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Antje - Humine Bitch Author: Arnold Puttywn
(Added on Nov 15, 2014) (This month 47508 readers) (Total 47508 readers)
Antje is tricked into receiving injections that change her Menstrual Period into a canine Estrus Cycle.

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Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Nov 19, 2014
Have to say I'm not exactly sure where I stand on this. Kind of somewhere in-between enthusiastic and slightly befuddled, I guess.
Enthusiastic because of being a fan of well written stories where human females are subjected to the loving attentions of canines.
But, "Antje - Humine Bitch" doesn't really do anything for me, thus far.
First off, there's an introduction that doesn't fit the rest of the story (the school stuff and Antje's relation to some of the students) mostly because that intro doesn't matter since we've forgotten about it by the time we get to the treatment.
Secondly, there's the awkward way Arnold introduces us to Samson having a go at Antje inside Mrs. Monteith's garage.
There must have been a more logical way to let Antje enter that garage than her deciding to start sniffing around on a whim and in one-two-three starts masturbating all naked while breaking and entering; with all the lights on, no less.
Since Antje's mom knows Mrs. Monteith, as does Antje herself, why not let her simply enter the building and have her know it since she's already been there, for example, when helping Mrs Monteith?
Seems like Arnold had a good basic idea for a story but didn't quite know how to get there and came up with a few lame proposals that don't make much sense.
Sense also had me wondering about why Mrs. Monteith opened up an alley to general and public humiliation when talking about having filmed the whole scene in the garage, without Arnold listening to her and doing nothing with the 12 camera angles of inter-species sex.
But, as usual -and since this is early days- I give an author the benefit of the doubt.
I just hope that Arnold puts some passion, some fire into the story because as it stands, I feel the tale is too clinical, the telling too distant.
As a result, the story reads like a recital someone might read at a colloquium; devoid of any emotion and concentrating on the facts.
Let's see where Arnold takes us.
JJ (7/10)

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