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European Nightmare

Part 2

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental. Contains adult themes. The author does not condone any of the actions depicted in this work. The actions depicted here are to be read only by those who recognise the moral and legal implications of these actions, and understand that this tale is purely fantasy. Please do not read if you are easily offended, or find it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Authors Note: Second chapter of this tale, I heartily recommend you read the first before continuing. Again, I would like to ask for any feedback whatsoever, it would be much appreciated. Whatever it is, be it criticisms, praises, suggestions for the characters or plot, queries or requests I would be delighted to hear them. Enjoy.

Lucy had been hanging motionless throughout Olivias ordeal. She had attempted to shut it out, closing her eyes and trying desperately to pretend that none of it was happening. But the whimpers coming from her friends mouth and the grunts of the man who was fucking her made it impossible to ignore. Lucy had resolved to watch what happened, to see if she could prepare herself for whatever she would have to endure. It broke her heart watching her friend go through the brutal rape. She was so used to seeing Olivia happy cheerful and cracking jokes, so much so that often her friends incessant positivity occasionally irritated her, but she could see all of that crushed as Mehmet bucked in and out of her. She shed tears for her friend, but she knew that worse was to come. She had always been the most streetwise of the three of them, illustrated by her reluctance to accept drinks in the bar, and she knew that just raping Olivia would not be enough for these people. The more she thought about it the more she cursed herself for getting into this position. How could she have been so stupid!? These were thoughts going through her head as she watched Olivia get trussed up in a bizarre position, and then the glare of that woman fell on her.

  “Lucy,” Greta said it as if she were hosting the worlds most sadistic game show, “your turn.”

Lucy snapped out of her self reflective mood at the mention of her name. Those green eyes were now looking straight into her own. Greta held her gave for a moment, before gesturing to Lucy to come closer. The girl looked confused, wondering how she was supposed to get herself over to this woman in her predicament. However, once she felt the hands on her arse she realised. Mehmet pushed Lucy along the rail until she was halfway between Olivia and Hollys hanging bodies. Hasan walked in front of her, surveying the lithe beauty in front of him.

  “How do you like Hasan, Lucy?” Greta asked, keeping the same monotonous tone, “You seemed to like him last night. After an hour you were all over him. Typical English slut. Now you have seen what I have done to your friend. I dont think you will enjoy this any more.”

  Lucy was determined not to give this woman the satisfaction of seeing her upset, but it was very difficult. She had only been trying to enjoy herself, a night out with her girls, meeting some nice European men. How could this possibly have happened?

  “You remember what I said last night baby?” Hasan asked, not even trying to contain his excitement, “I said I would rip that dress right off you, yes?”

  Lucy didnt remember. She could just about remember the barman, but she didnt remember talking to him. But it didnt matter. She saw Mehmet coming up from the side with a large wooden piece of furniture. He placed it down between Hasan and Lucy, and she saw what it was. It looked like a modified wooden horse, with the neck and head removed, and a slightly raised bump at one end. It was heavy, having taking all of Mehmets considerable strength to bring it over. It was quite high, about waist height, with straps near the bottom of all four legs.

Mehmet smiled as he looked first at the contraption, then at Lucy, images running through his mind. Hasan stepped over the horse and stood right in front of the girl. He ran his hand down her cleavage, but took less time than Mehmet on Olivia. Watching his friend fuck the cute little blonde had turned him on something fierce, and he couldnt wait to get started. He grabbed the fabric of her dress and tore downwards. The shoulder straps didnt give way immediately, digging into Lucys skin, but final yank from Hasan and the fabric tore and slid down the girls body into a crumpled heap on the floor. Even without her figure hugging dress she still looked gorgeous, barely an ounce of extra fat on her teenage body. Her legs seemed to go on forever, and Hasan couldnt wait to get her lace panties off and inspect was underneath. Not bothering with the knife Mehmet had used, Hasan simply tore them to shreds in his hands, exposing a fine patch of hair pointing toward her young tight little pussy. Hasan spent little time admiring her. He reached up and behind her and undid her bra clasp, and then without warning yanked forward, digging the straps into her back before the eventually gave way. His strength was impressive, turning her designer clothes into rags in a matter of seconds. Hasan took a moment to admire her breasts. On her tall body they looked small, but as Hasan demonstrated as he quickly fondled them, they were plenty big enough to have some fun with. Lucy hung still throughout the whole ideal, seemingly resigned to her fate. When Mehmet went down to her ankles and cut through the rope, she almost held her legs up waiting for the invasion into her vagina. But Mehmet did not repeat Olivias routine. Instead he took her wrists off the hook and let her fall to the floor. The impact woke Lucy up, and the fear of not knowing what was about to happen was suddenly all over her.

  Hasan and Mehmet moved quickly. Mehmet grabbed Lucy by her hips and lifted her onto the horse, while Hasan did the same with her shoulders, lining her up so that the raised bit went just under her pubic hair, and shoulders placed right up at the other end. She was a perfect fit, the length of the horse exactly matching her torso. Hasan then cut through the rope tying her wrists together and brought each arm down to a leather strap on one of the front legs, and tied them tightly. Mehmet then did the same with her legs, securing the straps just above her knee. A strap was then passed over her back, securing her in place, and then further straps on each of the legs were secured to rings in the floor.  Lucy was now bent over the rudimentary apparatus, her arse sticking up tantalisingly in the air, the width of the horse causing her legs to spread wide, giving Mehmet behind a full view of her pussy and arsehole.

  Greta stalked around Lucy, admiring her body from every angle. She ran the crop delicately over her back, teasing her by occasionally tapping her lightly with the tip of the crop. Moving round to the rear of the girl, Greta ran the crop over Lucys exposed holes, each time causing the girl to twitch and buck a little. Just as she had with Olivia, Greta grazed the cheeks of Lucys arse with the crop, before bringing it down hard, this time twice, both times savouring the whimper that followed. Tracing her crop across the girl once more she moved round to the front, signalling to Mehmet to pull the girls head up so she could look her in the eye. Just out of her eye line, Lucy could see Hasan undressing.

  “I am sure you have guessed what is about to happen,” Gretas unwavering demeanour only grew more chilling, “but it is not the same as for your friend. Given your actions last night, Hasan will punish you in a way more deserving of your status.”

  Greta stepped out of the way to allow Lucy a clear view of Hasan. He stood in front of her, stripped of his clothes, his body sculpted like a Greek statue. But the only thing Lucy could see was his manhood. Hasan held his cock in his hand, spitting on hand and rubbing it up and down. It was huge. Lucy had seen Mehmets just before he had plunged it into Olivia, and had thought that the biggest she had seen. But Hasans easily surpassed that. It was a foot long, and thicker than anything Lucy had seen, even in porn. She may have had a lot of sex, but she was sure that it would not fit inside her. She also noticed he was spitting on it, as if lubricating himself. But if they hadnt done that for Olivia, why were they doing it for her?

  Hasan walked up to the bound girl with a huge smile on his face, unable to contain his excitement. He had been waiting for this moment since he had flirted with her at the bar. As soon as he had seen the three girls walk in he had signalled to Mehmet, declaring that these would be the targets for the evening. He had expertly spiked their drinks, giving them just enough so as not to alarm them, but plenty that they could be easily taken back to the castle. He knew he would enjoy fucking all three of them, but it was this stuck up bitch that he had been waiting most eagerly for. As soon as he saw he had known her type, always walking around like they owned the place, sneering down her nose at every man she met. He walked up to her and rubbed the end of his dick over her face, relishing the look of disgust she tried to give him. He then moved towards her rear, trailing his free hand along her back, teasing her. Mehmet moved back behind Greta, as if taking up a better position to watch the show. Hasan stood at the back of the girl, admiring her two holes splayed open for him. Moving into his position, he ran the tip of his cock along the lips of her pussy, leaving one hand on the small of her back so he could feel her body tense. He spat on his cock one last time lined up at the entrance to her vagina, and then, just as he felt her relax as if to accept her fate, he moved his dick an inch higher.

  As she felt the cock rubbing against her pussy lips, Lucy braced herself for the invading cock into her vagina. Her fists were clenched, her nails digging into her palms, her feet curled up as she prepared to be fucked. But as she felt the dick move away from her vagina, and over her puckered arsehole, she relaxed, completely thrown by this new development, and that split second was enough for Hasan to slip just the end of his cock in before her arsehole clenched again. Lucy panicked as she felt this unexpected invasion, clenching as quickly and firmly as she could, trying desperately to force Hasans cock back out. Though she continued to shut her sphincter as hard as she could, she could not force him out.

  “Hey baby,” Hasan rested, waiting for Lucy to tire, “I said I would show you good time. It is shame it is not for you!”

  Lucy would have gritted her teeth had it not been for the ball gag wedged in her mouth. She was stretching every sinew in her body to try to shut him out. She may have been with a lot of men, but she had not let any of them into her arse. She had never before seen a reason to let a man she barely knew use her like a porn star, and if she were ever to do it, it would only be with somebody she was serious about. To have this brute do it to her for the first time angered her, but perhaps worse for a girl as proud as Lucy, that a man was treating her just like a piece of meat, and that she could do nothing about it. Soon she couldnt hold out anymore. Hasan had his full weight bearing down on her, and when she relented for just a split second, he slid in another couple of inches. Again Lucy clenched, but with more of Hasans cock inside her, she already knew her task was a hopeless one. She held for as long as she could, but once again she relented, and once again Hasan inched his way forward, before she used her last reserves of strength to tense once again.

  Hasan groaned as he slid a little further into the girl. He was surprised how powerfully she was clenching her hole on his cock, stopping his slid into her virgin arsehole. But it didnt matter to him. He knew she wouldnt be able to keep him out forever, and each time she released for a split second he continued his inexorable progress deep into her bowels. But even if it took him an hour to get inside her he wouldnt care, he just savoured the warm clench of her cheeks against his cock, enjoying the sight of her back twitching as she tried desperately to keep him out. He was halfway buried inside her, and he thought for a moment about forcing his way in, but decided against it. It would be much better if she allowed him in, giving up the rights to her body almost voluntarily. However, he looked up to see Greta scowling at him, obviously impatient. And so, when Lucy next relaxed just a little, Hasan thrust forward with all his weight, and buried his cock up to the hilt.

  Lucy couldnt believe the size of the dick that was buried inside her. It felt like her entire body would split in two as she felt it slide all the way into her, feeling Hasans wiry pubic hair pressed up against her arse cheeks. The pain of his dick just being there was bad enough, and she could barely contain her tears as she thought about what it would be like once he started fucking in and out of her. As he moved his cock slowly back she tried to clench again, but she had no strength left. He pulled out until only the head remained inside her, and then rammed forward, this time all his weight and all 12” of his cock slamming into her rigid body, held firmly to the horse by the straps. The leather rubbed on her back, her wrists and her legs, her nipples and pussy rubbing slightly against the harsh wood. The slap of Hasans swinging testicles against her inner thighs reverberated around the basement. He reached out to grab a chunk of her and yanked her head back as he pulled out and the slammed into her again, and again. The walls of her arse chute gripped him harder than anything he had experienced before, but with each thrust Lucys resolve weakened, and soon Hasan was able to pump in and out of the poor girl faster and faster. With one hand gripping Lucys long black hair tightly, he used the other to grip her left hip tightly as he slammed into her again and again.

  Mehmet watched as Hasan fucked the brains out of the poor girl. In pulling her hair back Hasan had pulled the girls head up and allowed Greta and Mehmet to look into the little bitchs eyes. He loved watching when they did this, loved watching the fight as it slowly disappeared from their eyes. Looking at the anguish in her eyes as Hasans giant prick fucked in and out of her arsehole had got him stirring again, though he knew he would have plenty of time to enjoy himself later. Greta, meanwhile, was enjoying it just as much. In fact, watching Mehmet rape the blonde girl, and now Hasan sodomise the tall one had her pussy on fire. But she had self restraint. There would be plenty of time for her fun later.

  Hasan and Lucy, though, were too lost in their own world to care about their audience. The grip and warmth of Lucys arsehole was pure ecstasy for Hasan, whose speed was now increasing with every thrust. His hips pounded into her arse cheeks with frightening force, shaking the heavy horse that Lucy was mounted on. His cock burrowed into her, pushing as deep into her bowels as it was possible to go.

  While the rape was pure heaven for Hasan, it was absolute torture for Lucy. With every thrust forward the straps on her wrist, ankles and back were rubbing her skin raw. Her nipples and pussy were being rubbed mercilessly on the wood. Her hair felt like it was being pulled straight out of its roots, and her jaw ached from hours with the gag in. But that was nothing compared to the pain in her arse. The walls of arse chute were spread impossibly wide, and it felt like at any moment she might tear in two. Every time Hasans huge member ploughed into her the pain in her arsehole worsened, his barely using any lubrication causing the burning on the inner walls to grew worse and worse. And as each stroke got quicker and quicker as Hasan moved toward his climax, the pain in Lucys arse became unbearable, tears streaming down her face, screaming into her gag. He was now pumping in and out of her at a ferocious speed, grunting fiercely as time and again he slammed his member as far into her as it could her, repeatedly slapping her arse cheeks with his free hand. The horse, though secured firmly to the floor, squeaked and rocked with every thrust, such was the force that Hasan was creating. And he was close. He pulled Lucys hair toward him with as much force as he could muster, thrust deep into her and felt his balls tightening as he prepared to spill his seed.

  Lucy screamed her very loudest as her hair was very nearly yanked out of her head. Hasans body slammed into her one final time, harder than he had before and burrowing so far into her Lucy felt he would pop out of her mouth. She felt his entire body twitch before wave after wave of cum flooded her bowels. It seemed like the torrent would never end, as Hasan came as hard as he had ever come in his life. He pulled her hair back further again, causing her hole to tighten and milk the last drops of cum out of his softening member. He collapsed on top of her, until after a few seconds he felt his dick go soft and slip out of her arse, now slick with cum and the smallest trickle of blood. Hasan used Lucys back to heave himself up, then walked round and crouched in front of his victim, staring her directly in the eye. At this Greta strode toward Lucy.

  “Well done Hasan,” she said as trailed the crop across Lucys back again, “Im sure our guest would love to thank you for all your hard work.”

  Greta passed her crop slowly down Lucys crack and over her abused hole, making sure to run the tip over the sore area repeatedly,

  “Listen slut,” she continued, “you are going to thank your master for giving you what you wanted. For this you will need to be able to speak. I am sure you will be obedient. But if you are not, Mehmet will cut off your friends nipple.”

  Lucy looked up to see Mehmet stood under Olivia, his fingers pinching her hanging right breast just below the nipple, and holding a knife against her sensitive flesh. Olivias eyes were wide with fear, looking directly into Mehmets as he smiled back at her. She glanced down at Lucy for a split second, pleading with her friend to spare her.

  “Is that understood, whore?”

  Although she hated every aspect of the situation, Lucy knew she had no choice,. She would do anything for her friend, and even if it meant debasing herself by thanking her rapist, and answering to the names of slut and whore she would do it. Gathering herself she nodded slowly.

  “Excellent, take it off Hasan. And remember,” Greta punctuated this with a short slap on Lucys arse cheek, “one word out of turn and blondie loses a nipple.”

  Hasan moved his hands round to the strap of Lucys gag, not taking his eyes of hers the entire time. He slowly took the red ball out of Lucys mouth, the dryness of her lips causing it to stick for a moment, before it came away. Lucys jaw ached so much from the gag that it took her a moment just to close it. Her mouth was so dry, and she started to panic as she realised she couldnt speak immediately. She desperately tried to get some moisture into her mouth, so desperate was she to save her friend.

  “I thought you had something to say.”

  “Thaaaaa…” Lucy was fighting to get the words out.

  “Go on.”


  “Spit it out bitch.”

  “Thankkkkk yoouuuu…”

  “Arent you forgetting something,” Greta teased, then her voice suddenly hardening as she thrashed the riding crop against Lucys arse again to draw a whimper from her parched mouth, “address him properly.”

  “Thank you……master.”

   With that Hasan leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead, and then planted his mouth on Lucys, thrusting his tongue playfully into her. He then stood up, leaving his cock dangling in front of her face. Lucy had never felt so low in her entire life. Not only had she been drugged and kidnapped, she had then been anally raped and had had to thank her rapist, before he had kissed her. She felt like all of her dignity and self respect had completely disappeared. But things were about to get even worse.

  “Good girl,” Gretas monotonous tone taking on a more patronising edge, before hardening again, “now beg to suck his cock.”

  Lucy was stunned. She tried to look up at Greta to see if she was serious, but couldnt get her hand round with her restraints. Instead she looked up, at Hasan, who was looking down at her grinning. His cock was inches from her face, and the smell was appalling, sweat, blood, cum and anything else stuck to his dick from her anal rape which didnt bear thinking about. Lucy closed her eyes, as if hoping that shed misheard, unable to contemplate what deep down she knew she would have to do.

  “Well if you wont show your gratitude,” Greta snarled, “then Mehmet will have to…”

  “Please!” Lucy interrupted.


“Please….let me your…c..cock…” Lucys sentence trailed off.

  “Address him properly!” Gretas cool demeanour vanished for a split second as she barked the command at Lucy, before moving back to the unsettlingly calm woman, “or you know the consequences.”

  “Please master, let me….suck your cock.”

  Lucy didnt flinch saying it, for she knew she had absolutely no choice. As horrendous an experience as it might be, she could not live with the alternative. No sooner had the words left her mouth Hasan took a step forward until his limp cock was millimetres from her tongue. Lucy had sucked cock before,  a number of times, but never under these circumstances, never when the dick she had to suck was covered in so much grime.

  “Clean me bitch.”

Knowing she didnt have a choice, Lucy stuck her tongue out and tentatively licked the head of Hasans cock. The taste was horrendous, like nothing she had ever experienced before. Using just her tongue, she attempted to bring more of his now limp but still large dick into her mouth. Hasan brushed her hair to one side, and slowly lowered his cock along her outstretch tongue. As more and more of his dick slid into her mouth, so the taste became worse for Lucy. As if getting raped in the arse werent bad enough, she now had to clean her own blood and shit off his cock. The taste was appalling, and several times Lucy had to hold back the vomit, knowing full well that would be severely punished. She ran the length of her tongue along his giant shaft, endeavouring to get the job done as quickly as possible. To her relief, Hasans cock did not rise again, despite how much he was enjoying her warm soft tongue running up and down his cock. He would loved to have worked up an erection, which he would have given another minute with this girls expert work, and skull fuck her into oblivion, but he knew there would be plenty of time to do whatever he wanted, and they had other work to do first. So Hasan just relaxed let his little bitch run her sweet little tongue up and down his cock. After about a minute, and just as he felt like he was getting hard again, he backed out, leaving Lucy with her tongue sticking out, still with her gaping arsehole leaking cum onto the cold stone floor.

  “What do you say?”

  “Thank you master,” Lucy didnt need a prompt; she knew already that she was in no position to argue.

  “Put her gag back in Hasan,” Greta, after giving her one final spank with the crop, moved round to Lucys face, “we dont want her disturbing us.”

  Hasan obliged, quickly fastening the gag back into Lucys mouth, who offered no resistance. He tapped her lightly on the cheek and kissed her on the forehead, which humiliated Lucy still further.

  “Good job Hasan. Now, just one more to go.”


   Greta moved steadily over toward Holly. Holly knew she was coming. She had tried and failed to block out the sounds of what seemed like many hours, but had in fact been less than one. She had heard had been the grunts of the men as they fucked, the whimpers from her friends as they were fucked, the slap of flesh on the flesh and the squeak of wood and clinking of metal, and all the time the voice of that woman, unmoving, showing little emotion. She had heard as Lucy had been forced to beg so obsequiously to her rapist, and then as Greta had announced the inevitable; that she was next. Her eyes slammed shut, all she could do was hear as the shoes that were rapping on the floor came to a halt in front of her. Holly hung motionless, waiting for whatever this lunatic was going to do to her.

  Greta looked the girl up and down. Her innocent little face was streaked with tears, huge wet patches on her dress from tears and saliva that had drooled out of her mouth, spread obscenely wide by the bright red gag. Her long slender legs hung limply beneath her, as if the girl were just a corpse. Indeed, were it not for the rise and fall of the girls chest Greta may have been concerned, worried that she might not be able to have her fun with this one. And Greta was staring at this chest now. She could tell by the bulge in the girls dress that hiding underneath the fabric was a pair of huge tits, and Greta immediately hated the girl. As demonstrated by her cleavage, Gretas breasts had never grown above an A cup, and it had always been a sore point with her. Seeing this little bitch, so pathetic hanging there, being blessed with something she so clearly didnt deserve. Rage built up inside the usually calculating German, and she lashed out.

  The blow to her chest knocked all the wind out of Holly and caused her eyes to fly open. Gretas cold and narrow green eyes were as far away as possible from the big brown doe eyes that stared back at her, flush with shock at the sudden violence. Holly gasped for breath, though with the ball gag restricting her breathing for a moment she felt she was going to pass out. Slowly she managed to fill her lungs again, still breathing deeply while Greta looked on with almost a smile on her face. Holly looked pleadingly into the eyes of her assailant, but she would find no mercy there. Greta relished the look of pain and fear in the girls eyes. Greta reached out and stroked the girls face, loving how she tried in vain to move away from her touch, and then brought the flat of her hand crashing against the poor girls cheek. Holly tried to scream, but the gag stifled everything save for a muffled whimper. Enjoying the muffled sounds coming from her mouth, Greta worked her hands down the girls torso, as if searching her at an airport. She felt along her sides, then moved her hands quickly over her breasts before moving further down, feeling the girls arse and hips. She was pleased to note the girl was fit, her body a beautiful hourglass shape with a small waist and a nice toned arse.

   “Mehmet,” Greta didnt take her eyes of the girl for one moment, “over here.”

  Mehmet gave Olivia a quick pat on the cheek and moved toward Holly. He didnt even try to hide the glee on his face. He had been waiting for this one the most. From the moment he had sat down with the three girls he had noticed this one. Shy and retiring, he could tell that she had little experience with men, and he had been instantly drawn to the girls breasts. And as he approached with his knife in hand her could not wait to cut her dress to ribbons and play with her.

  “Ok,” Greta stated matter of factly, “lets get her ready.”

  Mehmet moved quickly toward her and pressed the knife against her cheeks. He looked deep into Hollys big brown eyes, grinning as he drank in her fear. Holly was absolutely terrified. She had seen the brutality of these people with her friends, and she didnt even want to think about what they might do to her. She couldnt believe that she had thought about this man the night before as potential for her first time. Now the cold steel pressed against her flesh she knew it was real, and that this wouldnt be the first time she had always dreamed of.

  After caressing her cheek with the knife, he moved it down her torso, until it came to rest on her waist. Mehmet grabbed the belt that held the dress at the girls waist, and cut through it with one swift jerk of his hand. The belt fell to the floor, the dress now shapeless and hanging off the girls shoulders. Mehmet trailed the knife up again, making sure to trace the tip over Hollys breasts. He brought the knife under one shoulder strap, and sliced through the fabric, allowing a portion of it to fall and expose her bra, and the top of her magnificent cleavage. Mehmet could barely contain his excitement as he moved the knife across her chest to the other shoulder and cut through the strap. The dress fell down and caught on Hollys chest, revealing the tops of her breasts beautifully encased within a black bra. Mehmet pulled down on the fabric and the dress fell to the floor. Mehmet could now gaze on the full majesty of her cleavage. Her huge tits were not meant to be on display, but even Hollys modest bra couldnt hide her assets from Mehmets hungry gaze. He stared down open mouthed at her breasts, even within the confines of her bra they were magnificent. Mehmet could have looked at that cleavage all day, whether it be in a magazine or now, right in front of him. But there was more to come.

   Holly closed her eyes as she felt her dress slide down her body. She could feel Mehmets eyes burning into her as he stared deep into her cleavage. She felt an overwhelming feeling of shame, although she knew deep down it was going to get so much worse. Mehmets fingers moved gradually across the top of her cleavage, pushing slightly into her flesh with his nails. He could feel the stirring already, and decided to press on. He pulled the shoulder straps together behind Hollys back, pulling the back strap with them until it looked like her breasts were going to explode through the fabric. He cut through the shoulder straps, but kept hold of them, keeping the cups of her bra pushed deep into her tits. With one hand still pulling on her bra straps, Mehmet put the knife underneath the fabric connecting the two cups, and cut through it. Hollys bra disappeared in an instant. Her tits bounced wildly into view, bouncing back from the strain of the bra much to Mehmets delight. He stepped back level with Greta, and looked down on her still jiggling assets.

  Hollys breasts were perfect. They were huge, bigger than Mehmet had ever seen in the flesh. On her medium sized frame they hung perfectly on her chest, with not a hint of sag. They were perfectly symmetrical, high up on her chest, and from what he could see, exactly the right balance of soft and firm. They were topped by large pale nipples, hardened by her fear at her situation. With each breath the Holly took her tits moved up and down slightly, her hanging body causing them to sway very lightly. Mehmet could have stared at her chest all day. It was as if Mehmet had chosen the perfect breasts and put them on this girl. He could not wait to get his hands all over them, to play with them, to torture them. His cock was hard thinking of things he would do to her, and the pain that it would cause her. Greta stepped forward.

  Holly was filled with shame as her bra was cut away. For a girl that was so self conscious about her body, this was an absolute nightmare. Even though she had shut her eyes, she could feel both pairs of eyes burning into her chest as both Mehmet and Greta leered at her tits. Greta had once again been filled with rage upon seeing the girls bra fall away. Not only had she been blessed with a huge pair, but they were perfect, not a blemish on them. She stood just inches away from them, and brought her hand up to Hollys left breast, just cupping it gently. She weighed Hollys flesh in her hand, surprised by how heavy her breast was. Then without warning she slapped hard against her tit. Hollys eyes shot open, in time for another savage blow. Greta struck Hollys left globe five times, each time the flesh wobbling violently, and a whimper emanating from the girls mouth. Without saying a word, Greta brought her other hand up and gave the same treatment to the other breast until both of Hollys tits had crimson patches growing on them.

  Having let out her initial rage, Greta slowly regained her composure as she trailed her long nails across Hollys heaving breasts. Holly flinched even at this tender touch, expecting worse. But for now Greta remained soft, tracing along her tits with the tips of her fingers, circling her index finger slowly around Hollys erect nipple, before pinching it softly, rolling it between her thumb and forefinger. Holly knew what she was going to do before she did it, Gretas soft and teasing touch only making it worse for the girl.

  “Look at me.”

Greta accentuated this by sharply twisting Hollys right nipple, causing her to cry out, a muffled scream all that made its way out of the gag. She threw her head back, as if this would alleviate the pain, but to no avail, and Greta continued to apply the pressure. It didnt take long for Holly to obey, looking straight at her tormentor. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Mehmets big cock standing fully erect. Greta stopped increasing the pressure on the poor girls nipple, but did not release. With her free hand she began to play with Hollys other tit, squeezing and slapping it.

  “Good bitch,” Greta retained her eerie monotone, “let me tell you a story.”

  With each she paused she delivered another slap to Hollys breast, or increased the pressure on her nipple just slightly.

  “When I was in high school, there was this one girl in my class. Daphne. She was very popular. Everybody loved Daphne, did anything for her. Even she and I were friends, would often talk and tease one another. One day she teased me about my breasts, just friendly, no harm intended. But you see, I am not as blessed as you or her.”

This last syllable was coupled with another sharp twist of Hollys sensitive nub, drawing yet another whimper from her. Greta continued to softly maul her other breast, before tightly pinching that nipple too.

  “So I pretended to laugh and forget about it. I spoke to some people my father knew, and one day, after school, we took her. She struggled so much, much more than you or your whore friends. And once we had taken her where we wanted, we tortured her.”

  This time Greta fiercely twisted both of the girls nipples, and Hollys whole body shook with pain, though she kept her eyes firmly locked on her tormentors, partly as she was scared what might happen if she didnt, partly as she was too scared to move.

  “Oh you should have heard her scream. It was like nothing I had before. So beautiful. To see her pretty face in such pain. Of course, the men, they raped her, over and over. That is what men do, as you will soon find out. But me, I just wanted to hurt her. And I did. I hurt her all over. But most of all, I hurt these.”

  Once again Greta brutally assaulted Hollys sensitive nipples. She then stepped back, and gestured toward Mehmet, who disappeared into the back of the room, came back and handed something to Greta.

  “She didnt understand why I was doing it to her.  But it was all her fault. Just because she had those ridiculous big tits. But dont worry. I wont let you miss out on anything. I dont care who you are, your name, your hobbies, anything. All you are is a cunt, an asshole, a mouth and tits. Just tits. That could be your new name. All of you are the same, looking down on anyone who doesnt have those obscene melons on their chest. That wont be the case when Ive finished. You will wish youd never had them. I will make you wish you were flat chested like a little girl. But nothing can save you now.”

   Holly had looked into Gretas eyes through a wall of tears. She had wanted to scream at Greta, to tell her how everything she was saying about her was wrong, how she did not look down on any girls. Certainly not because of the size of their breasts. But it wouldnt have mattered. Greta didnt care. All that Greta wanted was to hurt her. And she was about to do just that.

  “Mehmet, take the bitchs panties off and that gag out,” Greta snapped, before turning her attentions toward Holly, “And remember, slut, what will happen if you say anything out of turn.”

  Holly looked across to Olivia, and saw Hasan standing next to her, toying with her nipple with a long curved knife. Holly knew exactly what Greta was threatening. She felt Mehmets knife against her skin again, as he made short work of her underwear, exposing her pussy to the room. Quick as a flash, Mehmet had moved towards her head, and unclipped her ball gag. Hollys mouth was so dry it was painful, and she desperately tried to fill her mouth with saliva. Before she had a chance to let a sound out of her mouth, there was a loud crack, and her right breast exploded in pain.

  Greta brought the leather strap down hard right onto Hollys right tit, and it hit with a loud crack that echoed around the room. It was followed a split second later by an equally loud scream from Holly. Immediately Greta swung again, this time catching Hollys left breast right on the nipple, causing yet another howl of pain louder even than the first. Already a large red stripe was appearing on Hollys right breast, and it was soon joined by another as once again Greta swung down viciously with the thick strap. Standing slightly to one side, Greta brought the strap down diagonally across both of Hollys tits, each time eliciting a blood curdling scream from the girl. Mehmet and Hasan both watched in delight as Holly writhed and twisted in her bondage to try and escape the strap as it rained down on her luscious tits, but to no avail. Greta showed mercy as time and time again she brought the thick brown leather crashing down on Hollys pale tits, which were rapidly turning a crimson red. Greta moved round to the other side of Holly, giving her just a moment to catch her breath and take in the searing pain from her boobs. But it wasnt long before Greta started swinging again, her face twisted into an angry snarl as she landed blow after blow with the strap across both of Hollys tits.

   Holly writhed in pain as she was struck with savage blow after savage blow across her tits. She screamed at the top of her lungs each time the thick leather thudded into her chest. It felt like her breasts were on fire, each vicious strike only worsening it. Greta struck hard with the strap again and again, trying to cover every inch of the girls tits until they were painted a bright scarlet red. Greta brought the leather down a few final times on Hollys poor abused nipples, and then allowed her arm to fall by her side. Thrashing the girls tits had been tough work and she had to stop for a rest, though that hadnt stopped her enjoying every single second ever of it. Wielding that strap with such venom on those globes had been pure bliss. The way they had jiggled with each strike from the leather had been tantalising, and when coupled with her shrieks of anguish Greta had lost herself in a world of rage and ecstasy. Now she dropped the strap and stared at the damage she had caused, the girls perfect chest was throbbing; so many strikes across her tits had painted them a crimson red which was growing angrier by the second. Hollys nipples seemed to have swollen slightly under the assault, and Greta could tell they would be exceptionally sore. She though about covering the girls whole body with the strap, until every last inch of her felt like it was on fire, but decided that could wait. There would be plenty of time for that in the next act.

  Mehmet and Hasan had stood throughout the ordeal in their respective positions completely mesmerised by the sight that befell them, both their cocks rock hard as they watched. Even Mehmet had been surprised by the ferocity that Greta had struck the girl with each blow looking like it would flay her skin away, although he knew Greta would not have allowed that to happen.. They had both savoured the sounds of the girls screams of agony echoed around the stone walls of the basement. The girls scarlet tits moved rapidly up and down as she tried desperately to catch her breath, tears streaming down her face. Hasan had been toying with Olivias hanging tits as he had watched, desperately resisting the temptation to play with himself. Each time the leather had bitten into Hollys skin, Hasan had twisted Olivias nipples, enjoying the squirm of his hanging captive each time. Mehmet had no outlet for his desires, and so just stood and watched, drinking in the sights and sounds as Greta brought the strap down again and again.

  Both Olivia and Lucy had closed their eyes tightly as Greta landed blow after blow on Holly. But they could not shield their ears from the crack of the leather on her skin or the screams of anguish from their friend that followed them. Whenever they did catch a glimpse they were shocked by the savagery with which the German swung the weapon, the force with which she connected with the poor girls breasts. With each swing of the strap that landed squarely on those big tits, Olivia let out a squeal as Hasan gleefully twisted and pulled on Olivias tits, who was already aching from her uncomfortable hogtie, as well as the pain her pussy had been subjected to during her rape. Meanwhile, Lucy kept her eyes closed, the pain in her arsehole still throbbing, and hung her head down, trying not only to forget her own anal rape, but to block out the sounds of Hollys torture. As the sound of leather and skin ceased, she dared to look up, and was horrified to see Hollys breasts, so perfect usually, be painted with red welts one on top of the other, and she feared about what was to come for all of them.

  “Mehmet,” Greta continued as if nothing have happened, “time.”

  Upon Gretas instruction, Mehmet moved swiftly over behind Holly, and ran his hands up her torso until he reached her tits. Gleefully he took them into his hands, drawing whimpers from Holly, as he slowly squeezed her globes. He moved his fingers up to her sore nipples and toyed with them, rolling them between his fingers, pinching and twisting them. Holly was too exhausted to cry out as he subtly abused her, only managing to whimper softly as his rough hands buried themselves into her tits. Mehmet was in heaven as he took her massive globes in each hand as best he could, feeling radiating off her skin as he slowly began to knead Hollys tits from behind. His semi trance was quickly broken though.


  Mehmet took quick notice of Gretas stern words and quickly unhooked Hollys arms from the ceiling. Quick as a flash he cut through the ropes that held her hands and feet, and brought her arms behind her back, quickly retying them again before she even had a chance to react. Then, holding her up by her stomach with one hand, he adjusted the hook above her head, lowering it a couple of feet. Mehmet then lifted Holly up and hooked her wrists onto the chain, holding her there for a second before slowly bringing his hands away. Hollys torso was slowly lowered while her hands maintained their position on the hook. Slowly but surely her entire weight was taken onto her shoulders, and in a way far more painful than before. She was being put in a classic strappado position, her arms pulled painfully upwards behind her back, her entire weight placed on her shoulders. Holly squealed as it felt as though her arms were being pulled out of their sockets, and coupled with the pain in her tits it felt like her whole body was on fire. Mehmet reached through the girls arms, pushing his erect cock between her legs at the same time, and pulled back on her hair, forcing her head up and her eyes to look at Greta.

  Greta moved toward Holly. As she walked the stared deep into those big brown eyes, now filled with a look of pure terror, and her pretty, innocent little face that was now covered in streaks from her tears. Greta drank it all in, revelling in the suffering she had already caused these three sluts. And she had only just started. Having reached Holly with the girls face below her, Greta knelt down so she could look directly into her eyes. With one hand she reached out and snatched at one of Hollys abused tits, drawing a moan of pain from the girl, while with the other she held her face so the babe couldnt look away.

  “I hope you enjoyed that,” Olivia almost broke into a smile, “because thats not the last time Ill be torturing those udders of yours.”

  Holly tried to close her eyes and look away as Greta spoke to her, but a sharp slap soon put paid to that, and she was forced to look straight at her tormentor.

  “Now now slut, behave yourself,” Greta talked to Holly as if it were a student-teacher dynamic, rather a sadistic torturer talking to her captive, “or Ill get the strap out again. Now I think its time you showed us just how good a little whore you are. Mehmet is going to fuck your tight virgin cunt. You can scream and shout all you want, the more the better, but it wont matter. He wont stop until hes filled you with his cum. Enjoy.”

  With that Greta gave her tit one last squeeze, stroked her cheek and moved away, taking up her position to watch the show.

  Holly was stunned. She couldnt believe this woman knew she was a virgin, that she knew this most intimate fact about her without ever having met her before. In fact Mehmet had known the moment hed met her, as had Greta, so good were they at reading these girls. But more than that, she could not believe that this was how she was to lose her virginity. Although deep down she had known the moment she had woken up in this hell hole, but now it was upon her. All the times she had thought about how she would lose it, but this was nothing she had ever countenanced. But she had little time to get used to it.

  Mehmet didnt need a second invitation. Quick as a flash Mehmet had pulled Hollys legs apart, and had lined up his dick with the entrance to the girls cunt, until the tip was resting at her opening. His hands moved round and rested themselves inevitably on her tits, hanging so tantalisingly below her aching body. His rough palms squeezed her globes into her chest, digging in his finger tips so as to get as much purchase as possible. He inched his dick slightly inside her, feeling the heat of her sex on his cock. His shaft was still slick from the rape of Olivia, but he could already feel that it was still going to be a tight fit. He pushed his dick further in, until he felt the tip come into contact with her cherry. With barely an inch inside of her, he squeezed her luscious tits as hard as he could and thrust forward.

  Holly screamed as hard as she could as she felt her virginity torn apart. The pain ripped through her crotch with an intensity she couldnt believe. The brutality of his thrust had tore through her cherry like it was wet paper, and just like that he had taken her virginity. The invading cock buried itself into her virgin pussy, Mehmets hips thudding into her arse cheeks. The impact sent her swinging forward, straining her shoulders even further, so much so Holly was certain her arms would pop out. Finally there was the searing pain in her breasts, compounded by Mehmets hands mauling them, digging his fingers into her tender flesh. It was the worst possible way to lose her virginity.

  Mehmet pulled his dick almost all the way out, looking down to see streaks of red covering his shaft. Taking time to squeeze her tits again, he drove forward, slamming into her firm arse once again, his scrotum swinging forward underneath her. She had tried to bring her legs back together again in an attempt to close her pussy off to him, but he kicked her away with disdain as once more he thrust into her like a jackhammer. With each thrust he squeezed her tits as hard as he could, burying his fingers into her soft pliable flesh. Leaving his right hand firmly locked on her breast, he moved his left hand down to the nipple on her left tit. Still continuing his pounding of her cunt, his fingers began to pull hard on her swollen nub, pinching and twisting it harder and harder with each drive forward. He was in heaven. Not only did he have those giant tits to sink his hands into, but her pussy fit around his cock like a glove. It was so tight it felt as if she were squeezing it herself, but with the fluids from Olivias rape combined with the results of taking the girls virginity, he was able to pound in and out with as much force as he wanted.

  Greta watched Mehmet as he rutted with the girl from some way back in the room. She smiled as he grabbed brutally at her tits, drinking in the look of anguish and agony on the girls face. She had taken up a position behind Lucy, who was still secured to the wooden horse directly in front of Holly, her arsehole still dripping with the evidence of her rape. Greta gestured to Hasan, who upon hearing the woman move had looked to see what her plans were. Leaving Olivia hanging in her bondage, Hasan moved over to Lucy, all the time with the sounds of Hollys rape continuing in the background. Without having to hear another word, Hasan set to work. He bent down and undid the straps holding the legs of the horse to the ground, and turned it 90° so that Lucy was now perpendicular to Holly, rather than looking straight at her. It had taken all his strength to move both the girl and the horse, but now it was done he secured the legs to yet more rings in the floor, and looked up at Greta.

  “Take off the gag,” Greta said to Hasan, only just audible over the commotion in the corner.

  Greta had picked up the leather strap she had used to beat Hollys tits with on her way back to Lucy, and now held it firmly in her right hand, hovering just above Lucys pert arse. Hasan bent down and quickly whipped the gag out of the girls mouth, who gasped for breath but didnt say a word, too aware was she of the consequences. Greta stared down at her, and as Mehmet bucked forward into Hollys cunt, Greta brought the leather crashing down on Lucys rump.


  Lucy screamed at the top of her lungs as the strap made thunderous contact squarely across both her arse cheeks. The pain ripped through her like a fire, totally consuming her. But before she had chance to regain her composure another lusty blow connected, just below the curve of her arse. Two more strikes quickly followed, each in time with one of Mehmets thrusts. Lucy screamed almost continually as her arse and thighs glowed with pain after the four strikes, and Greta looking down could already see large red stripes appearing across the girls bronzed skin. The German paused, looked across at Hasan, and nodded.

  Hasan looked across at Greta once more, and upon seeing her nod her head, moved his fully erect cock inches from Lucys tear stained face. After taking a second to regain her composure as best she could, Lucy stared up at the mans face, pleading with her eyes, but she saw nothing but lust. She brought her head back down, looking into the eye of his cock, the same cock she had sucked her own shit off just minutes earlier. Already resigned to her fate, Lucy opened her mouth. Hasan needed no second invitation, and slid his cock into the girls mouth along her tongue, savouring the heat on his bell end. Greta bent down and pulled back on Lucys hair, moving her face right next to the bound girls.

  “Now you will suck his cock,” Greta whispered in Lucys ear, her voice even more sinister when it was hushed, “and the quicker you make him cum, the sooner I will stop beating your ass. And if you even teeth so much as touch his dick, I will slit your throat.”

  Greta stood back up, and seeing that Lucy hadnt moved since her chilling message, she brought the strap down with all her might. The tip caught just between Lucys cheeks, right on her abused hole. Were it not for the dick that was resting in her mouth, Lucys scream would have almost deafened the entire room. As it was, the vibrations in Lucys throat were pure ecstasy for Hasan. Lucy wasted no time in trying to appease Greta, by wrapping her lips around the mans cock and bobbing her head up and down as best she could. Just a moment passed before Greta landed another brutal blow to the top of Lucys thighs, and again Lucys piercing scream was blocked by the cock that stuffed her mouth. Lucy used all her expertise trying to pleasure Hasan, using her tongue deftly around his head, running her lips up and down his shaft, trying to get as much of his dick down her throat as she could.

  Hasan stood relaxed as he watched the girls head bob frantically up and down on his long shaft. Though he could tell she was trying to get as much of his giant cock into her mouth as possible, but there was still a good few inches of his cock protruding from her gorgeous lips. For a good while her just relaxed, savouring the sensation of Lucys desperate blowjob, watching as Greta brought the strap down time and time again on the girls arse and thighs, and glancing across to see his friend brutally pounding in and out of Holly, and mercilessly mauling her tits. It was like a scene from a perfect dream for him. But he knew he could make it even better. With one hand he reached down and wrapped his fingers in Lucys hair. Then, taking a firm grip on the back of her head, he began to push forward.

  Lucy had been trying desperately to get the man off, trying all the tricks she had picked up over the years. But as soon as she felt the hand on the back of her head she had known what was coming, and tried to prepare herself. Slowly but surely she felt the head of his cock push its way further down her throat. She tried to adjust, tried desperately to let it slide down without gagging, but it was too big. Hasan felt the convulsions in the girls throat as she tried desperately to accommodate his member, and Hasan knew that he could go no further, at least not for now. He pulled out just a little bit, and then moved his hips forward quicker this time. Gripping her hair even harder he thrust forward again, just as another blow landed squarely across her arse cheeks. Soon his hips were bucking forward and back almost as vigorously as he had fucked her arse. His pace sped up, and with it, his pleasure.

  All three of them were now in sync. Each time Mehmet drove into Hollys virgin pussy, Greta brought the strap down hard on Lucys arse, and Hasan fucked deep into her throat. Watching in Olivia was sickened as she watched both her friends being horribly abused. Even in her own discomfort and pain, she could feel the pain of her friends with each thrust and swing. She watched as Mehmet brutally pounded into Holly, brutally abusing her tits as he did so. She watched as Greta brought the strap down repeatedly on Lucys rear, and while Hasan thrust three quarters of his cock down her throat. It all brought home to Olivia the hopelessness of their situation.

  Mehmet looked across at his friend and smiled at him. The two Turks had synchronised their fucks so that each time they thrust into their respective girls they could watch the pain on the face of the other, which only spurred them on more. The metronomic pace set by the straps incessant pounding of Lucys cheeks helped them keep to a steady pace at first but as both neared an inevitable climax the pace began to quicken, until both were pumping in and out as fast as they could, buoyed by the sounds of pain and anguish they could hear. Mehmet in particular could hear the effect of his assault on Holly, and as his pace increased and plunged further and further into her now pliable cunt, and twisted and mauled her tits increasingly brutally, and by extension the agony in her whimpers and screeches became more pronounced. A few last brutal strokes and he plunged his hips forward, burying himself right up to the hilt in the girls abused pussy, and, mauling her tits so brutally Holly felt like he was going to pull them clean off her chest, he spurted his load inside her.

  Hasan was not far behind. Seeing his friend climax into the hanging girl brought him right to the very edge, and after pounding the back of Lucys throat with frightening speed just a few more times he too came, feeling his cock pulse in her mouth as load after load of his cum flooded the girls throat. He bent down and held the girls nose tightly. He watched as she paused for a second, and then began to fight for breath.

  Lucy felt like she was going to throw up. The head of Hasans cock was battering her throat, and she was trying desperately to supress her gag reflex, knowing that it would only be bad news if she were to vomit. She felt as he began to tighten, his grip on the back of head increasing and his cock pushing further and further down her throat. As for her arse and legs, the pain was indescribable. She must have been beaten with the strap thirty times, and it felt like someone had literally set her rear on fire. Indeed the pain was so great that it was almost numb, and so the cock in her mouth was brought even more sharply into focus. Then with one brutal thrust forward he buried almost the full ten inches of his cock down her throat, pushing her nose so hard she felt it might break, and she could feel load after load of his spunk coating her throat. Before she could react he had pinched her nostrils tight, and suddenly she realised she couldnt breathe. Her mouth was blocked not just by the cock, but was now coated in his sticky cum. Desperately fighting for breath she knew exactly what she had to do, and so, as disgusting as it made her feel, she put all her energy into swallowing his cum. After a couple of gulps, and just as she felt she might pass out, she tried again and was just about to able to breathe through her mouth, his softening cock taking up much less space. Knowing full well what he expected of her, and not wanting to receive further punishment, she skilfully used her tongue to clean of the remnants of his cum from his cock.

  Holly was in a whole world of pain. Her shoulders were screaming at her. Her tits felt like they were on fire. And her pussy was red raw from the jackhammer thrusts of the man who had taken her virginity. With each powerful stroke he not only almost ripped her arms from her sockets but also viciously mauled her tits, his sole intention to cause as much pain as he possibly could. His fingers dug into her flesh, squeezing and mauling her sensitive and tortured globes maliciously with each thrust. Occasionally he would switch his attentions to her swollen nipples, pinching, tugging, twisting and pulling them, seemingly oblivious to the agony it was causing her, but in fact more than aware. Holly couldnt believe any man could be so brutal, so disregarding of anothers pain, who could take so much pleasure in making somebody else suffer. Suddenly the force of his thrusts increased violently, as did, though she hadnt believe it possible, the malice with each he tortured her breasts. He thrust forward as hard as he possibly could, very nearly dislocated her shoulders, pushing his cock so deep into her cunt she felt like she might split in two, and with one almighty pull down on both her nipples, he came. Wave after wave of cum flooded her womb, the hot sticky liquid making her feel even more full. He pressed his body on top of hers, his hands not moving from her sore tits, as he allowed her vagina to milk the last drops of jism out of his cock. Allowing his cock to go limp inside her, he pulled out, leaving long strands of pinkish liquid between him and the girl, and went over to join Hasan and Greta.

  Greta marvelled at the sight of the girls. All of them seemed broken already. Olivia looked so full of horror hanging in her bondage, Holly was completely desolate, and Lucy looked exactly what she was, a proud woman who had lost so much self respect in such a short period of time. She admired the vivid red of both Hollys tits and Lucys arse, mostly by her own hand. She couldnt wait to play with her toys herself now they were a bit more pliable. But that had to wait. She had to let what had happened to them sink in.

  “Clean them up boys,” she said, almost cheerily, “Ill be back down later. And itll be my time to have some fun.”

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