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The Exhibition

Part 1

The Exhibition


Sammy had heard about the gallery from a friend of a friend, who had heard from someone else, and so on.  In the end, she googled the name, and went to visit that Saturday.  It was a small place in what looked like it was once a warehouse.  Unfortunately, when she got there, the lights were off and the door was locked.  As she was getting back into her car she heard someone call out from behind her. 

"Oh, sorry! We're not open today."  Sammy turned around to see a man coming out from the door she'd just tried.  "We're trying to get a new exhibit set up.  You see, we kind of do performance art things here, and so there's a lot of preparation that goes into it." 

"That's cool.  When do you plan on opening?" Sammy replied as she got back out of the car.

"Well, it was supposed to be yesterday, but one of our artists is unavailable, so we'll have to find a replacement."

"I see, can't you just put up some advertisements or something?"

The man looked around, and ran a hand through his hair.  "Unfortunately not, we're a somewhat specialized gallery, so we need to find someone who's comfortable with bondage and nudity.  You can't just put that on craigslist and find someone.  The university art program also isn't good, because they tend to not be too supportive of things that could be controversial."

"Oh wow, I can't wait to see this then, that sounds like it could be awesome!  I just thought this was a regular local art gallery, but that's even better!"

"Really?  I guess I didn't expect a cute girl like you to be into weird things like that."

Sammy let out a quick giggle, "You have no idea, um...Mr...?"

"Fujioka, Tom Fujioka, sorry."

"Samantha, Sammy though," she said as she unconsciously looked down to the sidewalk.

"Nice to meet you, Sammy.  If you're really into bondage stuff, would you be interested in participating in the show?"

Sammy looked back up, "I don't think so, I'm really kind of shy about things like that, and I wouldn't want to have to deal with any bad publicity or stuff like that."

"No, the position we need to fill would be completely anonymous.  No one would ever know it's you in the show.  The part is completely covered for the entire thing, so even if you have a tattoo or anything you think might be identifying, no one will see it.  The only problem is that we plan on running all weekend, so you'd have to be able to commit full time for that entire weekend."

"Huh, ok, that's kind of a long time."

"I know, and since this is just a small art show, we can't really pay much more than minimum wage," Tom mentioned, again nervously looking around.

"How much total?" Sammy asked.

"It's $400, from 2pm on Friday to 9pm that Sunday straight.  If you're interested, we could work with your schedule, but we might start losing other performers, so we're trying to push for next weekend.  Are you interested?" Tom asked with a hopeful look on his face.

"Well, I'd have to take some time off at work on Friday, but I think that'd be ok.  What all does it involve?"

"The idea is to suspend a set of girls in these see-through sealed plastic bags, each of them posed in different erotic positions, and then the air pulled out to hold them in place.  The main artist designed the bags herself, and has thoroughly tested them to be sure they're totally safe and that they can breathe and all that."

"See-through?  I thought you said that I'd be anonymous?"

"Yeah, the bag is transparent, but the position we need to fill is our 'mummy', you'd be totally covered in gauze and stuff, so you're obscured."

"I see.  Huh.  I didn't think about that.  Well, I guess that sounds kind of interesting."

"So you're in?"

"Well, it's a bit weird to say yes standing out here on the street."

"Oh, I'm sorry, let's go inside, and I can show you the bags, and if you're ok with it, we can sort out the contract?"


"We're not some shady operation here, if we're going to pay you, we have to get all sorts of tax stuff done, and we have to do the contract to cover liability things.  I used to work in a regular painting gallery, and we never had to deal with all this paperwork, but then again, paintings get boring after awhile, always looking at the same thing.  With this performance art, it's different every time.  But yeah, there's the contract and paperwork to sort out."

"Ok, let's go take a look," Sammy replied with a quick smile. 

Tom led her into the gallery, took her back to the back room, and pulled one of the bags off the shelf to show her.  It was huge, measuring six feet wide and six feet tall.  There was a small black port centered about a third of the way down ("for breathing," Tom mentioned).  The outer edges were much thicker than the main part, reinforcing the entire thing.  There was what looked like a seam on the back along one of the long edges, offset about six inches from the edge.  "That's how it releases, there's a special tool to pop open the seal, which unfortunately ruins the bag permanently.  It's this one way seal that allows the whole thing to work, I guess," Tom explained with a shrug.

He stood back, letting Sammy run her hand over the material.

"I'm in.  Let's do that contract," Sammy said without looking away from the bag.

"Great!  I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself," said Tom as he led her from the storage room to an office to do the paperwork.


Six days later, Sammy was parking her car in the back lot that she had been told about.  She'd gone home after work, and taken a long shower ("since I'm going to be stuck in that thing for the weekend," she'd said to herself).  She walked around to the front of the gallery, and knocked.  A few moments later, a girl about her age opened the door, "Yeah?" she said with an annoyed sigh.

"Um, I'm Sammy, and I was here last week, and I signed up to..."

The girl cut her off mid-sentence, "Come on, we don't have a lot of time to get you ready, you were supposed to be here at noon."

"Noon, no, I was told 2:00," Sammy tried to explain.

"Look, I don't care if you can't tell the damn time, I have a bunch of work to finish before the opening tonight.  I don't need you making excuses as to why you're trying to screw my show."

"I don't want to do anything of the sort, I just thought it was 2:00," Sammy said as she followed the girl through the front of the gallery.  "I..." at this point, Sammy noticed that there were two of the bags already hanging in the gallery, presumably the performers that had gotten there on time.  Sammy had to walk quickly to keep up with the girl, but tried to study both of the bags as she walked past.

In the first, she saw a girl dressed up like a cheerleader.  She was posed so that it looked like she was in mid jump, with her hair pulled up in a plume above her head.  Her arms were spread out towards the corners, and she was holding a bulge of color in each hand.  Sammy didn't quite understand it, but then hit on the fact that she was holding pom poms, but once the air had been removed from the bag, they'd deflated into the bulge that she could see.

Letting her gaze continue down, Sammy saw that the skirt of the cheerleader outfit was pulled up to keep up the look that she was jumping.  That left her panties visible, and the pressure from the bag had forced it to conform to her body's shape, leaving nothing to imagination.  The girl's feet were covered in white socks.  At the very bottom, her sneakers were suspended in place, looking just like they would in a shoebox, but sealed in plastic and hovering in midair.

Moving past that bag, Sammy saw that the second bag was far more explicit.  The girl in this bag was completely naked, with her hair in two pigtails that had been pulled out in a straight line from side to side.  Her legs were bent in half to make a kind of W shape, with her feet up near her waist.  To complete the picture, her hands were down in her crotch, with her fingers holding her labia spread wide open.  Sammy kind of stumbled to a stop when she saw this, surprised that the girl was that bold. 

She noticed that the girls' mouths were help open around the black ring she'd seen the previous weekend.  They were suspended fairly high up, but Sammy could see the pink of the roof of their mouths as she stared.

"God, come on! You're the most complicated costume, and you're two hours late!  What is your problem?" the girl shouted back when she realized Sammy had stopped following her.

"I'm sorry, I was just surprised by" Sammy started.

"Oh fuck, are you going to back out now?  You are here to ruin me.  Who put you up to this?  What did I ever do to you?"

"No, no, no, I'm sorry, let's go, I'm not backing out, I'm sorry I'm late, what should I do?" Sammy stuttered out as she ran over to the girl.

"Fine, here, I need you to strip down in the workspace back here, and then shut up so I can get you prepared," the girl said as she led Sammy back to a large padded area in a back room.  "Strip down, and put your shit in that basket," the girl ordered.

"Last week Tom said I'd need to bring my social security card for him to finish the contracts?" Sammy mentioned.

"I don't care, just put that on top of your clothes, and I'll tell him about it later."

"Ok," Sammy said as she started to take off her clothes, "So you're the artist? I'm Sammy, and"

"I said I don't fucking care, didn't I?  Just get naked so I can get you done.  Christ, are you dumb or something?"

Sammy immediately closed her mouth, and finished undressing.  She sat in the large chair that the girl pointed to, and sat down.

"Slide forward so I can get this in place," the girl said as she pulled on rubber gloves and started pouring lube on a catheter she'd removed from its package.

"Wait, what's that for?"

"Damn it, you signed that stupid contract he made me write up.  It's like 'section 5: waste issues' or some other crap like that.  Look, you're going into this thing for three days.  I don't want to have to get a mop when you come out to clean up your piss.  This goes in the front, there's the plug for the back.  Did you not read any of the details?"

"Oh," said Sammy with a start, upon realizing that she hadn't read any of the details, mostly because she was too busy keeping track of the paperwork Tom had said she needed to bring back for him to get his tax stuff done.  "Yeah, sorry, I guess I forgot, sorry for interrupting again."

Sammy heard the girl mutter, "stupid bitch," under her breath while she spread Sammy's lips open to insert the catheter.  There was a sharp pinch feeling as it went in, then an odd full feeling as the balloon holding it inside her inflated.  "These are next, unless you don't remember that either," said the girl with a mocking imitation of Sammy's voice as she held up two metal balls.  She lubed them up, and handed them to Sammy to slide into her own vagina.  Once they were in place, she pulled a strip of medical tape, and used it to tape Sammy's lips closed, holding the balls inside, and forcing the catheter up against her clitoris.

"Stand up, turn around, bend over," the girl commanded.  Sammy complied, and felt a lubed finger slide into her ass suddenly.  She gasped, but it nearly turned into a choke when the finger pulled back out, and a large mass started pushing instead.  "Relax, this has to go in.  Just push like you're trying to shit it back out, and it'll go in."  Sammy did as she was told, and could feel the plug slowly stretch her asshole out.  "Almost there," said the girl, almost reassuringly.  Sammy was starting to fear she was going to split open when she felt the plug slide home, and her ass close down around the neck of the plug.  "There, now you're being a good girl."  Sammy could feel her heart jump a bit at her first positive interaction with the girl.

"Final part of this step," said the girl as she pulled the rubber gloves off her hands and threw them into the trash.  She pulled a rubber ring from her pile of supplies, along with a tube of something.  "Sit back down and hold still," she said as she squeezed the contents of the tube into a groove along one side of the ring.  Sammy sat down delicately, feeling the plug pushing into her as she put her weight on it.  As the girl walked back over, she could feel each step vibrating through the floor, up the chair, through the plug, and deep into her body.

"Open up," the girl said, opening her own mouth as an example.  Sammy did so, only to have the ring pushed into her mouth.  The girl spun it, and used her fingers to ensure that Sammy's teeth and lips were where she wanted them.  Sammy could feel the paste from the tube on her lips, and could feel that the ring encased her lips in the groove, holding them open in a circle.  Beyond this, the ring had another groove for her front teeth, with a block in the back for her molars, ensuring that her mouth would stay open.  "There.  Maybe that'll keep you quiet so I can work," the girl said as she walked away.  She went over to the door, leaving Sammy sitting on the chair.  "Hey!  Assholes!  If this is going to be on time, I'm going to need your help."

The girl returned, and two other people walked through the door a minute later, leaving Sammy to blush and try to cover up.  "You know what to do," the girl said to her assistants.  "You," she said, turning to Sammy, "just need to stand exactly where I tell you to, and not move unless you're told to."  Sammy nodded.

The girl and her assistants immediately went to work.  They pulled out a box of gauze wrappings, and started wrapping Sammy's arms.  Each finger was wrapped separately, then the gauze ran up her arms to the shoulder.  While the assistants were doing this, the girl was busy working on Sammy's head.  She quickly wrapped a band around Sammy's forehead, and then spiraled down to just past her nose.  She flipped Sammy's hair up, and wrapped back up.  Finally, she let Sammy's hair fall back down, and wrapped it again, sandwiching it all between layers of gauze on the back of her head.  With that taken care of, she started to do her main wrap, spiraling up and down Sammy's head until it was covered, with the only gap being for the gag in her mouth.

The girl then continued down Sammy's neck, and worked with the assistants to blend their wrapping together.  She started some new rolls, and used them to weave the gauze down around Sammy's torso.  She ran the gauze between Sammy's legs, and then back up where she tucked in the ends to hold them in place. 

"Next step," she said as she picked up a roll of plastic stretch wrap, and started with Sammy's left hand.  She wrapped each finger individually again over the gauze, and then tucked Sammy's thumb into her hand and wrapped it into a useless flipper.  She moved on to Sammy's right hand, repeating the process while her assistants finished wrapping Sammy's left arm in the wrap.  Next was Sammy's head, where she repeated what she'd done with the gauze.  She was careful around Sammy's neck, making sure not to constrict it.  Sammy's body was done the same as well, and when they'd finished, Sammy was covered in the plastic from her crotch to her head. 

"I'm going to pose your arms now, so don't move at all from that position," said the girl to Sammy.  She grabbed Sammy's wrists, and pulled her arms up so that her hands were crossed over her heart.  "There.  If you can manage to not screw this up, don't move."  She grabbed a larger roll of the plastic wrap, and starting from Sammy's waist, went over her body and arms, stretching and pulling the wrap to smash Sammy's arms into place.  With that done, she started on her final layer.  She picked up a roll of duct tape, and pulled off a large enough strip to completely encircle Sammy's body, locking the end of the wrap in place like a belt.  She then started wrapping upwards, being sure to leave no gaps, and to overlap each layer by the same amount.  Sammy could feel her progressing, as she could feel the slight tugs as the girl pulled off new tape to cover her.  The girl continued up and up until she reached Sammy's head.  She then had her assistants cut off strips of varying lengths that she'd call out, and place them one at a time.  "Lights out, dummy mummy," she said as she placed the last strip, covering Sammy's eyes.  Sammy could smell the duct tape covering her nose, and realized it was good her mouth was held open and clear, as she'd never be able to breathe through her nose under these layers.

"Now, we're going to lay you down, but try not to move your legs much, got it?" the girl said as Sammy was tipped over onto the padded floor.  She then sat down and started wrapping each of Sammy's toes in gauze.  The assistants continued up Sammy's leg, leaving the end loose at Sammy's crotch.  Once the girl had finished all the toes, she switched positions, and folded and tucked the gauze into the wrap that was already in place, then switched back to the feet to do the plastic wrap.  Again, each toe was wrapped separately, and then covered in a layer to hold them together.  Again the assistants did the wrapping up the legs, and again the girl merged the legs and torso coverings.

The girl then forced Sammy's legs apart, and took a strip of tape, and pushed it down right over Sammy's vulva.  With that one strip in place, she stood up, used her feet to push Sammy's legs back together, and then started wrapping Sammy's legs together with the larger wrap, starting with her feet and working up again, welding Sammy's legs into one.  The tape was again next, and the girl had Sammy covered as quickly as she could.

"Fuck, this would have been a lot easier if I had an extra two hours to get this done!" the girl shouted loudly with a huff.  "Ok, top layer, time to stand up again."  The two assitants picked Sammy up off the floor, and held her upright while the girl added another layer of duct tape over the one already in place.  She pulled this layer tighter, and Sammy could feel her casing squeezing down, compressing her body.  The girl used roll after roll to cover Sammy, working quickly but setting up a pattern in the tape to simulate a herringbone pattern.  When she got down to Sammy's feet, she had the assistants hold Sammy off the floor so her feet held down.  She then used the tape to hold Sammy's feet into a pointed pose.

"Ok, let's get you in the bag with your accessories," the girl said outloud, more to herself than to Sammy.  She opened the top of the bag, and slid Sammy's mummified body into the center.  Sammy could feel the heavy layer of the bag over her body, and could feel the girl steering her into position, using her head as a handle.  She felt fingers on her gag, and one slipped and brushed against her tongue.  She felt something being manipulated, and then felt her gag click into place on the ring on the bag.

Next, Sammy felt a tug on her catheter, and felt a similar click as it was fed through connector on the bag.  With those two connections in place, Sammy could feel the bag locked to her body as she was shifted around.  She was then flipped over onto her stomach, and she felt the same click as the plug in her ass was locked to the bag as well.  The girl then flipped her back over, and went to organize everything else that was going in the bag. 

She shuffled through the basket filled with Sammy's belongings, and pulled out her driver's license, her social security card, and when she noticed the crust in Sammy's panties from her excitement on the drive over and seeing the girls already on display, pulled those out too.  She quickly scribbled a note, and then went to a computer on a shelf.  She selected a set of photos from the hidden cameras she'd had in the room, and had them printed out.  She collected those, and went to get a copy of the contract from the office. 

Finally, she had to arrange everything in the bag, which wasn't much of a problem given the size.  Using a pole to arrange things, she placed them in a column along Sammy's left frame.  At the top, roughly aligned with Sammy's head, she placed Sammy's panties, open so the crotch was visible through the front.  Below that was Sammy's license and social security card, with her signed copy of the contract below that.  The photos were set up to tell the story, showing in order as they went down: Sammy signing the contract, Sammy staring at the naked girl display, Sammy stripping naked (which the girl liked best because of the deep red blush on Sammy's face), Sammy's spread legs with the catheter being inserted, Sammy pushing the ben wa balls inside herself, and then one of Sammy standing with her top half mummified.  Finally, at the very bottom was the note the girl had written to explain the piece.

"Humiliation Whore (2014)

With almost no prompting, this girl decided to be put on display for other's enjoyment.  Even before I'd done anything, she'd gushed so much that you can still see her mess in her panties.  'Show me off to the world, let them know what I am,' she seemed to scream.  All I could do was oblige.

You should as well.  Feel free to poke and prod to your heart's content.  She knows you're out here.  She knows that you know she's in there.  She couldn't enjoy that fact any more."

The girl pulled over a small machine, and attached it to the top right side of the bag.  She then took the sealing device, and sat down on the left side.  The sealing device looked like a crimping iron, with a wide bar.  She turned it on to warm up, and once that was done, used it to seal the top of the bag by melting the front and back layers together.  It took a few minutes to work from one edge to the other, sealing everything except the last two inches.  She turned on the vacuum machine, which quickly drew the air out of the inside of the bag.  The girl stood up to watch the plastic shrink down to form fit to everything inside, and made sure that the movement did not disturb her collage on the right edge. 

Sammy didn't know what was happening as that collage was being organized, but once the vacuum turned on, she immediately knew it.  The layer of the bag on top of her had been loosely flapping against her chest, but was instantly pulled tight to her mummified form, and then only got tighter as all the air was extracted.

Satisfied with the vacuum, the girl used her sealer to finish sealing the bag, and then turned off and disconnected the vacuum.  She called her assistants back in, and the three of them attached the steel frame around the outside edge.  The heavy rubber made sure there wasn't much flexing in the bag, but the frame ensured that everyone would be able to see things clearly.  They then wheeled Sammy out to the display area, and attached her to the cables to suspend her from the ceiling.  The girl wanted Sammy held lower than the others, so the bottom of the frame was only six inches off the floor.  The final step was to connect the loose end from Sammy's catheter to a collection bag, which the girl clipped to the frame edge.  Once that connection was done, Sammy immediately felt her bladder drain out.  She hadn't noticed how full she was getting during the preparation, but having it all drained out of her was a surprise.


For Sammy, the next two hours alternated between random struggles against the bondage holding her firmly in place and a dull boredom.  She couldn't move, and she knew that.  However, she was able to wiggle just enough to send the weights in the ben wa balls in her wobbling around.  She could also feel the frame drifting around in response to her actions, which was at least something. 

Suddenly, she felt a tapping on her head, as if someone was knocking on her like a door.  She took this as a sign that the exhibition was beginning.  At first, she didn't notice anything different, but then felt someone poking her in the breast with their finger.  Next, there was a tapping on her catheter tube.  This was just the beginning of an evening of groping hands caressing her through the many layers separating them from Sammy's body.

This wasn't bad, but Sammy did not like the handful of people who would knock on the exposed end of her butt plug.  This sent shocks through her body as it shifted slightly in place.  After one round with a persistent tapper, Sammy was surprised to feel a sudden shivery orgasm.  She let out a loud moan, leading to laughter from everyone attending.  The laughter was so loud that Sammy could hear it through all the layers covering her head, and she knew she was the object of their ridicule.

As she was calming down, she felt her bladder swell back up, as someone was pushing on her collection bag, forcing her urine back up into her.  This prompted another moan, which seemed to summon the girl back over.  Sammy felt herself drain back out, and then felt the catheter be clamped shut.  She swung around a bit as the girl replaced the full bag with an empty one, and then reconnected her catheter.  Sammy was glad of this, as she was scared that too strong of a push would make her explode.  She could feel herself drain normally, and was relieved.  Unfortunately for her, she couldn't see what was happening outside of her cocoon.

The girl had climbed up on a step stool with a water bottle.  It was designed like a hamster bottle, with a small ball that would let water through when pushed back from the opening.  She put the tip into Sammy's mouth, and poked her in the tongue with it.  This surprised Sammy, but when she tasted the water, she realized what was happening.  She was grateful, as she had been stuck with her mouth held open for so long that she was dry.  She flicked at the ball with her tongue, letting more water flow into her.  The girl clipped the bottle tip to the gag ring, and then connected the reservoir to the top bar.  As she climbed back down the stool, she fed a tube connected to the top of the reservoir down the left edge of the frame.  Just above the new collection bag, she reattached the old, full one to the frame, and connected it to the tube.

"Enjoy, my friends!" she said as she walked away.  Sammy continued to work the water feeder, until it ran out.  The crowd started to laugh again, as one person walked up, squeezed the old bag, and forced Sammy's piss up the tube to refill her water bottle.  Sammy was still dry, and pushed on the ball again, hoping to get a few last drops.  Instead, she was greeted with the acrid taste of her salty urine.  She let out another disappointed moan, again hearing the crowd laugh at her humiliation.  She couldn't avoid her thirst though, and could do nothing but submit.  A few minutes later, as she once again finished the piss that had been pushed to her water bottle, she let out a hesitant moan, "mm....mmmmmm?" 

Again the crowd laughed as a volunteer squeezed her piss back up for her to drink.


The exhibition closed at 11, and by midnight, the cheerleader and the naked girl were standing in their street clothes admiring Sammy. 

"I could never do that," said the now not naked girl.

"You expose yourself all the time!" replied the cheerleader.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't allow my personal information to be displayed along with me while I do it!  I also think she's gross for drinking her piss like that in front of everyone," the naked girl said as she pushed on the bag to fill up the bottle again.

"That's true.  I guess she really is a humiliation whore."

The artist walked back in to the gallery with a large wheeled cylinder.  "Hey girls, you heading out?"

"Yep, you?"

"Just have to do one more thing," she said, as she used a small key to unlock the plug filling Sammy's ass.  When she drew back the key, the center of the plug pulled out at the same time.  She then took a tube from the cylinder, and extracted a smaller tube from inside it.  She fed the smaller tube up into Sammy, pushing foot after foot of it, to the surprise of the other two girls.  When she was satisfied, the girl shoved the larger tube into the plug, and twisted it to lock it in place.

"Whoa, what's all that?" asked the cheerleader.

"She has to get cleaned out each day, so I figured I'd do it after the exhibition.  The small tube pumps water into her, which flushes out and cleans her ass out, and everything drains out the larger tube.  It's basically just a continuous enema."

"You're going to leave her on that all night?"

"It has a timer when it's done, she'll be fine."  With that, the girl walked with her other two models to the front door, turned off the lights and led them out.

"Besides," the girl thought to herself, "it separates out all the solids and keeps them in a bag.  She'll need to eat something if I'm going to get tomorrows show to be even better than today's"

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