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Nancy's Baby Girl

Part 1


    Nancy Jacobson always wanted a little baby girl. She and her husband, Steve, were trying during the first few years of their marriage, but now she was 38 years old and time was running out. They lived in a big, but not very preserved cabin, a few miles outside of town. That and the fact that none of them had a stable job, made it impossible for them to adopt a child. Nancy, a blond, chubby woman with long fingernails, had become increasingly depressed due to this situation, and rarely left the house. Steve, a quiet, thin-looking man, whose, sideburns had just started turning white, tried to comfort his wife as best as he could. But things didn't seem to change and desperation slowly turned into madness in Nancy's mind...

It was a warm spring day. Steve was out and Nancy was lying on the couch in front of the T.V, when she heard a knock at the door. That was weird. They didn't have anyone drop by for months. She certainly wasn't expecting anyone other than Steve, but he had his keys with him. She slowly got up and walked towards the door. She opened it just enough to see who was outside. A beautiful, young girl was standing in front of her, holding a clipboard. She had straight brown hair and a beautiful smile. Her great physique showed under the blue jeans and the dark green jacket she was wearing.

"Good morning! I'm doing a survey about the upcoming elections. Can i ask you a few questions? It will only take ten minutes." A light bulb flashed in Nancy's head. "She's perfect!" she thought. "Off course! Come inside." she said to the young girl. "Excuse the mess around here. Would you like some coffee?" she asked her. "Water would be nice, thank you." the girl replied. She sat on an armchair next to the couch while Nancy went in the kitchen. "This is a nice place you got, it must be so peaceful ar", her words were cut short by a thud, as Nancy came from behind her holding a frying pan and hit her hard in the head.

   She was still recovering from the heavy blow. Her head was spinning and hurt like hell. She was bound to a chair and had a scarf tied over her mouth. She would drift in and out of consiousness, though she could distinguish in the blur image the blond woman talking in an intense manner with a man. The man seemed to be angry with the woman, who was trying to explain herself to him. Then, darkness. She now saw the blond woman holding a big medical book, and the man leaving the house. Then again, darkness.

   She opened her eyes. she was now tied spread-ankle to a bed. She had been stripped of her clothes and bra, only her white panties were on. She looked up at Nancy, who was at her right, preparing some bandages and some plastic tubes, like the ones used during a blood test. At her left she saw Steve who simply watched, still looking a bit reluctant. She started breathing heavily making noises into her gag when she saw the markings on her arms and legs. They were black dotted lines that circled her arms about 6 inches from her shoulders and her legs about 4 inches above her knees.

"I saw your name was Julia on your clipboard. I've always wanted an Elisabeth since i was a little girl, though. So, that will be your name from now on," she said as she took a large needle in her hards and guided it towards Julia. She screamed as loud as she could as the needle pierced her neck muscle. The drug acted so fast, by the time the needle was removed, Julia had stopped screaming and was already out.

   She sleeped through the afternoon and night. She had lost a lot of blood but she survived. When she finally woke up it was 11 a.m. Nancy was having coffee downstairs when she heard moans coming from her newest "baby room". She rushed upstairs into the room. It was still pretty empty but she had a lot of plans for it. But for the moment there was only a drawer and a pink crib next to the only window in the room. She walked up to the crib and saw the young girl, crying hysterically. Her arms and legs amputated, she just flailed hopelessly inside her crib. The bandages on her butchered limbs had already been removed. Her scars would likely heal fast enough. A big pacifier was stuffed in her mouth and secured there through a thin strap behind her head, impossible for her to reach. Her hair had been separated into two pigtails by two big pink ribbons. Lastly, she appeared to be completely naked apart from a diaper with cute little bear pictures on it.

"What is it Lizzy? Does Lizzy want a hug?" she spoke as if the person in front of her was actually an infant. The girl moaned behind her pacifier, still confused and miserable about her predicament. Nancy carefully picked her up in her arms. Julia struggled trying to attack the woman that had done this to her. "Someone is in a bad mood this morning" said Nancy, holding the girl in the air from under her armpits. "Or is it time to change your nappy?" She brought her face close to Julia's crotch. "No, it seems you're just moody". She placed her back in the crib, which had wooden rails too high for her to get out of. "You'll be fed only when you calm down", Nancy remarked assertively and left, closing the door behind her.

The hours passed and Julia's tears dried after many hours. "How could someone do this to me? What does this crazy woman want from me?" she thought to herself. She could hear some noises coming from downstairs occationaly, the sound of the T.V or Nancy making dinner and cleaning the house. She was really embarrassed at the way she looked. The stupid pigtails and the big diaper with the velcro straps made her look ridiculous, not to mention the pacifier that prevented her from saying anything comprehensable.

   Finally, Nancy arrived. It was now dark outside and Julia was really hungry. She looked up at her silent, with begging eyes. "Are you going to be a good little baby, now?" said Nancy. Julia nodded reluctantly, with a look of defeat on her face. "Come on, mommy is gonna feed you now". The blond woman picked up the girl and cradled her in her arms. Julia watched the woman, scared and humiliated. She stayed like that, holding her for a few moments, then Nancy began tearing up. "I'm so happy that i found you." she said, very emotional. "I'm gonna love you sooo much, little Lizzy, i promise you." She said and gently kissed her on the forehead.

Julia felt grossed out by this but she kept her cool. She was very hungry after all and she knew whining would get her nowhere right now. Nancy then took the quad-amputee downstairs where Steve was already waiting for dinner. A feeding chair was on the head of the table, complete with a belt to keep "Elizabeth" secure. On either side were two chairs for Nancy and her husband. She struggled furiously when she saw it, but it was no trouble for Nancy to place her inside and click the belt around her waist.

"I've made her a cream from veggies and mashed potatoes" she said proudly to her husband. "That sounds nice". Steve said reassuringly. "Did you get the gag i told you?" she asked. "Yes, it's on the kitchen counter" he replied. "i hope i won't have to go to any more of your errants again, will i?" he said. "Whatever it takes for our baby, honey!" she said passive-aggresively. "Tomorrow i'll go check for things for her room and a stroller." Julia watched horrified the conversation between the two. She really was going to be their baby! Nancy went to the kitchen and returned with what looked like a ring-gag. She showed it to Julia or "Elizabeth" as she was now called and said to her. "I'm sorry, sweety, but this is necessary until you behave properly, and it makes things easier for both of us."

She then unbuckled the pacifier that was in the girl's mouth since she recovered. She tried to take this opportunity to plea her captors but it was pointless. "Please, let me go, don't do this AAAGH" the ring between her teeth rendered her speechless again. Nancy placed a bib around her neck and sat down on the table. The sound of forks and knives was only accompanied by Julia's occational moans as she whinned, strapped in her high chair.

After a while Nancy took a big plastic spoon and a bowl full of the creamy substance that would be Lizzy's dinner. "Here comes the train! said Nancy playfully while she guided the spoon inside Julia's gaping mouth. It was very hard for her to swallow with her mouth forced open like that, but she was really hungry and it didn't taste so bad after all. After 3 or 4 tries "Elizabeth" managed to do it without choking. "See, if you behave next time, i won't have to use that mean gag. Babies don't talk." said Nancy and swept the cream that dribbled down Julia's chin.

   After dinner was over, it was lights out. Steve went into bed before Nancy, who put their new baby girl in her pink crib, her pacifier back in its place. "I'll buy you all sorts of pretty things tomorrow! Goodnight my Lizzy. I love you." she said as she tucked the beautiful helpless girl in and closed the door behind her, leaving Julia alone in the most bizarre prison she could ever imagine.

Review This Story || Author: Denkira
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