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The Exhibition

Part 2

The Exhibition

Part 2


Sammy assumed that the show had ended.  It'd been a long time since someone had poked or prodded her.  She could feel herself slightly swaying on the frame, and began to wonder if she'd signed up for something more than she could handle.  Sure, the orgasm that had hit her had been fun, but she couldn't quite figure out why she'd had it.  She hadn't been able to get the ben wa balls to trigger one, but having someone grope her and knowing that they were doing it in front of a crowd seriously amplified the feelings.

"That's probably why the pee wasn't so bad," Sammy reasoned to herself.  "It's just part of the same kind of show.  Besides, it'll all be over in a day or so.  Just a neat experience to try out."

At that point, Sammy felt the plug in her ass being manipulated, as the girl was unlocking the center.  She could feel the tube being snaked up her ass, but had no idea what it was for.  Eventually it stopped, feeling to Sammy that it was somewhere on her right side.  Her plug was jostled again, and a few moments later, she felt cold water flooding into her from the small tube inside her. 

She immediately felt chilly, as the icy water pushed against her insides.  She could feel the pressure in her colon increase, as the water stretched her out.  After just a minute or two, Sammy thought she would explode.  She couldn't feel any more water entering her, but that was largely because her mind was so focused on the pain.

Sammy was frantically squealing through her gag, and trying to contort her body against her bounds.  Suddenly, the pressure vanished, as she felt the water being pulled out from inside her.  When she was empty, Sammy panted to catch her breath.  "Is that really what an enema is like?" Sammy thought to herself.  "How could that be medical?" 

She had just caught her breath when she felt the tube inside her twitch, and felt the water pouring into her ass again.  "Oh fuck, not again," thought Sammy as the icy water returned.  She screamed as the cold turned again to pressure and then to pain, driving her out of her mind.  Again the drain pulled it all out when Sammy thought she would break, leaving her a sobbing mess, suspended in her mummified bonds.

"How many of these is she going to give me?" asked Sammy silently, assuming that the girl was there, monitoring her suffering.  "Is this some sort of punishment?" she wondered, feeling her vagina twitch at that thought.  She tried to plead for forgiveness, but not only could her mouth not form any understandable words, the artist had left Sammy to the empty dark gallery thirty minutes ago.

Sammy was still pleading when the torture resumed, filling her up to capacity with frigid water, and then sucking it all out of her.  Sammy was nearly broken after the third enema, and barely bothered to scream anymore.  She waited in her tight wrappings, awaiting the next one. 

However, instead of the icy blast filling her after a few minutes of rest, she instead felt herself fill with warmer water.  This warm water did not seem so bad, as it didn't fill her to such a high pressure.  She could feel the water expand her colon, but it never got to the point of making her feel like she was bursting.  She could feed the water draining out of her as fast as it was pumped in, continually flushing her.  This seemed far better to Sammy, but she quickly realized that with the constant churn in her bowels, she'd never be able to get to sleep.

After what felt like hours to Sammy, lulled into an exhausted daze by the plumbing inside her, she finally felt the water drain out entirely.  "Finally," she thought to herself, "this isn't that comfortable anymore, but at least I'll be able to sleep."  She was getting used to the feeling of her colon empty except for the rubber tube when she felt that tube jerk to life once more, again with the icy water.  Once again, the gallery echoed with Sammy's hoarse screams.

This pattern repeated all night long.  Three icy cold enemas, one every fifteen minutes, followed by two hours of the warm flushing.  The sun rose before Sammy's sightless eyes, filling the gallery with a brightening glow.  This didn't stop the torture either, leaving Sammy to suffer until noon, when the girl finally returned.

"Hope you enjoyed yourself, you dumb cunt," the girl said as she walked past to put her bag in the back.  When she came back out front, she took a few more photos, and went flicked a switch on the cylinder, causing it to drain Sammy for the last time.  When the gauge indicated it was done, she unlocked the outer tube from the plug, and pulled the inner tube from Sammy's ass.  Sammy moaned incoherently when she felt this happen, wanting to signal how happy she was, but not being able to pull her mind together enough to do so.

The girl kinked the end of the smaller tube, then coiled from the other end, pushing the water that was still in it down to the opening.  She then reached up, and unkinked the tube, letting the enema water drain into Sammy's mouth.  Sammy appreciated the drink, not realizing it was anything but regular water due to how much she'd been cleaned.  With that done, the girl locked the core of the plug back in, and wheeled the device into the back.  Sammy was asleep before she'd even left the room, finally free of the constant assault.

In the back, the girl was hard at work making breakfast for Sammy.  "Let's see, we'll need this," the girl said as she opened a panel on the side of the enema machine.  Inside was a plastic bag filled with all the solids the machine had strained from the waste water.  She took it over the counter, and sat the bag of filth next to a blender.  She went back out front, and changed the catheter collection bag, laughing to herself as she heard the rhythmic breathing of the sleeping Sammy.  "Lazy whore," she muttered as she took the full bag back with her.  "Let's see how you like this smoothie, bitch."  She released some of the urine into the blender, then stopped the valve and set it aside.  Next in was the shit, which left a dark smear along the side of the glass.  She then unpeeled two bananas, and stuffed them in as well.  Finally, she added two packets of smoothie mix, and let the blender turn it into a thick, dark mess. 

The girl returned to the front of the gallery with the smoothie, and then climbed up on a step stool so she could access Sammy's mouth better.  She could tell Sammy was still sleeping, and so she knocked on her head like it was a door.  "Hey!  Wake up!  I have food for you, because I can't have you starving during my show!"  Sammy groggily responded with a moan, which worked for the girl.  "Just swallow, and try not to choke, ok?  I don't want your spit up all over my shirt, got it?  You're not a baby, so you don't get to act like one."

The girl had a small syringe, which she used to suck up the smoothie.  She then put the syringe in Sammy's mouth, and pushed the mess out onto her tongue.  It was hard for Sammy at first, but she was able to move the food to the back of her mouth, where it went down as she swallowed.  She had trouble focusing due to her exhaustion, but was able to make out the banana flavor in the drink.  It tasted off, but she couldn't concentrate enough to figure out why.

When the smoothie was done, the girl squeezed a bottle of water into Sammy's mouth, rinsing it clean.  "There, swallow that down and you can go back to your nap, you lazy slut."  Sammy moaned her thanks, and immediately drifted off again.

The girl went back to work room, and started organizing the additions for tonight's show.  She took her photos of Sammy connected to the enema machine, and added to that pictures of her making the smoothie, and a close-up shot she'd taken of the smoothie being pumped out onto Sammy's tongue.  In addition to this, she sat down to write a new note:

"Humiliation Whore: Day 2 (2014)

No matter what I try, I cannot find the depths of this girl's depravity.  Please squeeze the bag of urine connected to her water bottle.  We know it's disgusting, but she loves doing this in front of the crowd, signaling her will to be a mere toilet.  So much so, that she is enjoying only one food while in this display: energy smoothies prepared with her own feces, extracted by an enema. 

As much as displaying this humiliation turns her on, she does have trouble getting over that final edge, wrapped tightly as she is.  To assist you in assisting her, please feel free to use the vibrators to stimulate her.  Imagine the humiliation of having your own body betray you in public.  This is her ideal, her paragon of virtue."

The girl quickly taped the photos and note on the back of the bag holding Sammy, and then connected two vibrators to the frame with short cables, letting them fall lose so they were available for the guests later.

A few hours later, the other girls arrived, laughing to themselves as they saw Sammy's newest additions.  "I don't even want to meet her when this is over," said the cheerleader.  "Make sure you let us out first tomorrow afternoon, ok?" 

The artist laughed at that.  "I don't blame you, she's probably going to be a smelly mess by then, won't you, you dumb whore?" she said to Sammy's oblivious form.  "Ok, let's get you ready for the show."  She led them into the back, returning them to the same poses they'd had the previous day.

Sammy was jolted away a bit later by the shock of having one of the vibrators crammed against her crotch on full blast.  She initially couldn't figure out where she was, or what was happening, and signaled this to the entire room with her panicked squeals and shouts.  Quickly it dawned on her, and she could even make out the laughter of the crowd surrounding her.  The vibrator had initially been simply shocking, but the combination of its insistent buzzing and the realization that she was intentionally being pushed to cum in front of the entire exhibition made her quickly warm up. 

She began to moan and pant, causing her tormentor to change techniques.  Sammy was driven close to the peak by having the vibrator pushed in tightly, then taunted with the vibrator being pulled back so she could barely feel it.  However, the sound of the crowd quickly became the dominant force driving her, and as their laughter swelled when the vibrator was pulled entirely away, Sammy let out a ear piercing squeal as her entire body shook.  The crowd was startled by this, seeing the frame and bag shimmy as Sammy fought against them. 

It was quickly over, and Sammy calmed back down, with only her pants emerging from the gag.  The rest of the show went as before, with the addition of her body being constantly tormented by the vibrators.  Eventually, their batteries had drained to the point where they no longer had much effect. 

When that night's show had concluded, the artist again let out the other girls, and rolled the enema machine back out.  Sammy was calming down after the show, trying to reconstruct how many orgasms she'd had, all of them loudly proclaimed to the anonymous people around her.  However, she soon felt the key sliding into the plug in her ass, and started to struggle and scream.  "Hey!" said the girl with a smack of her hand on Sammy's ass.  "Shut up!  This is for your own good, you dumb cunt!"  She reconnected the machine despite Sammy's protests, turning it on before turning out the lights and locking up.

Sammy was crying under all of the wrapping, waiting for the cold shock to hit her.  Suddenly, the water rushed in, but was warm.  Sammy was relieved, hoping the cycle from the previous night was just a first time thing.  She let her mind drift off with the constant flow, and was beginning to think that she might be able to sleep, even with this running.

However, two hours later, the machine drained her, and started the cycle again, freezing her with three painful punishing floods, then washing her out in a mind numbing way.  By the time morning came, Sammy's brain felt like mush.  The girl laughed to herself when she came in the next day, hearing Sammy making a low constant whine.  She left the machine connected, and went into the back to prepare.

Sammy was in the numbing flush phase when she was jerked back to reality.  Again, the vibrator was jammed in her crotch, puzzling her.  "Why is the artist using the vibrator on me while I'm still getting enemas?"  Unbeknownst to Sammy, outside her cocoon, the artist was adding a live component to her humiliation. 

Speaking to the crowd who had gathered, the girl was saying, "I wanted to make sure everyone knew that this is real.  The whore has been attached to this enema machine, so we should be able to make her meal right now."  The crowd stood back as the girl switched the machine off, letting the water drain from Sammy.  She again disconnected it from Sammy's plug, and drained the excess water down her mouth.  The extracted the small amount of shit from the machine, "Her meal from yesterday," the girl said to the giggles in the crowd.  This was added to the other ingredients, and she again syringe fed it to the moaning Sammy. 

After she'd swallowed the first mouthful, Sammy realized what was happening when she heard the applause surrounding her.  "Why is breakfast a big deal?" thought Sammy in confusion.

Sammy was resigned to this treatment by now, and settled in for hours of torment.  By the time the exhibit was over at 6pm, Sammy was nearly out of it.  After the visitors had left and the other models had been freed, the artist and her assistants unhooked Sammy's frame from the ceiling, and rolled her into the work room.  The frame was removed, and the sealing strip was ripped open.  Sammy felt the bag spring away from her body as the air rushed in, and felt the temperature suddenly drop on on sweat soaked skin.  The girl unlocked the connectors on Sammy's catheter, gag, and plug, and then reached in to pull out Sammy and all of the photos and Sammy's panties.  These the girl placed in a plastic bag and hid in her bag.

Without the thick rubber holding her closely, Sammy began to try to struggle free from her bonds.  The girl used her foot to push Sammy's head back down to the floor, "Sit still, you dumb bitch!  Do you just want to rip that catheter out of your crotch?  I'm sure bleeding out of your peehole is really fun for you, but I'm going to be pissed if I have to wash that up!"  Sammy froze, and the girl reached down, and cut carefully around the catheter, freeing it somewhat.  She then used her scissors to cut the wrapping in a line straight up from Sammy's crotch.  With this free to Sammy's stomach, the girl deflated the balloon holding the catheter in place, and slid it out.  She then continued the cut up Sammy's chest, cutting around to release Sammy's arms from her chest.

The moment Sammy felt her arms come free, her right hand dove down to her crotch, where she started pawing at herself through the mitt her hand was wrapped in.  "Christ, all that just got you warmed up, didn't it, you slut?  Let me get that free for you then."  The girl cut down the inside of Sammy's arm, helping Sammy free her hand at the end.  Sammy's hand went back, ripping the tape off her labia, and letting the ben wa balls slide out in a wave of her slime.  "You're gross, with that sloppy snatch."

The girl continued cutting, freeing Sammy's legs and feet, then releasing her left arm.  Sammy was still fiercely fingering herself as the girl sat down, putting Sammy's head into her lap.  She carefully cut around Sammy's neck, cutting the hood of tape, plastic, and gauze so that it would flip open to one side.  When she was satisfied it was clear, she pulled it open, letting the light flood into Sammy's eyes at the very moment she reached orgasm.  Sammy was looking up as her eyes adjusted, seeing the girl looking down at her.  "You're a disgusting whore," the girl said with a sneer as she spit into Sammy's mouth.  "Go get clean, you smelly pig," she said as she pulled that gag out of Sammy.


After showering in a tiny stall in the back, Sammy found all her clothes back in place in the basket, with the exception of her panties.  She turned around to the girl and said, "Um...Miss?"

"What is it?  I'm busy planning for next weekend!" the girl shouted back.

"Um...I can't seem to find my panties?  Have you seen them?"

"Oh, now you're good enough that you have to wear panties?  Did you even wear any when you came here?"

"Yeah, I mean, I know I did, I always do, but I can't find them," Sammy stuttered back.

"Then they were probably stolen by some creep.  I'll ask around to see if anyone noticed someone sneaking back here during one of the shows."

"Oh, ok, I guess I can make due without them to get home."

"Yeah, you probably can make due, can't you?" the girl responded, mocking Sammy's voice.

Sammy got dressed, and got ready to leave.  The girl stopped her before she left, "So you'll need to be here next week on Thursday, got it?  And like I said before, we start at noon, so we're not rushed.  Can your tiny brain process that?  Should I write it down and pin it to your shirt so you won't forget?  Thursday.  Noon."

"No, that's ok, I got it.  Noon on Thursday.  I'll be here."

"You fucking better, bitch.  And try not to be as dumb next time?"

"Sure, I will.  Um...thanks, and I'll see you next week?" Sammy said with a smile.  The girl simply waved her hand in a dismissive gesture, and continued looking down at her notes.


Sammy arrived home soon after, and although she'd intended to have a snack and maybe take another shower, she instead simply collapsed onto her bed.  The next morning when she awoke, she looked over at the clock to see that it read 11AM.  Panicked, Sammy stripped down, quickly showered, dressed for work, and rushed to the office.

Sammy didn't see any problems in the office when she finally arrived at noon, but just before she was about to leave for the day, she saw her boss in the hallway.  "Oh, Sammy, can I have a word with you for a moment?"  Sammy blushed red, and followed him back to his office.

They sat down, and he took a deep breath before starting.  "I don't know if you're having problems at home or something, Samantha.  I also don't care what you do on the weekends in your spare time.  However, you need to understand that you need to leave all of that there, and not bring it with you to work here.  You see what I'm saying, right?  You can even have another job if you want, but here, we need you to be professional, and get to work on time, and keep focused.  Alright?"

Sammy nodded in agreement.  "Fine, fine.  Let's make tomorrow a better day, alright?"

Sammy nodded again.  "Um, sorry to ask now, but I do need to take some vacation time this week, so I can have Friday and half of Thursday off.  Is that ok?"

"Sure, sure, just get the forms done, so everyone will know that you won't be here.  Again, do what you want with your free time, and use all the vacation you earn.  It's the structure of things that's important, alright?"

Sammy nodded again, and got up to leave.

The rest of the week went as normal, with the standard level of boring work.  However, every so often, Sammy would daydream a bit, and wonder to herself, "After all that, and all the things that were done to me, why would I ever agree to do it again?"

Review This Story || Author: sammy_808
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