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Peachz (This page has been viewed 31849 times since Aug 14, 2016)
(Author: if you want to add/change/update any information below, please email me)

Author's Words:
I enjoy writing and erotica and have written erotica for myself here and there for a while now. But, since the BDSM Library was my first discovery when I began exploring the lifestyle, and it was so impactful for me, I thought I should submit at least one of my stories to pay it forward. If it's well received, I may submit more.
Author's Homepage:
Send Author Email: PeachzPeachz (at) gmail (dot) com

Total 1 Stories by Peachz

#1 Completely by Peachz (15 kb) 1 votes! (8/10, 1 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Aug 14, 2016) (This month 29951 readers) (Total 29951 readers)
  Story Codes: M/f size D/s S/M hair slavery real consensual Rated R

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