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bridge of bodies

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Synopsis: A cruel lady use human body as bridge for her car

I'm in a chaingang guarded by female guards with shotguns. We're all working on repairing a road that leads up the mansion of the cruel warden of the prison, when the warden's wife (Katherine) come's driving slowly down the road in her large and expensive car. The warden is feared by both the prisoners and the guards. When she's just 10-15 m away from us, her car gets stuck in the mud. She calls to one of the guards to get us to push her car. The guards order us to stop what we're doing and get behind Katherine's car and push. It's not working though, because there's a stretch of at least 5-6 m of the road that's just one huge pit of mud. Katherine calls to one of the guards again, and tells her, that her husband had told her that this should've been fixed by now, and she'll report the guards to her husband unless they can make us lie down on the road in front of her car to form a human bridge for her do drive on. She can't possible get out and walk. She'd ruin her expensive Italian leather high heel shoes in all that mud. The female guard naturally objects and says that we'll be injured and possible killed. - Who cares, Katherine says? They're just convicts! If anyone asks, we'll just say that they were killed while attempting to escape. I'll make sure that you are properly rewarded too. The three female guards debate the issue among themselves for a while in hushed voices before they decide. - OK, you heard the warden's wife. She needs to drive her car on you to get through this mudpit and get home! None of us moves to comply with her order. - I don't think you understand! You pieces of crap don't have a choice here. You either become pavement for the warden's wife or eat lead, the guard says. - You can't do this to us, one of the prisoners says! - Who's going to stop us, the guard says with a smirk on her face. I'm glad you spoke up though, because that means you get the honour to set an example for the others. I'm going to count to three. If you're not lying under Kathrine's car with one leg on each side of the wheel and your crotch nicely pressed up against the tire when I'm finished, I'll blow your head off! As the guard starts counting the prisoner just stands there obviously thinkging she's bluffing. On two the guard pumps her rifle and takes aim at the prisoners head. - Three! BAM! That prisoner falls to the ground, his face an unrecognizable bloody mush. After the shock has passed, we all scurry like scared rats to lie down in front of Kathrine's car. Some lie down on their stomachs. - Tell them to lie on their backs, Kathrine says. I want to put some nice treadmarks on their faces, she says, and laughs a cruel an cackling laugh. The guards order those of us lying on our stomachs to turn around. Kathrine starts the engine, and gives it some gas. The front wheels spin a little before they climb onto the two first prisoners. One can clearly see blood and tissue on the tires that was ground off of the prisoners' crotches when the wheels spun. As Katherine slowly drives forward the cracking noises of bones breaking can be heard quite clearly over the shouts of the two prisoners supporting the weight of those wide and heavy tires. When the wheels reach the soft area around the stomach, they sink deeply into the prisoners' bodies, and between the shouts, gurgling noises can now be heard from the prisoners. Kathrines continues slowly forward, and the wheels climb onto the chests of the prisoners. They still groan and moan, but when the wheels roll onto their faces, the enourmous weight of the tires on their faces muffles all sounds. I watch breathlessly as Kathrine's drives forward and the wheel nears the point where it will cross from the other prisoner's face to my crotch. As the weight is gradually transferred from his head to my crotch, I think to myself: - Is it never going to stop? How heavy will it get?!? I can feel and hear my hip bone break under the weight of Katherine's luxurious car. The pain is unbelievable! Kathrine continues her slow pace forward. When the wheel reaches my stomach, it sinks into it the way it did in the other prisoner, and I feel like I'm going to burst like a balloon, when suddenly I feel the pressure being releived when my guts shoot out through my asshole. Kathrine drives onto my chest and toward my face. When the tire rolls onto my face, I can feel the groove in the tire. When the tire is squarely on my face, Katherine stops the car. With her wheel on my face, I have no way of breathing. If she stays parked too long I'll suffocate. I hear Kathrine talk to one of the guards. - It feels weird to drive on humans. It's sort of a squishy feeling. Is my wheel right on top of the faces of the prisoners? - Yes, ma'm, the guard replies. - Let's see what the power steering to do to improve their looks, Katherine says, and laughs another one of her cackling laughs. I'm horrified by what I've just heard, but pinned beneath the weight of Katherine's car, there's nothin I can do but await her cruel punishment. I feel the wheel start to turn, and the groove of the tire grabs onto my face. I feel my face stretching more and more as Kathrine turns the steering wheel. The pain is growing unbearable, and then I feel my face being torn apart and off my skull by Katherine's tire. As my face is ripped off, there's a tearing noise. - This sure gives a new meaning to the expression losing one's face, Kathrine says, and shrieks with laughter. To my horror I hear Katherine say: - I'm going to apply the parking brake, so that I make the front wheels spin without the car actually moving. Watch this, she tells the guard. The last thing I hear is Katherine reving the engine of her car. Then I feel the wheel on my head start to skid, and a moment later it's all just darkness

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