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Synopsis: A young girl from the German countryside looks for a place where to stay in Berlin. She is ready to offer certain services to the landlady but soon understands that she has been trapped.

RUBBER DOGSynopsis:A young girl from the German countryside looks for a place where to stay in Berlin. She is ready to offer certain services to the landlady but soon understands that she has been blueeagle  Story codes: F+/f, modification, D/s, BDSM, latex, bondage, mc, humiliation, bestiality, slow, Heavy- - - RUBBER DOG(Part 1)Hannah had always felt that she was something different. All her girl friends were always talking about boys and which of them they could get on the hook. But to Hannah another persons sex did not matter. She could just as well fall in love with another girl as with a handsome young man. She was actually bisexual. That was how the dictionaries named it. And she had dreams… dreams about being caught and nurtured sexually by a dominating person. She had never told anyone about it. But may be one day something exciting could show up?ARRIVALAs Hannah had finished her final exam at high school in the small town in Thüringen she wanted to find some kind of job in Berlin. Grown up in the provincial countryside she felt that very few interesting events ever happened. So now she wanted to investigate life in a big city!Her parents found it OK, Hannah was old enough to take care of herself, and if she wanted to leave her family she was very welcome to do so. At her 18 years birthday they had given her a small sum as a gift because she had abstained from smoking and with this money she could easily live a few months in the city trying to find a job of some kind.Hannah went straight from the Bahnhof to a bureau for people wanting to rent a room and she was offered a few options. None of them seemed attractive so she continued to an address she had seen in one of the dirty papers about sex that she had secretly bought last year. It was the Büro und Sauna Club für Gay und Lesbians in the city centre. Immediately she felt another nice atmosphere as she entered. A big, strong looking woman was sitting behind a desk and Hannah immediately felt that she was looked at with evaluating eyes. “Yes, I want to find a room to rent for a few months. Do you have any vacant? Not too expensive,” Hannah asked. The woman gave her a piece of paper and asked her to write a little about herself, about her background, about her family relations and why she had gone to this bureau. She also asked if she was a lesbian or bisexual and if she had some special wishes to be fulfilled.Special wishes…? Hannah thought that she should rather write something a little unusual so that she might attract some landlady looking for a pleasant and interesting guest. She wrote: “I have just arrived from the country side, I am looking for a job (any kind) and I am very liberal sexually. I like S&M with rubber and leather and would like to meet with a person with the same interests.”Actually rubber and leather was not exactly what she was dreaming about but Hannah felt that it might give her a better chance to find a room belonging to some kind of sexually liberal person. The muscular lady behind the desk looked at her with investigating eyes: “I have a room to rent belonging to a woman who likes to dominate other women. What about that?” Hannah nodded: “Yes, that was OK for me,” she said. And so she was shown a piece of paper to sign, got a copy, paid a small sum for the service and finally got a business card with a name and address on it plus a city map.THE APARTMENTThe apartment was a bit away from the town centre, lying in a worn down industrial neighborhood, among deserted factories and workshops. As she entered the staircase in an old 19th century house she felt a little uneasy. Was this really where the advanced woman with S-and-M interests stayed? The woman lived on the top floor, and having pressed the button for the doorbell Hannah wondered if she should rather quickly leave again. But the door soon opened and a tough looking woman in her forties, dressed in black, with a heavy make up and a big dog at her side asked Hannah what she wanted. “Eh, I have been told that you have a room to rent for me. I got your address in the Sauna Club.” Hannah handed her the paper.The woman read the paper and then looked at Hannah with a gaze as if she might be a piece of meat to be digested very soon. “Come in, I will have to interview you before I rent a room for a total stranger. Put down your luggage and hang your coat and take off your shoes. I have to have a closer look at you at first. I want a sexy person to look at in the morning when I am having breakfast. OK?”Hannah did not know what to say, but she felt that this was part of the game, so she nodded and they then went into the room next door. “My name is Wanda. Whats your name, young girl?” the tough looking woman asked with a smile and then caressed Hannahs cheek. Hannah answered and then was told that if she wanted to rent a room here, she had to allow her landlady to call her another name. “I would like to call you a dogs name. Do you accept that?” Hannah nodded. “OK, so I will call you Samantha. That means listener. I want you to listen carefully to all what I tell you to do. You understand?” Hannah nodded again. “And if you ever address me, it has to be as Mistress. And only… when you are asked to say something. Understood?” Hannah nodded again. This lady was a fast mover. No nonsense.Wanda served some coffee and then interviewed Hannah more intensely. The most important seemed to be if she had any family relations in Berlin or around. And if Hannah had any friends living here, knowing that she had arrived and who might find her. Had she made any phone calls to her family or friends today? Hannah answers were negative. No, she was just alone in the big city, had just arrived and wanted to find some kind of job.“Very good, Samantha. I think that as you must tired after your trip. You ought to stay here for the rest of the day. Lie down and relax until dinner. I will make a rental contract and then tonight you can sign it. OK?”Hannah saw the room for rent. It was very nice, big, but with no windows in the walls. Only a large skylight let in the light. The bed was big and with poles at the corners. On the walls some rings and chains were hanging, like in an old dungeon. There was a door in the bedroom, leading to the toilet and shower room. And the floor was covered with a thick rug. “I have had the whole apartment sound insulated, so no kind of noise from our neighbors will disturb us,” Wanda explained.Hannah felt that here she could at least stay for some weeks or months until she found a more pleasant place. “And what is the rent, Mistress?” she asked. “Wait till you see the contract,” Wanda replied. “As an offer you could be employed by me with some special services,” Wanda said with a funny smile. “Then you would not have to use your money for your stay here.”Hannah thanked her, still remembering to address her as Mistress and then lied down on the bed and soon fell asleep. (to be continued)


by blueeagle

Story codes: F+/f, modification, D/s, BDSM, latex, bondage, mc, humiliation, bestiality, slow, Heavy

(part 2): 


As Hannah woke up again she felt a bit cold, it was evening and she went to put on some heat on the radiator. She also took a blanket that was placed on a chair. As she unfolded it she saw that it was decorated with an unusual pattern. All over it the word SLAVE was printed.

The door suddenly opened and Wanda entered. “Wakie-wakie , little pet. Put the blanket around you. Let me see you now!” Wanda raised a small camera and took some shots of Hannah wearing the SLAVE-blanket. “You dont mind, do you? You soon have to get used to your new job. I suppose that you will accept the contract that I have printed for you to sign.”

Hannah entered living room, still with the blanket around her, and was then seated in an old, heavy wooden chair. All the furniture in the apartment was some kind of medieval style. She almost felt as having arrived to a small castle.

Wanda had as a start given her a big glass with wine and Hannah who wanted to appear older than her 18 years soon emptied it with big sips.

As she a little later entered the dining room she saw that two other women were present. One of them she immediately recognized. It was the strong looking woman from the office of the Room Service and Sauna Club. “Hello, once again,” she smiled. “I am happy that you accepted to stay here. Besides I am a doctor and will always be ready to advice Wanda about your health and physical condition.” Hannah had not yet accepted anything, but she did not protest.

The other woman presented herself as a lawyer and a good friend of Wanda. She explained that she often helped Wanda when new lodgers were to be evaluated. Evaluated?? Hannah felt this scene a little mysterious. “And I am also a business woman,” she continued. “We want to be sure that the contract between you and Wanda is correct and fully understood.”

The dinner itself was delicious. Wanda seemed to be a good cook, and Hannah felt more and more relaxed and happy having found this place where to stay. May be the amounts of good wine helped her to get into this mood she thought. But never mind. She had been lucky with this first attempt to find a room to rent.

After the dessert Wanda handed a piece of paper to Hannah: “This is the rental contract that I have made specially for you. As you can see you can stay here for free as long as you accept the paragraphs below. That means that you will have to accept being my maid, that you will accept wearing any kind of clothing, jewellery or restrictive wear that I impose on you. You will also accept that you will deliver me any kind of physical services that I ask for. And as a special mention: My dog Rex shall be your other master and you shall obey him whenever he demands anything of you.”

Hannah thought that Rex may be was demanding being taken for walks outside, or he might show that he was thirsty or hungry? “OK, thats fine for me with Rex, Mistress,” Hannah said.

Wanda then put her hand on Hannahs: “I also want to dress you the way I like the best. But as a start you will have to wear a special collar. Do you accept that?” Hannah nodded once more. “Then just sign here. The rest is the normal business crap that all bureaus have to use today.” Hannah signed the contracts three pages, feeling that now a whole new chapter in her life had begun. She noticed that the lawyer at the same time filmed her while signing. “And now please repeat: I accept this contract exactly the way it has been written.”

Hannahs mind was suddenly a little reluctant. Why did it have to be this way? Actually she had not read all the phrases in the contract, she just accepted it as an almost normal contract when you rented a room in a landladys apartment. But Hannah obeyed and pronounced the words, almost as in a dream.

All four of them around the table raised their glasses and Hannah was greeted with big smiles: “Now you are one of us, little pet. Welcome in the club!”

Wanda then brought a kind of collar from a cupboard. On the side the word DOG was to be read. Wanda asked Hannah to turn her back to her and soon a broad, heavy collar was placed around Hannahs neck.  A click was heard and then Wanda said: “Listen carefully. This collar is a restriction device. It is locked. As long as you stay in my apartment nothing special will happen. But if you try to leave the apartment without my permission a strong current will hit you around your neck. It is very unpleasant. So dont try! The collar holds a special GPO-transmitter that will always tell me where you are. I will always be able to follow you on my computer, also if you might be allowed to leave the apartment. Is that clear, little Samantha?” Hannah looked down. This was apparently serious game!

“And dont try to talk without my permission. If you do, then an electric spark will hit you on your neck. I can activate and deactivate the collar with my coded remote control. But dont try to touch it! If you do you will suffer big pain.”

What? Hannahs mind was a bit in turmoil. This happened all too fast.

Wanda gave Hannah another drink. This tasted different from what she had been offered till now. And it was quite strong. Soon Hannah felt some kind of stimulation in her body. She wanted to be active. Physically or sexually. Something had to change in her life!

Wanda then asked her to take off her blouse and skirt and soon Hannah was only wearing her underwear. Then she was asked to sit on a chair with her hands on a table. Wanda first put a pair of mittens on Hannahs hands.

Her hair was then assembled in a knot behind her. Finally a rubber hood was mounted on her head, with some very small eyeholes and an opening around her nostrils and mouth. Hannah wanted to protest, but she then felt that all three women held her firmly fixed with their hands.

Hannah was now led into her bedroom, where she was placed on the bed. Her hands were fixated with handcuffs to the poles at the beds corners. Other cuffs were locked around her ankles together with a telescope spreader bar to keep the legs apart. “This here you will get used to, dear one. I will say good-bye to my guests and then return.”

Hannahs thoughts were in a mess. What was this?? Was she to stay this way, chained and almost blinded for a long time? She hoped that it was only a short time role-play that Wanda wanted to introduce her into.

A few minutes later Wanda was sitting, naked, with her crotch over Hannahs rubberized head: “Now lick my cunt, little pet! This will be your daily service several times a day, as your rent. That you accepted by signing the contract as my maid!”

Hannah had difficulties in breathing with Wandas crotch over her nose and mouth but soon she felt an electric shock around her neck. “Lick me, little slave, I want to cum over your mouth. I want to make you into the perfect cunt licker. Go on! Now!”

Hannah finally succeeded in getting her tongue out through the rubber hole in front of her mouth and soon heard Wandas lusty breath and sighs. This was not what she had expected to happen, so soon after her arrival. But it seemed to be part of the more advanced lesbian S&M milieu. Hannah licked and licked and finally she heard Wanda get her orgasm. She hoped it would soon be over. Wanda got up from the bed and let Hannah stay there, on her back, having covered her by a heavy blanket.

(To be continued)


By blueeagle

(part 3):  —————————————————————


Hannah woke up the next morning as she felt a funnel was entering her mouth through the rubber masks front hole. Something slimy soon entered and she had to drink it. “This is part of your daily diet, little Samantha. This is Rexs dog cum. I have just been milking him. That will also soon be part of your duties here. Remember that Rex is your male master and that you must obey him whenever he wants to fuck you.”

Fucked by a dog?? Hannah had only a few times played with the idea of such an act. But this was too much! She wanted to stop the game by now. Before Wanda got even heavier in her demands. Hannah shook her head as a sign of rejecting Wanda's demands. She tried to say something but immediately got an electric shock around her neck.

Now something else entered her mouth through the funnel. “This is a special health drink for you, little Samatha. It contains a lot of good things, among others some medicine that will keep you sexually aroused for a long time. And also some good hormones and psychopharmica that will alter your mind a bit. It is said to trigger your deepest demands for submission.”

Wanda finally mounted a new steel chain that was attached to Lones metal dog collar. The other end was locked to a heavy eyelet in the middle of the bedroom floor. It was just long enough for Hannah to reach the bathroom with the toilet. Wanda then led Hannah to the bathroom.

Having emptied her self she was then returned to the bed and again covered with the blanket. “Have a nice morning, you will soon fall asleep again. There is some breakfast for you to share with Rex in the dogs bowl when you wake up.”

Hannah felt totally trapped. She wanted to leave the apartment and see some of Berlin and find a real job. Right now! But Wanda apparently would not let her do so...


One of the first mornings Wanda had cut Hannah's hair very short, then shaved away the rest with a razor and finally covered the skull with some kind of ointment.

“I want to keep your head bald. Thats the most practical. And you look more like a slave in that way. It will make it more comfortable for you when you are wearing the rubber mask. A few months of treatment with the ointment will do the job,” Wanda explained. “And I will also find some suitable rubber clothes for you over the next days. And from now on, Samantha, I will call you my Rubber Dog.”

Hannahs need to be cleaned between her legs and buttocks was taken care of by Wanda, as Hannah herself still had the mittens on her hands. Sometimes Wanda also had Rex lick her clean after the toilet visits.

Hannah also from time to time had the cuffs with the telescope spreader bar locked on her legs. It actually was rather unpleasant, but after a few weeks she had got almost used to it. The rubber mask was removed only once or twice a week, in the morning, when her face and skull was washed and prepared with the ointment.

Hannah from time to time tried to protest, but as soon as she started to utter or even whisper something a sharp electric shock hit her around her neck.

Wanda told her that she planned to keep Hannah as her rubber slave for some time before she would let her meet other friends of Wanda. “May be we should have the word DOG SLAVE tattooed with big letters over your chest? How about that?” Hannah wanted to protest. She shook her head trying to demonstrate a No!, but in vain. A week later the tattooing had been performed.

The drugs that Wanda gave to Hannah every day had to enter her body and brain for a few months before their function were fundamentally active. One day Wanda would make bigger eyeholes in Hannahs mask, but not before Wanda could feel sure that she would accept her role as a rubber slave maid completely. At other times she was blinded with the eye openings sealed with some kind of tape, up to several days in a row.

Hannah understood that she had been lured into a real bondage trap. Twice or three times a day she had to lick Wandas cunt. And two or three times a day she had to be fucked by Rex. Wanda insisted that the knot on Rexs cock should enter Hannahs cunt every time she was fucked, even if it hurt in the start. And also that Hannah swallowed all the seamen that came out after the canine intercourse.

Some days she also had to give head to Rex. It was during one of these sessions that she understood that Wanda also filmed some of the sessions, and that other people were present in Wandas apartment. Blinded, she heard Wanda express: “Fucking camera! It was much easier with normal photography.” And then another female voice suddenly was heard: “But dear Wanda, relax, these batteries are down.”

Another voice… how many times had Wanda had a partner at her side? How many people knew about Hannah and her present state as a rubber hooded dog slave? Hannahs mind had over the weeks changed in some way. She started to accept being a person that had to serve her dominant mistress sexually. Her mind had changed in some way. She only now and then thought of her former life in the boring countryside. Being most of the time blind folded was now just her normal state. And she had started to almost like the smell of rubber, dog cum and cunt juice. Finally she had found out of a way to get orgasms being fucked by Rex. Her only real pleasure. In fact she enjoyed the orgasms!

The only exercise that she got was two daily sessions on a training bicycle. 30 minutes each time. “To keep your legs and cunt strong,” Wanda said.

(to be continued)


by blueeagle

(part 4): 


Hannahs situation had changed only a little over the last year. Now and then she was able to see something more around her. Wanda had made her wear a new steelwire enforced rubber mask, a kind of brank, with bigger eyeholes. But with a pair of goggles attached to the mask, so that Hannahs sight could be closed off whenever Wanda wanted this to happen. And this now happened whenever some of Wandas girl friends passed by to watch Hannah serving Rex and to witness her canine orgasms.

A couple of times Hannah also had to lick their cunts. And in between the girl friends dogs were also allowed to fuck Hannah, she always being blindfolded. Wanda had decided that her face was never to be shown to any outsider. She had become a zero person.

Hannah's mind was also changing into becoming more and more a kind obedient maid. In between she wanted to leave this place. But as soon as these wishes appeared in her brain another counter mechanism was triggered and she soon after felt that this was her fate and she had better to accept it.

A big change the last year however was that now almost all of Hannahs body was encapsulated in black rubber garments. Only the big tattoo on her chest and the breasts were uncovered. A set of welded steel rings now adorned Hannahs nipples, with barbells hanging from them.

Wandas doctor friend visited them a couple of times every month and she became more and more interested in an idea Wanda had: To have Hannahs skin totally covered in rubber, permanently. How could that be done?

The doctor said it was possible, according to her studies. Some new methods of transplanting a kind of pink rubber skin on large parts of bodies where the normal skin had been heavily damaged had been successful. Of course it could be done. And probably also with black rubber. But she advised that it should be done little by little. For instance they could start with a foot or a leg. “No!” Wanda said. “First of all I want her head covered. All over. No one shall ever see her real face again!”

Hannah heard this conversation while Wanda and the doctor were touching her head. But her mind was a little blurred due to the drugs she had every day. Did she really hear that they wanted her to have a rubber-covered head? Why that? Hanna did not feel like protesting. She was Wanda's rubber maid and had to accept everything that Wanda did to her.

But Wanda had more ideas about Hannahs future. “I want her to become a real dog. A cunt-licking rubber dog. There must be a kennel, where she can be trained. I have heard that such kennels exist in Poland and Romania. Or Siberia? And there they could also make the permanent rubber covering of her head. And then the rest of her body. How about that?” The doctor nodded. “Yes, it probably is possible. Yet it is quite costly. But if we rent Samantha to one of their secret so called animal brothels for a few years, then I think we should be able to have it done for free. And even earn a nice amount of money! What about that?”

Wanda clapped her hands. “Yes!” she cried. “What a wonderful idea! Samantha also needs to know other sides of life. And we could then visit her every now and then.”

One month later Hannah woke up from one of her daily sleeps. Two big men and two women removed her leg shackles and the chain, then lifted her from the bed and put her into some kind of coffin. A syringe was inserted into her shoulder whereafter they placed an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose. Soon Hannah was in a deep sleep.


As Hannah woke up again long time must have passed. She heard some strange voices in a language she could not understand. Slowly she opened her eyes. Wanda and the doctor were around, too. Hannah tried to raise her arms but they were fastened to the sides of some kind of bed where she was lying. She then tried to say something, but no sound came out of her mouth.

Wanda leaned her head over Hannahs: “Little Samantha, we have reprogrammed the dog collar, so dont fear any more electric shocks. Instead the doctors have sprayed your vocal cords with a chemical that paralyses them. From now on you will only be able to utter a few sounds, like a dog barking or growling, but no more. So that you can attract the male dogs in this kennel. Your head now is permanently covered with a kind of skin like black rubber. It has the same functions as your former skin. It just has grown into being part of your skull and face.

We also have had your fingers removed so that your hands more will look like paws. And we had your legs shortened. Your knees now have become your feet. So you now are almost a real dog! The wounds will be healed totally in a couple of months. Be proud! Enjoy it!

You will get food every day and you will be fucked by dogs, first of all, but also by men and some of the horses, many times every week. With all the pleasures and all the orgasms you have been longing for your whole short life! So you are becoming the worlds first 100 per cent rubber dog slut. Owned by us!”

Hannahs mind got a bit clearer as the truth was told to her. Not talk any more. Not walk any more. No fingers. What was this?? She never, never had accepted such a thing. Wanda and the lawyer and the doctor, they were perverted criminals! Or was it a bad dream?

A mirror was held in front of her. A totally anonymous black rubber face was exposed. No hair. No ears. Only holes around the eyes, the nostrils and the mouth. Lone started to weep.

Wanda kissed Hannah on her rubber mouth: “Dear little rubber dog. You are so cute as an animal. I am sure that the guards here will do their best to satisfy you. Practically and sexually. They will serve the best dog food for you! And do not be afraid of getting pregnant! We also have had your uterus removed. A child would never be happy here. And during the next year or two all the rest of your body skin will be replaced by black rubber.”

Hannahs mind went into a spiral of darkness. Was this a nightmare? She felt a syringe entering her arm and soon she dazed away.

(To be continued)


By blueeagle

- - - -

(part 5):  


Wanda, the lawyer, the doctor and a guard stood outside the fence where the big dogs were running around. In the centre of the yard a sort of pillory was standing with a kind of female creature attached to it, totally covered in a black rubber. A big male dog was humping on her back, with its penis pumping heavily into the rubber womans abdomen. After a while it apparently had stuck, as it could not withdraw, having sprayed its load of cum into her.

Soon another dog approached the fixated head and had its penis enter the mouth.

“How many times a day do the dogs mate with her? Are they still interested in her?” the doctor asked the Romanian guard.

“Well, in average around fifteen or twenty times a day. But some days up to thirty or forty times. We try to have her drink the dog cum that is most often collected after each fucking when the dogs leave. So in that way a big part of her diet is dog or horse cum. She also sucks horse cocks from time to time. And she seems to like it. In the winter it is easier. Then she is kept inside in a heated environment.

Her breasts are also constantly full of milk. Our lactation programme worked out as we had hoped. She seems to enjoy breast-feeding the puppies born here in the kennel. Sometimes also the young big dogs come to suck. Or piglets from the neighboring farm. Therefore we have added extra layers of rubber over her udder as a protection and support. You can imagine they are very heavy. Only the nipples are not rubber covered as we sometimes attach a milking machine.

Once an hour I have to put a special hollow penis sized device into her mouth. The device is connected to the kind of barrel you see resting on a scaffold over her head. It contains the necessary liquid she needs to produce her daily ten liters of milk. The liquid is mixed with the seamen and the amounts are carefully monitored. It lasts about ten minutes before she can get free of the penis device, having had her necessary hourly dose.

Of course everything is permanently video supervised and with the possibility to be followed by paying viewers on the Internet. More and more people are interested in this service. Last year the number of viewers doubled, so we are by now close to a hundred and sixty thousand,” the guard added with a big smile. "We would also like to make some real movies with her, but we need your permission. The demand to know more about her transformation is big. And we still keep the medical videos made during the operations."

“Samantha… can you hear me?” Wanda said close to Rubber Dogs head. The head nodded. “Are you happy, dear? Do you like being a rubber dog?” The rubberized creature remained immobile. “Do you like to drink dog cum?” The head nodded. “Do you know how long time you have been here?” The rubber dog this time shook its head. “I will tell you now. Listen! You have been here for five years. Show me that you understand! Nod five times!” The rubberized head nodded five times.

“Good! She understands all what we say,” Wanda said. “Do you want to go back to Berlin, Samantha?” The rubber head nodded. “Dear little one, that is not possible. We have made an agreement that you should stay here a minimum of ten years. May be up to twenty. So be patient! But one day there will be a change. We promise! And we love you!”

A big Doberman dog got close to the rubberized head. It apparently preferred to let its cock enter Rubber Dogs mouth. And soon its big shaft was sliding to and fro into the hole in the rubber masks mouthpiece.

“I hope Samantha feels happy,” the lawyer said to Wanda. “What more can we do? I start to get a little tired of traveling to Romania two or three times a year to pick up the money, even with the variations via Moscow, Vienna and Rome. What do you think shall happen to her? You own her.”

Wanda yawned a little: “I have an idea. As she now is totally blind and with no voice, it could be interesting to see if she still can attract the dogs if the doctors remove the rest of her arms and legs. She could then be placed in a kind of suspended swing.

Lets go into the surgeons section and speak with them about it. Cause one day I would like to sell her to some South American brothels: As a cock sucking rubber torso that can be transported around in a specially constructed suitcase. Doesnt that sound exciting? Just as long as they feed her with the right hormones, drugs and health food and keep her clean I am sure she will feel happy inside her rubber world. She should then before she leaves also get some kind of brain washing treatment that will eradicate all kinds of memory in her head. Just for our safety!

We must also be sure to have everything filmed while this new body-transformation takes place. I also have quite a number of good takes from back in Berlin that could be added. Plus what we got ourselves from the first number of her body-alterations. And remember, we have all the film and Internet rights! They represent a nice amount of gold! I know that he Russians are wild to buy them from us.”

The lawyer nodded. As long as the money would be sent to a country where they never will be taxed or detected by German authorities it sounded like a good idea.

Wanda, the lawyer and the doctor then went to talk with the surgeons. They did not object: “Everything is possible, mesdames. Give us six months and she will be transformed to your satisfaction. To us it also will be an interesting chance and challenge. And we love her in some way, all of us. Samantha got such a fantastic mouth after we removed her teeth. She can suck or lick any man, woman, dog or horse into heaven.”

- - -

According to rumors Rubber Dog/Samantha/Hannah now lives somewhere in South America. Or was it Asia? No one can tell for sure.

(The end)

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