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Rubber Dog

Part 5


By blueeagle

- - - -

(part 5):  


Wanda, the lawyer, the doctor and a guard stood outside the fence where the big dogs were running around. In the centre of the yard a sort of pillory was standing with a kind of female creature attached to it, totally covered in a black rubber. A big male dog was humping on her back, with its penis pumping heavily into the rubber womans abdomen. After a while it apparently had stuck, as it could not withdraw, having sprayed its load of cum into her.

Soon another dog approached the fixated head and had its penis enter the mouth.

“How many times a day do the dogs mate with her? Are they still interested in her?” the doctor asked the Romanian guard.

“Well, in average around fifteen or twenty times a day. But some days up to thirty or forty times. We try to have her drink the dog cum that is most often collected after each fucking when the dogs leave. So in that way a big part of her diet is dog or horse cum. She also sucks horse cocks from time to time. And she seems to like it. In the winter it is easier. Then she is kept inside in a heated environment.

Her breasts are also constantly full of milk. Our lactation programme worked out as we had hoped. She seems to enjoy breast-feeding the puppies born here in the kennel. Sometimes also the young big dogs come to suck. Or piglets from the neighboring farm. Therefore we have added extra layers of rubber over her udder as a protection and support. You can imagine they are very heavy. Only the nipples are not rubber covered as we sometimes attach a milking machine.

Once an hour I have to put a special hollow penis sized device into her mouth. The device is connected to the kind of barrel you see resting on a scaffold over her head. It contains the necessary liquid she needs to produce her daily ten liters of milk. The liquid is mixed with the seamen and the amounts are carefully monitored. It lasts about ten minutes before she can get free of the penis device, having had her necessary hourly dose.

Of course everything is permanently video supervised and with the possibility to be followed by paying viewers on the Internet. More and more people are interested in this service. Last year the number of viewers doubled, so we are by now close to a hundred and sixty thousand,” the guard added with a big smile. "We would also like to make some real movies with her, but we need your permission. The demand to know more about her transformation is big. And we still keep the medical videos made during the operations."

“Samantha… can you hear me?” Wanda said close to Rubber Dogs head. The head nodded. “Are you happy, dear? Do you like being a rubber dog?” The rubberized creature remained immobile. “Do you like to drink dog cum?” The head nodded. “Do you know how long time you have been here?” The rubber dog this time shook its head. “I will tell you now. Listen! You have been here for five years. Show me that you understand! Nod five times!” The rubberized head nodded five times.

“Good! She understands all what we say,” Wanda said. “Do you want to go back to Berlin, Samantha?” The rubber head nodded. “Dear little one, that is not possible. We have made an agreement that you should stay here a minimum of ten years. May be up to twenty. So be patient! But one day there will be a change. We promise! And we love you!”

A big Doberman dog got close to the rubberized head. It apparently preferred to let its cock enter Rubber Dogs mouth. And soon its big shaft was sliding to and fro into the hole in the rubber masks mouthpiece.

“I hope Samantha feels happy,” the lawyer said to Wanda. “What more can we do? I start to get a little tired of traveling to Romania two or three times a year to pick up the money, even with the variations via Moscow, Vienna and Rome. What do you think shall happen to her? You own her.”

Wanda yawned a little: “I have an idea. As she now is totally blind and with no voice, it could be interesting to see if she still can attract the dogs if the doctors remove the rest of her arms and legs. She could then be placed in a kind of suspended swing.

Lets go into the surgeons section and speak with them about it. Cause one day I would like to sell her to some South American brothels: As a cock sucking rubber torso that can be transported around in a specially constructed suitcase. Doesnt that sound exciting? Just as long as they feed her with the right hormones, drugs and health food and keep her clean I am sure she will feel happy inside her rubber world. She should then before she leaves also get some kind of brain washing treatment that will eradicate all kinds of memory in her head. Just for our safety!

We must also be sure to have everything filmed while this new body-transformation takes place. I also have quite a number of good takes from back in Berlin that could be added. Plus what we got ourselves from the first number of her body-alterations. And remember, we have all the film and Internet rights! They represent a nice amount of gold! I know that he Russians are wild to buy them from us.”

The lawyer nodded. As long as the money would be sent to a country where they never will be taxed or detected by German authorities it sounded like a good idea.

Wanda, the lawyer and the doctor then went to talk with the surgeons. They did not object: “Everything is possible, mesdames. Give us six months and she will be transformed to your satisfaction. To us it also will be an interesting chance and challenge. And we love her in some way, all of us. Samantha got such a fantastic mouth after we removed her teeth. She can suck or lick any man, woman, dog or horse into heaven.”

- - -

According to rumors Rubber Dog/Samantha/Hannah now lives somewhere in South America. Or was it Asia? No one can tell for sure.

(The end)

Review This Story || Author: blueeagle
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