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Synopsis: There are times in your life where one decision you make leads you to another that would have never happened if not for the making the first choice. Seemingly unrelated event can coalesce into a series of actions that can change your life for the better or for the worse. This story is a long journey, but hopefully one you find satisfying. In total, there will be 20 chapters, although some are shorter

Decision Tree Chapter 01


Tappy McWidestance


Authors note: There are times in your life where one decision you make leads you to another that would have never happened if not for the making the first choice. Seemingly unrelated event can coalesce into a series of actions that can change your life for the better or for the worse. This story is a long journey, but hopefully one you find satisfying. In total, there will be 20 chapters, although some are shorter. - Tappy

“To alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of lifes problems.” Homer Simpson


Actually it was tequila and it didnt particularly cause or solve a problem, but it did change the course of my life. My name is Susan. To look at me, you would think I had my life under control and had everything I could want. I was 28 and an associate attorney at one of Chicagos most prestigious law firms. I was fit (I go to the gym at least four times per week), attractive (jet black hair, large firm breasts, tight backside, toned legs and I dressed professionally, but definitely knew how to use my assets to my advantage. I favored tight skirts, silky blouses and high heels to pants suits and flats. I also took the time to always have my make-up perfect and always carried myself with dignity and control. Even if a situation made me uncomfortable or I was at a disadvantage in a particular negotiation, you wouldnt know it by looking at me. That is why what Julie did to me was so uncharacteristic.



The life of an associate lawyer is one of living for the firm. Sixty hours a week is just the beginning, but the payoff is a promotion to junior partner after a few years and then you get ten hours a week to have a life. Or you get fired if you dont make the cut. Do good enough work as a junior, a maybe they will open up the books for you and make you a partner in the firm. That is big money and more free time as you then have the minions doing most of your work while you get the credit and the big fees. But I digress.



I went to Northwestern Law School and passed the bar fairly easily. I was smart and I earned the right to prove myself that my firm. I quickly made a name for myself as one of the up and coming associates. When I joined my firm I had a boyfriend, whom I had been dating since my senior year in high school. John was my best friend, but he didnt have the same drive for success I did. He was a jock in high school. That is what first attracted me to him. We were not homecoming king and queen (nor did we win that title at prom) but I always thought we should have been. I was the requisite cheerleader, but he was an offensive lineman on the football team and the king honor usually went to the quarterback. I prized that he was much taller and muscular than the quarterback. Yes, he wasnt the most intelligent boy in our school, but I loved him anyway. He actually went to college on a football scholarship, but he got injured in his sophomore year and ended up dropping out. He drifted from one dead end job to another. I probably should have cut him loose and found somebody more in tuned with my career path, but I didnt. After I got my job, we rented an apartment on the near north side where I could get easy public transportation to the Loop and the office and he was near a dance club that he served as a bouncer and another club where he bartended part time. His schedule involved working a lot of nights and that was OK with me because I always brought work home so having a quiet apartment was wonderful. When he asked me to marry him I probably should have said no. We hardly saw each other due to our schedules. We were still very much in love, which is why I said yes, but in hindsight, we were probably doomed from the start.



But enough about John for now. On to Julie, the tequila and that fateful night.



The evening started like any Friday night. The single associates, and that was most of them, would gather at a local bar to blow off steam from the pressures of the week. I went sometimes, if I didnt have too much work to do that night. John was always working on Friday nights. Our location varied and some Fridays we ended up in the bar where John bartended. I didnt drink too often but I liked when we went to his bar because he would look out for me. He also was able to cut us a discount so over time when the other associates figured that out, I was encouraged to attend more often and we ended up at his place on a regular basis. Our entire group worked so much that we didnt socialize much outside the group. I didnt mind much because my focus was on the bigger prize I figured was five years down the road. After I made partner I would have time for a life. I think everybody else had pretty much the same plan, but as I looked at the group as a whole, I could only picture a couple that might have what it took to earn the top honor. One of those was a woman named Julie. She was a lot like me. Focused, driven, beautiful and smart, although she also had the ability to let down her hair outside of work. I lacked that skill. She was a gregarious flirt and on Friday nights she always found a fun new partner to escort her home after our group broke up. In a way I envied her. She was able to find at least some kind of life outside of the office. While I didnt think having a different man take her home each weekend was a good idea, I must admit the concept had its advantages. I only had a couple boyfriends before John. While I was certainly no prude when it came to matters of the bedroom and I loved getting Johns cock inside of my any chance I could, I had no illusion that Julie had a much better sex life than I did.



All that brings us to the Friday that set me on a different course. We were at Johns bar as usual. He would bartend from 5 to 11 during the after work rush, then as that bar pretty much cleared out, would jump in a cab and head over to the dance club that rocked until 4. Occasionally Julie and I would go with him if she had not found her conquest for the night. I could always tell when that was a possibility because she wouldnt be drinking as much. Tonight, that was not the case. It had been a very rough week at the office and everybody was basically committed to getting toasted. Like I said, I usually dont drink much, but I didnt have any cases to work on this weekend (a miracle) so getting a little drunk and sleeping in was a luxury I could finally enjoy. Usually I stick to red wine, but about an hour after we arrived, and after my usual two-glass limit, Julie called for a round of shots. John came me a nod that I understood to mean he had my back, and I downed the first one. The first of many. Too many. I knew I would be hung over in the morning, but everybody was laughing and having a good time, myself included as my tough bitch wall came down, and I was really enjoying myself. John made sure the waitress was keeping a water glass full for me. He is very thoughtful like that. Julie was flirting with every guy she could, which pretty much meant almost every guy in the place. She was even flirting with John when she would go to the bar to get the next round instead of letting the waitress serve us. I didnt mind. I knew John was devoted to me and I figured we would just have a good laugh about the spectacle she was making of her drunken self.



It was after one of these trips to the bar that the conversation turned in a direction that made me uncomfortable. Of course in my inebriated state, just because I was uncomfortable didnt mean I didnt participate. Julie made a crude comment about how gorgeous John was and how strong he looked. She was right about both things. He went to the gym more often than I did, basically every day, and had managed to increase his strength from his football days. Even in his bartending shirt you could tell he was very muscular underneath. He also didnt have much of a neck. His broad shoulders pretty much just sloped up to his head. As he matured, his youthful puffy facial features had transformed into a more chiseled Hollywood leading man look. He really was gorgeous and he was mine.



I was pretty sure Julie was joking when she started making comments about wanting to take the bartender home and fuck his brains out. Obviously she knew we were married and I figured it was just the tequila talking. I shot her a stern glance, but I figured that was just part of the joke she was playing. Off and on for the next half hour she would bring him up, how strong he was and how she just wanted him to throw her on the bed, rip off her clothes and ravage her. It was at that point I had to chuckle because if that was what she wanted, she was going to be sorely disappointed.



John is a wonderful man and despite his physique, a gentle lover. Hes a great lover, very attentive, lovely thick cock, but a powerful, rough sex kind of guy, nope. That was not his style. He was happy to sit back and let me suck his cock and would always return the favor licking my pussy until I creamed. But throw me against the wall and take me was not in our vocabulary. I must admit as Julie graphically began to describe how much she enjoyed that, she had transitioned to talking about her other hook ups by this point and what wild and crazy things she had done. I must admit that sure sounded like a nice change of pace. I could feel my pussy responding to her descriptions of her liaisons.  With our respective work schedules, John and I didnt find time for sex as often as when we were first married, so maybe I was feeling a twinge of neglect as well.



The guys were, of course, paying close attention as Julie told her tales of lust and fulfillment. As far as I knew, she never fished off the company pier. In an environment where reputation and perception is a key to moving up the corporate ladder, that was a very good choice. An associate caught in any kind of scandal, whether it was office related or not, would be cut lose without so much as a thank you. A junior partner might get a little slack if they were a good earner and of course a partner was pretty much above the corporate law until it hurt the firm. So even though the associates knew Julie was, well, a bit of a weekend slut I guess is the right way to say it, nobody was going to mention that at the office because we all knew our careers rested on being model employees.



Eventually Julie worked her way back to talking about John. She had gone to the bar for another tray of shots. I could only watch her from behind and see Johns reaction to whatever she was saying, but as he was pouring the drinks it looked like she grabbed her breasts and shook them up and down. She had slightly larger breasts than I did. I thought they were augmented because they seemed too perky, but if they were, she didnt go for porn star tits. That was a good choice since that never looks good in court. FYI, if you think I was jealous of them, you would be wrong. As I said, mine are natural, fairly large and firm from my trips to the gym. I just wanted to give you the complete picture of her.



After we all downed that shot, my head was spinning just a bit. I figured that was my last one and quickly drank my water. Julie commented that she really wanted John to spank her. She had mentioned being spanked by one of her anonymous Friday conquests, but actually saying she wanted my husband to do it was out of bounds and I told her that.



“Come on Susan,” she said mockingly. “Youve never let John put you over his knee and paddle your ass. Hes so strong. I bet hes awesome at it.”



I didnt want to defend him by telling everyone how gentle of a lover he really was because it certainly didnt fit the narrative. Some of my colleagues already wondered why I was married to a “wage slave” as they called anybody who worked an hourly job. I always found that amusing since associates were certainly treated like slave more than most blue-collar workers. I had previously hinted that he was exactly the kind of lover Julie expected him to be so I couldnt change that up now. Instead I replied something about how a career woman shouldnt allow herself to be in that position. It was a weak argument. I had always been a “if it feels good, do it” kind of person and if Julie liked to get spanked, who was I to tell her that it was wrong. If she had said she wanted one of the other guys to spank her, I wouldnt have cared, but I had to try to defend my husband without breaking the previous stories I had told about him. In my drunken haze that was a challenge.



Julie was pretty drunk too so although I didnt sense I was making a cogent argument, I was pretty sure she wasnt either. I had the feeling that we were just having drunk bar talk. But at some point she began to argue that I was just to up tight and that I was the one who needed a sound spanking. She said John probably would like to do it, but was too worried about losing his sugar mama. Now that Julie was talking smack about me, I definitely though she was going too far. My family thought John was a bit of a moocher too. I told them he was a hard worker and they just didnt know him like I did. I especially took offense to the sugar mama comment. The conversation was getting more heated. This was unusual for the group. Some of the associates said he would be happy to spank me if my husband wouldnt do it. One of the other associates offered to spank Julie. For a brief moment, I pictured us all in a conference room at the office with Julie and I bent over the table.  I wasnt sure why that image popped into my brain. I shook it off in time to see Julie walking around the table toward me. She hopped up onto the bar stool I was standing next to and said, “No, Ill take care of it.”



I didnt realize what was happening in time to defend myself. Quick as a flash Julies right arm was around the back of my neck and I felt her pulling me down across her legs. The high of the stool meant she didnt really have a lap as her legs were at a 45-degree angle so I had to spread my own legs a bit to balance and not slide off her onto the floor. She then switched hands grabbing my hair with her left as she have me a hard swat to the ass.



It didnt hurt that much, I had my skirt on after all, but it startled me and I started to struggle. She just applied more pressure to her grip on my hair and pulled me down harder. That hurt more than her first spank. She quickly gave me four more swats and then ran her hand up under my skirt. I knew she could feel the heat from between my thighs but I hope she couldnt tell that her tales of sexual exploration had turned me on. She then released my hair and I stood up.



“She enjoyed that, boys,” she said triumphantly. I was shaken, not sure how to react. I saw John moving through the crowd to come and rescue me, although at that point, he probably wasnt needed. Still I liked that he was coming to save me. That made me feel good.



“What the fuck?” was all he said. Julie, back in flirt mode, replied.



“Your lovely wife told me she needed a spanking. You really should do that more often for her.”



There was an awkward silence and then everybody started laughing. It was getting close to when John had to head over to the club so the group broke up soon after that. Julie stayed behind to find a partner and John and I split an Uber. I assured him our conversation earlier had just gotten out of hand and Julie was just having fun. I didnt tell him that my pussy had flooded when she spanked me. Hell, I didnt even want to tell myself that happened. We dropped him at the club and then the driver took me home. My mind was starting to clear a bit and I wondered what would happen Monday at the office. I was hopeful that everyone would just think it was drunk fun at the bar. But as I undressed and got ready for bed, I could tell my pussy was still wet. As I pulled the cool sheet over my body, I could feel the heat rising from between my legs. As I said, I am no prude when it comes to sex, but I dont frequently masturbate. But I did that night. In fact I needed three orgasms before I could finally fall asleep. When John got home at 4:30 he was uncharacteristically frisky. Usually he just crawls into bed and passes out. But that night he wanted sex and I was more than happy to give it to him. No he didnt spank me, but I thought about it. I also maneuvered him to take me from behind. I loved fucking him doggie style because the girth of his cock always hit just the right spots to make me cum. While that was a bonus, my primary desire was to offer my backside to his hand to see if he would repeat what Julie had started. Alas he didnt, and while he was a bit more aggressive that usual, it still did reach the levels Julie had bragged about.



But I had my fourth and then fifth orgasm of the night, now spilling into the early morning. I fell asleep, still a little drunk and cuddling in my husbands strong arms. I was more sexually pleased than I had been in a long time. Tomorrow there would be hell to pay as my body never reacted well to that much booze, but for the moment, I was very happy.

We managed to sleep in until just after noon. As I expected, I felt miserable. I had to remember not to drink so much next time. However, I still felt great from the attention John had given me when he got home. Saturday was typical for us. John almost always slept until noon because of his schedule then after breakfast we went to the gym. Of course I had drunk a lot of water and taken some aspirin first. I did mostly cardio while John did mostly strength training. I usually dont look too much at the other people working out, but Julies spanking comments and playful swatting of my tush had me wondering who else like to get their butt whacked. After I finished my ride, I found myself staring at the backside of people bent over on their bikes and wondering which one of them was kinky. I looked at both men and women. It didnt matter. I just imagined them all with red handprints. It was a weird experience for me.



John was out of the house by six to go to work. Although he asked me to come with, I did not go to his bar. I wanted to stay in a just relax. I watched a dumb romcom on Netflix and basically vegged out. I turned in early hoping to get caught up on my lack of sleep from last night, but I tossed and turned. I couldnt fall asleep. For some reason, I couldnt get the image of John spanking me out of my head. I wasnt feeling particularly sexual. I didnt reach down and diddle myself if that is what you were expecting. But I had this desire for him to do it.



I tried to fall asleep for over an hour, but it was not to be. So I got back up and logged into my laptop. I always worked on a laptop so I could easily bring all my files home from the office and work in the living room. But as I said before, this weekend was one of the few where I didnt have a case to work, so I started just surfing my usual social media sites. But they were little diversion to my sudden fascination with spanking and I ended up typing the word into Google. 85 million hits later I was engrossed in several education pages including a particularly interesting Guide to Erotic Spanking. This only fueled my fire for John to give me a proper spanking instead of the playful swats Julie had inflicted on me.



I didnt understand how my body could derive pleasure from receiving pain, but based on everything I read, I believed the euphoria must be true. I assumed it was like a runners high that I got when I worked out really hard. Of course Google also led me to less scholarly sites and soon I was reading stories about spanking designed to titillate instead of educate. Although the scholar in me bemoaned the bad grammar and poor story telling, I cannot deny I found the tales of impact play sexually exciting. The act of needing to constantly scroll the screen kept me from putting a hand in my panties. I know you think I am joking and looking back, I was obviously naïve about one handing reading, but this was my first foray into erotic stories and I really wasnt sure what I was doing. I mean, my panties were wet, but didnt people just masturbate in bed?



Well, I did. That was for sure. After a particularly juicy story, I put down my laptop and ran back to my bedroom. I didnt even bother stripping off my panties. I flung myself on my bed and jammed my hand between my legs. This was a much different session than the last night. Not even 24 hours ago I could still feel Julies hand on my ass and I masturbated to success with an idealized vision of what it would be liked to be over my husbands knee. This time was different. With my newfound education on the subject, I was thinking not of Julie and actually not of my husband this time. Instead I fantasized about a faceless stranger who was skilled in the spanking arts having me kneel on my hands and knees in front of him.



In my heart, I figured John would spank me if I really begged him to do it, but I also knew he would be gentle and be worried about hurting me, so he would go easy on me. My fantasy spanker did not have that restriction. In my mind, he really let my ass have it, first with his bare hand and then with a paddle. He explained he needed to warm me up and get the blood flowing before he used a thick wooden paddle. As I imagined how much it would sting, my fingers danced across my clit and my pussy juice flowed like water from deep inside of me.



My faceless spanker didnt do anything special, probably because I didnt know any better yet. I thought about the things I read about and I visualized him doing some of them to me. As you probably suspect, I came quickly and I came hard. It was soul satisfying. I lay in a pool of my own sweat, pussy juice and cum, panting and trying to catch my breath. Post-climax waves of pleasure surged through my body as I quivered uncontrollably. It was definitely the best orgasm Id ever had while playing with myself. Hell, it might have been the best orgasm Id ever had. With weak legs I finally peeled myself off my bed and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Walking back to my bedroom I noticed my laptop still sitting in front of the couch. I was too tired to stay up any longer, and I was pretty sure Id finally be able to fall asleep, but I did have the forethought to shut down my laptop. My browser was still displaying the last story I had read. I remember thinking it is a good thing I remembered to close that before John came home. It would have been very embarrassing if he knew I was reading porn.



Sunday is my normal day with my husband and usually the only day he forgoes the gym. We usually go bike riding or for a walk on the beach or maybe play some volleyball. Today was no exception and after dinner we made love as was our custom. Part of me wanted to ask him to spank me, but a stronger part of me, the embarrassed part of me, didnt want to bring it up. Our sex was serviceable. I didnt climax, but that wasnt unusual. I generally need more than just penetration to get home. I rubbed my clit for a bit while he was thrusting his very manly thrusts, but my mind just wasnt into it for some reason. John was happy though, shooting a very large sticky load deep inside of me. I didnt worry about getting pregnant because I was on the pill. After a perfunctory hug he rolled over to go to sleep and I got up to take a bath and wash his mess from my body.



It was alone in the bathtub with the lights dimmed and my eyes closed that I made myself climax. Again I thought not of my husband but of an anonymous faceless stranger paddling my ass. This time, though, after three or four firm strokes, he would slide his fingers into my pussy and give me three or four strong finger fucks. Then he would stop, pick up the paddle and resume his spanking. I know I read about a woman who claimed her master always spanked her that way, although I dont remember the details of the story. That hardly mattered. The warm water in the tub surrounded my body like a cocoon and I felt safe as I explored the dark corners of my mind. My fantasy was less focused than the night before, perhaps because I had not read anything right before I began masturbating. But then again, John had given me a pretty good ride so maybe that balanced out. I did cum again, but not quite as fast and not quite as hard. Still I had to put my free hand over my mouth to keep from screaming so you know it was pretty good.



Monday found me back at the office. I was dreading that Julie would bring up what happened in the bar. Even though her actions led to a weekend of amazing orgasms for me, I really didnt want to discuss it. If she brought it up, I was fully prepared to make an excuse that I was drunk. I figured it was more likely that the guys that were there would not be able to keep their snide jokes to themselves and would make a crude comment or six. Somewhat surprisingly it was all business. We had the usual kick off the week staff meeting. I got assigned a new case, which meant my slight lull over the weekend was now a thing of the past. I retreated to my office and got to work. As per usual, with John at work that night, I stayed up way to late working on the new case. And just like Saturday I couldnt fall asleep. Im sure that was my subconscious mind telling me it needed a refresher to its earlier study. So back I went to the living room and onto the story site I went.



I was enjoying a particularly hot story written by a woman whose husband like to video her spankings and post them on SpankWire. I admit I had never surfed a porn video website before that night, but I had to see what she looked like and what her husband did to her. And just like the story promised, there she was in all her glory.



She was beautiful. Her husband was much older, but distinguished looking. He put her over his knee and the thing that surprised me most was the sound. It wasnt so much the sound of the impact. I knew what to expect there. It wasnt even her little yip of pain. No, the shocking part was the volume. There had been a bit of dialog and I had adjusted my laptop speakers so I could hear them clearly, but the sound of the palm of his hand crashing into her backside seemed twice as loud. It was actually quite jarring and caused me to shake my head. I was actually a bit embarrassed because it was late and I was afraid my neighbors would hear and know what I was watching. I pictured meeting them in the elevator and the look of disgust they would have because they had to ride with a pervert. I know the sound wasnt that loud, but in the quiet of an after midnight rendezvous with a naughty website, I was worried nonetheless. So I quickly turned the speakers down.



But that brought a new problem. I could just barely hear his spanks and couldnt hear her reaction. I hit pause and went to grab my earbuds.



Now, in all her glory, I listened and watched as he turned her ass bright red. I pictured myself in her place. My lust was strong and my panties were soaked.  For the first time I tentatively slid my fingers into my panties somewhere other than the bedroom or bathtub. The response was immediate as I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me. I didnt waste any time. I tore the earbuds from my head and ran back to my bedroom. This time I did pull my panties off before diving onto the bed. This time, however, I was not on my back.



Watching the woman over her mans knee had given me a strong desire to feel the same. My man wasnt coming home for a few hours yet, so I did the next best thing I could think of. I knelt on my knees and put my face into my pillow. That put my ass high in the air. With my right hand instantly busy between my legs, I reached around with my left and grabbed my ass. I squeezed and caressed my butt as my other hand vigorously worked my clit. I could feel instantaneously that my climax began to build. My foreplay had been mental with the story and ocular with the video.



As my body dissolved in another soul satisfying orgasm, I actually gave myself three firm swats. OK, I confess they were not that firm, but were harder than Julie had given me. It didnt matter how solid my blows connected, however. The cerebral release of feeling the impact just has my climax overtook my body was enough to magnify the force by which my body released in that moment. Wave after wave of fireworks exploded in my brain as my pleasure receptors went into overdrive. I howled into my pillow. If my neighbors had missed the sound of a woman being spanked via my computer speakers, there would have been no mistake the sounds of passion I was making had I not muted the sound with my pillow. My whole body was shaking as my orgasm wracked my core and consumed mind. Unbelievably, it was better than Saturday night. I didnt think that was possible, but as I lay prone on my bed, my body still trembling in aftershocks, I had to admit it was true. Each time I thought of something more depraved, I came harder. That was a scary realization, but also one that convinced me that I had reached a tipping point and couldnt go back. I had to convince John to spank me for real.

Unfortunately, as I suspected, John wasnt up for the task of giving me a real spanking. I did get him to spank me harder than Julie had by surprising him when he came home by dressing in his favorite lingerie and heels. I frequently did this when I was feeling randy and he did not disappoint in his attentions that night. I did managed to put myself over his lap, a position I had dreamed about since seeing it in so many videos, but he clearly was worried about hurting me so he didnt put is full strength into my backside. But it was a start and when he fucked me, I could feel some warmth on my ass and was able to orgasm. It wasnt as strong a climax as my vibe and a video would give me, but it was at least orgasm with my husband inside of me. That counted for something.



As you might imagine, the experience left me wanting more and I continued my online quest for new kinks on the nights when John was working. First I branched out into different genres of kink videos. I figured out pretty quickly that videos of strong women who submit to stronger men made me cum the best. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that since my job was so stressful and that I had to be in control all the time at work, giving up control in my personal life struck a chord with my soul. The first video in this vein I watch actually was of a lawyer who submitted to her client. She was spanked and then fucked up the ass. I knew I would be disbarred if I actually fucked a client in real life, but the fantasy was enough to drive my masturbation for several days. When that started to wear off I got enamored of videos with couples seducing their babysitters. Those visuals were good for another week or so and then I really got into teachers seducing their students. But, while stimulating, they didnt ratchet up my arousal like the submission videos. I guess I was trying to convince myself that the kinkier videos didnt work for me. But I would be kidding you and myself if I said that. After about a month, I had to admit that not only did the sick and depraved things people do light my fuse, but that I had started to identify as a submissive.



I think it was the fact that the submissive (I did watch some with a man submitting to a woman) was relieved of the choice in the situation. That somehow, they couldnt be blamed for their bad behavior because they were not in control. Once I came to this realization, of course, I wanted to experience a more intense feeling of submission than I could get through my fantasy masturbation life. Some quick online research told me that Chicago has a thriving kink community. But I had no idea how to get started safely. First off, since I was married I didnt want to run into anybody I knew. I had read about midweek informal meetings of kinksters at bars and figured I could go to one of those. Then I could say it was just happenstance that I walked into that bar that night if I met somebody I knew. I actually managed to get to the front door of the bar where one such meeting was being held. I had even dressed for the occasion in a tight skirt, stockings, heels and a low cut blouse with a demi push-up bra exposing a deep cleavage. But I chickened out and couldnt open the door. I watched from a few feet away, pretending to talk on my phone, as several couples went in. They looked completely normal, like me, and I wondered if they were there for the event or just stopped by for a couple of drinks. I stood outside for about 15 minutes trying to get my courage up. I knew from the online invitation that the meeting, or munch as they called it, was in a private room in the back of the bar. I tried to work up my courage to walk in and just sit at the bar for a few minutes. Maybe a drink or two would calm my nerves and give me enough liquid courage to go further. But I just couldnt do it. The analytical side of my brain kept telling me I wasnt that kind of girl and to go home to the safety of my computer and my bed.



I was about to leave, when a vision appeared and changed my mind, at least for a few minutes. She was gorgeous and even in the still darkness of early evening she radiated light. While I wasnt sure if the other couples were here for the munch, her attire left little doubt her purpose. She was wearing leather pants that looked like they had been painted on her. Leather thigh high boots with a four inch stiletto heel leading me to wonder how she could walk in them and a tight leather vest laced at the center, but open to her navel showing generous amounts of side boob. Her chest was clearly augmented. Basically she looked like a wet dream from one of the videos that got me off so hard. My mouth went dry as she neared the door. She was walking confidently. Striding with purpose really. I watched as she reached out for the door and began to open it. I was staring at her. She paused.



She began to look me up and down. When she nodded approvingly and smiled, I could feel my face flush with embarrassment. Then she went inside. She never said a word. I felt dizzy. I leaned up against the building to steady myself and then I practically sprinted to the car. I hiked up my skirt as I sat down in the drivers seat. My hand was reaching for my panties even before my ass hit the cool leather of the seat.



I had now progressed from only having sex with my husband, to masturbating under the blankets with the lights off, to in my living room in front of my laptop and now in semi-public in my car because a woman smiled at me. The streetlight illuminated my car enough to let anyone who happened to look see what I was doing, but I didnt care. I had to get off.



My fingers danced on my clit. It wasnt slow, methodical or loving. It was fast, hard and primal. My windows began to fog as my breathing sped faster and faster. I pushed my back against the seat and threw my head back into the headrest. I envisioned the woman walking around the group looking for a conquest for the evening. Even though I was a kink neophyte and had never been with a woman, I pictured her choosing me, taking me home and making me pleasure her. Since I wouldnt know what I was doing, in my mind she would paddle me. She would take away all my options and prove to me that she was my superior.  She would make me crawl around her apartment on my hands and knees. My hair would be balled into her fist as she led me on a tour of all the places she intended to use my body.



I thought maybe she was married and out looking for women to bring her husband. That would be awesome. I pictured him as a strong, muscled guy (not unlike my husband) but with a longer, thicker cock than John. I felt my mouth drool as I pictured her leading me to him and forcing my mouth over his cock. I would gladly suck his cock, as it is one of my favorite things to do, but she doesnt know that and never bothered to ask. Instead she pushes my mouth over him and then tugs it back up. It is a show of dominance she has over me as she controls how I fellate her husband. Then she released my hair and stepped over my back straddling me. I didnt stop sucking his cock, although my pace slowed to my usual blowjob speed. That is to say, I bobbed my head up and down lovingly and nibbled on the tip. He didnt say a word, but she took  umbrage with my efforts and grabbed both sides of my head firmly and forcibly began pushing his cock deep into my throat and then pulling me back off. I was nothing but a wet hole to them as she pistoned my head up and down over his shaft. Every five or six strokes she would hold my head down, his cock buried deep in my throat cutting off my air supply. It was as if my actual life and death was in her hands. Each time she seemed to hold me head down longer asserting her supremacy over me and causing me to cough as I gasped for air when she finally allowed me to breathe. Spit poured from my mouth as they abused me. My makeup was running down my cheeks as I cried. Spit and tears were not the only liquids I was discharging. My pussy was dripping girl sauce at an alarming rate.



My fingers flew as I played out this scene in my head. It didnt take me long to cum. In fact, it didnt take me long to cum twice as I could in no way stop after my first orgasm.  My first climax was to the vision of my forced blowjob on an anonymous man. My picturing his thick hard cock in my pussy as a rode him triggered the second. He never moved from the chair. His gorgeous wife had forced me to fuck him with my mouth first and then let me climb on top of him. I was having a grand time bouncing up and down on his cock. My tits were flying up and down in his face and he gripped my ass keeping me straight and true. After my first cum, this new stimulation had my body be wracked with mini-cums since the moment he first penetrated me. I could feel my second orgasm building almost from the first stroke. I stopped bouncing and let his cock bottom out deep inside me before rocking my hips forward and backward instead of up and down. I then leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his head pulling my boobs up against his face. It was then I felt something poking against my ass.



I leaned back and turned my head to see the woman had put on a strap-on while I had been fucking her man. She was determinedly pushing it against my back door. I was an anal virgin and had this been real life, I would have fought back. But sitting alone in my car with my clit having been rubbed almost raw, I felt my backdoor clench and I came again. Not as hard as the first time, but I still yelled out in passion, leaned forward involuntarily and honked the horn. Whether I drew attention to myself or not, I couldnt tell you because my mind was reeling in passion as I thrashed back and forth and my pussy juice flowed like water.



It seemed like forever before I began to calm down, but it was probably about 40 seconds. I was sitting behind the wheel panting. The care I had taken to make myself beautiful was destroyed by my lewd behavior. My make-up was a mess, my stockings were wet with pussy juice and my whole body had a sheen of sweat. I sat for about 10 minutes trying to compose myself, but making no effort to pull down my skirt or fix my hair. I was definitely enjoying the afterglow of two wonderful orgasms.



Had my fantasy woman come outside right then, I might have been tempted to walk back to the door and show her what a mess she had made me. But she didnt and in a way I was glad she had not.  Although I had fantasized about her, I knew I would freeze up if I tried to talk about her. I wasnt ready for a real life experience. Yet.



Finally calmed down I went home. I desperately needed a shower, but I also wanted to keep the feelings I had from earlier. So I set my alarm for 2am and allowed myself to fall asleep on the couch. I unbuttoned my blouse and left it hand open and spread my legs so one was on the couch and one was on the floor. I wanted to feel like someone other than myself had used me. I remember having vivid dreams, although I dont remember exactly what they were about.



I was not happy when the alarm went off and at first I couldnt remember why I set it for such an ungodly hour. But as I peeled my body off the couch, I remembered with a smile. I stripped off my clothes, took a shower and climbed into bed. I was back to my good wife persona and maybe John would be feeling amorous when he got home.


Alas I was out cold when he got home and as usual, he didnt wake me. When my alarm went off at 6am I got up, dressed, ate a quick breakfast and headed to the office. It was a usual workday meaning I was too busy to think about sex. But home alone that night, my mind began wandering again and soon I was back online. I knew my plan was to find a video to stimulate my fantasies, so I had already stripped naked as I sat on my living room couch with the company of my laptop. I watched a few videos and played with my pussy, but I couldnt climax. The videos were not getting me there. I think it was because I kept comparing the dominant in each video to the woman I saw last night and none of them measured up. That probably sounds weird since I never talked to her and for all I knew she wasnt a domme, but for whatever reason, I was just really frustrating myself. I decided to give up for the night and just go to bed. But that didnt work either. My pussy was definitely expressing its need for attention, but my mind knew my usual routine wasnt going to satisfy me tonight. I decided to go back to the story website I visited frequently in the past and try to find a tale that would get me off.  I sat down at my desk and opened up my laptop.



Not surprisingly, that didnt work either. Oh, it got me close and I must say really, really frustrated. But not over the top. The last story I read, coincidentally focused on orgasm control, denial and edge play. I had never heard of not being allowed to cum even if your body could climax. It was kind of interesting from an intellectual point of view, although I am sure I would hate it in real life. There I was trying to orgasm, but unable to, while in the story was a woman who could cum and was trying like hell not to climax. I didnt think I would do well at that game. But it was exciting that her Dom eventually gave her a command to cum and that she did. Immediately. I dont know if her story was true, but I liked the ending.



I clicked on the link to the authors page thinking I would contact her to find out how much of the story was true. But before I revealed myself via an email, I decided to search her other posts to see if I could gleam my answer anonymously. She didnt have any other stories, but she was active on the sites message board and chat room. I clicked on one of the threads she had posted in that seemed promising. It was titled “Edge Play for Beginners.” Her posts were not particularly helpful, but one from a man boasted of being a great cyber dom. I chuckled a bit picturing some nerdy kid in his moms basement pretending to be a man. But several women had posted further down the thread singing his praises.



According to his profile, he lived on the West Coast. It also showed he was online. I told myself it was just intellectual curiosity, but I sent him a private message asking if he was for real. He responded with a link to a private chat. My pussy leaked a little as I clicked on his link. At first our conversation was fairly generic getting to know you small talk. Still I found it strangely arousing to be messaging in real time with someone who was obviously kinky.



Slowly I started to open up to him. I also started rubbing myself. I still didnt know anything substantive about him and he knew just a little bit about me. But when he asked what turned me on, I answered him truthfully. He probably didnt have to be a rocket scientist to know I was masturbating. We chatted a bit more discussing some of the finer points of edge play and orgasm denial. Even though we were not talking specifics, it was getting me hot. The fantasy portion of my brain could take his descriptions and translate them into pictures staring me.  Although John was never a patient lover, I could imagine him going down on me and licking my clit until I was ready to cum and then stopping. Then starting again and stopping just before I came. I could see myself grabbing his head and pulling his mouth over my gushing pussy forcing him to take me to nirvana.



When I confessed this to my anonymous conversation partner he told me it didnt work that way. He said I would be tied to the bed and unable to affect when I was stimulated. My clit swelled when I read that and my fingers began moving faster. He continued to type, but my focus was on the heat between my legs, the pleasure my fingers were creating and my mind picturing myself spread and tied to my bed.  I never did respond to him, but I came hard.



Have you ever sat naked in your desk chair and just shook as your body rode your climax as long as it could? I did. And it was wonderful. I continued to rub my clit and my body continued to tense and release over and over again. My eyes were shut as I pictured myself thrashing on my bed, but held fast by my bonds. I wasnt long before a second and then a third orgasm coursed through my body. I was sweating and very vocal as I continued to cum triggered by his simple words and my imagination. It was probably five minutes before my breathing returned to normal and I could focus on my screen again. He had obviously stopped typing a while ago. His last comment was that a good girl doesnt cum without permission and not to let it happen again. The chat window showed that he had logged off.



I shut down my laptop and slowly walked to my bedroom before collapsing on my bed. At some point I woke up feeling cold and wondering (briefly before I remembered) why I was naked. I didnt bother getting up to put on a nightie. I just crawled under the covers. My pussy was still wet, although the pent up need in my clit had dissipated. I fell asleep temporarily satisfied, although that feeling would not last.



What had started as drunken play between coworkers had quickly turned into an obsession. Unless John was home to fuck me to sleep, I found myself online in a chat room looking for somebody who could get me off. What started as curiosity about orgasm control had evolved into online men, and the occasional woman, giving me instructions how to masturbate and when I was allowed to orgasm. It turned out I really enjoyed edge play. Finding someone skilled enough to bring me to the precipice of a climax with just typed words was a challenge, but I eventually had a new group of friends all capable of giving me the teasing I now craved and willing to hold me back until I was “a good girl” and earned my orgasm. Usually I had to describe what I was doing in great detail to earn my reward. Of course they all wanted to me to turn on my webcam or to call them on the phone, but I refused. I was steadfast in not sharing anything that could identify me. A few of the guys stopped chatting with me, but for the most part, they were good about it. A couple of times my partners didnt want to accept that restriction and would tell me to stop. They would say my punishment for not doing more to get them off was that I wouldnt be allowed to cum at all. They would say to contact them the next day and log off quickly.



I dont think those guys understood it was a buyers market for a woman exploring her submission and sexuality. In my rotating stable of online partners, there was usually someone else willing to pick up where they left off. Even if my regular partners were all offline, there was always someone new willing to get me off. Sure they didnt know how to really work my fantasies as well as my regular players, but having somebody new had its benefits and I usually came pretty quick since I was already worked up.



For about a month, this was my primary sexual outlet. It was time again for the munch where I first saw my fantasy domme and I really considered going again. In my mind, this time I would go inside and if she was there, I would talk to her. But I chickened out. Although my online chats were starting to get a little stale, I was still cumming five nights a week from them and I still was scared to let my secret life intersect with my real life.  As it turned out, the decision to change that would be made for me.



*** Change of Point of View ***



My name is Dean and I am the IT consultant for the law firm where Susan works. They also employ a couple recent grads to do the grunt work on the systems and PC support, but I set the strategic direction, make system recommendations that are almost always implemented and keep everything running smoothly from a technology perspective. Several times the partners have tried to hire me full time, but I like being independent. I come in to the office once or twice a week for a few hours. I have my own office with a locking door. It is an interior office so there are no windows, but that suits me fine. I like the privacy. The privacy is important because one of my main functions is to spy on the employees.  My two minions dont know that, but the partners certainly did. They understood that to protect the firm, they needed to know of any impropriety before the clients would get a sniff. If any employee suddenly got the boot, it was probably because of something I found. I have several law firms in the city that I consult with doing basically the same job. I work from home a lot and visit the offices when I necessary. I set my own schedule unless there is a pressing issue. This is a great situation for me because I make a lot of money and I also have enough flexibility in my schedule to indulge certain aspects of my personal life. I enjoy the kind of things that would get me fired from any of the firms I consult with if I actually worked for any of them directly. And that brings me to Susan.



I had noticed her around the office but never talked to her. I make it a point not to get too friendly with people who I may have to rat out to their bosses at some point. Of course I enjoyed looking at her. The procedure when someone has a PC problem is to submit a help ticket and then one of the guys will take care of it. But today, as fortune would have it, one of them was on vacation and the other guy called in sick. It was coincidence that I happened to stop by and Susan tracked me down in my office. Like most junior lawyers, she thought she was more important than she really was in the hierarchy. Beyond her looks, which did set her apart, junior lawyers are a dime a dozen as law schools continue to churn them out. That didnt stop her from giving me attitude about how her laptop was running slowly lately and she wanted a new one. Her response was typical from someone who didnt understand technology. It was near lunchtime so I told her to come back in a couple hours and I would have her laptop as good as new. That seemed to appease her.

I had no doubt she just needed her system cache cleared, temporary files deleted and probably a virus scan. But I also wanted to do a little snooping. Her attitude had been condescending and I had heard from the guys I oversaw that she had a reputation of being a real bitch in the office. That is just the kind of person I like to bust. But getting Susan fired was not my first choice. No, I had other plans for her. I picked up my phone and rang the front desk. I was hoping Liz the receptionist had not left for lunch yet. Fortunately she answered. She sounded nervous like she always did when she saw it was my extension calling.



“Yes, sir?” she answered with more than a little concern in her voice.



Liz had good reason to be concerned. About six months ago I noticed her browser history visiting another local law firm and a quick check of the email log, that most people in the firm dont even know exists, showed her sending information to that firm about our perspective new clients. I assumed the information would help the other firm poach our clients. At a minimum, she should have been fired on the spot, but she was a cutie, fresh out of college so I decided to have some fun with her. After calling her into my office, I informed her that she was busted. She was visibly upset. I threatened to take the information to the partners. I even used the “youll never work in this town again” line on her to up her nervousness factor. She responded to me with a coy, “Isnt there anything I can do?”



I was a bit surprised she didnt try to deny what she had been doing. We both knew what her statement implied. She didnt look like the kind of girl who would offer sexual favors to get out of a jam. I bet she thought she could just blow me and I would let her off the hook. But I dont roll that way. I told her to be at my house that night at 9pm for dinner. That surprised her and she clearly wasnt happy about it. But she agreed.



Since then she had a clear understanding what being called into my office meant. And today when I told her we would be having lunch together, she didnt hesitate. I always got a chuckle that she would bring her laptop with her as she scurried back to my office. I guess she figured if anybody saw her they would think she was having PC trouble. She also figured that they wouldnt know her pussy got wet as soon as she saw my extension. She would always knock softly on my door. Sometimes I made her wait for 30 seconds before calling her to come in. There is a table near my door. She would quickly put down her laptop, lock the door and then drop to the floor on her hands and knees. There she would wait until I waved her over. Then she would crawl to me.



The first night she came to my house I taught her this was the proper way for a young lady to act in my presence. The blistering spanking I gave her before I fucked her helped reinforce her position in the relationship. Submission came naturally to her. After I pulled out and before I came, ripped off the condom and sprayed my load on her face. She begged to be my slave girl. But I dont keep slaves. I like the hunt and the seduction. I liked having Liz around when I needed a release. Like now for example as my mind was thinking of what I could do to Susan to change her attitude.  Liz crawled around my desk. Then, without being told, opened my desk drawer where she found a set of heavy-duty chrome handcuffs. I didnt leave them in my desk. I carried them in my briefcase. But before I called Liz, I would always put them where she could get them. She dutifully cuffed her hands behind her back. Then she went to work unzipping my pants with her teeth. Sometimes I would have to help her with that task. But she always tried to do it herself first.



I give her credit. Liz gives a great blowjob. One of the best I have ever had. I loved getting head from women who cant use their hands. It really forces them to try harder, in my opinion. She would stay between my legs as long as I let her and swallow every drop of cum I feed her. Sometimes I would fuck her in the office, but usually I would just let her suck a good load out of me. I didnt want to give her too much pleasure on these short visits because lack of satisfaction kept her visiting my house on a regular basis. It was there she would turn into a wild woman willing to do anything I asked to get her pleasure.



But back to Susan. With Liz happily gobbling my knob, I began to look through Susans laptop. As I expected, she had been very naughty indeed based on her browser history. I downloaded her history to a thumb drive and then cleared it. I didnt want her getting fired just yet. Not until I had some fun with her. I did a quick virus scan and she had some ad trackers, probably from the porn sites she apparently enjoyed. I was familiar with the sites she had been on since I enjoyed the same types of videos. I also made a note of the story and chat sites she visited and started thinking about how to best exploit this knowledge. Liz was still happily bobbing her head up and down on my cock oblivious to the fact that soon she might not be the other woman at this firm servicing me.



With Susans computer back up to speed, I made two minor altercations. One was to install a key tracker that would log everything she typed. It would secretly email me anytime she logged into the firms domain, so basically I would get an update every day. The second thing was to install an innocuous looking little app that ran in the background. It would report back to me anytime the laptop made a connection to the Internet and send me her IP address. It was smart enough to poke a hole in her home firewall. It also secretly turned on her webcam whether she turned it on herself or not. My plan was to find out just what she was up to and use that information to my advantage.  Needless to say, the prospect was very exciting to me. I told Liz to stop and she immediately rocked back on her heels, kneeling in front of me.



I quickly unbuttoned her blouse and lifted the cups of her bra over her perfectly formed globes. They were not huge, but they were perky and as always, her nipples were hard as rocks. I then grabbed my cock and began stroking it. Liz knew better than to ask where I was going to cum. She loved me to let her drink it, so of course, I didnt do that often. I loved blasting her in the face, but I didnt usually do that in the office. Instead I chose to cum on her tits. I enjoyed this too because she had strict orders not to wipe off my cum. When I was done, I pulled her bra cups back down, buttoned her shirt and told her stand up. Less than a minute later the handcuffs were back in the drawer and she was heading back to her desk with my cum drying on her chest. It would irritate her skin all afternoon and by five I knew she would call me and beg for permission to masturbate in the bathroom.  Shes a good kid and maybe I will let her today, but right now my focus was on Susan. She would be here for her laptop soon

*** Change of Point of View ***

I stopped by Deans office to get my computer. He told me everything was ready for me so I thanked him, took my laptop and headed back to my office. He was a handsome man. Id never really noticed that before. I then had a fleeting thought about how lucky I was not to have to leave my laptop overnight so I could indulge my alter ego tonight. I was working on a tough case and needed to relax with some me time.

One thing I noticed since I had discovered my online passions was that I was able to focus more at work. If I had a shrink, they probably would have told me that since I was so tough and a ball breaker at work all day, I needed someone else to take charge at night to balance out my life. Or maybe I was just more of a slut than I wanted to admit. But I digress.

When I got home I put my laptop on my desk and hurried to the bedroom to strip out of my business attire. I left on my stockings and heels as they made me feel sexy. Otherwise I was naked. I must have been quite a sight as I was preparing a simple dinner and then ate sitting on the couch watching TV. Although I was watching the news and not thinking sexual thoughts, my pussy was starting to dampen. It must have been a subconscious reaction to my post-dinner plans. By the time I did my dishes, I was actively getting distracted by thoughts of submission and logged onto the chat board shortly thereafter. I was in a playful mood and hoped to find a new dominant partner to give me instructions. I found one.

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