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European Nightmare

Part 3

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental. Contains adult themes. The author does not condone any of the actions depicted in this work. The actions depicted here are to be read only by those who recognise the moral and legal implications of these actions, and understand that this tale is purely fantasy. Please do not read if you are easily offended, or find it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Authors Note: I would like to ask for any feedback whatsoever, it would be much appreciated. Whatever it is, be it criticisms, praises, suggestions for the characters or plot, queries or requests I would be delighted to hear them. Enjoy.


   Gretas shoes echoed on the stone floor as she walked slowly and purposefully down the stairs. She had showered, eaten and rested, and now was ready to continue. It had been only a couple of hours since she had been down in the basement, but she was already itching to get back and play with her new toys. And this time, she was going to have some fun. She liked to show as little emotion as possible at the beginning, but now she was going to enjoy herself. Not that she hadnt enjoyed herself before, whipping those giant tits had given her so much pleasure. Watching Mehmet and Hasan brutally fuck the three girls had been equally satisfying. But things were about to be stepped up a notch. She had incredible discipline, and had managed to resist the urge to cum throughout the previous session, but it was finally time for her relief. She continued down the stairs, already knowing exactly what she was going to do.

  Olivia perked up as soon as she heard the rap of the heels on the floor, knowing exactly who was coming back. The poor girl could still scarcely believe what had happened to her and her friends in a space of just a few hours. However, despite having only been in the basement for a handful of hours, to Olivia it felt like years. She had been raped herself and had watched her friends raped and beaten, and for an innocent girl like her it had been a terrible time, and there was absolutely no sign of it stopping any time soon. Since Greta had left their ordeal had not ended. Hasan and Mehmet had wasted little time in carrying out Gretas instructions. One at a time they had roughly taken the girls out to a room adjacent to the basement, starting with Holly. Mehmet quickly unhooked her arms and with one arm under her massive tits he carried her off. Ten minutes later the men returned with Holly, and hooked her back into the same position, before doing exactly the same with Lucy. Finally it was Olivias turn. Hasan and Mehmet brought her down to the floor, before undoing her complicated bondage, leaving just her wrists tied behind her back, and between them carrying her weak body off. Once inside, Olivia was greeted by a very bright light, which lit up a brilliant white room. On one side stood a steel lavatory, there was a hose coiled on one wall, and two bowls in one side of the room, one filled with water the other with a thick brown stew like dish, which looked suspiciously like dog food. Olivia already knew what she would have to do, but still waited to be prompted.

  “Hurry,” Hasan snapped, and gave the girl a small shove in the back.

Olivia staggered over to the steel toilet, and after staring at it for a moment, sat down. The metal was freezing on her bare skin, as she tried to do her business with the two men towering over her. Once she had finished, Hasan lifted her off the seat from under her arms and lifted her into the air, tying her wrists to a hook she hadnt noticed hanging from the ceiling. Meanwhile, Mehmet had uncoiled the hose and held it out pointed at Olivia. The jet of water was powerful and freezing as it slammed into her chest, and Olivia tried to shriek through her gag. As Mehmet moved the stream of water up and down her hanging body, Hasan, carefully avoiding the jet of water, moved over her body with soap, spending particular time massaging her now wet tits with the soap. He moved his hand down and worked it into her pussy, washing away the physical evidence of her rape. Mehmet moved in and directed the jet of water at her genitals, cleaning both her pussy and her arsehole. Moving round he made sure to wash every inch of her body, so that she was ready for the next session. Having finished washing her he turned off the hose, the two men took the dripping girl down from the ceiling, and undid her gag. It was the first time Olivia had been free to talk in her entire time, but she knew there was no point.


  Olivia had not realised how hungry she was, and so immediately after being told, she did just that. Getting down onto her knees, and moved her face over the bowl of slop, and then went straight down and began to eat. It was yet another degrading experience, one of many in these few hours, and with many more to come. She was bent over eating like a dog in front of these men, with her arsehole on display as they stood behind her. It didnt take her long to finish her meal, and once shed drunk the water, and no sooner had she finished, then the two men had picked her up and carried her back into the room. Once again with frightening speed, the two men tied Olivia back into her hogtie, and quick as a flash, all three girls were washed and relieved, and tied back in place. Mehmet and Hasan then left, knowing they couldnt do anything else to the girls until Greta got back, and turned out the light.

  It was like this, plunged into darkness and silence, that the girls were until Greta came down the stairs. Just as in the first time they had awoken in the basement, the girls could hear only the slowly encroaching sound of Gretas heels on the stone floor, and they shuddered in anticipation at the horrors that awaited them. They could hear now that Greta had come up beside them, and a moment later the lights came up. Once again Greta stood, with Mehmet and Hasan just behind her, directly in front of Holly, with the other two to either side. Greta waited a moment, relishing the fear she could sense emanating from the girls, and then she spoke.

  “Hello again whores,” again with the same monotonous and terrifying voice, “I hope Mehmet and Hasan cleaned you up nicely. I enjoyed watching them fuck you girls earlier, but now I will have some fun. You will make me cum, and I will torture you. You will, English sluts, provide all three of us with much pleasure. So lets begin. First, some fun with these.”

  Greta reached out and grabbed each of Hollys nipples with her fingers. The swollen nubs had not recovered from the brutal assault earlier, and Holly winced in pain as Greta roughly twisted them once again. Holly wriggled once again as Gretas long fingers once again squeezed and twisted Hollys areolas, exciting her nipples until they were slightly erect. She turned round, and Hasan handed her a couple of small devices. Greta brought them up to Hollys big round eyes so her captive could see what was about to happen to her. What Greta held were nipple clamps. The jaws were held centimetres from Hollys face, so she could see the sharp, brutal looking teeth that were about to sink into her flesh. At the end of the clamp was a ring, and so these small devices looked menacing to the poor girl. Greta kept one clamp close to her face, whilst with the other hand she continued to massage her nipple to erection. When it was sufficiently hard, Greta brought the jaws down over the sensitive nub, and after teasing her for a moment, then allowed the teeth to bite into Hollys tit.

Holly tried to squeal through her gag as the metal teeth of the clamp bit hard into her sensitive nipple. The jaws clamped onto her nub with ferocious force, the tips of each tooth imbedding itself in her flesh, though not breaking through her skin. Tears welled from her big doe eyes as she tried to deal with the intense pain that coursed through her from her nipple. Greta didnt give her an opportunity to get used to it, taking her other nipple and clamping down the jaws of the clamp on the sensitive flesh. Once again Holly tried to squeal, as now both her tits screamed with the pain of the teeth. Greta took each clamp in her fingers and pulled down on them, relishing the whimpers her victim emitted. She tugged the clamps this way and that, pulling Hollys huge tits around just by the nipples, and causing even more pain for the poor girl, and looking her in the eyes the whole time.  Once again she turned around and collected something from Hasan, and turned back to her toy. Giving her right nipple a tug, Greta took the weights that had just been handed to her and clipped them onto the clamps, before letting the tit fall. Holly once again squealed as her boob visibly lengthened as the weights pulled down on the nipple. Greta quickly did the same with the other nipple, until both of those luscious breasts had heavy weights hanging from them. To compound Hollys pain, Greta gave her a quick push, so she swung slightly, and the weights on her breasts pulled down, making the girls pain worse and worse. Greta played with her tits for a few moments, yanking down on her nipples, knocking the melons from side to side and generally enjoying her pain.

“There you go, slut” Greta said to Holly, “those udders look much better now. Ill be back to play with you later.”

  Greta now turned around and gestured to Mehmet who quickly set to work, whilst Greta took up a position further away. Mehmet moved over toward Olivia and unhooked her from the ceiling, easily carrying her womanly body to the floor, undoing her hogtie, leaving her wrists and ankles tied. He reached round to undo her ball gag, taking it out of her mouth, before dragging her, by her hair, toward Greta, kneeling her in front of her. Hasan emerged from the back of the room with a chair, and a strange stick device, which he handed to Greta. She sat down on the chair, and pushed her crotch so her cunt was about eye level with Olivia, who was currently staring at the floor. Greta waited a moment, then took the stick, pressed the end of it against the girls cute little nipple, and turned it on.

  The shock from the cattle prod coursed immediately through Olivia, throwing her back onto the floor. The contact was only for a split second but the explosion of pain continued, pulsing out from her nipple. Olivias body went through a quick spasm on the floor, drool running from her mouth as Mehmet bent down to right her, and supporting her whilst she regained the use of her legs. Olivias eyes stared straight at the prod, then moved over to her torturer.

  “Do as youre told,” Greta snapped, “or youll get an even worse shock. Now beg to lick my cunt.”

  Olivia was still trying to recover from the shock, when she was hit by this. The pain from the prod had torn through her instantly, a pain worse than she had ever experienced. And now, whilst still trying to recover from the violent shock, and whilst her nipple still throbbed where the contact had been made, she had a job to do. Said so flatly and without emotion, it took a split second for Olivia to register what was being asked of her. The sheer vulgarity of the language used by Greta threw the young girl, as much as the act she was being asked to preform shock her. It was not something she had ever considered doing previously, but everything under these circumstances was different. She already knew she had no choice, that she would have to comply, but upon seeing Greta raise the prod again she didnt hesitate.

  “Please,” Olivia began, pausing for a moment while she tried to come to terms with what she was about to say.

“Go on.”

  “Please let me…..l-l-l...l-l.”

“Spit it out bitch.”

  “P-p-please let me l-l-lick your c-c-cu-unt…”

As Olivia trailed off, thinking she had done what was asked of her, Greta moved quickly to raise the cattle prod to the girls other nipple and once again released a powerful electric shock. Once again Olivia was thrown to the floor, but this time Hasan gave her no chance to writhe on the floor and picked her still jerking body up immediately.

  “Address me appropriately, cunt.”

Olivia didnt think she could take another shock, and so didnt hesitate for a moment.

“Please let me lick your cunt, mistress.”

“You have my permission.”

Desperate to avoid further punishment, Olivia wasted little in time in attempting to appease her tormentor. Shuffling forward on her knees, she positioned her innocent face just centimetres from the womans crotch. Tentatively, Olivia pushed her tongue out of her mouth until the tip just rested on Gretas lips. Slowly, Olivia moved it up and down, gradually allowing more and more of her tongue to touch the womans pussy. Greta lay back, savouring the sensation of the hot tongue on her cunt, but also to allow the girl to pleasure her all by herself. Olivia worked slowly, still trying to get used to what she was being forced to do. Although she had never done it before she was almost pleasantly surprised, for given Gretas personality her sex was very clean, and so as the girl moved her tongue up and down faster and faster, it was not the horrendous experience she had initially envisaged.

  Greta, however, was becoming bored. The girls tentative forays onto her lips were dull and only mildly arousing, the girls nerves and inexperience manifesting as a lacklustre effort to stimulate her. More than that, she wanted this to be a bad experience for the girl, for her to suffer during it, and she was quite sure that wasnt the case now. She signalled to Mehmet, who quickly disappeared into the back of the room. Then she pulled Olivias head up from her crotch.

  “Your attempts to please your mistress are insulting,” Greta snapped, anger seemingly present in her voice, “and so you must be punished. What Mehmet has here is an extremely hot chilli sauce. That may not sound very scary to you, but it is far too hot to be eaten safely, especially by you weak English girls. And this isnt going in your mouth. Mehmet will shove a great big handful right up your cunt. It will burn. It will burn so much you will want to scream in pain. But you wont. Instead you will lick me. You will make me cum. The quicker you do that, the quicker the pain in your pussy will be relieved. Do you understand?”

  Olivia nodded, tears streaming down her face.

“Answer properly.”

“Yes mistress…,” she sobbed.

“Now ask Mehmet nicely.”

Olivia could scarcely believe she had to beg to be tortured, but she knew that from what she had seen already that this was no joke. Looking over toward Mehmet, she could see him smearing a handful of the red mixture onto one gloved hand, and smiling as he did it. Swallowing yet more of her pride, Olivia accepted the inevitable.

“Please, master,” Olivia whispered, not quite sure what words to say next, “put the chilli on my vagina.”

“No, no, on your cunt.”

“P-p-please, master, put the chilli on my c-c-cunt.”

Mehmet obliged instantly, bending down with his gloved hand and quickly smearing the paste onto the girls sensitive lips. He worked his hand around, making sure to cover her entire pussy, working his hand up so he got as deep into her pussy as possible. Already Olivia could feel a tingling feeling over her pussy lips and with each passing second the sensation grew stronger and stronger. By the time Mehmet had finished working in the paste, the tingle had turned to a steady pain, and within a few more seconds it felt like her pussy was on fire. As the paste around her clit and inside her cunt began to take effect, and the burning sensation took on a new level of intensity, Olivia screamed in pain. Almost instantly Greta thrust her face deep into her cunt.

  Olivia was still trying to scream as she was thrust forward at Gretas crotch. The pain in her own pussy was unbelievable; it felt quite literally that somebody had set fire to her sex. Wave after wave of burning pain shot through her body from her crotch, like nothing she had ever experienced before. All the while she knew that she needed to bring her mistress off in order to stop the searing pain, and so even through her screams she sought to pleasure her. Darting her tongue out much more frantically now, licking like a woman possessed. She moved her tongue up and down Gretas pussy lips, darting it inside occasionally to try and find her clit, working slavishly to try to elicit a response. It didnt take long before her work paid off, as soon Gretas pussy was covered in a thin film of moisture. But that wasnt what was on Olivias mind. Her hips were bucking desperately as she tried everything to alleviate the pain in her pussy, unable to spread her legs at all or reach around there was little she could do. All she could do to end the burning was to make her mistress cum.

Greta shut her eyes as she savoured her little slaves efforts on her pussy. The frantic darting of her tongue over her sex was heaven, and coupled with the vibrations every time the girl screamed it was absolute ecstasy. Greta pushed her head as far into her cunt as it would go, trying to force the girl to penetrate as deeply as possible, only occasionally letting go to allow her a moment to breathe. With one hand firmly locked in her hair, the other moved down to the girls nipple, and with each scream from Olivia or dart with her tongue, Greta would pinch and tug o it, trying to cause as much pain as possible. For it was not merely the mechanical motion of Olivias mouth on her pussy that was bringing Greta off. Knowing that she was in a world of pain herself, that the burning sensation in her pussy was almost unbearable, was enough to make Greta wet all by itself. Coupled with the scenes of the rapes and whippings from earlier, and a quick glance at Hollys pained face and clamped udders, Greta barely required Olivias attentions.

“Thats it whore, lick your mistress.”

As her pussy grew wetter and wetter, Greta began to thrust her hips forward into Olivias face, forcing her tongue even deeper. Olivia was licking furiously now, as if the pain in her crotch were directly driving her mouths movements. Greta continued to shower obscenities down on Olivia, calling her every name under the sun, but her senses were too overloaded to hear any of them. With each passing moment both women grew more animated, Olivias hips bucking wildly as her tongue worked frantically, Greta fucking the girls face with increasing force, as well as tugging harder and harder on Olivias sore nipple. The sucking and muffled screams that came from Gretas cunt were soon being drowned out by the moans from Gretas mouth, as she wrapped her legs tightly around Olivias head forcing the girls tongue ever deeper into her, and so her whole world was Gretas cunt and the fire in her own.

  As her orgasm approached, Greta flung herself forward, sending Olivia spiralling back toward the floor and landing painfully on her wrists. After a moment to readjust, Greta was now straddling the girls face, bouncing her pussy up and down on the girls tongue, both hands reaching round to painfully abuse the girls nipples. Olivia could barely breathe as the womans full weight descended on her face, and her tongue worked feverishly as she tried desperately to bring the woman off and end her own torment. Gretas pussy was so wet now that her juices were cascading over Olivias face, making breathing even more difficult. Greta lifted her cunt off the girl for just a second, allowing her to regain her breath, then plunged down for the final act. Bucking her hips frantically up and down on the girls face, and with her fingers torturing the girls nipples, Greta moved to the edge of her orgasm. Pulling up with her hands to give Olivia as much pain in her tits as possible, Greta leaned back as her hips bucked wildly with the throes of her climax. She shrieked loudly, bellowing out a stream of German, as a stream of her juice squirted out all over Olivias face. Pushing her pussy down as hard as she could on the girls face, Greta acted out the final spasms of her climax on Olivias poor tortured nipples, pulling, twisting and pinching them with tremendous force, until when she finally released, the girls gorgeous full tits were topped by two very angry red marks.

  Even now that Greta had cum all over her face, Olivias torment had not ended. She was still finding it difficult to breathe, with the womans crotch pressed tightly over her mouth and nose. Her nipples were throbbing with pain, still not recovered from Mehmets assault, the shocking and then Gretas brutality had turned her sweet little nipples into sensitive nubs of pain. But all this was nothing compared to the pain in her pussy. It had only grown stronger and stronger as shed licked Gretas cunt, and even now the ordeal was over her hips were still bucking frantically, although all this achieved was banging her arse cheeks against the stone floor. Her entire crotch was absolutely on fire, and now that she didnt have Gretas cunt in her face her screaming could resume as before. Her cries filled the room, drowning out the whimpers of Holly with her clamped nipples, and Gretas panting. The German had hoped to make the girl thank her and beg to be relieved, but she could tell that was impossible. Quickly she signalled to the two men, who lifted the hysterical girl up off the floor and onto the heavy set wooden table. They sliced through the rope that held her ankles together and quickly, fighting against her instincts to lash out and relieve the pain, secured her legs to different legs of the table, displaying her red raw cunt. As Mehmet smeared another gloved hand with a soothing and cooling cream, Greta held up her hand and walked over to the girls face. She stared down at it for a moment, relishing the obvious and excruciating pain on her features, before clamping her hand down on her mouth, muffling her wailing.

  “For doing such a good job, whore,” Greta spoke loud enough for everybody in the room to hear, “I will reward you. You may choose which of your friends gets tortured next. I wont tell you what it is; just that it will be tremendously painful. Only when you have chosen will you be relieved. So choose.”

  Olivia could only just hear what Greta was saying to her, and could only just about process it over the screams of her pussy and inside her head. Both her friends had already undergone terrible punishment, Lucy being raped anally and orally, as well as having her arse thrashed, whilst Holly had been whipped brutally across her breasts, which now had heavy clamps on them, whilst she had also had her virginity taken in the most obscene and brutal way possible. She couldnt believe she would have to choose which of her best friends she would have to elect to receive whatever terrible punishment was next. And yet she already knew her decision. She knew one of the girls was stronger, and that whatever the torture was she would be more able to take it. Reluctantly, she looked up at Greta, signifying she had made her choice.

  “Since you are unable to talk, I will say the names of your fellow slaves, and you will nod your head. So, will it be Tits?”

  Olivia stared blankly at her torturer, still unable to comprehend exactly what was happening to them.

  “No? Well then it will have to be Whore?”

  Olivia closed her eyes as she nodded her head slowly, unable to look at either her captor or her friend.

  “Very well. I hope you enjoyed your reward. Now you may be relieved.”

With that Mehmet and Hasan applied the lotion to Olivias pussy. They worked as thoroughly as they had when applying the chilli in the first place, working it in to every nook and cranny, both around her clit and deep inside her pussy. Much like the original paste it took a while to work, but when it had started it worked quickly, and soon the relief washed over Olivias body like pure ecstasy. After a few minutes the burning in her pussy turned into a slight tingle, barely uncomfortable, and Olivia was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief. Tears still slipped from her eyes onto her face, but the screams had stopped and just for a moment Olivia felt everything would be just fine. That was until she was awoken by a swift slap across her tits.

  “What do you say, bitch?”

  “T-t-thank you, m-m-masters.”


“T-thank you, mistress.”

“Show your appreciation.”

Olivia turned to one side to see Gretas still dripping pussy inches from her face. Without having to be told what to do, she stretched her head and shoulders over and gave the lips a little tender kiss, as if she were kissing a lover. It, more than being face fucked by the very same cunt, made her feel nauseous.

“Theres a good little whore,” Greta said, patting her on the head as she did it, “Now lets get her stretched and gagged and move on.”

  Mehmet and Hasan worked quickly, not giving Olivia any chance to react. The two men undid her feet from their bondage and pulled them even further, stretching them so much that it hurt. Once again, they moved up to her hands, ignoring her whimpers for mercy, and stretched them obscenely as well, so she thought her shoulders would pop out of her sockets. She was then gagged, and for a moment left completely helpless. Then Greta suddenly turned round and looked at her.

  “Maybe it isnt fair that this slave,” she pulled down on one of the clamps on Hollys tits, “has some jewellery on her melons and that cunt has nothing. Clamp her.”

  Mehmet went immediately into the darkness, while Hasan went straight over and began massaging Olivias tortured nipples. Smaller than Hollys, they were difficult to get erect, and so perhaps too satisfy his own lust as well, Hasan bent down to suck them, kneading her tit flesh as he did. Meanwhile Mehmet returned with an identical pair of vicious clamps, and as soon as Hasan had brought one cute little nipple to erection, clamped the sharp teeth onto it. He quickly repeated the process with her other tit, until both her nipples, atop her fulsome tits stretched against her body, were white from the vicious clamps. Hasan and Mehmet gave both a little wiggle to ensure they were firmly in position, as well as to torture Olivia some more, and then turned round to carry out Gretas next instructions.

Whilst the two men had been affixing the clamps to Olivias boobs, Greta had been playing with Holly. She found nothing more satisfactory in the world than torturing these big titted babes, and she was going to very much enjoy doing it to this one. Indeed of all of these three girls, this was the one she wanted to feel the most pain. Luckily for her, she could already sense that Holly was the weakest of the three sluts, and so she would be able to easily carry out her will. While she wouldnt let any of the girls feel left out, these udders would be bearing the brunt of her wrath. She tugged down on the girls nipples as these thoughts ran through her head, relishing the whimpers from her little whore mouth. She had said she was going to torture the slender whore first, but she just couldnt resist hurting this one first. She gestured over to the men, who were almost immediately over to her.

  “Dont worry Whore, dont feel left out,” Greta spoke to Lucy, kicking her hard on her rump to make sure she was awake, “but Tits here is going to help us decide something.”

  Upon hearing this Hasan and Mehmet knew exactly what to do, and quickly moved to unhook her arms, still locked behind her back in her strappado, and Hasan held her against his body, his hands resting under her tits. For a time, the clamps were taken off of Hollys tits, and there was a moment of relief as her nipples were free from the assault of the jaws. However, a split second later the blood began to flow back into her nipples, the pain came back almost as bad as before, and only Hasans tight grip around her chest kept her from writhing on to the floor. Mehmet turned round and took two modified clothes pegs, with a ring on the end just like the clamps, and waiting very little time, clipped the pegs onto Hollys swollen nipples. Working typically quickly, Mehmet then tied a thin length of strong string to the rings on the pegs. Mehmet then took two more pegs, and with Hollys curious doe eyes looking on both terrified and intrigued, he bent down at her cunt. With her legs still tied to prevent her from kicking out, Mehmet loosened the rope slightly so he could access her pussy. Taking a lip in one hand, Mehmet clamped the peg onto the soft sensitive flesh, drawing a tortured whimper from the girl. He repeated the procedure on her other lip, so that her pussy was slightly splayed, but more crucially her lips were pinched hard. With Hasans help, lifting Holly mostly by her tits, Mehmet passed the string over a beam that was suspended from the ceiling. Mehmet pulled hard on the string from the other side, in the process lifting Holly up by her nipples. Bending down, Mehmet then passed the string through the pegs on the girls pussy lips, and pulled them till they were just right, and tied them tightly. Once hed done, both he and Hasan stepped back. Hollys weight was now almost entirely supported by her tits and her cunt lips, with only the very tips of her toes touching the floor. Holly squealed as instantly the pain in her nipples grew worse, and it was accompanied by the new pain on her sex. Greta moved up to the newly bound girl, and pulled lightly on the string.

“Very nice,” Greta continued to play with her toy as she spoke, “just what these udders were meant for. Heres the game whore. Whichever clothes peg falls off first, we will pierce you there. If when weve finished with your friend, all four are still attached, we shall spare you, for now. Though I think youll look good with some more permanent jewellery. Enjoy cunt.”

  Giving the string one more tug, and stealing one more glance at the girls giant stretched tits and her elongated pussy lips, and then moved over to Lucy. She walked around the bent over body of the young woman, running her long fingernails over her womanly back and arse. Moving back the other way, she moved right alongside her head, and yanked her up by her hair.

  “Now, its your turn,” Greta relished the venom with which she spoke, instilling the proud girl with fear, “and dont worry, you wont feel left out. Seen as your fellow slave chose you, we wouldnt want to disappoint you. And seen as you are such a whore, I have something very appropriate for you. All you English girls love to fuck and cum, but your hedonistic ways end here. Prepare her.”

  Hasan moved over to Lucy and began to undo her bondage, whilst Mehmet moved into the background, obviously fetching another heinous device. Having undone her legs first, and the strap across her back, Hasan finally undid her arms and then pulled her up from under her armpits. Meanwhile, Mehmet had returned with the next torture device. It was another heavy set piece of wooden furniture, this time a mighty looking chair. As expected, it was resplendent with buckles and straps, obviously designed to hold the unfortunate victim tightly. There were a number of wires and clips that came off the chair, but the biggest feature was just below the seat. Connect by wires and what looked like a hydraulic mechanism, was a giant dildo, at least as thick as Hasans massive cock. It looked to be made of plastic, but it was hugely detailed, covered in fake veins. Just behind it was a smaller phallus, but still substantial, that made it clear what was about to happen. Lucy writhed frantically away from Hasan, but he was just too strong. Once Mehmet had positioned the chair directly between Olivia and Holly, he aided Hasan as they strapped Lucy to the chair.

  Lucy tried as best she could to struggle away from the two men, but they were far too powerful for her slender body. Handling her roughly, the two men slammed her down on the hard wood, and quickly set about securing her in place, with straps running round her wrists, her ankles, across her stomach, around her head and over her thighs. Strapped in she looked like she were going to the electric chair, a scenario that was not lost on Lucy. She continued to panic as Mehmet and Hasan adjusted the device under the seat, making sure to line it up with both her holes. Whilst Lucy couldnt look down to see what they were doing, she could feel the gap in the wood underneath her two holes, both of which were exposed as her legs were spread to each of the legs. She felt the larger dick come into contact briefly with the lips of her pussy and flinched at the prospect of what was to come. Whilst Hasan was making just a few more minor adjustments, Mehmet positioned himself in front of Lucy, smiling at her the whole time as he brought two thin wires into her eye line. Showing her the crocodile clips at the end of each one, he slowly brought them down to her pert little tits, and clamped one onto each nipple. Lucy, the only one of the girls who hadnt been clamped yet, yelped in pain, but any sound was muffled by her gag. Having finished setting the poor girl up for whatever ordeal lay in store, the two men backed away.

  Lucy could do nothing but look straight ahead. She had been tightly strapped to the chair in much the same places she had been strapped to the horse, her wrists and ankles were already sore, and so she was in pain just sitting there. Also sore before this had been her nipples, the pounding Hasan had given her arse had ground them into the wood. But now the pain was more intense. The jaws of the clips bit down into her tender flesh savagely, although she could not tell if they had broken the skin. What worried her more though were the wires emanating from them. Her arse cheeks throbbed from the beating they had taken, and the part of them that was against the wood hurt even more. But the part without any wood, the part that was exposed to those two giant cocks below, that was what worried Lucy. As this was running through her head, Lucy could see Greta move toward her. Her practiced strut toward the bound girl immediately instilled terror into her, and this was exactly the effect the German had hoped for.

  “Very nice,” Greta looked up and down at Lucy, seemingly pleased with what she saw, “very nice indeed. Now at first you might find this pleasurable, for you are such a little English whore. But trust me, soon you will not. Soon you will be in delicious agony. I hope you are sitting uncomfortably. Yes? Then we shall begin.”

  Lucy was perplexed and had no idea what was going on as Greta nodded to Hasan, who flicked a remote in his hand. Almost instantly the cock that was just touching her pussy lips arched violently upwards and buried itself in her cunt. Simultaneously, the smaller but not insignificant dick behind it pushed into her abused arsehole. Lucy had not time to adjust to the sensation of both her holes being filled though, as both of the cocks started to buzz frantically. Within seconds Lucy was lost, the pleasure emanating from her crotch almost overwhelming. Her whole body began to shake as the two cocks whirred inside her, her pussy lips already moistening, her hips trying to buck against them to no avail. Lucy tried to throw her head back but couldnt, but for some reason she was oblivious of her situation, all she could feel was the buzzing of the dildos inside her, as she closed her eyes and bit down on the gag. With little over a minute gone, Lucy began to approach her climax. Moaning from behind her gag, Lucy could feel nothing but the pleasure of the violent vibration in her cunt and arse, and the onrushing climax of pleasure that was about to wash….


  Lucys pleasure turned in an instant into pain. The sudden electric shock seemed to course through her entire body, from the clamps on her nipples through to her hands and feet, positioned on small electrodes that she hadnt seen. The chair was so cunningly designed with wires and contact points so as to make sure the current bypassed any vital organs, but Lucy had no idea. The two cocks had whipped themselves out of her orifices immediately, but Lucy couldnt even notice. She was convinced she was going to die, as her whole body went into spasm. Almost as quickly as it had ended, the shock stopped, and the two dicks were thrust back into her again. Once again a pleasure filled her crotch, but it was a pleasure tinged with pain, her whole body still screaming from the shock. Her natural instincts made her respond once again to the pleasurable sensations, but now her mind was almost certain what was to happen when she reached her climax once again. As much as she wished to resist it though, her body gave in, and soon she was right on the precipice of another fierce orgasm.

  Greta watched with glee as the second powerful shock ran through Lucy. Though she had found the first shock the most enjoyable, knowing as she did how surprised the girl would have been, she also knew that with each cycle the pain grew more intense. Each shock was of the same intensity but it had more effect each time, and also made the brief interludes of pleasure more and more painful. Greta couldnt help but allow her fingers to drift down to her pussy as she saw the pain in the girls eyes after the third shock. She looked across at Holly, just to check how she was getting on. All four pegs were still in place for now, but Greta would make sure that wasnt the case for long. She looked across at Olivia, who was still clearly suffering from the clamps on her nipples and the residual heat from her pussy. Everywhere Greta looked she could see a girl in pain at her own hand, and just the very thought of that almost brought her to climax.

  Meanwhile Lucy felt like she was going mad. Five times she had almost reached her climax; five times she had been rudely pulled out of it by a savage electric shock. Sweat cascaded off her body, her pussy was so wet it was dripping into a huge puddle on the floor. Once again the two cocks rammed themselves into her, and Lucy groaned as she knew what was coming. There was no pleasure any more, just pain as they buzzed viciously in her cunt and arse, and as much as she tried to resist, her body still responded. Once more she was taken to the very edge, and then came the inevitable shock. Each time the pain increased, and Lucy was pretty sure she couldnt take any more without going insane. Her body was permanently shaking, her eyes were held wide open in sheer terror, not knowing when this was going to stop. As the dildos forced themselves back into her gaping holes, the tears rolled like waterfalls down her cheeks.

   Greta took another look at the suffering Lucy, and turned her attentions to Holly. She knew Lucy couldnt take much more without going insane, and that would be useless, as it was no fun torturing a girl who had lost her mind. She knew that from experience. And so as she allowed Lucy just a couple more goes on her own electric chair, Greta moved over to Holly. The girl was clearly in pain. Her eyes were wide with the strain of trying to balance her weight perfectly between her tits and her pussy, her whole body shaking slightly from the effort it took. She had done rather well to go this long, but Greta had already decided what she wanted to do. She moved her hands over the girls back, feeling the muscles beneath the skin twitch with the exertion. Her hands continued, moving up her neck and onto her face, her touch as gentle as can be as she circled the girl. Finally she stood in front of her, and Holly couldnt help but try to look at her, terrified as to what she might do.

  “Youre doing very well. Much better than your friend over there.”

  Greta gestured with her hand, and Hollys eyes followed, flinching as she saw the pain etched on Lucys face. She did not know exactly what was happening to her, but to see her strong friend so reduced was crushing.

“But alas it is for nothing. You should know by now I dont play fair. I want to hurt you, and I will. Im sure by now you can guess where.”

  Greta leaned forward and stroked Hollys right breast, and almost immediately Holly knew what was coming. Taking a moment to relish the look of realisation on the girls face, Greta took her hand back and brought it crashing into the soft flesh, just below the nipple. At once the clothes peg flew off, immediately followed by the one on the other nipple. Holly was sent to the floor, the clothes pegs still locked on her pussy lips, her hands still tied behind her back, her tits still aching all over, her nipples exploding with pain as the blood rushed back to them. Greta stood over her, and kicked her hard in the stomach. As Holly tried her best to double up and protect herself, Gretas boot cannoned into her tits. Yet more tears streamed down Hollys face, and Greta booted her boobs a few more times for good measure. Leaving the girl sobbing on the floor, the German went over to Lucy.

  “One more?” Hasan asked, knowing full well that Lucy was near the end of her tether.


Lucy was just reaching the climax of yet another orgasm, with no pleasure whatsoever this time, just pain. As she reached the crest and the shock cut in again, and Hasan flicked a switch. The shock continued, and the sheer agony had Lucy screaming as hard as she possibly could into her gag. But, fully expecting another two pronged assault from below, Lucy was relieved beyond measure to find that the machine had been cut off. Her body was still in spasm and dripping with sweat, and she had aches and pains all over, but at least that particular ordeal was over for now. It was only a couple of seconds after the machine had stopped that she realised her cunt was on fire, desperate for release, and so she tried desperately to bring herself off. But it was to no avail. There was a pool of her juices underneath the chair, and every part of her sex was throbbing, but there was nothing she could do about it.

“Horny slut,” laughed Mehmet.

“Look at all her juices, whore,” Hasan joined in, making Lucy feel even more worthless. Greta came up to her, once again getting right in her face, tugging on her nipple clamps to get her attention.

“You see, whore, this belongs to me,” she spat, her hand reaching down and roughly grabbing the girls cunt, just for a moment, “and only I decide when it can cum. Your days of whoring for pleasure are over. The only pleasure you get to have is that which you give us, or that we allow you to have.”

  Greta left Lucy in her chair, and gestured to the two men. Taking a quick look around the room, they knew instantly what they were being asked to do. Both went over to Olivia lying prone on the wooden table, and undid her bonds, carrying her into the middle of the room. Fixing her wrists behind her back, though leaving her legs free, they hooked her into the same position Holly had been in for so long, with her weight being held on her shoulders. Olivia had been in something of a daze since her ordeal, but this manhandling quickly woke her up, and the pain in her shoulders ensured she wouldnt be dozing off again. Once she was in position, Mehmet took the weights that had been hanging from Hollys nipple clamps and hooked them onto Olivias, stretching her beautiful breasts painfully. Now the two men turned their attentions toward Holly. She had hardly moved since she had been sent crashing to the floor by Greta, and she was picked up with ease. Hasan grabbed the girls legs, while Mehmets moved his hands under her arms, and of course, rested them underneath her tits. She was carried over to the table, and dropped onto it like a piece of meat. Mehmet took a knife and reached under her body, cutting the rope which held her arms, and then pulled them up to the top of the table, stretching her and securing her in place, the whole time staring at her bouncing, but still sore tits. Meanwhile, Hasan did the same with her legs, spreading them wide to display her newly penetrated pussy, and painfully stretching the girl as if she were on a rack. Mehmet couldnt help but be mesmerised by the girls chest, her mounds still sticking up high even on her stretched, prone body, with only the tiniest hint of sag to the side. He gave them a swift but vicious slap, one on each globe, admiring the way they wobbled from side to side. Greta marched toward the table.

  “Fetch my kit,” she snapped as she looked down at her victim for the next few minutes. She too was mesmerised by Hollys tits, so pert despite their size, though with her the main emotion was one of anger. Without seeming to expend any effort at all, Greta got onto the table, and straddled Holly across her stomach, looking directly into her eyes. Holly was terrified, not knowing for sure what was going to happen next, though she had heard it a couple of times. She looked into the womans piercing eyes, the lack of emotion even scarier. Greta almost smiled at her, before bringing her open right hand down hard on her right breast. Holly had been expecting it, but the savagery of the blow on her tender globes was still exceptionally painful. More followed, the slaps echoing around the room, as Mehmet and Hasan, who was carrying a small leather bag, looked on. Having delivered five blows to each breast, Greta turned her attention to the abused nubs that topped them, twisting pulling and pinching them painfully whilst Holly squirmed underneath. After just a couple of minutes, Greta paused for a moment, looking down at Hollys big pleading eyes. She then bent over slightly, squeezing Hollys tits together, before taking one of her sore nipples into her mouth. Tenderly she began to suck it, using her teeth lightly against it to stimulate the sensitive nub. Soon the nipple was standing to attention, against the wishes of its owner, and Greta moved across to the other tit, sucking that nipple hard as well. Moving back up again, Greta rolled both nipples between her fingers, keeping them hard, while she looked across at Hasan.

  Hasan brought up the leather bag and placed it down on the table. He opened it out, for it was similar to one a doctor or butcher might carry their tools in, and showed it to Greta. Holly leaned across hoping to get a glimpse of what was in there, but both her tits and Greta got in the way. Greta reached down and took a long thin needle, and two silver rings in her hands, before turning back and looking Holly right in the eyes, smiling at the pain she was going to inflict on her. She brought the needle up so that Holly could see it, and her reaction was immediate. Frantically she moved from side to side, desperate to shake Greta off and stop what she was going to do, but her bonds were too tight, and all she succeeded in doing was wiggling her body slightly. Gleefully Greta brought the needle to Hollys right nipple, toying with the nub slightly as she drank in the fear in the girls big eyes.

“Stay still cunt, or this will hurt a lot more.

  Greta grabbed hold of Hollys right tit so her nipple was pointing straight up, and then pushed the needle through it slowly, increasing the pain as she moved it forward painfully slow. Holly wailed into her gag as Greta pierced her flesh, quickly and skilfully pushing the metal all the way through and quickly replacing it with a small ring. Greta gave her no time to get used to her new jewellery, and roughly clamped her hand on the other globe. Once again the German passed the needle through the poor girls nipple, and quick as a flash inserted another metal ring. Greta leaned back slightly and admired her handiwork, those luscious mounds topped by two shiny silver rings. She tugged hard on them, enjoying the tears running down her slaves face as her newly pierced tits were abused further. After abusing her tits for a good five minutes, twisting pulling and squeezing them brutally as she savoured the look of anguish on Hollys face, Greta suddenly stopped and stood up on the table. Reaching up to the ceiling, she pulled down two thin wires with little hooks attached, and brought them down to Hollys chest. Carefully she clipped each one onto one of the rings, then released slowly. The wires, on little pulleys, moved back up toward the ceiling, stretching Hollys tits up by the nipples. Whilst there was no danger of the rings tearing through her nipples, Greta had made sure of that, her globes were now painfully stretched into a sort of cone shape. Greta admired her handiwork for a moment then signalled to Mehmet and Hasan.

  The two men sprang into action. Mehmet disappeared into the back of the room, while Hasan walked over to where Lucy still sat in her chair, still desperately trying to get herself off. Hasan smiled as her undid first the clamps from her nipples, then each of her bonds in turn, before finally undoing those that held her wrists. Once he had untied her he took hold of her wrists and dragged her over to the table before forcing her onto her knees, keeping her wrists firmly in his grasp. Meanwhile Mehmet emerged from the darkness, and Holly looked over to see what implement was going to be used to torture her next. She winced when she saw. Mehmet held in his hands a long thin cane, a short paddle, and a huge strap on. Holly panicked, but she knew there was nothing she could do to stop whatever they had in mind. Greta seemed to ignore Mehmets delivery, and walked straight over to Lucy.

  “Look at me,” Greta snapped, and when Lucy didnt respond immediately she slapped her hard across the face, the sound echoing around the room. Lucy immediately looked up at Greta, her eyes immediately filled with tears, her hips still gyrating fruitlessly.

  “I see youre still horny, whore,” Greta continued, “Well maybe if youre good we can do something about that. If you do exactly what I say, exactly, then you will have your release. And if you try to relieve yourself before time, you know the consequences.”

  Greta forced Lucys head round so she was looking at Olivia, whom Mehmet had moved over to and now held his knife in the familiar position by her nipple, ready to slice it off at a moments notice. Lucy gulped, knowing how hard it would be for her to resist touching herself, yet knowing she must. Greta stared at her, then nodded at Hasan, who reached down with one hand and unclipped Lucys gag. Lucy took a second to acclimatise, before looking straight back up at Greta.

  “Do you understand?”

  “Yes mistress.”

  “Good, follow me.”

Greta moved round to where Mehmet had laid down the toys, and picked up the long thin cane. She brought it swishing through the air a few times, making sure everyone, including Holly, knew what was about to happen. She brought it to Hollys upright breasts, brushing it up and down her soft flesh so she was in no doubt of the pain she was in store for. Greta clicked her fingers toward Lucy, who shuffled toward her on her knees obediently. Once there, Greta positioned the girl between her and the table, making sure she was staring directly into her crotch.

  “Now whore, you will lick my cunt while I thrash your friends udders.”

  Greta looked down at Lucy, who stared up at her wide eyed, before doing what she knew she had to do. Like Olivia she had never done it before, but she knew there would be so many firsts down in this basement that she simply got on with it. Not wasting any time she pressed her tongue against Gretas pussy, her lips still slightly open and moist from Olivias attention. As soon as she felt Lucy was getting on well with her task, Greta brought the cane swinging through the air and straight into Hollys tits.

  The sound of the wood on soft flesh echoed loudly around the room. As soon as it made contact a long red stripe emerged on Hollys abused mounds. To go with the crack of the cane, a muffled tortured scream rang out from Hollys mouth. Lucy heard what was going on, and felt such shame that she was pleasuring this woman as she tortured her friend, but she knew she had no choice. Greta smiled as she brought the cane down once more on Holly. She had two beautiful girls with her now, one taking the full force of her sadistic pleasures, the other tonguing her pussy. She thought for a moment of having Olivia over so all three were pleasuring her, but she decided to leave that for another day. As she brought the cane down once more, Greta allowed herself a slight groan of pleasure as Lucys tongue worked surprisingly skilfully on her already moist sex.

  Lucy tried her best to ignore what was happening above her as she focused entirely on Gretas cunt, hoping that by making her cum she could end her friends suffering and hopefully receive permission to cum herself. Her sex was still throbbing with desire and her hips were gyrating involuntarily, but she knew the last thing she could do was to touch herself. Instead, whilst the sounds of the cane thrashing Hollys chest again and again rang out around the room, Lucy used every trick she could think of to pleasure Greta. She ran her tongue up and down the outer lips, buried it inside, sucked the womans clit into her mouth. Whatever she could think of she did in a desperate attempt to end this nightmare. As she worked she felt Gretas free hand, the one that wasnt horribly thrashing Hollys tits, move to the back of head and slowly force her deeper and deeper into her cunt. Allied with this, Greta began to thrust her hips into Lucys face as the pleasure began to build.

  Meanwhile Mehmet was having his own fun. Standing next to Olivia in case of Lucys disobedience he decided it was a little unfair for her to be left out, and so decided to hurt her as well. He pulled back on her hair so that she was looking straight into his eyes and began to slap her perfect perky tits with his free hand, first softly and the progressively harder, until the sound of his hand crashing into her was just about audible, even with the cane. Greta looked over at Mehmet to see what was happening, and smiled as she watched him abuse her slave. She had definitely taught him well. As well as slapping her tits, Mehmet also played with Olivias clamped nipples, pulling and tugging on each one alternately, all the time making sure she was looking directly into his eyes.

  This went on for several minutes, each girl being tortured in a different way, sounds of slaps, cracks and muffled screams ringing around the room. Soon Gretas juices were flowing freely, and she decided it was time to move to the next stage. Abruptly she stopped thrashing Holly, tossed the cane to Hasan, and dragged Lucy up by her hair till she was at eye level. She dragged her away a few paces, just as Hasan continued with the cane torture. Once she was far enough away, Greta whispered menacingly in Lucys ear.

“Now if you wish to be relieved you must continue to obey me. Now it is you who will torture Tits. You will be given a strap on, with which you will fuck her cunt. You will also be given a paddle, with which you will beat her tits. You will not say a word to her. You will not mouth a word to her. You will remain stone faced. She will be licking my cunt, but I will be watching your actions carefully. If you cum before I allow it, Blondie loses a nipple. If you do not beat those tits enthusiastically, Blondie loses a nipple. You have seen how we have tortured you. Now you will do the same. Understood?”

  Lucy was stunned and shaken, but her answer was immediate.

  “Yes mistress.”

The two women walked back to the table, where Hasan had just dropped the cane and fetched the rest of the equipment. Tears welled up in Lucys eyes as she saw Holly. The underside of her tits were now a vibrant red, covered with streaks all across them, in some places almost drawing blood. Lucy was sick at the idea she would have to cause her more pain. But she would. Hasan moved over to her and quickly attached the strap on, fitting it tightly over her cunt. It was only now it was on her that she could see how big and thick it was, and she felt even sicker. Hasan handed her the paddle, which she took grudgingly, and then moved over to untie Hollys legs. She lay still even without the bonds, too scared even to move. Hasan also undid the belt across her stomach, meaning her whole bottom half could be manoeuvred into any position. He next moved to her tits and unhooked the pieces of wire, which shot upwards, and her breasts fell back into their gorgeous natural position. Finally Hasan moved to her head, and with one finger on his lips telling her to stay quiet, he undid her gag. Holly remained quite, all too aware that any sound she made would only worsen her plight. Greta gestured to Lucy.

  It was all Lucy could do not to burst into tears, or to shout her apologies to Holly. But she knew she mustnt. She approached the table slowly, only delaying the inevitable. The room was strangely silent, even Mehmet had stopped toying with Olivia to watch the show. As she neared the table Hasan patted it, signalling her to get onto it. This Lucy did. She was on her knees between Hollys legs, the tip of the dildo swinging slightly to and fro. She looked at Hollys face, and Holly looked back. With Hasan watching her closely she knew she could not even mouth what she wanted to say, but with her eyes she tried to convey how sorry she was. As she edged closer, Hasan grabbed Hollys legs and lifted them into the air. When Lucy was close enough that the dildo was just inches away, Hasan rested Hollys legs on Lucys shoulders, and gestured to Lucy to get on with it. Lucy obeyed. She shuffled forward quickly so that the dildo rested at the entrance to Hollys pussy, and taking one look at Greta, she looked down into Hollys eyes she pushed forward.

  Holly groaned as the long thick shaft of the dildo pushed into her tight cunt. It was slow going, for though she was no longer a virgin her vagina was still exceedingly tight, and gripped the plastic of the strap on like a vice. Lucy knew she had no choice but to bury it as far as it could go, so she leaned forward and forced it in, inevitably hurting Holly in the process. It wasnt long before she realised it could go no further. She was now leaning over Holly, bending her legs back on her, the paddle in one hand. Lucys hips pulled back, drawing the shaft of the dildo out, before pushing back in again slowly. Steadily Lucy began to thrust in and out of Holly, trying to cause as little pain as possible. Greta walked up to the table, and stared menacingly at Lucy, showing her displeasure. Lucy gulped, knowing that the time was now, and she raised her right hand.

  The sound of the paddle crashing into Hollys breast sickened Lucy to her very core, though not as much as the cry of pain her friend, no longer inhibited by the gag, let out. What made it worse was that she knew she would have to do it again. Pulling the strap on out as far as she could, so just the tip remained inside, Lucys next strike was accompanied by a hard thrust. The cry was even louder this time, but Lucy knew she could not stop. This time she moved her hand over to Hollys left breast, and with her next thrust brought the paddle down hard right on her newly pierced nipple. Hollys scream was piercing as her incredibly sore tits received yet more torture. Lucy though didnt stop. The pace of her thrusts began to increase steadily, as did the frequency of her blows with the paddle. She remained oblivious to Hollys screams, even when she begged for Lucy to stop, for she knew she had no choice. All her anger at the situation, every bit of hate she held for Greta and her two assistants, she poured into her assault on Holly. Before long she was pounding in and out of her friends pussy, and raining down blows on her sensitive tits with a ferocity that took even Greta by surprise.

  Holly screamed at the top of her voice as the paddle struck onto her sore left nipple. The pain she had endured over the last hours had been dreadful, especially the abuse to her tits, but as her best friend brought the paddle down on her much abused chest she was brought into a new world of pain. She looked up at her friend as another blow came crashing down and her pussy received another pounding. Lucy stared down into her eyes, and Holly was shocked by the maliciousness in her face, and the viciousness of her blows and thrusts. She had initially assumed Lucy was being told to hurt her, but now it seemed as if her friend wanted to torture and abuse her. Through the physical pain, the emotional pain as she watched her friend seemingly revel in her suffering. She had no idea how much this was hurting Lucy, to be the one inflicting this on her best friend. But to Holly each strike on her sensitive globes was just as much a blow to her heart.

  Now Lucy had taken to her task so well, Greta decided she could finish herself off on her toys face. She walked round to Hollys head and moved her hands either side of her innocent face. Holly looked up to see Gretas smiling face looking down, obviously thoroughly enjoying both girls suffering. Having drunk in the sounds of Hollys whimpers, she had lost the energy to scream, Greta moved effortlessly onto the table and without warning forced her cunt right into Hollys face. Whilst grinding her pussy into her face Greta looked up and winked at Lucy, as if both of them were enjoying the rape and torture of her friend. Holly could barely breathe as her mouth and nose were covered by Gretas cunt. Holly kept squealing as Lucy continued to pound into her pussy and beat her tits, but she didnt lick or do anything to bring Greta off.

“Whore,” Greta spoke to Lucy as if they were on the same side, “tell Tits to lick her mistresses cunt.”

  Lucy couldnt believe what she was going to have to say to Holly, for she knew from the look she had seen in Hollys eyes that she thought it was for real. And yet to save all of them, she would have to obey. She stopped fucking her for a moment, and reached down with her left hand to twist Hollys sensitive nipple, trying to get her attention.

  “Tits,” Lucy almost gagged on the words as they came out, “lick you mistress cunt.”

Holly couldnt believe her ears. Lucy had twisted her sore nipple, called her Tits, and then commanded her to lick the pussy of a woman who had been torturing her for hours. Tears streamed down her face at the ultimate betrayal of her friend, but she knew she had no choice. Must like Lucy had to do as she was told to save herself and her friends, so Holly now began to lap her tongue against Gretas dripping lips. Whilst she had none of the skill Lucy had shown, the fact Greta sat atop her allowed her to grind into her face, and so it wasnt long before waves of pleasure began to course through her. She signalled to Lucy, who began to fuck again, but as her hand was raised to bring the paddle down again Greta stopped her, asking for the paddle herself. Lucy handed it over, slightly relieved that she would not longer have to beat her friend. However, it meant the paddle was now in the hands of a sadist, and a sadist that loved torturing Holly.

  As Greta grinded her pussy into Hollys face, she wielded the paddle menacingly, before predictably bringing it crashing into Hollys flesh. She beat Hollys tit mercilessly, not pausing for even a second, whilst with her other she pulled and twister her newly pierced nipple. Her cunt juices mixed with Hollys tears as Greta got closer and closer toward her climax. She ground her pussy into Hollys face as if she were trying to force it down her throat, and if it were possible the speed and violence of her assault on those delicious mounds intensified. Lucy looked on in amazement as Gretas whole body began to shake with the waves of pleasure that coursed through her. Greta dropped the paddle as both her hands squeezed Hollys tits as hard as they possibly could, while her juices visibly cascaded down the poor girls face, threatening to drown her. She let out a huge shriek of pleasure, filling the room with the sound of her climax. After what seemed like an age the climax subsided and Greta slowly released Hollys breasts from her vice like grip, and shuffled back to allow Holly to breathe properly. Holly spluttered as she desperately filled her lungs with air. Greta stepped off the table and put her hands either side of Hollys face, bent down and shoved her tongue into her mouth. The invasion of her tongue into Hollys mouth was a perfect metaphor for the whole situation the girls found themselves in. Greta then stood back up and looked into Hollys pleading doe like eyes.

  “What do you say cunt?”

For a moment Holly had no idea what she meant, and she was filled with panic as she feared the backlash. Then it popped into her head, the thing Lucy and Olivia had been forced to say following each of their terrible tortures. Quickly Holly prepared herself, ready to utter the first words shed said during this whole ordeal.

  “T-t-than-an-n-k y-y-you, m-m-miss-tr-tress.”

“Properly Tits.”

“Thank you mistress.”

“Now, lick her.”

  Greta pointed at Lucy, who was still crouching with the dildo inside Hollys pussy, having stopped fucking as soon as Greta had begun her spectacular climax. The shame of what she had had to do to her friend had somewhat distracted her from how horny she was. Suddenly it all came flooding back, and as Hasan moved round to undo the strap on her hips began to gyrate again. Lucy knew she had no choice, that the only way she could get herself off, as well as hopefully end Hollys suffering. Slowly she edged over Hollys body, carefully putting her legs back down, before inching up her torso toward her friends face. Once her knees were either side of Hollys face, Lucy slowly lowered her pussy toward Hollys mouth, still taking care not to show any emotion which might get them even more hurt. She looked down into Hollys eyes as her pussy lips came into contact with her lips, and she felt sickened at the shame written all over her friends face as she flicked her tongue out. Holly reluctantly but obediently ran her tongue over Lucys moist cunt, struggling to believe what she was doing. And as uncomfortable as Lucy felt having her pussy licked by her best friend, she began to let her primal desires get the better of her, and as her juices dripped down onto Hollys face her hips began to gyrate, and she began to emit a low moan. Steadily Lucys hips began to move down until she was virtually grinding on Hollys face, lost in her own world of pleasure. She could feel the waves of climax building up, about to wash over her whole body. Then suddenly she realised what she had to do, and looked up at Greta who was stood staring at her. It took a moment for Lucy to realise what was expected of her.

  “Please mistress,” she began, still desperate to relieve herself, “may I cum?”


“Please mistress, please please may I cum?”

“Yes whore, you may cum.”

“Thank you mistress.”

  With that Lucy grinded down hard on Hollys face and came instantly. It had been building for so long that when it came it was the most intense orgasm Lucy had ever had, as once again Hollys face was covered in pussy juice once again. Lucy shook as wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure washed over her, her cunt grinding into Hollys face. It seemed to last forever, despite being only thirty seconds, but as it subsided Lucy looked down at her friend and was filled with shame as she saw her juices cascading down her face. She stared at the misery she had caused Holly and knew that if they ever go out of this predicament their friendship would never be the same again. She didnt have long to mull over what had happened though, as Greta quickly snapped her back to the present.

“What do you say whore?”

“Thank you mistress.”

“Thank you for what?

“For letting me cum mistress.”

“Good whore,” Greta said, before looking back down at Holly, “and what do you say?”

Holly was unsure what she was supposed to be saying, but she knew it would be something degrading that she would have to grovel and say thank you for.

“Thank you mistress.”

“Thank me for your tit rings,” Greta was loving the degradation she was putting her through.

“Thank you mistress,” Holly said through a veil of yet more tears, and then as she looked up and saw Greta obviously waiting for more, “for my….tit rings.”

  Greta smiled and stroked Hollys damp hair patronisingly, before turning to Hasan and nodding. Hasan moved toward Lucy and lifted her off Hollys prone figure, and set her down on the floor, holding her hands tightly behind her back. Quickly he tied a rope quickly around her wrists, making sure it was tight, and then threaded the loose end of the rope between Lucys legs. Greta walked over to where she stood, and looked her up and down.

   “Very impressive whore. I see youre learning well. Tonight you will stay elsewhere, with Hasan and Mehmet keeping you company. Take her.”

  Hasan led a very confused and apprehensive Lucy up the stairs by the rope end, walking quickly enough that Lucy struggled to keep up. The sounds of their footsteps on the stone steps slowly died down, and on hearing the door at the top slam shut Greta sprang into action.

  “Truss these whores up Mehmet.”

  Mehmet wasted no time upon hearing his orders. He quickly unhooked Olivias arms from her strappado position and with his arms hooked just under her breasts he brought her over to the table. Almost effortlessly he lifted her up and on top of Holly. Before she could make any sort of adjustment he manoeuvred her so that her face was right over Hollys pussy, took the gag out of her mouth then pushed her head down. Olivias mouth was now being forced directly on to Hollys pussy, her nose just centimetres away from her arsehole. Mehmet took another of the straps on the table, and put it around Olivias head, preventing her from moving away. He next moved up toward Hollys head, and forced Olivias pussy into Hollys slick face, and took another strap and secured it in place. He stepped back and smirked, looking at the two beautiful girls secured in a 69 position, as they would be the entire night.

  Greta gave Olivia a firm slap on the arse, and then turned around and started up the stairs, with Mehmet in tow. Holly and Olivia could do nothing as the footsteps slowly petered out, and then with the shut of the door, they were plunged into darkness.

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