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You Should Have Listened to Your Mother

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Synopsis: A week in slaver Rex\'s life--it\'s the one in which he finds the Holy Grail

Forget all that crap about this being fiction.  This is taken from a week in my lifea week in which I found the Holy Grail.


I rolled the sedan to a stop, running down the passenger side window as I approached.  “Hi…need a lift?  How far you going?”

“Yeah, I sure could use a ride.  Im going almost all the way to the capital.”

“Okay, I can take you most of the way.  Climb in; just dump your backpack in the back seat.”  He opened the door and sat.  “Before you buckle up, how about grabbing a soda from that little cooler at your feet?  Theres an open one in the corner.  Thats the one, thanks.  Help yourself to one of the others.”

“Thank you, sir, but I dont want to be a bother.”

“Dont be silly.  First of all its a long ride, and second I always bring extra.  I like to have company and I remember when I was hitching back in college.  Go on, help yourself.”

He rummaged through the cooler before selecting a bottle of Coke.  “Thank you, sir.”  He opened the bottle and took a long drink.  I turned my head and smiled into the window.  He drank twice more before the powerful sedative began to take effect.  I took the bottle and placed it into the holder.

“Ill bet your mother told you not to hitch rides, didnt she?  You should have listened.”  My words were wasted; he was out cold and would be for many hours.  I loved to cruise the interstate in this area before a long weekend.  There were always young innocent college students looking for rides.  The secretmy secretwas selecting the right ones.  I never gave rides to jocks or people, men or women, who were large or muscular.  I preferred the small shy timid type. 

A u-turn at the next exit meant we were back on track to my house.  I lived way out in the country on land that had been in my family for generations.  We had been slavers and still were, but now I dealt in sex slaves, a special kind that maximized my profit.  Thirty minutes later I had pulled the sedan into the barn.  A tug on the secret lever enabled me to lift the trap door.  In just a minute I had him over my shoulder and on his way to his new life.  Once down the steps I dropped him and lowered the door, turning my attention to the combination lock on the heavy steel door that led to the slave quarters.  I stood just inside while two slavesJenna and Brandidemonstrated their obedience and submission by kneeling and kissing my shoes and feet.  My fingers tousled their long hair, “Yes, ladies you have a new companion.  Stay where you are while I attend to his needs.”

“May I assist you, Master?”  It was hot little Brandi who spoke.  Initially, I would have whipped her bare ass for speaking out of turn, but Brandi was my favorite and I knew her words were sincere.  I waved her to follow.

My newest charge was dumped unceremoniously onto the floor.  Brandi knew what to do; she began to strip him out of his clothes while I returned to the main dungeon for the heavy steel shackles Id use initially to scare the living shit out of my captive.  “Off to your bed, my dear,” I told Jenna, “I dont want to take a chance of you bruising or being injured.  Dont forget, your new owner will be coming tomorrow morning.”  She kissed my shoes again and retired to her cell.  Jenna and Brandi were completely broken and fully trained and had earned bare furnishingsa bed, thin mattress, blanket and pillow, along with a chair and portable closet filled with their personal wardrobes.  Their electronic slave collars guaranteed that they would remain within the dungeon even if the door was left open which it wasnt very often.  The collars were an integral part of their training regimen.

Brandi was almost done by the time I had returned. “Look, Master he has a tiny cock…just like mine.”  I chuckled; sometimes Brandi was actually funny.  Heavy duty padlocks secured the chains to eyebolts in the floor and wall as I locked the shackles around his ankles.  Lifting him was a breeze; I doubted he weighed 140 pounds.  First one wrist then the other was shackled leaving him stretched horizontally and unable to move more than a few inches.  Brandi gathered his clothes and handed them to me.

“May I be of service to you tonight, Master?”

“You little minx, you know I have work to do.  Well see later, now get back into your cell and stay there.”

“Yes, Master.”  I gave her pert little bottom a playful swat as she trotted past me.  Minutes later I was back in the barn starting a fire in the 55-gallon drums I had converted to an incinerator.  All the clothes, shoes, and his entire backpack were doused with lighter fluid and lit.  I turned my attention to the license plate where I stripped off the tapes I had used to change the number from EEB-3448 to LLE-8113.  I had learned long ago how to change the letters and numbers.  It was so easy to change an “L” into an “E” or even a “B.”  The same could be done with the numbers.  I moved the car outside where I washed the water-soluble silver paint from the body changing it back to the dark blue it had been when I bought it.  Had anyone seen me pick up the youth theyd report a silver sedan, not a blue one, and a license plate number that would lead the police in another direction.

I carefully wiped down all the edgesdoors, trunk, and hood as well as under the car.  Tomorrow Id take it to a car wash and have the entire undercarriage cleaned.  Vacuuming the interior would destroy any microscopic traces of his clothing or shoes.  Checking my watch I saw it was only just past ten.  I returned to the dungeon where I prepared a hypodermica huge quantity of estrogen and other hormones which I injected into my new slaves butt.  Once I was done I disposed of the syringe and pulled my slave Brandi up and into my house.  An adjustment to her collar was made as I led her up the stairs.  My failure to do so would have given her the shock of her life.  The collars were the primary tools I used to control my slaves.  Sure, I used whips and crops and canes and paddles, too.  The slaves hated to be beaten, but mostly they hated the collars.  Id demonstrate it on my new subject tomorrow.  Now, however, it was time to play.

I brought Brandi to my bedroom as I had many times before.  Quickly she removed her limited clothingher demi-bra, her matching bikini panties, and her 5-inch shiny black heels.  Kneeling before me, head down she begged permission to undress me.  “Very well, Brandi you may stand and assist me.  Shirt first, then my pants and boxersmy socks last.  Ill want you to clean my feet once theyre off.”

“Yes, Master,” she pronounced meekly and proceeded to fold my clothes neatly over the back of the chair as she had been taught.  My boxers and socks were placed into the hamper while I moved to the side of the bed.  Brandi took my foot in her delicate hands and licked from heel to toe.  Once my sole was clean she inserted each of my toes into her mouth and cleaned them.  I lifted my other foot when I was satisfied.  Finally, I pulled her up to the bed with me.

“Come here and kiss me.”  I pulled her into an embrace, her symmetrical D-cup breasts pressing into my chest as our tongues dueled.  I held her head, my fingers clutching her hair.  Breaking the kiss I pushed her head down.  I could see Brandis smile as she moved her mouth over my cock.  Slowly she licked the oozing pre-cum from the tip before engulfing my entire tool into her mouth.  Her hand cupped my sensitive balls as her head bobbed up and down until I shot river after river of slick white cum into her throat.

I brought her up to me, kissing her and tasting my own semen on her lips and tongue.  “Im beat; hunting always does it to me.  Cmon, I want your ass sticking into me as we sleep.”  We spooned, Brandi lying in front of me, my hand lightly cupping her breast, as we swiftly fell into a deep sleep.

I woke just after three, Brandis ass exactly where I had left it.  Twisting my body enabled me to reach my night stand where I found a bottle of lube.  I dribbled it onto my fingers and was just about to rub it into Brandis ass when she turned and whispered, “Please, Master…please fuck your unworthy slave.”  She threw her leg over my body, giving me access to her rear door.  A little lube was all that was needed.  I had probably fucked Brandis tight little sphincter four hundred times since she came to me and Id never tire of it.  I had built Brandi to my specificationsshe was as close to my ideal woman as possible.

I had shaped her nose, chin and cheeks; I had removed her Adams apple and surgically altered her voice.  My scalpel had helped to shape her hips, and, of course, I had given her those perfectly matched breasts.

I had worked for eight years as a board certified plastic surgeonan extremely successful one, indeed.  I was earning between $400,000 and $500,000 a year after taxes when I realized that I could earn even more as a slaver, especially one who produced very special kind of slave.  There was an incredible demand for she-male slaves.  I could sell my young acquisitionmale and totally untrainedfor as much as $10,000, although $7,000 was more the norm.  An untrained female would bring almost double.  A completely trained male, willing and capable of using both holes should bring $50,000, a trained female $75,000.  A she-male completely trained and compliant could bring as much as $300,000.  Indeed, I had recently sold Jenna to a starting NFL quarterback for the bargain price of $250,000.

Now, one might argue that a major football star could get any real woman he wanted and youd probably be right.  However, many women are demanding and some are in it only for the money.  Many women I had known as a practicing physician were outright bitches.  Id known quite a few who pretended to love sex during the courtship only to go icicle cold once they had married.  Nothing like that ever happened with a slave.  Jenna, for example, was tall with a swimsuit models body.  At five feet ten and 125 pounds she had long shapely legs leading to a tight muscular ass and firm abdomen.  Her shoulders were broad, accented by magnificent DD-cup breasts.  Jenna lived to serve; she would never think of declining sex.  I had trained her to be out in public where she was attentive almost, but not quite, to the point of clinging.  She had natural long blonde hair Id had styled into a shag cut and the palest blue eyes Id ever seen.

Jennas face, like her body, could easily have been a models, and she was extremely smart.  Jenna, nee Simon, was a math major in college two years ago, and even though she had been programmed to forget that, she had retained her keen intellect.  I had given her a television over the past few months with access to the NFL Channel and ESPN.  She was more knowledgeable about football than most men.

Like most slavers I kept my slaves in chastity.  Stainless cock cages constructed to my exacting standards kept them sexually frustrated.  However, unlike many slavers, I believed in mixing reward with punishment.  There were plenty of punishments, especially early on in training, involving canes and crops as well as shocks from their collars.  Jenna, however, hadnt been punished in more than three months; Id allowed her four orgasms during that period.  Brandi had been with me for thirty monthstwo and a half years.  She had been a problem at first; dear God, I had beaten her within an inch of her life on several occasions, but recentlyfor more than six months--her behavior had been perfect.

Brandi was shorter than Jennafive feet eightbut weighed almost as much, making her curvier than Jenna.  Her hips and ass were larger, but not large.  She measured 35D-26-35 whereas Jennas measurements were 35DD-23-34.  I doubted Id ever sell Brandithats how much I loved her.

Brandi reached behind her body to lead my rock-hard cock to her anus.  She squirmed a bit to get the angle just right for my initial thrust.  I pushed just a little as she forced herself back until my pole was engulfed by her sweet ass.  My hands on her hips, I pulled myself deep into her bowel.  I fucked her hard and Brandi fucked me back, rocking as a woman would in straight sex, until I blew, bathing her rectum with my sweet cream.

I reached for the chain around my neck.  “You sweet little bitch--you deserve a reward.  Lie on your back and spread your legs.”  The magnetic key easily opened the special lock.  I pulled the cage off her organ and stroked it to hardness.  “I think someones very eager,” I whispered as I nuzzled her slender neck.  Brandi moaned continuously as I stroked her swiftly to an overwhelming orgasm.  Her first ejaculation flew three feet into the air before landing on her perfect tits.  She was drained physically as well as emotionally by the time it had ended.  I ran my hands up and down her body, collecting her semen for her to lick from my fingers.  I kissed her again before placing the cock cage on the floor for the rest of the night.  She kissed me with even greater emotion when she realized that shed be free until morning.

“Dont worry Master--the only cock Ill touch will be yours.”  I kissed her again and we drifted back to a contented sleep.

I woke early as always, ready for another orgasm.  I looked up to find my slave eager to provide for my needs.  “Jerk me off, Brandi.  Jerk me into your mouth then clean my cock.  If you do a good job I might take care of you myself.”  I opened my legs as Brandi took a position between them.  She reached for the lube and ran some over my cock before beginning the actual stroking.  Using both hands she ran them up and down my growing erection.  She used her hands to great advantage, twisting and turning them as she squeezed my shaft with surprising strength.  My thrusting abdomen told her that my orgasm was near, just as it had done hundreds of times previously.  Suddenly, Brandis mouth was over my cockand just in timeas I blew.  Like a volcano, my cock shot hot slick semen with such force that it would have gone easily three feet into the air had Brandis sweet mouth not captured it en route.  She licked it clean before I pulled her up my body for yet another hot long kiss.  We lay back on the pillows as I turned on the TV.  We could see my new guest beginning to stirbeginning to recognize his plight.  “Okay, dear lets grab a quick shower and some breakfast then well go and meet your new playmate.”

We showered quickly, Brandi lovingly washing my body before dealing with her own needs.  Out of the shower she dried me carefully and helped me to dresstee shirt, boxers, and jeans with lightweight sandals on my feet.  Brandi returned her bra and panties to her body. Later, she would dress in clean clothing that I would specify.  We ate a quick breakfast of coffee and cold cereal, carrying a tray down for Jenna.  I had special food for my new slave.

Once in the slave quarters I met with both girls telling them what I expected them to wear.  My choice was met with giggles.  They enjoyed meeting new slaves for the first time.  Once they were dressed I opened his cell.  “Well, good morning…sleep well?”  As expected my comments were met with a stream of profanity.

“That will get you nowhere.  Let me explain your situation.  I am a slaver; you are now my slave.  Today is the first day of your new lifeyour life as my slave.  Ill break you and train you and when youre completely trained Ill sell you, but not in your current form.  We have a lot of work to do today so were going to start very soon, right after I introduce you to my other slaves.  Please come in, ladies.”  Jenna and Brandi walked in wearing their cute little school girl uniformsironed and starched white blouses with little pearl buttons and puffed short sleeves over a blue and green plaid pleated skirt.  Their feet were covered with white anklet socks and five-inch shiny black heels.  My victims eyes looked like they would pop out of his head.

“This is Jenna.  Shell be leaving us soon, heading to a new home in Texas.  This is Brandi.  Ladies, please turn around and show our guest your bodies.”  A minute later they had shed their blouses and bras, exposing their large perfect breasts.  “Please lose your skirts and turn around so our friend can see your fantastic asses.”  They shimmied for several minutes until I told them to lose their panties.  They were now naked except for their socks and shoes.

“Okay, turn around and show off your special surprise.”

“Nooooooo!  Noooooo!,” my guest screamed over and over.

“Yes, indeed; in a few months youll have luscious breasts and a curvy body most women would kill for.  We have a ways to go before I operate on you.”

“No…please let me go.  I wont tell anyone.  Please.”  He was begging, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.  I saw Brandi walk up to him and kneel.

“I know what youre feeling.  I was the same waysmall and slight, the kind of boy no woman takes seriously.  I was twenty and a virgin…and I was miserable until Master brought me here.  I thought I was macho.  I fought and fought, but where did it get me?  I was punished severely, beaten over and over into submission.  Giving Master that submission was the best thing I ever did.  I love him now and I know that he loves me, too.  You need to relax and let it happen.  Its going to whether you like it or not.”  She stroked the boys cheek and kissed his forehead.  It had a strangely calming effect on him so I continued.

“Im going to place your collar around your neck.  Once thats done Ill be able to release your arms and legs, but dont get any ideas.  Im going to show you how it works first.”  I measured his neck and pulled the right sized collar from the cabinet.  Kneeling over his chest I locked it into place.  I entered the number into my remote and stood. It was tight, but not restrictive.  I saw he could breathe without difficulty.  “This should dissuade you from any stupid moves, unless your name is Brandi, that is.”  Jenna giggled; Brandi looked suitably chastised.  I pressed the button and watched as his body went rigid.  He screamed and screamed for several minutes even though the shock lasted only two seconds.  I released his feet and wrists, taking the shackles back to the cabinet to be saved for my next slave. 

Returning to his cell I gave my first commands, “Kneel and face away from the door.  Clasp your hands behind your head. You will assume this position whenever I enter your cell.  You will remain silent unless asked a direct question.  Then your responses will be either yes, Master or no, Master.  Do you understand me?”  I loved this part; it almost always ended in a punishment for the slave.

“Uh…yeah.”  I pressed the remote.  He writhed on the floor in agony.”

“What are your responses?  Did I say anything like, uh…yeah?

He pulled himself up and resumed his positiona good sign.  “No, Master.”  I patted his cheek and walked to the adjacent wall where I unlocked a steel cabinet.  Several large rubber dildos extended from the wall.

“Look over here, but do not move.”  I continued once I saw that he was looking.  “These are your sources of food and water.  Brandi, please demonstrate.”  She walked over and wrapped her lips around the cock.  Sucking allowed water and food to flow through the dildos.  The harder she sucked the more she would receive.  “The light will turn green when the system is active.  You will have fifteen minutes to eat and drink.  Then the light will turn red.  I suggest you not waste the opportunity.

“If you look down youll see a drain.  This is where youll urinate at first.  Your bowel movements will be taken care of through daily enemas.  Eventually, youll administer them yourselfthree every morning.  We certainly dont want my cock covered with your shit, do we?  Okay, lets get started.  Hands behind your back!”  I applied handcuffs and pulled him to his feet.  I wouldnt refer to him as a male after today.

I led him out to a shower in the large slave room where his ankles were fastened to shackles on the floor and his wrists to chains hanging from the ceiling.  I began once he was stretched tightly by placing a womans bathing cap over his hair and a blindfold over his eyes.  “Relax, Natalie Im not going to hurt younot yet, anyway.  Im going to remove your body hairall of itand I dont want it in your eyes.  Like everything else, this will go better if you cooperate, and cooperation now means standing completely still.”  I ran my hand up and down his butt, enjoying his shivering response.

Once my hands were gloved up I opened a quart bottle of depilatory lotion.  Ten minutes later I had smeared a thick layer over her entire body from her face to her stomach, ass hole, ball sac and all the way down to her toes.  “It should burn a little, but dont worry.  Brandi has a hose and will wash you down in a few minutes.”  I gave her a wink as she picked up the hose.  Under other circumstances a wife or girlfriend might be tempted to squirt me, but a slavenever!  I stepped away and gave her the signal.  Five minutes later Natalies skin was clean.  I removed the blindfold, toweled her dry, and applied a soothing lotion over her entire body.  Once I was done I moved up close behind her, rubbing her abdomen while I nuzzled her neck and nibbled her ear.  A lot of guys will tell you that they absolutely are not stimulated by another man, but under the right conditions…and I could tell these were the right conditions for Natalie.

“Go ahead, Natalie…let yourself go.”  I reached down to find her cock semi-hard, but one or two strokes and she was as hard as shed ever been.  I gave Brandi a look and she scampered to the cabinet for Natalies cage.  I stroked her cock and ran my other hand up and down her ass crack, caressing her balls and fingering her anus.  A minute later she exploded, thrusting her abdomen forward with every ejaculation.  Her semen flew four feet into the air.  Reaching around her head I pulled her into a long deep kiss.  I knew shed be mine when she responded, kissing me back with passion.

I pulled back, breaking the kiss.  “Theres hope for you, Natalie.  Youre on the way to becoming a wonderful slave.  I knew you were submissive the first time you opened your mouth.  Soon youll learn to love the taste of semen, but first things first.”  Kneeling now in front of my naked slave I pushed the tube around her cock and fastened the stainless strap around her ball sac.  Rising, I went to the cabinet, returning with an enema kit and a pair of four-inch high heels.

Brandi lubed the tube and pushed it into Natalies anus before pumping the balloon which would hold it in place. I could have been cruel, but that would take time I just didnt have this morning.  I allowed her to expel the enema almost immediately.  Two enemas later the water ran almost clear.

I knelt in front of Natalie and locked the shoes onto her feet.  Once done, I gave two injectionsestrogen and a powerful stimulant that would guarantee her active participation in this mornings exercise.  I released Natalie from her bonds.

Moving to the rooms center I removed a large circular plate from the floor, casting it aside into the corner of the room.  I walked to a wall, returning with an L-shaped arm that fitted into a slot in the floor.  A short chain hung from the arms end.  I pulled Natalie closer to the arm, picked up the ring at the end of the chain and affixed it around her ball sac before locking it in place with an Allen wrench.  “Now, Natalie dear, its time to practice walking in heels.  I suggest you keep up with the arm.  If you dont….” Believing strongly in the strength of a demonstration I pulled the chain.  Natalie doubled over in pain.  “Yes, my dear, there are dozens of sharp needles inside just waiting to skewer your sensitive testicles.  Id stay here to supervise, but I have to get to the airport.  Im setting it for four hours.  You may sit once youve finished, but if you fall or sit while the machine is running….  Well, youve already had your demonstration, havent you?  If you need to piss just do it on the floor.”  I called Jenna and Brandi to me and removed their collars.  We walked out of the room leaving poor Natalie at the mercy of a merciless machine that would turn again and again in circles, dragging the new slave behind.

Brandi, Jenna and I walked up the stairs and into the house where they changed into tight tops and black Capris.  They wore similar sandals with two-inch heels on their feet.  I opened the cars rear doors for them and drove away, first to the car wash to remove any last traces of the silver paint and later to the airport where we waited by the baggage claim for Jennas new owner.  I recognized him just as he saw us.  We waved and shook hands once he was within reach.  “Greg, this is Brandi and I know youve been waiting a long time to meet Jenna.” 

The look on his face was priceless, “God, youre beautifuleven more than your photos.”

“Thank you, Greg, darling,” Jenna purred.  She moved forward to hug and kiss him.  It was appropriately chaste considering where we were.  She held his hand as we moved to the carousel to wait for his bag.

Greg and Jenna sat in the back seat on the ride home.  They kissed and held each other as lovers should.  Once we had arrived home Jenna carried his bag to her room.  It was the second largest at twelve feet by fifteen with an attached bath.  Jenna returned at once, taking position at her masters feet.  “Jenna, I think it would be pleasant to give Greg a proper greeting, dont you?”

“Yes, Master.”  She rose to her knees and moved between his legs, her movements mirrored by Brandi between my legs.  Deft fingers opened his belt and pulled his zipper down.  Seconds later his flaccid cock sprung forth.  Those same deft fingers massaged his organ until it had grown in length and girth and hardened to steel.  Teasingly, Jenna lowered her mouth over Gregs cock and began the blowjob of his life.

“Quite skilled, wouldnt you say, Greg?  Imagine this on a regular basis.  Its almost too much to comprehend, isnt it?  Ive trained Jenna just as Ive trained Brandi here to attend to your every need.”  Greg was speechless; he couldnt find the words to express the euphoria he was experiencing.  My hand found its way to Brandis bobbing head just before my cock exploded into her mouth.  She sucked up every drop and when I looked across the room I saw Jenna performing the exact same service for her new Master.  Once she had licked his organ clean she kissed the tip and returned it to its home.  She returned her masters zipper and belt to their original condition.  Jenna was about to return to her position on the floor between Gregs legs when he pulled her up for a long deep kiss.  He sat back into the chair with Jenna on his lap, his arm around her waist.

Brandi was in my lap when I told her to turn on the TV.  I adjusted the channel to give us a clear picture of my newest acquisition.  She maintained a comfortable distance behind the rotating arm.  I could see she would be done in a few minutes.  “Care to join me, Greg?  I have a few duties with my newest slave.  Well go out to dinner once Im done.”  We four rose and walked out to the barn.  Less than a minute later we were in the large room.  Natalie was concentrating so hard on her walking she barely noticed our arrival.  I stopped the machine and removed the ring from her ball sac.  I could see dozens of prick marks on the loose skin.  They looked mean, but I knew from experience that they would heal completely in less than a week.

Im sure Natalie was relieved when I had removed the ring, but she was also smart enough to keep her mouth closed.  I led her back to her cell.  “Im giving you two cycles of food and waterone now and one in four hours.  Youve done very well for your first day.  I think youve earned a blanket.”  Brandi retrieved one from the cabinet and handed it to me.   When I gave it to Natalie she knelt and kissed my shoes saying, “Thank you, Master.” I pulled her up for a delicious kiss.  She responded immediately to my efforts.  “Yes,” I thought, “I made a good choice.”  Natalie would work out just fine.  I locked the cell door and we took a leisurely stroll up to the barn.

“Perhaps youd like to shower before dinner, Greg.  I know Jenna would love to bathe you.  Trust metheres nothing that compares to having someone bathe you.  Brandi does it for me all the time.”

“Thats not a bad idea, Rex.  That damned flight was as hot as hell.  Would you enjoy showering with me, Jenna?”

“Of course, GregI will enjoy serving you in any way I can.”  She took his hand and led him to her room.

“Youll have to pick out what she wears, Greg.  Slaves dont make decisions like that.  In fact, well talk at length tomorrow about managing your slave.  That also includes punishment when necessary.”

“Oh…okay. What kind of clothes for dinner?”

“Im wearing a golf shirt and slacks with loafers.  Brandi will wear something similar to what shes wearing now.  Come along, Brandi.  I think Id enjoy a shower, too.”  We returned to the house, splitting up once we were on the second floor at our rooms.  Brandi undressed me starting with my shoes and socks and moving up to my shirt.  She undressed herself once she was done with me.  I took her hand and led her into the shower.  She cleansed every inch of my body before turning her attention to her own needs.  She toweled me dry and we dressed.  As her Master I selected her clothing from underwear to shoes and jewelry.  It was a special occasion so I allowed her to wear her diamond studs.  Jenna had a matching pair.  I checked on Natalie while I waited for Brandi to finish dressing.  I was pleased to see her sucking actively on her dildos.  I was reminded of something important.

Brandi and I waited for Greg and Jenna in the living room.  I had been certain that they would take longer than us when we went upstairs.  I was an experienced Master; Greg was still an amateur.  They joined us a few minutes later.  “I just thought of something I need to do downstairs.  It will only take a few minutes.  Come along if you wish, Greg, but I do want Jenna to accompany me.”

We walked back down to the slave room and I opened Natalies cell.  She remembered to assume the correct positionkneeling and facing away with her hands clasped behind her head.  “Very good, Natalie, Im pleased you remembered.  Now I want to show you something before you retire for the evening.  Brandi, fetch the jar.”  She turned immediately, scampering to the cabinet and returning with a large mayonnaise jar.  I took it and turned to Natalie as I spoke.  “Turn around, Natalie.  Tell mewhats the difference between these teeth in the jar and those in Jennas and Brandis mouths?  There are more than a thousand teeth in here, taken from the mouths of many slaves, yet both Brandi and Jenna each have a full mouth of beautiful teeth.”  Natalie looked at both but was unable to answer.  I looked at Jenna for the answer.

“None of my teeth have ever touched Masters wonderful cock.”

When I looked at Brandi she also answered, “Not one of my teeth has ever touched my Masters cock either.”

“Know the difference now, Natalie?  These teeth,” I said, holding the jar in front of her face, “did touch my cock.  Some of them were even foolish enough to bite me.  Tomorrow youll have your first chance to suck my cock.  You can think during the night where you want your teeth to bethe jar or your mouth.  By the way, I only use anesthesia for real surgery.  Good-night.”  We turned and left, locking the cell before replacing the jar and locking the cabinet.  I closed and locked the heavy steel door leading to the barn.

I drove the four of us to one of the areas finest steak houses.  I had often taken both Jenna and Brandi out to eat.  It was important that they know how to behave in public, just as it was important that neither reveal their status as our slaves.  Heads turned when we walked in, both because Greg was recognized and because of the two stunning women on our arms.  I never allowed my slaves to drink so they had iced tea while Greg and I had margaritas on the rocks.  We ordered for our women, as well, not that we cheated them.  I ordered a petite filet medium rare and a lettuce wedge with bleu cheese dressing for Brandi.  Greg ordered a similar meal for Jenna.  Both slaves remembered to thank us for our consideration.  “Thank you, Master,” they whispered simultaneously.  We enjoyed dinner immensely.  Several patrons approached our table seeking autographs or photos from Greg.  He always included Jenna in the photos, telling everyone that she was his girlfriend.  Several young guys commented that they were jealous of Greg; they thought Jenna was drop dead gorgeous.

It was after nine when we returned to the house.  I checked on Natalie and was pleased to find her asleep wrapped in her blanket on the floor.  Tomorrow would be a big day for her.  I dismissed Brandi and Jenna to their bedrooms while I spoke with Greg.  “Ive already sent most of Jennas clothing to your address in a crate along with an assortment of bondage and punishment implements.  Jenna has been extremely well behaved.  She was a natural submissive when she came here unlike Brandi who was a real challenge.  All the same, youll have to punish her tomorrow so she will know that you can and will do it if necessary.  You will never need a reason, but I wouldnt be abusive with her.  I suggest you give her six strokes with the cane tomorrow morning.  Afterwards, you can hold and caress her if you wish, or perhaps even fuck her.  These actions will help her to accept your dominance of her. 

“Ive also sent you a thousand estrogen capsules1,000 mg each.  Shell need one a day to maintain her feminine traits.  Let me know when you need more.  Ill give you the name of a supplier in your area or you can get them from me.  Either way the cost will be the same.  Im sure you realize that you can do anything you want to Jenna.  You can beat her every dayeven kill herbut that would be a terrible waste.  She is an exceptional slave.  There is literally nothing that she will not do for you.  Tonight I suggest you fuck her ass.  She has had three enemas every morning for the past two years.  I doubt her digestive system even remembers what its like to take a shit.  She will fuck you as many times as you wish.  I do suggest you use a lubricant.  Ask her if you have any questions or concerns and you can always phone me for advice or information.  Any questions?”

“You really think I have to punish her?”

“Yes…you need to establish yourself as her Master.  Now, she responds primarily to me, but once you have punished her she will truly be yours.  Afterwards, I suggest you fuck her or have her suck your cock.  Both acts will help her to bond with you and recognize your dominance, especially after a punishment.  Any other questions?”

“Can she wear a bikini?  I mean, what about her cock and balls…and that cage?  Dont they show?”

I used my smart phone to access the houses intercom system.  “Jenna, BrandiI want you here in front of us in five minutes dressed in your skimpiest bikinis.  Now, get to it!”  We sat back in the easy chairs and relaxed, sipping brandy, while our slaves dressed as ordered.  Greg asked another question while we waited, “Will Jenna rebel once shes left you?  What will keep her from disappearing some day?”

“Good questions, Gregwhat will prevent her from leaving you?  She will.  Jenna is a natural submissive.  She needs to be led as much as she needs air or water.  Shes much happier now as a female and a slaveyour slavethan she was as a free male.  She has a really small cock; its only about three and a half inches long when erect.  Would that give you an inferiority complex?  Jenna was miserable as a boy.  I call her that because she would never have made it as a man.  We can ask her when she comes down.  Ah…here they come now.”

Jenna and Brandi walked in from the hallway.  Both were barefooted.  Their swimsuits were briefbarely there, in fact.  Jenna walked up to Greg who reached out and cupped her groin then looked at me in dismay.  “Jenna, drop the bottoms.”  She did so immediately, exposing the custom made pad set into the crotch of the suit.  It had a long thin gap which held her cock and cage and hid them from view.  “If you were to remove the cage the presence of her cock would be even less obvious, but that will be your decision.

“Jenna, please kneel and remove your top.”  I continued once she had complied, “Do you recall your life before I brought you here, Jenna?”

“Parts of it, Master.”

“Tell Greg what you remember.”

“I remember that I was a boy.  Physically I was immature and my tiny cock made me very insecure.  I didnt date much because I was so afraid of sex and what would happen if the girl ever discovered my secret.  I was very unhappy, Master.  I hated my life.”

“And how do you feel about yourself now?”

“I love my new body, Master.  Im sexy and confident in my abilities to serve my Master.  I wish I had been born like this.  I love serving my Master.  It is my role in life to serve.  I have loved serving you, Master and I will love serving my new Master.  I will work very hard to make Master Greg happy.”

“Thank you, Jenna; please return to your room and await your Master.  Brandi, you may stay.”  I turned to Greg, handing him the magnetic key that would open Jennas chastity device.  “I have given Jenna an orgasm roughly once a month.  Once you have taken over you may do as you wish in this regard, however, I suggest you give her one after youve punished and fucked her tomorrow.  I always put them over my knee and rub in some soothing lotion.  How do you feel when I do that to you, Brandi?”

Her head was down, her voice barely a whisper, “I always think that you love me, Master.”

“Thats because I do, my little slut.”  She smiled at my remark.  Returning to Greg, “Use tomorrow to establish yourself as Jennas Master.  Shell be all yours by the time you leave on Sunday.  Its good that the football season is over now.  Youll have more time with her.  Ill spend more time with you tomorrow explaining the vast extent of the services she can and will perform for you.  Now, what say we retire?  I think I need some exercise before sleep.  Come along, Brandi.”  I held her hand as we climbed the stairs, saying, ”Good night,” to Greg before turning into our room.

Greg nodded and excused himself.

Greg found Jenna naked and kneeling just inside the door.  She waited for him to address her, but answered promptly.  She helped him to undress then led him back to the shower.  She washed his body lovingly and was surprised when he took the soap and washed her.  “Thank you, Master Greg,” she whispered in his ear.  She dried him carefully then herself before they moved to the bed naked.

“May I serve you with my body, Master?”

“Yes, I think Id like to fuck you.”

“Thank you, Master; shall I prepare myself for you?”  Greg merely nodded; it was more than enough to set Jenna into motion.  She lay on her back in the middle of the bed, a large pillow wedged under the small of her back, her legs up and her ankles over her shoulders.  Her hand moved to the night stand to grasp the bottle of lubricant.  She poured a liberal dose onto her anus and worked it in with her fingers.  In moments she was prepared for her Master.  Greg kneeled between Jennas legs and moved slowly into place, his cock pressing against her sweet anus.  Jenna took some additional lube and rubbed it into his erection.  She grinned and nodded, noting her submission to her new Master.  “I am ready, Master.  Do not worry about me.  I am unimportant; only your pleasure is important.” 

Greg wasnt so sure, but he pressed forward, pushing the tip of his thick cock into her.  Jenna was tight, but she accepted him easily, having been prepared more than three hundred times by her Master.  She moved back to accommodate him, wrapping her legs around his waist and fucking as a real woman would with her cunt.  Greg moved down to her, taking her large soft breasts into his hands and mouth.  It was hard to believe that Jenna wasnt a real woman, so realistic did her breasts feel beneath his fingers.  Rex obviously did outstanding work as a plastic surgeon.  Jenna kissed him madly, her tongue and his wrestling back and forth until Greg could continue no more, blowing jet after jet of hot white semen into Jennas deep dark hole.  He pulled out and lay next to her, reaching over to kiss her and fondle her breasts.  Jenna whispered into his ear; Greg pulled back a bit and nodded, “Thats a good idea.  We DO have to sleep here.  You must think Im a rank amateur.”

“No, Master, I think you are a very considerate and loving Master.  I look forward to serving you.”  She kissed him again before jumping up to the bathroom to wash her butt and cleanse her body of the residual lube.  She returned immediately to his side to wash his shrinking cock.  Once again she ran to the bathroom before lying next to him, kissing and holding him lovingly.  “Master,” she asked hesitantly, “I know you have to hurt me tomorrow.  I have seen other slaves being prepared by their new Masters.  I will try to take my punishment well.  I want you to be proud of me.”  Greg looked at her for a moment before pulling her close for a long lingering kiss before they went to sleep.

I looked on with approval having already seen their anal coupling through one of my hidden cameras.  Brandi lay between my legs licking my rock hard organ.  “Okay,” I told her, “Get me off so we can go to sleep.  Be sure to swallow every drop.”  She ramped up her actions, taking me deep into her mouth.  She knew exactly what I liked so it wasnt long before I bathed her tonsils with my baby juice.  I took a quick peek at Natalie and within five minutes we were asleep.


As was their custom Brandi and Jenna rose early, heading straight to the bathroom, not to pee, but for their morning enemas.  Jenna was already into her second when Greg asked her what she was doing.  “The same thing I do every morning, Master,” she replied, “making myself clean for youpreparing myself for your use…Master.”   She continued as Greg rose and stumbled to the toilet.  “Ill be pleased to take it from you, Master.”  She knelt immediately, taking his cock into her mouth and waiting patiently. 

Greg stood there as if trying to go, but stepped back, “Thanks…maybe some other time, but you can come up here and kiss me instead.”  Jenna was on her feet in a second pressing her lips firmly against his, her tongue inviting.  They held it for many minutes until Greg broke it, commenting that he really had to go.  He did his business while Jenna knelt in front of him filling her ass with the warm soapy water.  They joined Brandi and me in the kitchen minutes later.

Greg and I sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee while Jenna and Brandi prepared our breakfast.  I had told them to prepare for four, but set only two places.  They served the foodbacon, sausages, and scrambled eggs--and took their places at our feet.  I did this deliberately to show Greg how I typically fed my slaves.  I gave Brandi bits of meat and egg from my fingers, building my bond with her and increasing her submissiveness to me.  Greg caught on quickly, even taking the time to stroke Jennas hair and face between bites.  The girls cleaned up while we enjoyed a second cup and we were off to the dungeon.

I pointed Greg and Jenna to a horse then stepped aside with Brandi, my hand finding its way down her slacks and into her ass crack.  Jenna was told to strip and was secured while I selected a cane for him to use.  Greg began, “You need to understand and accept my authority. I can and will hurt you, but only if you force me.”  Smiling to myself I picked the lightest; it sounded fierce, but it lacked the strength to really bite into her cheeks.  It would hurt, but Jenna would not be injured.  She screamed with the first blow and Greg looked to me questioningly.  I just nodded and he continued.  Her six were done in less than two minutes.  Greg took a bottle of lube from Brandi and slipped his cock into Jennas ass.  He fucked her for several minutes before enjoying a mind-blowing orgasm.  He removed Jenna from the horse, sat on a chair and pulled Jenna across his legs.  He rubbed the smooth lotion into her reddened ass with one hand while he rubbed her back with the other.  I could just hear him whisper, “I hope I never have to do that again.”  Jenna climbed up to hold and hug him.  They were off to a great start.  I turned my attention to my new slave.

I wasnt at all surprised to find Natalie kneeling in the prescribed position when I entered her cell.  I cuffed her hands and led her to her morning enemas.  She handled them fairly well for an amateur, even when I made her hold it for fifteen minutes.  I wasnt giving her huge amounts of water, but the problems were as much psychological as physical.  Later, when she was more experienced Id expect her to accept double what she was getting now and I had a surprise for her tomorrow.  I had secured her wrists behind her back and up to the ceiling for a reason.  I wanted her mouth at just the right height for her firstI assumed it was her first, but Ive been wrong beforeblowjob.  “So, Natalie…youve had all night to think.  Where will your teeth be an hour from now?”

“Please, Master…in my mouth.  I wont hurt you…honest!”

“In time youll come to love this just as youll come to love having your ass fucked.  Even Brandi loves it now, dont you, dear?”

“Yes, Master I love having your cock in both of my holes.”

“Okay, Natalie you can start by licking the head and down the shaft.”  I held my cock just out of her reach so she would have to move forward for it.  I wasnt at all surprised when she did, but I was surprised at the enthusiasm she showed.  She had me hard as a rock in seconds.  I leaned forward, sliding my cock into her mouth.  She sucked as she wrapped her tongue around my shaft.  Slowly, I began to fuck my slaves mouth, pushing my hard eight inches deeper and deeper until she gagged.  “Learn to breathe through your nose on the out stroke, Natalie.  Soon Ill expect you to take all of itevery single inchand you will.  Now, Im going to cum and Ill expect you to swallow it.  Ill cane your sorry butt for every drop that hits the floor.  Understand?”

“Yesh, Mushter.”  Its hard to speak when your mouth is full of hard thick cock.

“Okay, slave…Im almost there.  Now!”  I blew rope after rope into her throat.  She managed to swallow most of it, but perhaps thirty percent found the floor.  I pulled out, my cock covered with saliva and moved to Brandi.  She cleaned my cock perfectly before I moved to the cabinet and removed a crop with a stiff fiberglass shaft.

“I told you to swallow all of it, didnt I?  Youve earned quite a beating.  Youll clean the floor with your tongue once Im done.  Ill expect you to count and if you dont Ill just start over.  CRACCKK!



“Uhhhhh, ahhhhh…Two”   She was already crying and I was less than halfway there.  I continued until I had delivered an even dozen.  She fell to the floor once Brandi had released her wrists.  She began to lick the floor almost immediately even as she continued to cry her eyes out.  I let her rest for a few minutes before moving her to the machine to practice walking in heels again.  I left her there as we returned to the house.

Jenna sat at her Masters feet, her head lovingly against his thigh as he stroked her hair.  I began the lengthy explanation about the scope of services he could expect Jenna to perform.  It went without saying that she would do all the housework and cooking, but she could also do yard work, if necessary.  She would perform sexually for him or anyone he designated, even gang bangs and bukkake as often as directed.  “She will take your urine gladly; she does a very good job of swallowing without spilling, but I have not trained her to deal with feces.  Its a good way to kill a slave.  Know anything about E. coli?  Its a bacterium thats found in everyones colon, hence the term coli.  However, in your upper digestive tract it can be deadly.  I suggest you ignore most of the stuff you find on the internet about the practice.  Those people are idiots.”  I continued describing her social skills, especially preparing for and hosting parties.  All in all, I went on for more than an hour. “If you forget anything you can just ask Jenna.  She will always tell you the truth.”  Greg looked down at her and she nodded.  Jenna knew the penalty for lying; shed seen me whip Brandi within an inch of her life while she was attached to the arm.  Indeed, Brandis screaming had caused Jenna to fall.  Only my intervention had prevented the loss of her scrotum and balls.

It was a warm spring day, so I suggested Greg take Jenna out to the back yard and patio for some sun, or perhaps even a swim in the heated pool.  “Dont worry about a suit.  I never use one either and your nudity wont come as a surprise or shock to either Jenna or Brandi.”  He left with Jenna in tow a moment later.  I sat back in the chair and relaxed.  Being a slaver could be such hard work and I realized how much I would miss Jenna.  Greg and Jenna spent the entire day together bonding as I knew they would.  I was especially pleased to see him remove her cock cage and masturbate her to completion.  She licked his fingers clean, thanking him for the privilege of serving him.  I returned to the dungeon several times to train Natalie.  She was able to handle the heels easily by the end of the afternoon and had given me two more blowjobs, too.  She was able to swallow enough the last time that I didnt bother to beat her.  Shed absorbed almost two dozen of my finest since this morningthat was enough.  I told her shed have the morning off once I had administered her enemas.  I had to take Jenna and her new Master to the airport.

We went out to dinner once again, this time to a Japanese restaurant where Jenna and Brandi exhibited their skill with chop sticks.  We returned home and went to our respective rooms.  Jenna packed her and Gregs bags for the trip the following morning before making love.  I bent Brandi over the bed before sliding my rock hard cock into her tight ass.  I pulled out and came over her back.  She turned around and took me into her mouth, cleaning my cock perfectly in seconds.  I led her to the bathroom where we showered and went to bed.  We had to be up early in the morning.

I rose at six with Brandi.  A quick kiss before a shower and I set her to her enemas while I padded downstairs and to the slave quarters to deal with Natalie.  She was progressing nicely, but she needed to be put into her place.  She needed to understand that she was the lowest of the low.  It was a critical step in breaking her spirit.

I opened her cell to find her still asleep.  A quick kick in the ribs brought her from her sleep.  A brief moment later she was in position.  I attached her handcuffs and led her out to the enema area.  I lubed the nozzle and inflated it once she was safely secured.  I had prepared the three enemas before waking the slave.  There was a loud gasp when the icy cold water entered her bowel then she begged non-stop, “Please, Master its cold…too cold.  Please.”  I responded by shoving a ball bag into her mouth.

“Care to guess why Im doing this, slave?  Because I can--because I want to; because I feel like hurting you this morning.  You need to learn your place.  Youre lower than the lowest form of life herelower than the cockroaches.  Youll take whatever I decide to give youlove, hate, painwhatever I decide.”

I stopped when the bag was empty, let her hold it for twenty minutes, and enjoyed her tears.  There was a huge sigh of relief when I allowed the balloon to deflate and the water to drain from her bowel.  I waited a few minutes before beginning the second.  “Since youre complaining about being cold Ill give you a little something to warm you up.”  I showed her the three bottles of Tabasco I had emptied into the bag.  She howled in pain once the water ran into her.  I ignored her pleas for mercy.  Once again, I had her hold it before allowing it to drain from her body.  She was exhausted, but I continued with the finalanother ice cold treatment, this time with a menthol body rub.  She hung from her bonds when she was finished.  I removed her gag and put it away.

“Lets see how you do now.  Suck my cock, you bitch.”  I held it out just in front of her mouth.  She opened and slowly took me into her mouth.  I pushed it deeper into her mouth and throat.  I could see how she was struggling, but she continued to suck until I fucked her mouth viciously, cumming over her face and hair.  She laid on the floor physically and emotionally drained.  A moment later I soaked her with the hose and rewarded her with a towel.  She crawled to me to kiss my feet and thank me over and over.  She returned to her cell.  Breakfast for her, a high protein food paste, would be given in a few minutes.

We left for the airport once I had returned to the house, stopping en route at a breakfast buffet where we all overate.  I drove on to the airport, our spirits high even when we walked Greg and Jenna into the terminal.  I handed her drivers license and passport to him and waited while they checked in.  Once that was done I handed Greg a brown paper bag.  He looked at me questioningly.  “A plastic cage and a one-time plastic lock.  Shell never get through security with that stainless one on.  Ive sent you several stainless ones with her clothes so you can leave that one here with me.  Your key will open all of them.  Just be sure to remove it before you go through the screening.”  Greg nodded and led Jenna to a family rest roomthe kind often used by women to change babys diapers.  He returned the bag to me five minutes later.

We walked with them as far as we couldright up to the security linewhere I shook Gregs hand and hugged Jenna.  “Be good, Jenna.  Make me proud.”

“I will, Master.  Thank you for everything.”  She kissed my cheek and turned to join her new Master.  They were gone a minute later.  Brandi and I returned to the car.

We were back on the interstate, just about to turn off on the exit ramp when Brandi exclaimed, “Master!”  She pointed across the highway.  I could see two young girls hitching.  In less than a minute we were turned around and headed up the ramp on the opposite side.  I rolled to a stop as Brandi lowered the window.  “Hi, girls…need a ride?”  She smiled broadly as the car approached.

“Yeah, how far are you going?”

“All the way up to New York,” I replied.  “Be happy to help you out…the missus and me.”  Brandi smiledshe loved to be considered my missus.  The girls climbed into the back seat, their backpacks thrown into the far corner.

“Say, before you get settled in would you mind passing up a soda from the cooler back there?  Its already open.  Thanks, thats the one.  Feel free to help yourselves.”

“Thanks, Mister, but drinking soda always makes us have to…you know.”

“I wouldnt worry about that.  Brandi has to go almost every hour, dont you, darling.  Well be stopping at least once every 75-80 miles.”  Brandi blushed, but nodded.

Brandi looked closely before commenting, “You two look like sisters.”

“We are,” replied the one behind me.  “Were twins; sure its okay to have a soda?”

“Absolutely, please help yourselves.  We always pick up hitchers.  We both did it in college.  We know what its like to be away from home and short of money.”

“Yeah,” they replied together, “tell us about it.”  They each reached into the cooler, coming out with Cokes.  I couldnt suppress a grin.  Twins!  The holy grail of slavers!  With rich clients in Japan and Saudi Arabia I could start the bidding at a milliontwo if they were virgins.  Hell, I was a surgeon.  If they werent virgins now, they would be by the time they left me.  I looked back into the mirror just as they took their first drink.  Twenty minutes later Brandi turned around to put their drinks into the cup holders.  They were seconds from passing out.  Id have such fun with them as I turned them into twin slaves.  Blond, blue eyed, slender figures, and freshmen in collegeprobably not more than eighteen; these girls were a slavers wet dream.  I couldnt help laughing.  Like hundreds of others, they should have listened to their mother, but they didnt.  Hopefully, theyd never learn.

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