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The Good Spanking Cafe

Part 1

The Spanking Good Café

By Jake Olive

After many years of working for other people, Mickey and Pam Miller decided to start their own restaurant in May of 2012. In order to stand apart from the other similar restaurants in town, they decided that their Café needed a theme. After careful consideration they settled on “The Spanking Good Café.”

Located just outside of Orlando Florida, the Café would hopefully be known for its great food and it would have a light spirited spanking theme to support the fun name.

Once it opened, Mickey manned the back kitchen while Pam and her best friend Tami served the tables. The gag was simple enough, a large wooden paddle hung from the hostess podium along with a written guarantee that all of the servers were occasionally spanked for poor performance.

Of course it really was just a playful theme for the Cafe. The menu contained items like the “The Red Bottom Special” and other menu items with silly names that were gently suggestive of the servers spankings. Often times Pam and Tami would laughingly pat each other on the bottom as they passed each other in the aisle but these gals hadnt actually received a spanking in a number of years.

After a while a few donated straps and paddles began to decorate the walls of the Café and someone even a donated spanking bench that Mickey put in the back, over by back by the bathrooms. The old bench was built pretty well with straps strong enough to secure any person unlucky enough to be put over it. One look at the bench and you knew it wasnt a toy, this thing meant business. People always stopped and looked at the bench and the customers seemed to really get a kick out of it.

The bench helped support the theme and it was a great conversation piece for the Cafe. The customers would often go over and take selfies next to the bench and occasionally someone would actually try and pose upon it. After a couple months Mickey had to put a few velvet ropes around the bench to keep the people from getting too close.

As 2013 arrived the Cafe grew in popularity and they expanded the spanking gag little bit more.

Occasionally when a server was in the kitchen Mickey would clap his hands loudly as if he were spanking her and she would then emerge from the kitchen into the Cafe rubbing her bottom with whatever red eyes she could muster.

The sales growth required the hiring of a number of new servers and because the tips were much better than the average local employment and a lot of good looking local girls were working at the café by midyear 2013.

In the third year Mickey leased an adjoining building in order to accommodate all of the new business. He expanded the table capacity and also built in a large bar area that would accommodate the overflow of people waiting for tables.

Mickey moved the spanking bench into the new bar and again put the velvet ropes around it to prevent any horseplay. The girls skirts grew a little shorter that year as they realized that a short skirt really paid off at the end of the shift when they counted up their tips.

Tracey Smith started at the Café just after the expansion. Her friend Amy had another good friend who already worked there and the three girls all wanted to work at the Café together. Amy and Tracey met with Pam one afternoon and they were both hired very soon thereafter. Traceys boyfriend Zach did not really want Tracey working there but he had consented thinking that since she had no previous server experience she probably wouldnt be hired anyway. To Zach and Traceys surprise both of the girls were hired and began training the following week.

Mickey knew that the spanking theme was the main driver of the Cafés success so later in the year he made a few additional changes to increase the spanking branding. One of the new requirements made of all the new servers was that a picture of them laying over Mickeys knee was to be placed in the bar area for the customers to look at while they were waiting for their table. Mickey decided that it would add a real level of authenticity in the Café to see the serving girls in a real life spanking situation. It made it easier to believe that all these pretty girls would actually go over a mans knee for discipline.

After the pictures were taken they would be placed in the bar near the spanking bench where there was plenty of room for people to walk around and take a look at them.

Tracey and Amy were the third girl and forth girl to start after the new requirement was put into place but before the pictures of either of the other two new girls had been placed in the bar. The photos that the other two new girls had taken with Mickey were both relatively modest and in each of them the girls skirts were lifted up to reveal their full panties.

The pictures of the girls were taken by Mickeys wife Pam while the poor server girl looked back at Mickey and held their right hand held near her bottom in an attempt to stop the mock spanking. Mickey was disappointed with the resulting pictures so he had not framed them yet. They were not exactly what he was looking for in terms of content.

Tracey began training one day before Amy and so she would have her photos taken one day earlier.

“Tracey please come in!” Mickey greeted Tracey when she reported for the photo shoot and what would be her first full shift of training. Mickey sorted through her final paperwork and then they both moved into the back office to conduct the photo shoot.

Tracey was very pretty but at 5-4 she was not particularly tall. She had long brown hair and a pleasing young figure. Her firm and full bottom was always a big attention grabber and she had somewhat modest but very shapely breasts. Tracey had “girl next door” good looks with a body that appeared built for a little more action than the girl next door could accommodate. She caught most mens eye very quickly, her skin was slightly tan and she stood straight up atop naturally toned legs.

Mickeys plan was to use Tracey as the first “bare bottom” spanking picture in the bar. He had been unable to convince the other two girls to “go bare” for their photos but he had revised his tactics for the third girl.

Tracey had the fullest and most desirable posterior of the four girls and so he really wanted to get her bottom bare at some point during the photo shoot. This time he wouldnt go slow and ask the new server if she would please pull down her panties, this time he would just tell her that it was required of her to do so. Since Tracey would very likely tell Amy what to expect at her photo shoot, Mickey knew that Amy would likely do whatever Tracey had done.

“Ok Tracey lets get this over with so we can get you out to work, your trainer just clocked in.”

“I will step outside so that you can dress down to your bra and panties.  Pam will be in a moment so if you need something she can assist you.” Mickey instructed. “She is our family photographer.”

“Bra and Panties?” Tracey recoiled slightly. “Isnt that a bit much?”

“Well the panties are actually going to be pulled down to your knees for the pictures” Mickey confirmed. “It is what we require of the new servers here.”

Pam then entered the room and placed the straight back chair in the same spot that it had been placed in the other photos.

“I am going to leave you here with Pam so that you may get undressed and then I will be back in a minute for your pictures, lets just have some fun with it!” Mickey said hopefully.

Mickey left the room and Pam took over. He stood outside the door and listened with an eager anticipation.

Pam had given up serving tables at the Café but understood how important this picture was to building the Cafés brand and image. She had a strong financial incentive to get this cute girl over her husbands knee.

“Cant I just stay dressed?” she asked Pam as she began slowly untying her small work skirt.

Watching the girls hands move toward the skirt Pam adjusted the spanking chair without answering the question. Mickey returned to the room as Tracey stepped out of the small tan skirt. They watched as then pulled the server top over her head and stood before the couple dressed only in a small black bra and tiny black panties.

Mickey and Pam were both taken back by how attractive Tracey was without her clothes. She was built very athletically and had a beautiful skin tone. She had a firm core that spread out nicely over child bearing hips. She was clearly the most attractive girl on their staff. Her breasts pushed up firmly through the cups of her the bra and her panties sat slack atop round and shapely behind. They both looked on in semi-stunned silence.

Finally, a slightly flustered Pam said, “ok honey come over here and get over his knee.”

Mickey quickly moved to the chair and said nothing, not really sure much would have come out of him had he tried.

As Pam watched the attractive girls body begin to descend over Mickeys knee she decided to kind of go for broke with Tracey. “Mickey wont really spank you very hard and so once we get your bottom just a little red in color I will take your pictures.”

Mickey nodded in clear agreement to no one in particular.

Tracey was half way over Mickeys knee before she realized that her new boss was actually going to spank her. She decided to say nothing assuming that this is what the other girls had done.

Tracey did not know that her bare bottom would be the first one on display in the bar and that she would likewise be the first girl who had actually been spanked in the history of the Café. Amy would prove to be girl number two on the follow night.

Mickey looked down at the impressive female now laying over his knee and for one quick second thought about unclipping her bra strap but stopped himself. He did not want to do anything that might spoil the picture that Pam was waiting to take.

Traceys picture would be the largest of the four in the bar and she would set the precedent for all the new hires: Beginning today, all of new servers would have their naked butts on display in the lounge. The girls of the Cafe made tips that were five times the average rate in Orlando so it seemed right that a little bit more might be expected from them. “Maybe one day I can sell the place for a fortune.” Mickey sometimes dreamed.

Mickey then slowly pulled the black panties over her impressive behind and then down to her knees. He then slowly ran his hand up from Traceys thigh and up over her bottom and then patted it twice.

Looking cautiously toward his wife he asked in a weak voice “should I begin?”

She looked back at him and shook her head slightly, “Yes honey, why dont we just begin.”

Mickey began to lightly spank Tracey, almost like she was a doll and he was afraid of breaking her. He could feel the young strength of her behind as soon as he began, he hit Tracey so softly that Pam wasnt sure her large behind would ever redden under Mickeys careful and steady handling.

Mickey was milking the moment because he wanted it to last a long time in his mind. Twice he stopped spanking her and asked her if she was all right. Both times he rubbed her ass in a kind reassurance.

Tracey squirmed a bit as the light spanking went along but she accepted the whole thing as part of the new job responsibilities. After all, she thought all the other girls had done this and she knew the money would be very good. After a while Traceys behind became slightly pink in color.

Pam then directed Traceys face back towards the camera, she tucked the girls long brown hair behind her right ear and carefully took a number of pictures. Tracey could see that Mickey was now holding the paddle from the hostess podium as he posed with her even though he had actually only spanked her with his hand.

When the pictures were done Mickey softly patted Traceys behind once with the paddle and she jumped up. Mickey drank in a long mental picture of Tracey as she put the uniform back on because he knew he wouldnt see her like this again. Once dressed Tracey left for her training and Mickey left for the back office bathroom.

Tracey was the prettiest thing Mickey had ever seen and it would take Tracey no time to wrap him around her finger. Over time she would come and go from the Cafe as she pleased and would take on a sense of entitlement that would later become her undoing.

Mickey regretted not going for Traceys bra clasp for many years. After years of internal debate, he decided that she probably would have allowed him to unfasten it and he then could have seen her fully naked. It was a regret that he never really lost.

The following day the couple led Amy through exactly the same routine. Amy was of one half Asian descent, meaning that she would be the first Asian girl working in the Café. She had a classic Asian shape but at 5-6 was a little taller than most. She was pretty, she was funny and she made friends very easily. Mickey thought that her fun energy would be a great addition to the Cafe. He spanked Amy quite a bit harder than Tracey and there was a little tear in Amys eye as she looked back to Pam in her photos.

Two days later all four pictures were framed and mounted next to the spanking bench in the bar. The new pictures were an unbelievable success.

Mickey put Traceys picture in the largest frame and it gathered most of the attention. Almost all of the male customers could be seen taking pictures of Tracey and Amys portraits with their cell phones.  The married men generally had to rely more on their memory when it came to the pictures.

It had always been hard to get a table at The Spanking Good Cafe but now the line was out of the door most of the time. The bar was always full, the brand name was accelerating and business was booming.

In 2014 Tracey popularity increased so much with the male customers that she really became a celebrity in the Café. People would ask for her when they checked in and there became a sense of excitement whenever people knew she was really in the Cafe. Mickeys feared that she might leave the restaurant before he could sell it so he gave her a raise and all the premiere shifts she wanted. She begun to have a strong following on Twitter and actually had many more followers than the Cafe.

Mickey posted all of the new girls photos in the bar area but he always made an effort not to post shots that would expose the girls naked breasts or their bare pussy. However, he did maintain a number of pictures in his office that were covertly taken while the girls were getting ready. These pictures were much more revealing. He had been able to capture most of the girls topless except the one he had wanted the most.

He mostly used those photos to post on his blog that were geared for the more hardcore fans of the Café. The naked and candid shots were in big demand on the blog. The blog become the main tool Mickey used to promote the business, it had hundreds of daily users. All of the regular customers used it to discuss the girls and get information. Tracey was always topic number one and requests for her pictures was constant. Mickey had no candid pictures to post so he occasionally took pictures of her working in an attempt to satisfy demand.

By this time, The Spanking Good Café was becoming very well-known and many of their servers were spending much their future riches as quickly as they could put them on credit. A large revenue stream can cover a lot of debt and these girls were taking full advantage of the opportunity. It would later come to haunt many of them.

Traceys Twitter obsession continued and she bragged often about her number of followers. She seemed not to realize that most of her followers were just older men being voyeurs on her young life and hoping for a sexy picture.

Whenever Tracey posted a sexy selfie or a picture in her little work uniform she received hundreds of likes on it. Most everyone from the blog followed her and they made a lot of comments about her in various blog topics. Most agreed that she was sexy as hell but also believed she acted like she thought she was too good for the place.

Amy was less popular than Tracey on the blog but generally more popular and well liked at the Cafe. While she lacked Traceys overt sexuality and she didnt lure as many followers to her Twitter account she was still a favorite among the regular customers. She always also had many more friends than Tracey due to her outgoing personality and wonderful sense of humor.

By end of 2015 a rumor began to circulate that a new ownership group might be buying the business from Mickey and Pam. Once the couple had opened the online gift shop in September, the sale of hats, tee shirts and pictures had begun to generate a significant cash flow for the brand. Once souvenirs had become a major revenue source for the brand and a lot of big investors wanted in. Mickeys dream had at last come true.

Mr. Jim Lee (Mr. Lee) was later announced to be the second owner of the café. Headquartered in the Philippines he was a principal for a large foreign corporation specializing in media and adult entertainment.

The first week he was in charge he met with the staff and told them that there would be some changes coming to the Cafe but that the format and the spanking theme would continue on just as it had before.

He operated the business exactly as Mickey and Pam had done for about a month and then quietly announced that there would be some menu additions. This initial announcement about the menu was met with little reaction from the staff.

The only noticeable change at the Cafe was that the spanking bench had been relocated to the center of the bar and that the velvet ropes seemed to be missing.

When the new menus arrived at the Cafe the server reaction was very different. The menu included three new items:


1-The Schoolgirl $25

Does your server need a little Schoolgirl discipline?

Our manager will bend your server over your table and briskly spank her bottom while you watch!

2-The Very Red Bottom $55

Does she need a little more? Have your server spanked on the bare bottom with a wooden spoon or spatula from the kitchen! (spatula $10 extra). We promise a naked rear end with a nice red color.

She will remember your table all night long!

3-The Singapore Special $200

Didnt like your service?

Meet us in the bar after your meal and watch your server take the cane! Your server will be stripped in the kitchen and then will be brought out to the spanking bench completely naked for your enjoyment. Watch as she is secured to the bench and then enjoy as Mr. Lee takes the bamboo cane to her behind!

We promise to have her begging for your mercy! You decide when we stop!

(20 strokes maximum)

Post us on Instagram at #spankcafe and follow us on Twitter!

Mr. Lee knew that the servers at the Cafe had never previously been spanked but he was ready to take the Cafés spanking theme to the next level. All of the girls were horrified and outraged when they heard the news and most threatened to walk out.

Mr. Lee was a very bright man and he knew that these girls were making a fortune off the spanking concept and while he figured that a few of them might leave he also knew that he could make a fortune off the remaining rear ends of his overcompensated serving staff.

He might have to negotiate a little bit with the girls in order to keep them at the Cafe but all their bottoms would be spanked if they remained at The Spanking Good Cafe. He had over one hundred employment applications on file so he could afford to lose a few servers with no real pain.

In the end Mr. Lee lost three girls to the walk out but all of the other others agreed to stay including Tracey and Amy. In order to keep the girls Mr. Lee had promised them reasonably mild spankings and also limited the number of spankings to two SPANKINGS MENU appointments per night.

He also reluctantly agreed to split the new revenue with the server who had been on the receiving end of the spanking. The night before the grand reopening he issued them all ten pairs very small panties with his logo that he allowed them to wear at all times. They were not much more than a neon green G-string but the girls were grateful for the tiny bit of cover.

He also put them on sale in the on-line store. They sold like hotcakes, it seemed like every slut in Orlando wanted five pairs.

Mr. Lee was willing to compromise but understood that most of these girls were living well beyond their means and they couldnt afford to really quit. The debt that they had run up required that a strong income stream to keep their accounts even reasonably current. One look at the cars in the employee parking lot told Mr. Lee that these girls all had financial obligations.

Additionally, by decreasing the spanking supply he drove prices up well beyond the menu price and he could then pocket all of the extra money under the table. He began taking all of the spanking reservations on his website and often had each girl fully scheduled for her spankings long before their shifts began. Limiting the number of spankings had peaked demand, raised the prices and decreased the damage to the rear end of the girls.

As a business man, Mr. Lees assets were very important to him.

Tracey agreed to stay at the Cafe but then on opening night she refused to be spanked by Mr. Lee or anyone else. She felt that since she was the most popular girl at the Cafe by every standard that she was above the spankings.

Mr. Lee knew that she was correct about her popularity by the number of requests he had received for her but he never shared that information with Tracey.

At that time of her refusal to participate he had her booked for two Singapore Specials on every shift for months. Her opening night appointments had sold for just under one thousand dollars each on his website. She cost him tens of thousands of dollars a month by refusing.

Her refusal to participate with the spanking or undress at the Café hit the blog like a hammer. “fuck that bitch” was the general reaction to her at this point.

Amy decided to go through with the spankings. She received many reservations for “The Very Red Bottom” It became a very popular menu item because it offered the greatest customer value. It also turned out that Amy was a crier and that dramatically increased her number of reservations.

Most of the girls cried when Mr. Lee took the bamboo shoot to their behind but Amy cried during most all of her spankings. Often her make-up would run down her face providing evidence for tables later in the evening that she had previously been ordered from the SPANKING MENU. The tears were a nice profitable touch for the Café.

The Very Red Bottom was perfect for girls like Amy, if you had four people chipping in it really was a no brainer to order one. You could order her a few days ahead just by checking her box on the website and after she cheerfully served your meal you could watch the manager pull her skirt down to the floor and take to spatula to her behind. It was a real compelling show and the tears added a really enjoyable touch.

If Mr. Lee was unable to book a girl for two sessions from the SPANKING MENU he would often offer her up to the boys in the bar for free. Given that the “Singapore Special” occurred on the spanking bench in the center of the bar it was generally booked to capacity every night. While he may not profit directly from offering the girl to the bar he figured that it was good publicity and it kept people hanging around.

Although the Singapore Special pretty expensive if offered exceptional adult entertainment. First, the lights would flash in the bar and cafe to indicate that one had just been ordered. The bar would cheer wildly and a commotion would ensue as people worked in as close as possible to the spanking bench. Many people from the café would crowd the doors to the bar.

After a few moments of anticipation, the on duty manager would emerge from the kitchen pulling the server wearing only with her neon green G-string by her arm in the direction of the bench. The crowd would clear a path and the girl would be dragged through pretty close quarters on her way over to the bench.

Once she arrived the manager would first secure her feet to the floor with straps and then bend her fully over the bench. Once he tied her hands to the long end of the horrible bench she was effectively standing bent over with her face looking at the crowd in front of the her.

Mr. Lee would then enter with the bamboo cane to a second round of great cheers. Once he arrived, he would then rub a special ointment fully into her bottom before her whipping would begin. The ointment was actually a healing balm but it also gave a nice shine to the targeted behind, it was a nice dramatic touch and the shine looked good in the photos. 

Mr. Lee would then begin the whipping and very soon thereafter the girl would begin crying out for mercy.

The rules were simple, if she could convince one person in the bar to pardon her she would not receive the full twenty strokes and the whipping would immediately stop. The poor girl would often cry and beg the bar for mercy but she rarely found any.

While it did sometimes occur that the patrons would pardon the server these pardons often came very close to the end of her ordeal. It never came early.

When the whipping was over Mr. Lee would walk out and the manager would untie the server. The naked girl would then have to make her way back to the kitchen unaccompanied.

For Miss Amy Ashland, her first Singapore Special didnt come until the seventh night. She had been working in the bar when she was summoned to the kitchen. She got the familiar sense of dread in her stomach but also knew that she could get through another “Very Red Bottom.” While it stung like hell, it had become less embarrassing over time and the extra money really added up.

There had been a group of older guys giving her crap all night long about putting her over the bench and she fearful that they might be her tormentors.

She approached the manager and he said to her, “its time to pop your cherry sweetie” with a smile. The manager was all business during the show but he liked Amy and treated her very well.

She watched the manager walk over and flash the lights and then heard the bar cheer behind her.

Most of the kitchen staff had not seen Amy naked yet so many of them were milling around trying to look busy and waiting for her to strip. She put her head down and then sat on the chair and began taking off her shoes.

As she then stood up to undress Mr. Lee walked into the kitchen and scolded the staff, “BACK TO WORK” and they scattered back to their stations. Amy removed the uniform and fully revealed her pert beasts and her full bottom. As she looked up to the manager he could see that she was already crying.

He turned her toward the double doors, softly patted her on the behind and said reassuringly, “its ok sweetheart, lets just go put on the show. I will take care of you.”

“when it is over I will get you out fast.”

With that he grabbed right wrist with his right hand, took her by the armpit with his left and rushed her toward the door.

The door swung open and Amy was greeted by cheers and flashes, the flashes from all the phones always gave almost the appearance of great paparazzi when the girl emerged from the kitchen, almost like a major celebrity had just arrived. It blinded Amy almost completely.

It was a bit of a blur for Amy as she was pulled to the bench but she did make eye contact with the older guys who had been playfully tormenting her at the bar. They were all smiling and one of them was giving her a “thumbs up.”

She stood straight up at the bench and felt the manager securing her feet. Once they were tied down he put his hand in the center of her back and gently pushed her straight down over the bench.

He then fully extended her arms to the leather straps and locked her in. She tried to struggle a little but was completely tied to the sturdy old bench.

Putting her face straight down she heard the cheers for Mr. Lee and knew that he had just walked through the doors. She never lifted her face but finally felt the cold spanking gel being rubbed into her bottom and knew that she was now pretty close to feeling the cane. Mr. Lee took his time with her and she could feel him completely rubbing the gel into her behind.

As he finished the manager knelt down beside her and said “face up honey, let them see you.”

Amy tried to look up and but then put her face back down on the bench.

She had never been struck with a cane before so as it bit her ass for the first time she just shouted out a short but powerful scream “OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK”

She heard the crowd roar their approval and then she felt the second strike.

The bite was pretty bad but she could sense that Mr. Lee was taking it a little bit easy on her. Slightly relieved, she remembered her place in the spanking show.

“Oh please Mr. Lee…NO MORE” the crowd continued cheering as she begged.

Seven, eight, nine,

“SOMEONE PLEASE” she continued. “THIS HURTS SO FUCKING BAD” the crowd again cheered.

Thirteen, fourteen, the pain was really breaking through now.

At 14 she pulled her face up from the bench and people saw the tears flowing down her face. Flash pictures exploded in front of her.

Mr. Lee was not brutal with Amy but he was firm and steady, the cane hurt like hell and she became committed to receiving a pardon as all the girls did once they were under the power of the cane. The final pleas were always for real.


Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen

“I pardon this serving wench!” she heard a mans voice say resolutely to her right.

Half the crowd cheered and half the crowd booed but Amys first Singapore Special had ended on that loud and resounding note.

She turned her head to the right and saw the smiling face of the older guy who had given her the thumbs up.

With tears running down her face she mouthed the words “thank you” through the cheers and the mock booing of her savior.

She felt the manager pulling at the straps on her hands and Mr. Lee releasing the ones on her feet. As she stood up the crowd gave her a great applause. Amy then put her head down grabbed the back of the managers belt and he quickly led her back to the kitchen.

The entire kitchen crew stood behind the doors and as they opened and they also gave her an ovation for her first Singapore Special. Smiling but embarrassed Amy scrambled for her uniform.

Once Amy put herself back herself together, she returned to the bar and walked up behind the guy who pardoned her and said loudly, “real nice but where the FUCK were you at fourteen!” The bar laughed and cheered as Amy picked up her tray and went back to work.

As for Tracey Smith the Spanking Good Café would prove to be far less kind.

Mr. Lee couldnt really allow Tracey to continue on with the club because her refusal to take the spankings set a dangerous precedent. He decided to hatch a plan that would give the customers all the Tracey they ever wanted and then get her out the door.

He ultimately decided that Tracey would be publically stripped and then whipped in an extreme and brutal fashion (per the conditions of her contract). He further decided that all his regular customers would participate in her punishment.

Mr. Lee did not brutally punish his servers because he obviously needed them. If he had no servers he had no show.

But he no longer needed Tracey and had no reason to show her any mercy.

Mickey may have given Tracey everything that she wanted but Mr. Lee would give her everything she could take. He would put that powerful little body to the test.

Mr. Lee called in Tracey a few days after her refusal to participate and put his plan in motion.

“Tracey please come in.”

“Tracey I am very disappointed by your decision but I have decided that since you really are the face of our Café I do want to keep you on our staff.” Mr. Lee said with a bit of resignation.

“You do have a lot of followers on Twitter I suppose” he continued in an obvious plea to her vanity.

Tracey perked up with the long withheld recognition.

Mr. Lee continued, “I want to keep you at the Café but I can no longer have you serving tables because it is the servers who take the spankings. If you will not be spanked, you cannot serve here.”

After a pause he said, “There is no chance you would reconsider?”

Tracey took a picture with her phone of her meeting with Mr. Lee while he was speaking so that she could post it later for her Twitter followers, #victoryatlast.

“Absolutely not! why should I have to be spanked when I am the reason the place is so fucking full every night?” she queried.

Mr. Lee then moved forward. “I am prepared to offer you the newly created position of “Special Events Coordinator.”

Tracey put down her phone and smiled broadly.

“The salary will be a little more than you receive now but you will also receive significant bonuses if your events are successful. After all, your picture put this place on the map and people ask for you every day.”

Mr. Lee opened the file folder on his desk and then pulled out her new employment contact. “You really do deserve this Tracey so I am happy to offer it to you.”

He quickly skipped over all of the many things that she would be legally required to do for him and went straight to compensation section and walked her through it.

Thrilled with the prospect of earning up to $2,000 per event she said, “I appreciate everything you are doing for me Mr. Lee and I want you to know I will do the best job I can, where do I sign?”

The defeated Mr. Lee pointed to the correct line.

The next day Tracey began working on her first project, “Customer Appreciation Night.”

To her delight she was told that Mr. Lee and his assistant had already done most of the planning for this event and that all she had to do was show up and be a gracious host. He told her to greet people as they came in and that she would then be a part of a very special presentation he planned to kick off the evening.

Mr. Lee reminded her that her bonus would be dependent on the success of the event and her gave her a very skimpy outfit to wear. It was a cropped top and a pair of booty shorts in the company color of neon green (the outfit will be available from the website shortly).

There really wasnt much to new outfit, it was the kind of thing that could really come off quite quickly.

The next day she walked around the café handing out flyers and encouraging people to attend her event.

It read:

Tracey Smith will be hosting our first ever “Customer Appreciation Night” on Thursday night September 15th at 6:00 PM. Admission is $50 but will be limited by building capacity. See Tracey as you have never seen her before!

It will be an evening full of surprises.

Mr. Lee gently hinted on the blog that Tracey would be fully naked at some point in the evening in order to get the blog members all fired up. He also strangely posted a picture of the paddle from the hostess stand in a separate post with no explanation, just #Tracey.

Mr. Lee was sitting at his desk two days before Customer Appreciation Night working on his plan when his assistant knocked on the door.

“Mr. Lee, are you still going to need Jeff and I to come in Thursday morning”

“Yes” Mr. Lee responded never looking up.

“I have ordered a large Colonial style stockade and I need you guys to get everything put together in the bar area before our event.”

The assistant quietly absorbed the information for a moment.

“Are you going to start whipping our girls in the stocks?” He said with a sense of anticipation.

“We start Thursday” Mr. Lee finally said with a hidden grin.

“fucking awesome” the assistant said as he left the office.

Mr. Lee did not look up but was pleased with his reaction.

He looked down at a neon green ball gag he had been absentmindedly rolling around in the left hand.

It had six letters on it:


Next: Part 2. Customer Appreciation Day


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