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Hurt Me Author: FAYE KANE
(Added on Nov 15, 2014) (This month 65523 readers) (Total 65523 readers)
I wanted to experience what all those nonconsentual sex slaves in the news had to endure for years. Girls like Fritzl, Kampusch, Smart, Dugard, Collen Stan, and the Cleveland girls. In 2001, in Brunswick, Maryland, I finally did.

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Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Nov 22, 2014
I read parts of this a couple of years ago -on Faye's own website maybe even- and found it a fascinating read, in a Spock kind of way. Which has me wishing Faye will live long and prosperous.
If and when what has been discribed really happened yes or no doesn't really matter to me, since everything I read takes place in my head anyway. What's inside my head is real and ficticious at the same time. Add the fact I have a much higher than average empathy level, so, you know, in the end it doesn't matter if or when something is real or not, as long s there's a perception of reality in the fiction.
In "Hurt Me" yours truly perceived a large dosis of reality without that reality making me feel uncomfortable.
A lot has to do with Faye's emotional reactions and the way she treated herself or did let herself be treated.
Which brings me back to start. Fascinating, yes.
Plus, Faye's good with words. Has the knack to put 'em in the right order. It helps when writing.
Glad I stumbled across Faye's tales again. Forgot how good they are. At least, I like 'em. Mostly for who's behind the veil.
Cheerio, lass.
JJ (10/10)

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