?" she asked. "Yes, it's on the kitchen counter" he replied. "i hope i won't have to go to any more of your errants again, will i?" he said. "Whatever it takes for our baby, honey!" she said passive-aggresively. "Tomorrow i'll go check for things for her room and a stroller." Julia watched horrified the conversation between the two. She really was going to be their baby! Nancy went to the kitchen and returned with what looked like a ring-gag. She showed it to Julia or "Elizabeth" as she was now called and said to her. "I'm sorry, sweety, but this is necessary until you behave properly, and it makes things easier for both of us."

She then unbuckled the pacifier that was in the girl's mouth since she recovered. She tried to take this opportunity to plea her captors but it was pointless. "Please, let me go, don't do this AAAGH" the ring between her teeth rendered her speechless again. Nancy placed a bib around her neck and sat down on the table. The sound of forks and knives was only accompanied by Julia's occational moans as she whinned, strapped in her high chair.

After a while Nancy took a big plastic spoon and a bowl full of the creamy substance that would be Lizzy's dinner. "Here comes the train! said Nancy playfully while she guided the spoon inside Julia's gaping mouth. It was very hard for her to swallow with her mouth forced open like that, but she was really hungry and it didn't taste so bad after all. After 3 or 4 tries "Elizabeth" managed to do it without choking. "See, if you behave next time, i won't have to use that mean gag. Babies don't talk." said Nancy and swept the cream that dribbled down Julia's chin.

   After dinner was over, it was lights out. Steve went into bed before Nancy, who put their new baby girl in her pink crib, her pacifier back in its place. "I'll buy you all sorts of pretty things tomorrow! Goodnight my Lizzy. I love you." she said as she tucked the beautiful helpless girl in and closed the door behind her, leaving Julia alone in the most bizarre prison she could ever imagine.


    Nancy awoke in a great mood for the first time since...she couldn't even remember. Her husband usually woke up before she did, but due to her excitement she couldn't stay in bed any longer. She put on her slippers, went down to the kitchen and started making coffee. She then walked up to the room where her little girl was sleeping. She opened the door slowly as to not wake her, but the soft moans showed she was asleep anymore. "Good morning, my sweet little angel!" she said softly as she walked towards the pink crib.

The girls amputated limbs had healed a lot more since yesterday and the scars now looked a lot better. Nancy noticed that "Lizzy" had turned red and looked very embarrassed. Her mouth turned into a circle as she realized what had happened. "Oooh, did you made a mess in your diaper?" she said. "God knows how long you must be sitting like that. I mustn't forget to get one of those baby monitors when i go for shopping today."

She picked up Julia and placed her on the nightstand next to the crib. She then opened a drawer and got a clean diaper and some talcum powder. Julia watched mortified as the older woman raised her only 10 inch legs up and removed the velcro straps of her diaper. "Looks like you pooped yourself during the night" said Nancy playfully.

Julia moaned in desperation, unable to accept what was taking place. "Aww, There's nothing to be shy about, honey, i'm here to clean you out." Even though it was a pretty mundane task for any mother, Nancy was feeling great to be changing her baby's nappy. At last, she was a mother too.

    After she was changed, "Lizzy" was taken downstairs to be fed. Her cream was waiting in the table, same as last night. She was sitted in her high chair. Nancy removed her pacifier. "Am i going to have to use the gag sweety, or not?" She looked at Julia with a warning look. She shook her head after a second. The ring gag is really mean when you're trying to swallow and she didn't want to suffer through it again. But after 3 or 4 spoonfulls of breakfast she couldn't help herself. "Please, my family has some money they can give you. Just take me to them please! I don't like this!" She started and couldn't stop, tears started forming in the corners of her eyes." I told you to be quiet!" Nancy yelled and took the ring gag in her hands. Julia was already crying when she buckled it behide her head, and now only uninteligent sobs came from her. "I have to teach you some manners or else you'll never learn." said Nancy who was now obviously angry.

She picked up Julia who was now shaking uncontrollably, having a fit. She sat on the couch and placed her face down on her legs. She removed her diaper and, still angry, said to Julia: "You should NEVER make Mommy sad, you understand? I only want what's good for you." She spanked her exposed ass really hard, then again, and again. "Elizabeth" cried her eyes out, unable to avoid the punishment.

After 5 minutes that seemed like an eternity for Julia, Nancy stopped. Julia's cheeks had turned red from the beating and the drool from her open mouth had almost formed a small puddle on the couch. "Great, now i have to clean up your drools, too." Nancy said frustrated. She caught herself and tried to calm down. "I'm sorry sweety, mommy didn't mean to hurt you, she just wants you to be good." She stroke Julia's head, between the two pigtails and she let out a sigh, still recovering from the beating.

  Nancy initially wanted to let little Liz without breakfast as a further punishment, but due to her big cute eyes she couldn't bring herself, and ended up feeding her. She kept the gag on, though. Afterwards she put her in her crib and went out to buy all the things a house with a baby needs. She returned at noon with two large bags full of rattles, toys, a decorative ornament to be hung above the crib, and a baby monitor. She had also ordered a stroller and a playpen that Steve would pick up later that day.

Julia had tried numerous times to get out of her crib, but the bars were too high to reach it and she had trouble standing straight. She had almost touched the edge of the wooden bars when Nancy walked in the room. " No no no, you stay in there young lady. Here, look what mommy bought you." She shook the rattle and placed it on the girl's naked breasts. Julia looked dissapointed at losing her chance at escaping. "Come on, isn't it cute?" said Nancy addicipating a bigger reaction. Julia looked at her with indifference. Nancy then squeezed her nipple with her long-nailed fingers as hard as she could. Julia let out a muffled yelp in pain. "I want you to be more appreciative of what i'm doing for you. Now, let's go downstairs for lunch."

  The next three days were hard for Julia or "Lizzy" as she was always called now. Adapting to a new life such as this, was not easy at all and her nipples and bum took much notice of that. She finally had learned to be quiet around the table and was starting to appreciate the creamy meals she was given day after day. She'd have her teeth cleaned and a nice warm shower by her mom, everyday. She had started to get familiar with the feeling of her soft hands and her red nails as she cleaned her in every place in her body. She was shorter than her the day she first saw her, but now she really looked like a "grown-up" in front of her, She wasn't taller than 4 feet now and that completely changed her perception of the world.

On the third day, Nancy had gone out with some friend and Steve had stayed home to look after her. She sat inside her payplen, as usual in the afternoons. Steve was watching T.V, not paying much attention to her. He always seemed a bit uncomfortable around the girl, and have never directly spoken to her. She moaned behind her pacifier, trying to get his attention. He turned his look at her. Her breasts were stunning and her waist was slim. Her ass was firm, too, but the diaper covered it completely. She moaned again, begging him to remove her gag. " Look, i know this must be hard for you, but think about my wife. It's the first time in many years since i've seen her this happy. And it's all because of you. So please, try to understand. You will never return to the outside world, so it's best that you stop stressing out and try to live your life here, as best as you can."

Julia lowered her gaze at the words she heard. She realized they were probably true. No one had come by the house to ask for her. No one could know where or how she dissappeared. She had been in hundreds of houses that day and this was in the middle of nowhere. She looked at her amputated hands and let a soft whimper as Steve continued watching the game...

   A few weeks had passed and Julia had started to respond to Lizzy or Liz without thinking about it. She had learn to walk for a few steps with the help of her new mom and even started to enjoy the times when Nancy would hold her in her arms and caress her. She had started to come in terms with her fate and that turned her helplessness into a kind of euphoria she hadn't really felt before. She didn't need to do anything, because she couldn't. All she had to do was let her "mom" take care of her, and there was a weird peace in that. Mom. She had even started to associate that word with Nancy more and more as the days went by.

She noticed that Nancy had brought home about a dozen injections, but she never saw what she did with them. She just saw Nancy take one from time to time, and then throwing the needle in the garbage.

One sunny day, Nancy thought it was time to take her baby for a walk in the stroller. The nearby dirt road was empty most of the time, but for her safety, Lizzy was secured inside the stroller by two straps. Nancy had also knitted a pink sweater and was looking for a chance to try it on her. She looked so cute with her matching pigtails and pacifier! After about 15 minutes of walking, Nancy heard some noise. She saw about 20 kids coming from the opposite direction. "A school trip", she thought.

Hopefully, she was prepared. Nancy took a cloth pin from her pocket and turned to face Julia. "Take a deep breath." she adviced her. Julia was about to start screaming for help, but as she saw her "mother's" pin move towards her face, she managed to inhale just before it went over her nose and blocked her air completely. The stroller had a hood that covered the inside almost completely so Julia could only watch as Nancy closed the hood over her, just as the kids were approaching them. Nancy passed them by as casually as possible, Julia unable to make a sound, suffocating inside her stroller. She had turned completely red when Nancy opened the stroller's hood, after they were far enough. She looked up at the older woman, trying to catch her breath after the pin was removed, full of hatred towards her. "Don't look at me like that, little missy! I won't let anyone take you away from me, you hear me?" said Nancy and kept pushing the stroller.

   The small incident troubled the couple, so walks were out of the question, at least for a while. Nancy spend a lot of time at home with "Lizzy", playing with her. She sometimes took her to bed with her, when she was napping after lunch and Steve would relax on the couch, reading the paper. She loved falling asleep with her baby girl in her arms. Julia came to like that, too. Sure, life now was duller, but it was also much simpler. She was more obedient now and therefore she got punished less.

One day where Steve was out Nancy sat on the couch with Liz on her hands. She undid the strap of her pacifier and removed it. "Sweety, i know you haven't eaten since breakfast, but i want to start feeding you, myself, from now on." Julia's eyes looked up at the blond woman, confused. Then Nancy started unbuttoning her blouse. "I've been taking medication so i can be a proper mother and breastfeed you. Go on, now, Lizzy." Her tits were already big, but now with the added swelling they looked huge. Julia turned her mouth away and murmured in defiance.

A strong pinch of her right nipple made Julia moan and turn to face her "mother". "Don't make me sad, my angel. Eat for mommy's sake." said Nancy. As she was holding "Lizzy", she pushed the back of Julia's neck towards her exposed breast. She cradled her like that, Julia's face in contact with her breast. Then, the girl reluctantly put her lips around the 38 year old woman's nipple. She watched endearingly as the girl suckled the milk from her breasts. It tasted strange, but Julia couldn't dare stop and kept sucking on the woman's nipple. "Look at me, darling" she said to her, and she obeyed instantly. Nancy wanted that mental picture, of her baby, looking up at her mother as she was being fed. She smiled happily and caressed her daughter's cheek as she kept suckling on her mother, their eyes now locked together.


   Nancy had found a part-time job during the next months, so Steve was home alone with Elizabeth more often than before. He was a little frustrated at how much time she had take away from him and his wife. It has been 2 months since the last time they even had sex. And now, he saw her even less.

It was another dull afternoon. Lizzy was sitting inside her pen, wearing nothing but her pacifier and her diaper as always, and the two pigtails that Nancy always fashioned on her beautiful brown hair. The scars had completely vanished now and the edges of her limbs were now as smooth as her white skin. Steve was sitting on his laptop, surfing mindlessly on the internet. He would occationaly glance at Julia, until he'd caught her eye, then again.

Finally he got up the chair and moved towards her. She looked at his determined look, confused about what was going on. He then picked her up started undoing her diaper. Julia's eyes widened at the horrible realisation. She started screaming hysterically, but the big pacifier muffled her cries. Steve placed her on the table face down and unzipped his pants with one hand, holding her down with the other. Her tiny arms and legs couldn't do anything to save her from what was going to happen. Steve grabbed her by the waist, forcing her down his hard cock. "Ssshhn, hush now" he said to her, as if this would comfort her at the least.

He came hard and quickly inside her. Julia face's was now covered with snot and tears. Steve stroked her on the back across the spine for a moment as she wept quietly. "I need to clean you now. I don't want your mom learning anything about this, ok?" he said to the helpless girl, to scare her, more than anything else. He then took her to the bathroom and washed her private parts. She was still in shock, after having been violated like that.

   Sadly for Julia, this was just the first of many incidents with Steve. At some point he'd fuck her two or three times a day, especially when Nancy would be outside or at work. She could do nothing to avoid it and that made her fear being left alone with him. She would crawl towards her mother whenever she was at home and beg to be taken on the bed with her. All of this unbeknownst to Nancy, who welcomed the extra affection her "daughter" showed her without really questioning it. Steve was thorough with cleaning her every time so that Nancy would never know. And without the ability to speak, even when the pacifier was off, Julia had a hard time explaining to her "mother".

One day Steve came home with a big, spiked dildo, hidden inside his suitcase. Julia would soon find out how unpleasant it would be. Steve would ram it inside her cunt or asshole, sometimes while Nancy was at home with them! He did it after she had changed her nappies, so that she wouldn't look there again. The diaper conceiled the plastic dick that tormented Julia, sometimes for hours. Steve knew it was dangerous, but he couldn't help himself, especially when he would see the girl writhe in pain next to her mother. She'd look up at Nancy with pleading eyes, trying to express her discomfort, but her mother would usually assume she was hungry and breastfed her.

It got up to the point were Steve would sneak in her room at nights and leave her with the dildo inside her. He had to get up before Nancy the next morning, so he could remove it before she sees anything.

   That neverending circle of abuse and care, he and she, would last for almost three years. At the end of it, Julia wasn't the person she was when she visited that house that damned day. Her captor, Nancy, was now the only one she wanted around, to caress her, to love her, to protect her from that monster. The moments with her, those were the best ones. With him, on the other hand, were a living hell.

She has her face shoved against the couch. She feels the rough surface on her cheeks. She hears the sound of the T.V and the thrusts of the man inside her. She is blidnfolded with some kind of towel or rag. Her legs, or better, her thighs are raised high above her. She's almost upside down. He fucks her mechanically, uncaringly, just something he likes to do. She's there to fulfil that basic human need of his, and nothing else matters.

Then, the door opens. Julia hears her mother walk in. "My baby!" she hears her yell, horrified. She is thrown on the couch. "Nancy, listen to me!" Steve tries to explain. She hears yells and curses from her mother. Then she seems like she is leaving. Then she returns. "Nancy, put the gun down, please" she hears the man. "You monster, what did you do to my girl!?" she screams. "Please, just put down the.." A single shot echoes inside the small house.

   She had to change her name. That was now Martha Rogers. Off course, it didn't matter to little Lizzy. She was still "mom" to her. She would always just be "mom" to her. They now lived a more peaceful life, far away from their old home. There was no crib in their small apartment, but that didn't matter to Lizzy. She got to cuddle with her mommy every night on that single bed, and it was just fine. She enjoyed the feeling of her mother's chubby hands wrapped around her and her legs all curled up close to her, her warm breath on the top of her head. Her suffering is over. She can just be her mommy's daughter now. She has learned to enjoy her mother's own milk now, and she opens her mouth invitingly whenever it's "time for Lizzy's meal" as Nancy likes to say.

"I love you more than anything in the world, Lizzy." said Nancy and gave her a big smooch on the side of her cheek, as the girl layed in her arms.

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