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Rubber Dog

Part 3


By blueeagle

(part 3):  —————————————————————


Hannah woke up the next morning as she felt a funnel was entering her mouth through the rubber masks front hole. Something slimy soon entered and she had to drink it. “This is part of your daily diet, little Samantha. This is Rexs dog cum. I have just been milking him. That will also soon be part of your duties here. Remember that Rex is your male master and that you must obey him whenever he wants to fuck you.”

Fucked by a dog?? Hannah had only a few times played with the idea of such an act. But this was too much! She wanted to stop the game by now. Before Wanda got even heavier in her demands. Hannah shook her head as a sign of rejecting Wanda's demands. She tried to say something but immediately got an electric shock around her neck.

Now something else entered her mouth through the funnel. “This is a special health drink for you, little Samatha. It contains a lot of good things, among others some medicine that will keep you sexually aroused for a long time. And also some good hormones and psychopharmica that will alter your mind a bit. It is said to trigger your deepest demands for submission.”

Wanda finally mounted a new steel chain that was attached to Lones metal dog collar. The other end was locked to a heavy eyelet in the middle of the bedroom floor. It was just long enough for Hannah to reach the bathroom with the toilet. Wanda then led Hannah to the bathroom.

Having emptied her self she was then returned to the bed and again covered with the blanket. “Have a nice morning, you will soon fall asleep again. There is some breakfast for you to share with Rex in the dogs bowl when you wake up.”

Hannah felt totally trapped. She wanted to leave the apartment and see some of Berlin and find a real job. Right now! But Wanda apparently would not let her do so...


One of the first mornings Wanda had cut Hannah's hair very short, then shaved away the rest with a razor and finally covered the skull with some kind of ointment.

“I want to keep your head bald. Thats the most practical. And you look more like a slave in that way. It will make it more comfortable for you when you are wearing the rubber mask. A few months of treatment with the ointment will do the job,” Wanda explained. “And I will also find some suitable rubber clothes for you over the next days. And from now on, Samantha, I will call you my Rubber Dog.”

Hannahs need to be cleaned between her legs and buttocks was taken care of by Wanda, as Hannah herself still had the mittens on her hands. Sometimes Wanda also had Rex lick her clean after the toilet visits.

Hannah also from time to time had the cuffs with the telescope spreader bar locked on her legs. It actually was rather unpleasant, but after a few weeks she had got almost used to it. The rubber mask was removed only once or twice a week, in the morning, when her face and skull was washed and prepared with the ointment.

Hannah from time to time tried to protest, but as soon as she started to utter or even whisper something a sharp electric shock hit her around her neck.

Wanda told her that she planned to keep Hannah as her rubber slave for some time before she would let her meet other friends of Wanda. “May be we should have the word DOG SLAVE tattooed with big letters over your chest? How about that?” Hannah wanted to protest. She shook her head trying to demonstrate a No!, but in vain. A week later the tattooing had been performed.

The drugs that Wanda gave to Hannah every day had to enter her body and brain for a few months before their function were fundamentally active. One day Wanda would make bigger eyeholes in Hannahs mask, but not before Wanda could feel sure that she would accept her role as a rubber slave maid completely. At other times she was blinded with the eye openings sealed with some kind of tape, up to several days in a row.

Hannah understood that she had been lured into a real bondage trap. Twice or three times a day she had to lick Wandas cunt. And two or three times a day she had to be fucked by Rex. Wanda insisted that the knot on Rexs cock should enter Hannahs cunt every time she was fucked, even if it hurt in the start. And also that Hannah swallowed all the seamen that came out after the canine intercourse.

Some days she also had to give head to Rex. It was during one of these sessions that she understood that Wanda also filmed some of the sessions, and that other people were present in Wandas apartment. Blinded, she heard Wanda express: “Fucking camera! It was much easier with normal photography.” And then another female voice suddenly was heard: “But dear Wanda, relax, these batteries are down.”

Another voice… how many times had Wanda had a partner at her side? How many people knew about Hannah and her present state as a rubber hooded dog slave? Hannahs mind had over the weeks changed in some way. She started to accept being a person that had to serve her dominant mistress sexually. Her mind had changed in some way. She only now and then thought of her former life in the boring countryside. Being most of the time blind folded was now just her normal state. And she had started to almost like the smell of rubber, dog cum and cunt juice. Finally she had found out of a way to get orgasms being fucked by Rex. Her only real pleasure. In fact she enjoyed the orgasms!

The only exercise that she got was two daily sessions on a training bicycle. 30 minutes each time. “To keep your legs and cunt strong,” Wanda said.

(to be continued)

Review This Story || Author: blueeagle
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