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Zac - The Unlucky One Author: Ryan
(Added on Dec 1, 2010) (This month 145204 readers) (Total 183462 readers)
Marine Zac - who may be strangely familiar to you - is captured whilst on border patrol in Iraq. But by whom, and with what aim? There is only one certainty for Zac - pain.

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Reviewer: john0850 (Edit) Rating: Nov 29, 2016
Update: Please continue this good story, now after part 10. (10/10)

Reviewer: Roger_astil (Edit) Rating: Mar 6, 2012
A great story but very slow in the publishing. Fortunately a similar story almost word for word was issued a year or more ago, but i will look foreword to rereading this again. Thanks. (7/10)

Reviewer: cbtboyuk (Edit) Rating: Dec 23, 2010
I am, as ever with your writing, really enjoying this story. Very horny, beautifully written and I'm loving the slight dash of humour in the choice of central character. I can tell you there are very few other fan-fic stories I have ever looked forward to reading.
One very - very - minor criticism....I felt that the description, in Part 1, of the second section of the journey (where Zac has the boots on his balls and is being whipped)...I couldn't quite work out where the man with the whip was....was he running backwards? In which case, how on earth did he manage a bullwhip? But that's a very trivial criticism, which a very small edit would clarify if you felt it necessary. Or possibly, I was having trouble concentrating properly :-)
This story is pacey, amusing, horny and hot as the desert. (10/10)

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