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Linda and Miss Helen

Part 2 The Manor House


This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of a bdsm nature between two or more women and occasionally men. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.

MF/mf, enema, exhibition, toys, BDSM, slavery, chastity belt, humiliation.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to repost them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.

©2005 nic_victor All Rights Reserved.

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Linda and Miss Helen – Part 2

Part 2 – The Manor House – Friday evening

• Linda's Room

Linda followed Helen who took her to a door at the end of the first floor corridor. Behind the door was a huge room with a king size metal frame bed. The room also had a large settee, a sofa, dressing table, chest of drawers and what looked like a prayer stool. It also had barred windows and two doors leading off from it. Helen told her this would be her room for as long as she behaved. She took her to the first door which led to a spacious bathroom with even a spa bath in it.

The second door led to a dressing room with what seemed like miles of shelves and racks all full of clothes. They ranged from classy dress wear to the kinkiest of fetish wear. Amongst it there was scanty lace lingerie, latex catsuits, leather harnesses and shoes and boots of all types and heel heights. There were also all manner of restraints neatly hanging from hooks near the back right next to a locked cupboard. Helen unlocked it and inside Linda saw an impressive display of whips, canes, paddles, belts and crops. She swallowed hard as Helen smiled at her. She removed the clamps from her nipples then ordered Linda back to the bedroom and told her to strip and then bend over touching her toes.

Linda did this and was made to stay in that position for a full five minutes as Helen walked around her examining her welts and marks. Her nipples burned like fire as the blood flowed down to them in this awkward pose. She felt a tug in her pussy and ass as Helen unceremoniously pulled out her dildo followed by her butt plug. She gave Linda six hard swats with a strap she had picked up in the dressing room then told her to have a long bath and to make sure she shaved carefully all over. She told Linda clothes would be left on the bed for her and she was to be dressed and ready by the time she sent up for her in two hours.

With that she wheeled round and walked out of the room shutting the door behind her with a click. Linda straightened and went right to the door to look outside. It was locked! Linda tried as she might but realised it was futile, the lock was on the outside, designed to keep her in. She gave up and went to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her, she tried to lock herself in but discovered that here too the lock was on the outside rather than the inside. Just what her status as a submissive meant was dawning on her.

She run the bath pouring in the bubble bath provided and whilst it was filling up she shaved her body paying careful attention to her pubic area, removing any stubble that had appeared since that morning. She winced when shaving her pussy; it was swollen and puffy from the abuse it had received. She took extra care when shaving around her labia and became aroused from the soft caress of the razor. She stopped and dipped her index and middle fingers in her slit bringing the moisture up to her lips. She sucked them, sighed and stopped, knowing that if she continued she might get carried away. Not that she didn't want to but she might get caught in the act or otherwise discovered. Then she would really regret what she'd done.

Linda heard the door click and realised she had just been locked in. She could hear someone moving around in the bedroom and wondered who it was and what they were doing. When she had finished shaving she closed the taps and stepped into the foam filled bathtub, she relaxed in it using the bath lily all over her body and even her hair. She lay back and rested for a while, keeping a close look at the clock on the bathroom wall. She suddenly realised she had dozed off; she looked at the clock and saw she only had half an hour to get ready. She climbed out of the bath and dried off using after shave moisturising balm all over her body.

Linda tried the door and found it had been unlocked whilst she slept. She stepped into bedroom and saw what had been laid out for her. A tiny black satin dress lay there, it looked miniscule and Linda wondered how she was going to get in it. Beside it lay a black lace half cup bra and lace front g-string. There was a pair of black fishnet self supporting stockings and on the floor a pair of black 5 inch stiletto heeled strappy sandals. There was a note on the little black number; all it said was “Put on the dress last, then apply make up.”

Linda started to get dressed feeling glad the clothes were quite normal, at least as far as she could see. First she put on the g-string and bra, however, this was at least one size too small and her tits seemed to be desperately trying to burst out of it. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and rolled on the stockings. She then stepped into the shoes, doing them up carefully so they wouldn't wobble. Finally she stood up and put on the dress over her head. It was a tight fit and just about reached her stocking tops. It had two long slits on either side and if she even stooped a little or took to wide a step her ass would be displayed for anyone who cared to look. Her tits were also quite exposed and she realised it would be quite easy to pull out the nipples from the front. She felt a bit embarrassed and wondered what would be expected of her at dinner. She sat at the dressing table and applied make up carefully, making her look even lovelier than she already was, finally she tied her hair in a pony tail tying a red ribbon left on the dresser for that purpose.

As soon as she had finished she heard the door lock click open and she sat up at the same time as her Mistress walked into the room. Helen beamed at her; she was wearing a long green dress, down to her ankles, with a slit on her left side that reached her thigh. She was also wearing green strappy sandals with 5 inch heels but no hose. She walked up to Linda and gave her a kiss on the mouth, a long luscious kiss that left Linda gasping for breath and her heart fluttering with excitement. “Come; let us get ready to meet the guests.” With that she took Linda by the hand and walked her out of the room.

• Getting Ready

Helen and Linda walked to the end of the corridor and entered a huge study. They went up to a massive mahogany desk where Helen told Linda to face the desk and wait. Helen rummaged through some drawers and brought out a short leather strap and a cardboard box. She lay both on the desk in front of Linda and spoke, “Before we go down to meet our guests I think I should prepare you, get you in the mood for what may come.” With these words Helen made Linda lean onto the desk, putting all her weight on the elbows.

Linda watched as Helen picked up the strap and walked behind her, taking hold of her hem and pulling up the dress past her ass and up to her waist. This exposed her buttocks and she felt the cool air on her sensitive skin. The pain from the earlier abuse was gone but she could still feel a certain soreness and was terribly afraid of how she would react to this coming assault. The short glimpse she had caught of the strap had impressed her; it was twelve inches long, one and a half wide and half an inch thick, made of stitched brown leather, solid yet flexible throughout its whole length. She heard the strap swishing through the air, then silence. “Twenty strokes on your ass should warm you up and get you a nice rosy hue I think, followed perhaps by something to keep your ass wanting some attention.”

Linda swallowed hard and when all of a sudden the air whistled and she heard a loud slap. She thought Miss Helen must have missed because for a split second she felt nothing, then it hit her like an express train slamming into a wall. A rush of heat and pain hit her left asscheek and travelled all the way up to her very ears which rang with the sensation. She gritted her teeth determined to show her mistress her subservience and ability to take whatever Miss wished to give her. The pain subsided slightly when she heard the air whistle again and the second stroke hit her right cheek with the same force as before. The next four strokes were delivered with no respite, one straight after the other on alternate cheeks.

She kept jerking forwards and was almost lying totally on the desk at this point. Helen grabbed her by her ponytail and pulled her back to her initial position. “That will be an extra two for losing your stance slut!” Linda made a quick mental calculation, sixteen more to go! Would she ever be able to take it she wondered? After a few seconds the strap hit her left and right cheeks in quick succession. She could feel her earlier welts beginning to swell once more and knew that by the end of the session she would have trouble keeping from crying; also if this was how the evening would progress she would have trouble sleeping comfortably that night. Another few seconds passed and again the strap hit her left and right cheeks one after the other. Still twelve more to go.

Linda swallowed hard as tears began to form in her eyes. There was a longer pause this time as Helen caressed her ass and felt the raised welts. Her fingers played with Linda's g-string and lifted it off her asscrack gently letting it snap back into position each time. This made Linda jump slightly with the sensation. Helen also played her middle finger up and down the crack, letting it slip round Linda's asshole and even up to the pussy lips, Linda could feel the wetness down there and as she was being fingered she creamed herself some more. The hand was removed and almost immediately she felt the strap hit her left asscheek from top to bottom, the same vertical stroke was applied to her right cheek making her squeal imperceptibly. The next four were also vertical strokes, each seeming to be harder than the one before. Just six left. Linda was now sobbing quietly, trying desperately not to cry or blubber like a baby.

The next two strokes were delivered on the crack where ass and thigh met, first left then right. Linda nearly crumpled to her knees and she had to use all her efforts to stay in position, she did not want to earn any extra strokes. A further two were given in the same place, these harder, much harder, than before. Only two left now, and she had still managed not to cry out or flood the desk with tears. After what seemed an eternity a loud report went round the room as her left thigh was hit very severely almost at knee height. This was repeated on her right knee. Linda crumpled slightly, but enough for her to lose her posture. “Six more my dear. You have no discipline at all!” Linda was shocked, she had managed to hold out pretty well she thought only to lose it at the last stroke. She was devastated.

“Since you are so undisciplined the last six will be very severe, all on the thighs where it seems you really feel them. Linda tried to be strong but the strokes were indeed very severe, Helen must have been swinging from behind her shoulder and the strokes, three on each thigh, were given at top, centre and bottom of the thighs. By the time she received the last four strokes she was crying like a baby, tears streaming down her face and sobbing out loud, pleading for mercy and promising Miss Helen she would take her punishment like a good sub in future if only she was shown some mercy now. She pleaded but to no avail, the beating went on, and Linda just lay there taking it all. Finally it was over.

Helen placed the strap in front of Linda's lips and waited for her to kiss it, saying thank you to her mistress for her beating. She then dropped the strap on the table and took something out of the box. Pulling the g-string to one side Helen spread lube on Linda's asshole and pushed some inside her, she then took a suppository from the box and showed it to Linda. It was a ginger suppository. Two inches long and half an inch thick, Linda had never seen one that size. Helen separated Linda's asscheeks and placed the ginger bullet at the entrance to Linda's hole and slowly but surely pushed it in. Linda grunted as she felt her ass being filled but could do nothing. When it was totally inside Helen let go of Linda's cheeks and replaced the g-string carefully.

The ginger would soon start to burn in Linda's ass and make her squirm well. It would also make her asshole very sensitive and heighten the sensation if she was fucked up that end later on in the evening. Helen stepped back and around the desk. She put everything back in the drawers whilst Linda still leaned on the desk sobbing and sniffling. After a few minutes Helen walked behind her and pulled her dress back over her ass. “Stand up straight girl! Now stop sniffling and fix that make up.” She said pointing to a small dressing table in the corner of the room. Linda went up to it and sat down. As soon as she did this she jumped up in shock and pain. Her butt was really sore and the welts hurt badly but sitting on that stool felt like she was on a bed of coals. Helen ordered her to sit back down again. Linda did this and tried to fix her make-up as quickly and carefully as possible knowing Miss Helen would only let her get up if she was satisfied.

The stool was extremely uncomfortable and scratched her abused ass severely. Linda touched the stool gently with her fingers and realised it was upholstered with rough bristled pigskin. The bristles stood up and scratched her with every move she made no matter how small. Helen spoke, “I suggest you fix your make up well slut otherwise tonight you will be severely beaten all over and put to sleep in a bed with a similar pigskin undersheet and a horsehair blanket to cover you!” Linda was very careful and decided it was well worth her while to put up with some pain now rather than all night long. When she was finished she sat waiting uncomfortably. Helen let her sit for a further ten minutes, watching her squirm and grimace.

When she was ready she walked up to Linda, took her hand and led her out of the study. Linda could feel the ginger suppository had almost all dissolved inside her and she could sense her insides burning and her asshole throbbing. She wondered if she would be able to sit through dinner without having to rush to the toilet. Every step she took moved the ginger further through her insides and burned her asshole even more. She shut her eyes and tried to think of something other than her rear end but it was useless. Helen led her down the stairs where a rubber clad maid stood with a tray of drinks chained under her exposed purple tits. She picked up a glass of champagne and handed Linda a large glass full of iced tea. She told the maid to make sure Linda never wanted for drink and to keep her glass filled up. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. The bathroom is not to be used by you except when I or another Domme who is using you orders you to.” With these words they stepped into the large dining room.

• Dinner

There were about twenty people waiting for them, some obviously Doms and Dommes, some slaves and subs, and a few she couldn't quite determine. Carmen was there, in a stunning midnight blue, off the shoulder dress that stopped three inches above the knees. She wore dark blue sheer stockings and blue four inch heel sandals and her hair was piled high on her head showing off her smooth tanned neck and shoulders. Some slaves were on leashes whilst others were semi-naked showing off their abused bodies to all and sundry.

As they walked through the crowd Helen was greeted with smiles and hellos by most of the Dominants. She did not stop but made her way to the round table and sat in a large ornate chair facing the room. She sat Linda on her left and then everyone else made their way to the table and sat in their assigned places. Helen nodded to her butler, dressed impeccably in a shiny leather uniform.

The first course was served, a seafood salad with a delicious cocktail sauce. Helen took the salt shaker and poured salt liberally on Linda's salad urging her to eat. The salty food made her really thirsty and she had no choice but to drink lots of water. The maid, who was standing behind them, kept filling up her glass just as she had been ordered. Once finished the course was cleared away and there was a short pause whilst they waited for the entrée.

There was the murmur of conversation and Linda thought this could have been any normal dinner party except for the fact that there were diners wearing rubber masks, leather restraints or latex clothes and even a few on their knees either beside their Masters and Mistresses or under the table providing stimulation between their legs. Soon the second course was served, a medium spicy lamb jalfrezzi on a bed of pilaf rice. Linda tasted it and it was just right, with a hint of coriander and plenty of spinach. Helen stopped her from eating and took a shaker from the maid still standing behind them. She shook a strong smelling spice over the lamb and Linda realised it was strong curry powder, probably vindaloo or even phal. Only when the whole plate had a fine layer of spice did Helen stop and tell Linda to carry on eating. She took one forkful and the spice burned her mouth and throat like liquid fire, she could only imagine what it would do when it hit her stomach and intestines. Again, Linda drank to try to put out the fire but the water only seemed to make it worse. She ate in silence whilst Helen chatted to some of the women near her.

The course was cleared and a fresh fruit salad was served followed by coffee. Linda's was particularly strong and she knew this would act as an irritant and a diuretic. She felt her insides churning and the pressure in her bladder building up. She couldn't help shifting and squirming and was on the point of pleading to be allowed to go and relieve herself when Helen turned to her and spoke.

“Well, it's about time we started the entertainment. To begin with I have a little something planed for you. Come with me. ” Helen stood up and walked out of the dining room and back into the ballroom.

• The Ballroom Enema

This was a signal for everyone else to get up and follow. The ballroom had been transformed in their absence. There were items of bondage and torture furniture and equipment laid out all around the room and concealed eye-bolts on the walls and floors had now been exposed ready for use.

In one corner was a large sunken bath previously concealed by a removable cover masquerading as an oriental rug. In front of it was a contraption that looked like an oversize towel rail. Two horizontal bars about six feet long, one about four feet on top of the other. They were both padded and had straps and buckles hanging from them at various intervals. Helen stood Linda in front of the bars and called out, “Cassandra, could I use your help please?” A stunning blonde walked out of the crowd. She was in her mid-twenties and had her hair done up in a severe tight bun. She wore a shiny black cat-suit unzipped to show an impressive cleavage and stood in black six-inch stiletto heeled knee length boots, she also wore elbow length gloves. Her make-up was prefect and the bright red lipstick showed off her thick lips.

She and Helen kissed passionately for a few minutes letting Linda wait. They ordered Linda to strip but leave her shoes on then turned her around as soon as she was done. Cassandra kicked Linda's legs well apart then buckled her ankles to the bottom bar. Helen pushed her forwards onto the top bar then bent her over so her tummy rested on the padding. She pulled her arms down taut and buckled her wrists to the bottom bar as well. They tightened the restraints then securely buckled a wide strap over the small of her back. She was totally immobilised except for her head which she shook desperately. Her back and ass were totally exposed and her tits accessible from both sides.

Cassandra caressed Linda's ass and kneaded her cheeks paying close attention to all the welted areas. She raked her fingers up and down her crack and momentarily dipped into her pussy. The glove glistened with juice which only made her eager to carry on and try for more. Linda moaned as all this attention just made her more aware of the pressure down below. Cassandra's fingers now delved deeper into Linda's pussy and after a while the gloves were soaking with pussy-dew. She now drew her fingers away took them up to Linda's brown puckered starfish. She caressed the hole and played around its rim. Slowly she pushed her index finger inside making the asshole wet with Linda's own juices; this elicited a soft moan and Cassandra pushed in as far as her knuckle. She brought out the finger slowly and almost immediately pushed it back in fast. She kept this up for a while as Linda moaned and groaned in accompaniment.

Meanwhile Helen had been preparing a two quart jug with a solution of quite warm water and liquid soap. She stirred this well and poured it into a red enema bag. She fitted six feet of tubing to it and clamped it shut then hung it from a stand beside the frame. She prepared a second solution of ice cold water and more liquid soap and poured two quarts of this into a second blue enema bag. She again fitted six feet tube of tubing to it and also hung it from the same stand. Helen looked at Linda and Cassandra and smiled. “I think Cassandra is going to make that ass ready for serious action.” She said out loud for all to hear. Helen opened a box and took out various enema nozzles; some were only as short and thick as her little finger whilst others were almost eight inches long and as thick as her wrist. Some had a bulbous mushroom shaped head whilst others were pointed and some even replicated human and animal cocks! She selected a medium sized plastic specimen but with a thick mushroom shaped head. It had a fairly large central hole with a few side holes all guaranteed to make the victim really feel the enema gushing into his or her insides. She fitted it to the tube hanging from the red enema bag then greased it liberally and left it hooked to the bag.

Meanwhile Cassandra had been loosening Linda's asshole, finger fucking it with index and middle fingers together. This had her squirming within the restraints she was in. Cassandra took the mushroom monster and placed the head firmly on Linda's rear hole. It suddenly tightened in scared anticipation but Cassandra put some weight on it and slowly pushed on the sphincter. For a few seconds nothing happened as she increased the pressure; then slowly but surely the asshole started to distend and the head began to make its way inside. Linda's starfish gradually widened and seemed to engulf the plastic mushroom. She shook her head violently and protested, “Nooooooo! No! No! Pleeeeease stop! Miss! Pleeeeease!” Helen's eyes flared in anger and she landed Linda an almighty slap across her face leaving an imprint of her hand on her left cheek. She repeated this on the right cheek. She took Linda's discarded g-string and stuffed it in her mouth using her bra as an impromptu gag to hold the knickers in.

Cassandra kept on pushing the nozzle in and just when it seemed the asshole would not widen any more the mushroom was sucked in past the sphincter which closed on the cylinder behind the wide head. It was now easy for Cassandra to push the whole of the nozzle into Linda's anal canal all the way up to the flange at the end. She pulled on it a bit and played it in and out to make sure it was well seated finally giving it a hard slap into position. She straightened up and the assembled guests who had been watching gave her a round of applause. She nodded to Helen who released the clamp on the enema bag a fraction; the warm solution started to flow down and into Linda's ass. As soon as the warm liquid hit her insides she bucked trying to get away from the nozzle. An altogether impossible venture since she was so well restrained. Her muffled cries and protests were just audible and only made Helen open the clamp further. The struggles were comical and even Linda's restrained feet were drumming a tattoo on the wooden floor.

Half way through the enema Helen closed the clamp and she took a short thin bamboo cane from a rack. She stood on one side of Linda whilst Cassandra took an identical cane and stood on the other. They simultaneously delivered six strokes to each of Linda's asscheeks. This punishment only served to further inflame the welts she had picked up during the day and some even began to bleed. Linda's face was bright red and her cheeks puffed with the effort. The Dominatrix replaced their canes and Helen re-opened the clamp fully this time. Linda wailed as her insides were filled up. Everyone could see her tummy distending and Cassandra massaged her lower tummy and pubic area with her gloved hands.

Leaving her in position Helen took a huge rubber enema nozzle shaped like a dog's prick with inflatable knot and attached it to the blue enema bag's tubing. She held it to Linda's ass and spoke to her. “I am now going to change nozzles my dear. Tighten your sphincter and don't even dare to spill a drop of the liquid inside you or you will really feel our wrath!” With these words she nodded to Cassandra who pulled slowly on the mushroom headed nozzle inside Linda's ass. It resisted removal for a few moments when suddenly it popped out. Some solution trickled out of the hole and Helen tutted loudly. Linda trembled with fear knowing she would have hell to pay later. In one swift move Helen pushed the dog cock into the semi-open asshole and rammed it as far as it would go. Taking the rubber ball she gave it five pumps in rapid succession, this seated the cock in securely. “Comfortable? I think a few more pumps should ensure you keep it in for as long as I want.” Helen gave it a further five pumps as Linda jerked and squealed like a madwoman. Helen was now satisfied the rubber cock was safely embedded in the victim's ass and she knew it could not be expelled no matter how hard Linda pushed.

Linda's tears rolled down her face and her mascara had streaked all over her cheeks. Helen released the clamp on the blue bag in one go and when the ice cold water hit Linda's insides it was like a fist punching her from the inside out. Her breath was expelled and she gave a soul destroying cry even through the gag. Her innards cramped and she felt an extreme urge to expel everything. Still the liquid kept coming and she cried her eyes out. Cassandra massaged her tummy which now looked as if Linda was six months pregnant. Finally it was all in. It had taken a full fifty minutes to carry out the operation and they now had a girl in a very sorry state indeed. It was time for more abuse!

• Full and Beaten

Helen operated a clamp on the end of the enema nozzle and removed the tubing. Linda was now lying strapped on the horizontal bars with a very distended tummy full of soapy enema solution and a huge rubber dog's prick inside her asshole, pumped up tight so as to prevent its expulsion by her. Helen thanked Cassandra who now walked away to spend some time abusing her own slave who had been patiently standing in one corner facing the wall. A very handsome thirty year old man, in severe leather bondage with his cock and balls laced up so tight they were purple and swollen. Linda would later discover he was Cassandra's husband and she would be taking his cock in all her orifices some time over the weekend!

Meanwhile Helen left her on the bars whilst she went to collect another friend of hers, an older woman she had often shared slaves with. She came back with a woman in her late thirties who was dressed in a red knee length leather skirt, white blouse, red high heeled pumps and red sheer stockings. She carried a riding crop in her hand and had a short strap hanging from a loop on her belt. She obviously worked out as she sported well developed muscles although not to excess. “Linda, I would like to introduce you to Jo; she is well known in bondage circles as the absolute expert in the use of crop and strap. She especially delights in breaking in young women like you. I am sure you will enjoy her.”

Helen stood to one side whilst Jo took her time inspecting Linda's ass and thighs; she felt the welts and massaged the muscles well, occasionally slapping them to see the rippling effect. Linda could do nothing but squirm, especially as the enema was churning inside her very painfully causing severe cramps in her lower body. Jo also took time to massage Linda's pubic area which was very painful due to her very full bladder which was threatening to burst any moment. Linda tried to ignore the urgency but it was getting extremely difficult to do. Jo touched her pussy hole and found it to be dripping, it also felt very spongy and the labia and clitoris were well engorged. She smiled and stepped back.

Meanwhile Helen was sitting open legged on a low stool whilst a young girl kneeled in front of her eating out her pussy. The girl had her arms bound behind her back very painfully all the way up to her elbows. She was totally naked but showed a pony tail sticking out of her ass. What no-one could see was that this was hanging from a three inch thick and six inch long butt plug inserted inside her just before the dinner party. The girl's nipples were clamped with giant alligator clips linked by a chain that led to another clip attached to her clitoris. Her feet were encased in high heeled ballet boots that went all the way up to her knees. Helen's dress was spread out and her hands held on to the girl's head holding it tight to her pussy as the girl licked and sucked. Yet Helen did not look at her, she was so engrossed by the attention being given to Linda.

Jo smiled as she unclipped the strap from her belt and flexed it. She had spent many years practicing with strap and the crop and she was in great demand from many Dommes who wanted her to punish their slaves and submissives in a way nobody else could. Jo stood about three feet back and to the right of Linda and lay the strap on the centre of her right buttock. She just put it there and softly dragged it up and down the asscheek. Linda squirmed with each movement of the strap. Jo stopped, lifted the strap off the waiting ass and drew it back till her arm was perpendicular to her body. She kept it there for a few moments, waiting.

Jo brought the strap down fast giving it a flick from her wrist just before contact. The sound was a spectacular crack. It was followed by a muffled scream from Linda; the strap had hit her where the welts were the reddest and most inflamed. Jo carried on with the same asscheek, giving Linda a set of ten whacks all delivered with the same intensity. Again Linda's shoes drummed a tattoo on the floor. Without pause Jo changed sides and delivered another ten to her left asscheek. The cheeks were now an even purple colour all the way from waist to where they met the thighs. Linda sobbed and cried like a baby. Her tears flowed down her cheeks just as before and she was feeling very sorry for herself. Jo stopped and changed sides again, this time she brought the strap back to behind her shoulders and gave Linda another ten, much harder strokes. These really made the welts glow and made the ass go a darker purple. She repeated on the left cheek just as before.

She now stopped and took hold of the cock inside Linda's ass pulling it out a fraction. This made her punished insides cramp even more and Linda desperately wanted to empty her bowels now. Jo used the cock to fuck Linda's ass as far as the inflated knot would allow knowing this would be extremely painful to Linda. Some of the liquid inside her trickled out and Jo smiled at this. She stopped and went back to the right side. She now laid fifteen strokes on Linda's thigh going from where they joined her asscheeks down to her knees. She did the same to the left thigh and stood back to admire her handiwork.

Each thigh was now the same colour as her asscheeks and the welts that were there before could hardly be differentiated from the surrounding flesh. Jo let Linda sob and wallow in pity for a few seconds whilst she left clipped her strap back on her belt and took the riding crop in her hand. It was a simple one, twenty inches of thin bamboo wrapped in leather with a small flexible leather square at the end. Designed to be used on horses it was also perfect for wayward ladies who required correction and discipline. Jo had been using one since the age of eighteen, having had plenty of practice, both with young and old men and women. However, she preferred using it on ladies from between the ages of sixteen and forty. As far as she was concerned this was the age range that most required it… and most appreciated it!

Jo walked round to Linda's front and showed her the crop. Linda shook her head desperately, trying to say something. Jo smiled and spoke, “I like to hear what my ‘patients' have to say, especially whilst I beat them!” She untied the bra from Linda's face and removed the g-string, now soaking wet from her saliva. Immediately Linda started to plead and protest, asking to be released, to be allowed to empty her bowels, to pee, to be sent home. “Mistress, please, no more! Please let me go, I don't want any more punishment, please! Miss please let me go to the toilet, please no more, pleeeease!” Jo laughed out loud. She brought the crop up to Linda's mouth and forced it up to her lips. Linda sobbed and Jo slapped her soundly. “Kiss it slut!” Linda had no choice but to comply. She kissed it over and over till Jo moved it away.

She moved to Linda's rear again and placed the crop on the join between right thigh and ass. She raised it over her shoulder and brought it down in one vicious movement putting all her weight behind it. Linda tried to kick her leg up and gave out an almighty wail. This was repeated nine more times moving slowly down the thigh to the knee. The same was done on Linda's left thigh. She pleaded and wailed, crying her eyes out desperately. Jo paused for a bit touching the new welts she had created. Some were weeping a trickle of blood. This satisfied Jo.

She now placed the crop in the centre of Linda's right asscheek and caressed it. Linda pleaded with Jo. “Please Miss, not there, no more! It hurts too much; please I'll do anything you ask, please!”

Jo just lifted the crop and hit her harder than she had originally intended. “Oh, but you will do anything I ask, I know you will.” She gave her a total of twelve hard strokes on the ass, moving all over it; again she did the same to the left cheek. She stood back to look at the result. Linda's ass and thighs were now a criss-cross of purple and red where the crop had created a pattern on the purple body. This was one sorry lady lying there in front of her.

Linda sobbed inconsolably and kept mumbling for mercy. Jo still had a few more tricks in her bag. She spoke to Linda softly. “I am going to remove the cock from your ass and I am going to use the crop on your tender little asshole. Whilst I do this you will hold the enema in and you will hold it in till I tell you. Otherwise what you have just got from me will seem like a walk in the park after I have done with you young lady. Is that clear?”

Linda was horrified but could nothing other than accept. “Yes Miss Jo, I will hold it in till you tell me. But please, please, don't be too harsh on me; I have already had about as much as I can take. I beg of you Miss, have mercy.” Jo released the air from the inflated knot and pulled out the massive rubber cock. Linda pushed down on her muscles as much as she could but the ass had been distended for so long that at least a pint of solution sprayed out of her ass before she could stop it. This was exactly what Jo had been counting on. “You slut! I warned you! You will be punished for this later on. Well punished!”

Meanwhile Linda tightened her ass muscles as much as she could but she could feel a trickle of liquid kept coming out of her ass the whole time. There was no way she could stop it. Jo stood behind Linda and ordered one of the maids to hold her asscheeks apart so as to expose the asshole. In this position Jo delivered ten hard deliberate strokes right on the starfish, with no pause and no remorse. The final two were delivered on Linda's pussy, hitting her on her sensitive and engorged hole. The final one pushed Linda over the edge and she just opened her bowels and bladder.

She peed herself all over her legs and made a huge puddle on the floor, at the same time her ass expelled all the liquid that had been inside her for the past hour. She sprayed brown stuff all behind her whilst Jo kept hitting her ass with the crop screaming at her, “Slut! Pig! Disgusting creature! You pervert! You will pay dearly for this! How dare you go without my orders!” Linda cried and sobbed the whole time and finally just collapsed onto the bars. Jo stopped the punishment and moved towards Helen satisfied her job had been well done.

Helen was fascinated at the performance and was on the brink of climaxing herself. She looked up and Jo bent down to kiss her with passion. The slave kept eating out her pussy whilst the two Dommes kissed each other and caressed each others breasts. Jo put her hand inside Helen's dress and took hold of her left nipple; suddenly she pinched it hard and tweaked it sending Helen over the edge. Helen climaxed energetically spurting pussy juice into the slave girl's face and mouth. Helen thanked Jo who melted into the crowd, looking for someone to satisfy her own need to come.

Helen gave orders for Linda to be released and cleaned up. She would be abusing her later tonight, but for the moment the girl needed a wash and a rest.

• Cassandra and Carmen

Helen walked amongst her guests watching how they were enjoying themselves. There were sounds of leather and cane on flesh and moans, groans and pleas coming from all over. She found Cassandra in a corner of the ballroom using her husband and Helen's new found friend Carmen to abuse a well proportioned raven haired lady well into her forties.

Helen had intimate knowledge of this woman by the name of Doris . She happened to be the happily married wife of the chairman of the local Animal Welfare Society. She was also a secret bi-sexual who liked to indulge in bondage and humiliation games in her spare time. Many times Helen had had her tied to her bed, severely clamped and abused, with marks all over her body whilst her husband was attending conferences. Helen wondered how Doris explained any remaining marks to her husband when he returned.

They had even been out to lunch a few times with Doris holding a butt plug in her ass throughout the meal then sent her home with signs of a fresh strapping delivered in some quiet corner of the car park or in the corner of some field on the way home!

Right now Doris was totally naked over a padded stool. Her ankles were tied to the back legs of the stool whilst her wrists were tied to the front legs. Her ass showed the marks of a caning as did her thighs. This looked like Cassandra's work. Her ample 40DD boobs hung from her chest and these also showed cane marks all over them. They were clamped with clover clamps and from each clamp hung two hundred-gram weights. The nipples were stretched painfully and only moments before Cassandra had been adding another hundred gram weight to each clamp. Helen knew that clover clamps tightened further the more weight that was applied to them, and three hundred grams was a lot of weight for one nipple to take!

However she imagined Doris wouldn't have much time to think about this considering everything else that was happening to her. Cassandra's husband, who had now being released from most of his bondage, was thrusting his cock deep into Doris's mouth, no doubt urged on by the paddle that was being applied vigorously to his ass by Cassandra. Carmen, who was obviously enjoying herself, was using a strap-on to fuck Doris in her shaved pussy whilst playing with a butt plug inside Doris 's ass.

Carmen was in the nude having taken everything off except her stockings and shoes. The strap-on she wore had a small rough surfaced dildo on the back and this was in Carmen's pussy rubbing against her clitoris the whole time. A female slave stood behind Carmen and played with her nipples and ass at the same time as she fucked Doris . This made her really hot and she was glad she had come to the dinner. She had always had tendencies to enjoy the kinkier type of sex and had dumped many boyfriends and a few girlfriends simply because they just wanted vanilla. She had never had the chance to explore her preferences beyond tying a few of her girlfriends to the headboard or using giving them a playful but mild spanking. This was heaven for her, and she wanted it to continue for ever.

Doris was enjoying herself too as she relished from being severely beaten and abused. She also loved humiliation, something everyone knew and used to their advantage. Tonight she would get some of that as well. But for now she was on a spit. All her holes filled and being rammed by huge cocks. Cassandra's husband was well endowed, but as well as that he had a strap tightly bound behind his balls and this served to engorge his cock even more. It also kept him erect and prevented him from climaxing so he could continue to screw Doris as hard as he pleased. Occasionally Cassandra stopped paddling her husband and instead used the paddle on Doris 's hanging tits; they were so huge they were difficult to miss at any angle!

The butt plug was an inflatable one and Carmen now took an opportunity to pump it up a few more puffs. Doris squirmed as the pressure inside her increased. Carmen took this as a sign for more so she gave four more squeezes to the rubber bulb. Doris tried to scream but was prevented by the giant cock in her mouth. The strap-on dildo was also thick and covered with hard rubber nodules. Carmen fucked her with frenzy pulling the dildo almost completely out then ramming it back in with all her strength. Doris went wild and sucked madly on the cock in her mouth.

Cassandra was squeezing her husband Paul's balls hard and she suddenly felt them start to tremble. The climax was imminent and if it weren't for the strap around the base he would have already done so. She pulled him out of Doris's mouth and left him standing there whilst she took a crop and applied it to Doris 's hanging tits. She hit her hard on the sides of the huge balloons till Doris screamed with pain and pleasure. She kept this up for a long time whilst Carmen just reamed her pussy mercilessly.

When Cassandra could see Doris was on the verge of climaxing she stopped the cropping, took off her tit clamps, removed the strap from Paul's balls and put his cock back in Doris 's mouth. She then continued to hit her hard at the same time as Paul and Carmen fucked Doris in rhythm. Finally Cassandra used the crop on Doris 's nipples, hitting them repeatedly whilst the fucking continued. The first to climax was Paul who shuddered as his balls contracted spurting hot cum into Doris 's mouth; this combined with the cropping on her nipples brought her to a shuddering climax too. Finally Carmen, who had been fucking for quite a long time also came, screaming her climax out for all to hear. Cassandra just smiled with satisfaction knowing she would get her climax later on that night. Helen walked away from the group to look for other action.

• And then there were Six

It was four in the morning when Helen stood at the door as the guests were leaving. She spoke to all the Masters and Mistresses as they left and they all thanked her for having invited them. A few of the guests were stating on for the whole weekend and these were waiting for her in her study. At last she went to join them whilst her butler was locking the front door.

She entered the study. Cassandra was fully dressed sitting on a settee resting whilst her husband stood naked behind her facing the wall, his cock and balls once more laced up tight and a pony tail trailing from a butt plug deep inside his ass. He was blindfolded and had a cock gag tight inside his mouth. Saliva constantly dribbled out of the corner of his mouth.

Carmen was also there, dressed but open legged on a sofa whilst Doris knelt in front of her wearing nothing save a leather punishment bra with short brass spikes in its inside surface, hands tied cruelly tight behind her back, dildo in her cunt, busy eating out her pussy.

There was a third slave in the room; the girl they had met in the fetish shop. She had been loaned to Helen for the weekend by her owner and stood naked in one corner waiting. She had on a pair of cruelly tight and tall ballet boots similar to the pair she had been wearing in the shop. Her hands were handcuffed together above her head and hooked to an eyebolt high on the wall. She wore a tight latex bra with nipple peep-holes and a tight pair of knickers that showed every curve and bump of her shaved pussy. Her set-up was completed by a pair of clamps joined by a heavy gold chain. The clamps were adorning her not too big but perfectly formed tits. Her skin was unblemished as she had not received any sort of punishment other than the clamps. She had been kept tied up all evening in this room as Helen wanted to abuse her exclusively herself.

As soon as Helen entered Cassandra and Carmen got up and kissed and hugged her thanking her for a wonderful evening and for an even better weekend to follow. They had a nightcap whilst the butler and a maid came and took Cassandra's husband and Doris away to the rooms they were to occupy for the night with their Dommes. A second maid took care of the young slave, taking her to the basement dungeon where Linda had been tied up waiting since her embarrassing episode in the ballroom. Helen would join them in a while for a few more hours of fun.

By the time they finished their drink the butler and the maid had returned and led Carmen and Cassandra to their rooms to join their companions for the night. Helen bade them have a good night and reminded them they had more fun planned for the following day.

As soon as they had left Helen walked to the bookshelves at the back of the study and pressed a hidden button, a concealed door sprang open and Helen walked through into a secret back-room. There was a swivel chair at a console surrounded by monitors and a control desk. She pressed a few controls and immediately images began to appear on some monitors. They showed different views of the guest bedrooms and the dungeons. She selected the rooms where her guests were staying and once she had them in good view she switched on the recording equipment, she would view the tapes at leisure. She got up and left the room.

Having nothing else to do here she locked the study and made her way to the dungeons to join her two patient slaves; both no doubt nervous by now as to what was going to happen to them.

• The Dungeons

Helen walked into the first dungeon and found Linda tied spread-eagled to eyebolts on the wall, totally naked with her back to the room. The young slave girl had been brought in and buckled to a doctors examining couch with her legs spread out wide and her head held to a padded head rest with the help of a strap buckled tight over her forehead.

She walked to a rack on the wall and selected a multi-stranded flogger. About thirty thin leather strips hanging from a rubber handle in the shape of a huge cock. She walked up to Linda and spoke to her, “Linda, you totally shamed yourself and embarrassed me upstairs! How dare you empty your bowels and bladder before being given permission. For that you will pay now!”

She drew her arm back and hit Linda hard on her back. She did this a further nineteen times without giving Linda any respite. The blows were sharp and swift, stinging her wherever and whenever they made contact. Linda screamed with every blow, especially when Helen went lower and started to flog her already sore buttocks. After the nineteen were over she massaged her back and arse and fingered her asscrack with her gloved hands.

She turned away for a moment then stopped. Without warning she now started to use the flogger on Linda's thighs, going from the knees to the ass for a further twenty strokes. Linda was howling like a madwoman, it hurt her so much. Helen stopped, walked to the young slave and spoke to her. “What's your name and why are you here slave?”

The girl answered with difficulty, “Sophie, Mistress. I am here because my master desires it and I do everything he pleases.” Helen smiled at this reply. She lay the flogger on Sophie's tummy and softly drew it up and down, from her tits to her pubic mound. “I think you need to be warmed up a bit before I break your ass and educate it in the pleasures of anal sex.” Fifty strokes from your tits to your pussy to begin with should do it. With that Helen started to flog Sophie; she started on her tummy and slowly moved up to her tits, then she went down again till she reached her pussy, then back again. Sophie was screaming the whole time but Helen wanted to hear the screams and decided not to gag her.

She stopped and let the pain suffuse through Sophie's body. She wanted the girl really submissive before she started the anal abuse she had planned. Meanwhile she went back to Linda and traced the welts on her back, ass and thighs. She dragged her fingers over the more prominent ones making them hurt even more. Linda sobbed quietly, too tired to scream by now.

She untied Linda and turned her around so she was facing the room. Her arms and legs were tied as far apart as humanly possible and Linda's tendons stood out prominently so taut was she being held. She now changed the flogger for a Scottish tawse and brought it up to Linda's lips. She kissed it softly and Helen stood back two paces. She took careful aim and struck her hard on her left tit. Linda stifled a scream as Helen struck her right tit too. Five more strokes hit her tits, three above the nipples and three below where her tits were most tender. Tears streamed down her face, she would never have imagined real life would be so much more painful than online slavery.

Helen now caressed Linda's shaved pussy and pushed her fingers inside it, softly at first then rougher, much rougher. Helen kept this up for a while making Linda wetter and wetter, she turned her attention to her clit, totally ignored until now, and rubbed it gently. She flicked it and twisted it making it stand out proud. Helen pushed her first two fingers in Linda's pussy whilst using her thumb on the clit, suddenly the girl shuddered with a climax that shook her whole body. She slumped in her bonds and just lay there totally spent. Helen decided there and then she would spend the night sleeping in Linda's arms. Meanwhile she still had something to do with Sophie.

• Sophie's Anal Introduction

Helen now took a small stool and sat in front of Sophie in between her legs. She dipped her right hand in a jar of lube and started to spread it on Sophie's ass and pussy. She coated the whole area well then continued applying more over the region.

She paid special attention to the asshole making sure there was a good coating of lube there. Once again she dipped her fingers in the jar and pushed them into Sophie's tight rosebud. She only used one finger at a time, pushing plenty of lube into her rectum. This was a virgin ass and needed to be well broken in. Sophia moaned but did not complain.

Helen now pushed two fingers into the asshole but only up to the second joint. She played them in and out and twisted them round. Sophie squirmed but was too tightly held down to be able to get away from the invading digits. Helen withdrew her fingers and used the thumb and her free hand to uncover and play with Sophie's already aroused clit. It was stiff and stood proud as soon as its hood was pulled back.

Sophie bit her lower lip so as not to cry out but could not prevent the moans and groans that came from deep within her. Helen was once again getting aroused just from the sounds she could hear and decided to pace up. She wanted to begin to break in Sophie's ass tonight then go to bed with Linda and have her own climax she so longed for.

She stood up and stripped leaving on just her g-string, stockings and shoes. She sat again and went back to Sophie's ass. She used her first two fingers to invade her ass once again then suddenly thrust them hard up to the knuckles. Sophie gave a stifled scream and tears welled up in her eyes.

Helen now pumped her two fingers in and out of the ass slowly loosening it. Sophie was now wailing and moaning constantly as Helen pushed and pulled the fingers in and out of her ass. A third finger was added which added to Sophie's discomfort as it slowly distended her sphincter.

Helen stopped just as suddenly as she had begun. She stood up leaving Sophie to tremble and sob. She went to a cabinet and selected a toy bringing it down to Sophie's head. She showed her a small black butt plug with a tubing coming out of it connected to a rubber bulb. She greased the plug and placed it against Sophie's anus. Slowly she pushed it in; it entered the loosened asshole almost effortlessly. Sophie thought it didn't feel too bad and was relishing the sensations it caused inside her.

“I am going to pump up this plug to start getting your ass used to feeling full. If you are a good girl I will only pump it up a little, but complain and I will just keep on pumping. I hope you have that clear.” Sophie looked at Helen and nodded her head whimpering like a puppy.

Helen took the bulb and gave it a squeeze; there was no reaction from Sophie. She gave the bulb four more squeezes and now Sophie stared to shake her ass as far as the bonds would allow her. Helen gave the bulb two more squeezes and Sophie screamed out, “Stop! Please Miss, please stop, I will do whatever you ask.”

Helen decided a few more squeezes would be enough for tonight; she still had the rest of the weekend to fully break in this young ass. She gave the bulb a few more squeezes until Sophie screamed and wailed like a banshee. She left her like that and whispered in her ear, “I will finish you off with twelve strokes of my leather strap, then I will send you to bed with your ass stuffed and tomorrow I will continue to break your ass young lady. You will go back to your master begging him to fuck your ass at every opportunity!”

Helen released Sophie and tied her face down on the examining couch; she then took her strap and gave Sophie twelve hard strokes on her ass, six on each globe, till they glowed bright pink. Sophie was blubbering and pleading for mercy as she lay there. Helen used the intercom to call for her maid who turned up promptly still immaculately dressed in latex outfit. She gave orders for Sophie to be tied face down to the bed in the punishment bedroom and to be blindfolded for the night. The maid untied Sophie and led her away to the rooms kept in the basement for that purpose.

Meanwhile Helen untied Linda and put a bathrobe over her, she then led her to a private elevator in the basement and went straight up to her bedroom where they would spend the night together.

… to be continued

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