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The Cult of Bacchae Author: ninja5
(Added on Nov 15, 2014) (This month 25312 readers) (Total 25312 readers)
A tale of a steampunk lady of adventure as she returns to England with the spoils of her latest exploit.

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Reviewer: gkp00co (Edit) Rating: Nov 27, 2014
I've got to agree completely with JimmyJump. This is an interesting tale about what felt like a Victorian-era celebrity adventurer -- that was unfortunately marred by distracting writing errors; it cripples a story when the reader must repeatedly stop and ask himself 'What did he really mean to say?'
Ninja, I *know* how hard it is to proof your own work -- you're so close to what you've written that you simply don't see your own errors because your mind is filling in all the blanks. I've got precisely the same problem! I read and re-read my own stuff and still don't catch everything.
Modern writing tools have spelling and grammar checkers, but they're quite easily fooled and are best wielded as less-than-100%-reliable aids. The bottom line is that sometimes you need an independent set of eyes to go over your work, to catch the typos and punctuation errors, and to give you advice prior to releasing it.
On a related note, I'm looking for an independent set of eyes myself.....

Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Nov 22, 2014
Ninja5 clearly is an excellent writer who can come up with some great characters and create a formidable tale around those.
What Ninja5 seriously lacks though, is a sense of punctuation and a proofread(er).
Because, this piece -as glorious as it may have been written- looks more like an old printer's shop that just had a bomb explosion dead center which scattered words and letters all around the place.
Typos galore here, mixed with mistake after error after misspelling.
Do us and your craft a favour and read what you wrote, at least once, before posting, dammit! Thank you.
JJ (7/10)

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