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Review This Story || Author: San Sande

Car washing cunt

Part 1

The “car wash girls” were just another type of working girls in the current society. They were there in the parking lots of offices and shopping malls. The shopping malls offered free car washes during evenings and weekends to entice shoppers to come in and hired a few dozen girls to clean the cars of the shoppers. In the offices, the executives were offered daily car washes as an incentive. It was easy to offer these services as dozens of these girls were available cheaply. Sometimes senior personal assistants of the bosses in the offices or the shopping malls were sent for car cleaning duty to teach them “humility”. 

Car wash girls wore red bikinis with numbers written across the behind of the bottom part and the front of the top part. They were managed by the building security guards and paid by the number of cars they cleaned in a week.  The guards loved to make them compete for cars they would clean. As a car would drive in, three girls would rush towards the car and beg to be chosen by the driver. They would run and kneel on their haunches legs spread wide and eyes submissively downcast. But the guards decided which of the three girls would be running out when a car approached. The officer in charge would have the girls line up and call out “Ok, number 12, number 4 and number 6” your turn now.  The choice would depend on which girl the guards would want to punish and whom they wanted to reward.  Or often it was just random. There were always more girls to choose from.   

The girls would be desperate to please their “guard masters” and be called out to run as a car drove in. Of course, they would have a minute or two to attract the attention of the driver and hope for the best. But it was “pay for performance” and the girls would get paid by the number of cars they cleaned provided they did not get any bad rating by the drivers.

Obviously, all this meant that in some days a girl would not get paid anything even after working all day.

Ann was having the second such bad day. She had not been run at all the previous day. Worse of all she was not even sure why she was being punished. She had been taken by a guard the evening before and had provided what she thought was satisfactory service, smiling prettily as she was pounded by the big heavy man. But as she stood all day and had not had her number called out even once she was worried that maybe she was not pleasing enough. Maybe he had reported her to the officer. Or maybe they had just forgotten her. It was impossible to say.

It was now lunch time on the second day and still her name had not been called out. She was not allowed to turn back and look at the guards and catch their eye. Ann was feeling desperate. If she did not earn anything today, she would not have enough to pay the rent which was due the coming weekend. Defaulting on rent could get her seriously in problem.

Ann had been working in the car wash for about three years. She worked in a business park parking car wash. She was reasonably attractive, nice small tight figure, good ass but small tits. Most girls in car parks would get chosen by some of the executives working in the various offices in the business park and start slaving at the bottom of the corporate ladder. This was better than standing outside in the rain, summer and winter.  However, the competition was tough and she had not been chosen by an of the executive whose car she was lucky to clean a few times. They did not seem to even recognize her the second time around. Some of the girls she had started with were now in the offices. A few times, she saw them inside the cars being taken away for a night of entertainment by their bosses.

But suddenly her number got called out. “You number 5, you have been lazing all day. Go”. She saw the black big SUV drive in and knew  from the number that it belonged to a young executive working in Tower 8. She was off towards the parking lot of Tower 8 earlier than the other two girls could react. She ran fast and was already in the lot before the SUV was turning in. On her haunches, she allowed herself to pant knowing that her breasts would move up and down. But of course the advantage that she had got for herself was only for a minute or two as the other two girls caught up even as the SUV was being parked. All three – eyes downcast – could see a pair of spotless expensive black boots step out.

The black boots and the black trousers came closer to the three girls. All the girls now looked up and tried to smile as prettily as possible, begging to be chosen. And then the man almost carelessly threw the cigarette that he was smoking at Ann. The lighted end hit her on her stomach and then rolled down to her thigh but she did not move even though her skin was being lightly singed till she received confirmation that she was the girl chosen. The man kicked her lightly on the ribs. “Thank you sir”. Before she could turn to kiss his boot and express her gratitude he was gone. And so were the other two girls, their bare feet pattering as they ran back.

Ann was a good cleaner of cars. It was a big car and she knew that it would take her some time. But she was also very keen to get an approval rating. She opened the back door and took out the spare tyre. It was a big tyre and she struggled a bit. But she was a strong girl and soon got the tyre out. Then she proceeded to clean it and making sure that there were no punctures. Once that was done, she got inside the back of the car and took out all the mats.  She cleaned the seat covers which were covered with food crumbs and mud making sure that the covers were now spotless. In the car wash training school, her instructor used to say “remember a car is worth five of you whores”. She then picked up the tyre, struggling at its weight and put the tyre back in its place, replacing the clean mats. Last time, while doing the same car the owner had not been happy that the mats were not placed properly and she had not got her approval rating. This time she was careful in patting them down properly.

Next she took out all the mats and cleaned them carefully. She sat on her haunches feet spread apart cleaning the mats and did not look up as a guard stood beside her and passed his baton down her cleavage. She scrubbed the mats with as much strength as she could. Then the stood up bent forward and washed the mats, her breasts hanging loose. The guard rubbed his stick on her ass.

She was now sweating and she knew that she would have to be careful about not letting her sweaty body touch the inner seats. Not only that would earn her any demerit but any sign or smell of sweat in the inside of the expensive car would earn her a thorough beating. Worse still, the stick of the guard would be rubbed with chili powder and shoved up her cunt. That was the standard punishment of failing to clean the interior of the car properly.  It had happened to her only once in the last three years and she was determined that it should not happen to her again. She took some clean and dry cloth from her kit and spread it out on the seats and then kept balanced her knees and started polishing the leather of the seat covers.  She spread the polish and then started rubbing it into leather the seat covers till they shone.

Once she had the seat covers she replaced the mats ,  Here she saw a packet of half eaten chips lying on the floor. She knew that she was supposed to throw it away but the prospect of eating the chips was just too tempting.  She was hungry and potato crisps was a luxury she had never tasted. But if somebody noticed her and guards were always moving around, she would be punished as a thief. The punishment of stealing from a car was horrific. She would be tied to the back of the car and dragged on the roads. But the temptation was just too great. Looking up she saw the guard some distance away and then carefully lowering her body so that only her ass and lower body was visible from outside the car she put her hands in the packet and put the chips in her mouth.  She chewed on them at the same time continuing to clean with her hands.  From the corner of her she glanced up to the side mirrors. The guard was now much closer but had stopped and was looking at her.  Had he suspected something? She panicked for a moment and then realized that she must be making quite a sight with her ass protruding and her body moving up and down, as if she was humping the car.  She finished eating the chips first and though there were still a few chips left she was now too scared to take them. She was scared that the crumbs would be found in her mouth. So using her tongue and mouth she started scraping the dirt and mud of the accelerator and the brake paddle and polished them clean. By the time she finished the guard was already in her parking lot. She lowered her body and gave him a good view using her hands to clean the mats, moving them fast as if she was humping the car. The guard came up and using his stick whacked her across the ass. That did not stop her and she continued and got another whack on her ass as a reward.

Once the guard moved away, she scampered out and shifted the trash, including the half eaten packet of potato crisps to the garbage can. With one more round of longing, she threw it all in. Now she went on to the outside of the car.  First the windows. She mopped them with a wet cloth and dried them. The side windows , the side mirrors, the front and the rear windshield.  There should be no spots on them. If there were any, her breasts would be placed on the windows which would be then rolled up all the way up. The glass would press against the underside of her breasts which would be squeezed from the top by the window pane. Then her breasts would be whipped. The pain was excruciating. She worked carefully. Her only problem was in the front rear shield. It was a big car and so she climbed on top of the bonnet. She was light and so there was no risk of denting the car.  Kneeling down lightly on the car bonnet she washed and cleaned the front windshield.

Getting down from the bonnet she cleaned the sides of the doors using a small brush and polished the door handles till they were shining. Once a group of young boys had not been pleased with the way she had polished the door handle and had devised a very painful punishment for her. She had to place her just her nipple inside the door and they banged the door on it. She screamed uncontrollably and begged for mercy. The guards ran across and even they requested that the boys punish her in a different manner. The boys did not agree and so she had both her nipples smashed twice against the four doors.  Howling with pain she cleaned the car again and licked the boots of the three boys with her tongue. She checked the doors and the handles again shuddering as she remembered the nightmare.

Now for the main body of the car. First she worked up a foam in a bucket. She took off her bra and shook her breasts loose.  Then she went to the kit and brought out a pair of brushes which she clipped on her nipples. In the beginning when she had started washing cars she would be humiliated at the thought of having to clip the brushes on her own breasts. After three years, she now only felt the pain of the sharp teeth digging into her nipples. Then she put a gag on her own mouth with a brush jutting out. Finally she took up two brushes in her hands. The first step was to soap up the brushes by dipping the brushes in the bucket. First she dipped one of the breasts. Then the other. Then she dipped her mouth. The soap water got into her mouth and eyes.  When she was happy that the brushes were all soaped up, she went to clean the car. She worked systematically. Taking each part of the car, The bonnet. The grille. The sides of the doors. The back. The tyres.  Pressing against the car and then cleaning it with her mouth, her breasts and her hands. Not just once but twice for every part of the car, going back and soaping herself every time. The instructor at the training school had taught her to clean properly as well as look sexy with her ass jutting out. “Make love to the car, you worthless whores”, he had screamed as he lashed the girls. She always remembered this as she writhed against the car.  She only wished that the guard was there to see her performance but he was at another parking lot watching another girl. he

Then it was the time to dry the exterior. First she pulled out of the bottom of the bikini. It was wet and it would not be good to have it touch the car. Then she took off the brushes of her breasts, the pain flooding as the clamps were released.  She removed the gag and then put it back on this time with a dry brush in her mouth. While she was putting on her breast brushes the guard wandered in. That made Ann pause for a moment. She worked on her nipples making them hard and erect and then tried to slip the clamp on them. She fumbled and then looked up shyly to say: “Sorry for being so clumsy, sir”. And then pressed the clamps down wincing with pain. Then she went to work again, this time cleaning the car but making sure that her wet body did not touch the car.

Finally, it was done. The guard had stood a long time inspecting her work and had moved away satisfied. Now the last part. The roof of the car. The SUV was a big car and she needed help on getting on top. She called out to the two girls working in the adjacent parking slot and they scampered across readily. Kneeling on the side of the car they allowed Ann to stand on their shoulders and then stood up allowing Ann to climb on to the roof. It was painful and a careful balance. If Ann had fallen on the car all three would have been punished. Of course, if she had toppled the other way and fallen on the concrete nothing would have been done by the guard. Once Ann had clambered over the other girls ran across to their own cars and came over only when Ann had finished and called them again. This time they stood on their tiptoe allowing Ann to put her legs on their shoulders and then slowly knelt to bring her down. As she came down safely, Ann kissed both the girls on their lips to thank them.

It was done and now it was inspection time. Completely naked with the brushes still locked on she crawled over to the guard. The guard knew that Ann wanted to get the job done so that she could get back and try for another car so sadistically he kept her waiting on all her fours. Then he walked over. she following him on all fours as he leisurely inspected the car. She had cleaned it very well but of course he had to find faults. So he ordered her to clean a few places again this time standing behind her and encouraging her a few uninterested blows with his stick. But it was soon over.

Ann quickly put on her wet bikini, collected all her things in the kit and thanked the guard. She lay face down on the ground and kissed his boots and then scampered back as he released her with a kick on her side. When she was back, she first thanked the officer for allowing him the choice again by licking his boots and rubbing her stomach and breasts against the ground. Then she went and handed over her wet and dirty brushes and – after inspection to see if she had damaged anything – she was issued a fresh kit. If she had damaged any of the brushes the cost would be deducted from her pay. Ann thought she would ask for permission to have lunch but then decided against it. If she got a chance to wash another car then would get closer to the rent she would have to pay. So she stood in line with the other girls. However, the afternoon went by and she was not called again. It seemed that the guards had forgotten all about her.  As she stood their hungry and tired , the fear started coming back to her again. Had anyone seen her take those crisps?

From about 5 PM the office executives started coming back and taking their car keys. The cars who cleaned their cars would come to for another inspection and if the executives found the cars clean enough, they were released. Of course, if the executive had reason to complain the girl would have to clean the car again and would not be paid. If the executive did not have time that day (and most would not) the cleaning duties would be moved to the next day.

The girls would not be released till the executives took the car away. Ann’s executive did not come out till 6:30 PM , by which time the officer, most of the girls and the guards had gone. Three of the evening guards remained and Ann thought that this would be the time to get to please them. She was desperate to ensure that she would get a chance to wash at least three cars tomorrow. But she was also feeling hungry and faint. So first she begged for permission to eat her lunch.

Lunch was a broth that all the girls in the car washing pool got. Her lunch was kept in a small pot and had already gone cold. She still finished it knowing that she needed the energy and then cleaned the pot clean. Next she went to the girls bathroom and washed herself up. While she was doing so , she heard her number being called out “No. 5. For inspection.”

She ran out in the dark towards where the car she had cleaned was park. The guard followed her. He had been already alerted by a message from the executive’s office. Ann reached the car and arranged herself for inspection. She leaned with her back against the bonnet of the car, stretched her arms out and stretched her legs out as far as she could. She was spreading herself out for inspection even as the executive would inspect her car.  Two men came down: one she recognized, the other she did not.  The inspection was brief and soon the guard yanked her away from the car and the men started up the car. She was making her way back when suddenly she heard the guard call out again. He had forgotten her number and could not say it clearly so he bellowed out” Hey you, whore, come back”. But of course she knew that he was only calling for

She went back, her knees trembling with fear and her face drained of blood. The executive she knew beckoned her over. She stood near the window as he put his hand out, cupped her face and turned it towards the light. “Well, she will do for tonight.” Then, he turned to the guard and said “Do I have to sign her out?”. The guard spoke to his office in his walkie talkie and said “No, sir, we will record that you have taken her out. You can just drive out now.” The man released his grip on Ann’s face and motioned that she climb into the boot.  Once the boot door was slammed shut, the car started moving.   


Review This Story || Author: San Sande
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