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Part 2

The Village

The women brought the canoes to the side of the river after a two hour journey.  They pulled the boats out and hid them in the jungle.  A few washed the warpaint off in the river four or five at a time while the others kept a watch over the slender blonde.

They were in a forest with long vines that dangled from the trees.  One of the amazons climbed up one of the trees and cut a long rope.  It fell to the ground.  Another woman picked up it and fashioned it into  a loop which she lowered over Lisa's head and tightened so that she could not free herself.  Other women tied her hands with less stout vegetation.

Lisa wasn't sure what to make of her situation.  The tallest among them approached her and opened Lisa's shirt, running her hand over her pale, sensitive stomach.  Lisa trembled as the hand crept close to her venus mons.  The amazon smiled, her control over the scientist total.  She left the captive's shirt open and went down to the river to wash herself.

When all felt clean, they marched Lisa up a path through the jungle.  The path was worn into a long, reddish trench.  Lisa felt the amazon feel her butt whenever she stopped.  They walked for about twenty minutes before they came to a large, open-sided round house in the middle of a clearing.

The dome shaped roof covered a large area.  Hammocks stretched between strong poles.  Cages of colorful birds hung from the rafters, providing music for the occupants.

At least a hundred topless women covering their hips with trade cloth watched as the raiders brought her in. Some of the women wore their black hair long, while others – like the warriors who captured her – wore theirs in bowl cuts. A handful were completely nude and of paler color than the clothed.    A six year old sucked on the teats of a milk-laden mother.  A crone brought Lisa a cup of tea and bade her to drink it.  She found it woody but sweet.  The woman served her another cup and another.  Lisa felt her body warming as the amazons sat her down near the fire and began to go through her things.

They threw all her clothes and the papers onto the fire.  A magnifying glass proved an amusing toy for one teenager who used it to look at the skin of the professor's neck.  Lisa found this attention stimulating.  A kiss began to form on her lips that she desperately wanted to plant on the girl.  But the teenager found her camera and began looking through the lens.

A black-haired nude women came closer.  She explained in the strange tongue of the amazons the purpose of the camera.  The tall woman found this offensive, seized the camera from the teenager, and threw it to the ground repeatedly until it was smashed.  They did the same with other items that they found, but they kept Lisa's collection of razor blades and a pair of scissors for further examination.

Someone found a steel knife among Dr. Carter's things.  She crawled over to where Lisa was sitting.  The tall amazon began barking orders.  Someone cut her bonds.  The knife-bearer began with Lisa's shirt; she cut the buttons off one at a time and then sliced the sleeves so that the shirt fell off her shoulders naturally,  A hand grabbed the shirt and threw it in the fire.

“Please,” Lisa said, hoping someone would understand.  “Please don't do this to me.”

The bra was next to go.  The knife-bearer understood the construction of the garment; she cut the straps and between the two cups.  Lisa began breathing hard.  Many hands reached forward to touch her flat chest.  Her nipples became painfully hard.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the bra flying towards the fire

Her shoes and socks came off easily and they, too, were burned with the rest. Someone gave her another cup of the tea which she drank lustily.  The cutter puzzled over her pants for a moment, then made slices up the legs to the belt line. The feeling in  Lisa's breasts and her vagina intensified.  Her clitoris hardened. The cutter removed her panties last and ran her hand over her denuded pussy.  The blonde yipped in excitement as many others touched the spot.

The black haired white woman spoke to her.  “Do you speak Portuguese?”

“Yes,” said Lisa.

“They want to know how old you are” said the black-haired woman.

“Twenty eight,” said the nude botanist.

“Why do you have the body of a little girl?”

The tall amazon curled her finger under the professor's clitoral hood.  Lisa gasped in excitement.  “I shave myself.”

The nude woman relayed her explanation to the crowd.  She pointed out the bag of razors.  The tall amazon reached over and tested one of the blades with her fingers.  Assured of her sharpness, she had the bag set aside.  Then she reinserted her finger into Lisa's hole and watched her captive's face.

Lisa jumped with ecstasy.  Her flower crept out of the slit and bloomed.  The fingers of the tall amazon became wetter and wetter as Lisa became more excited, more in bondage to her captor.  She shamefully panted in delight and became a secret garden of blind eroticism.

“That feels so good,” she said.  “Tell her not to stop.”

The tall woman nodded approvingly.  She ran her hands all over Lisa's body.  Lisa whined and struggled as the attention shifted away from her pussy.  The watching crowd laughed at her agony, urging the tall woman to keep teasing her.

The tall woman said something and the black-haired nude translated.

“She says that you belong to her and to everyone in this village.”  The amazon kept talking.  “You will be property and whenever anyone asks you to do something to pleasure them, you will obey.”

Lisa barely understood the words.  She whimpered for the hand to return to her pussy. The tall woman ignored her and took her breast into her mouth and sucked.  Lisa was helpless, the perfect thrall of the amazon.  She felt herself grow wetter and wetter as the tall woman ran her finger in and out of her cunt.  An orgasm surged through her.  The tall woman paused for a moment and plied her with another cup of the tea.

“You will never refuse this drink,” said the translator.  “You will drink it because you are a slave and this is the slave's drink.  Women are controlled by their arousal and you will remain – like me and the other slaves – aroused at all times.”

The tall woman was speaking now.  The translator listened and continued. 

“You will never wear clothing because you must be always available to anyone.  Akamutha will possess you tonight because she is the leader of the clan.  But you are never to refuse anyone who asks for your body and ministrations.”

The tall woman said more words.  The cutter came forward with the knife blade.

“You will be marked as a slave for all to see.  This mark will last the rest of your life.  It can never been removed.  All the slaves have the same mark.”  The dark-haired slave indicated a spot above her right breast where there was a scar in the shape of a bird.

“We keep birds in cages here and you, too, are a bird which we will treasure.  You will never leave this house without the company of  a warrior.  If you are found outside alone, you may be put to death and eaten at Akamutha's pleasure. Your life is not your own.”

Warriors held Lisa to the ground.  The cutter rubbed some ash onto the spot and then made four angular slices.  Lisa was marked.  The blonde American no longer an associate professor at a university.  She was chattel.

After they brought Lisa to several orgasms, they sat her down next to one of the poles and tied her arms behind her.  An older woman covered in tattoos and ritual scars brought forth a long pipe with greenish powder on the end farthest from her.  She jammed the pipe into Lisa's nose and blew hard. 

The blonde's nose caught on fire.  The powder spread from her nose into her sinuses.  She sneezed and coughed as the villagers laughed at her.  Transparent colors started to change the scene.  She was no longer in the village or human, but a free, beautiful oriole flying in the trees.  Then she swooped low and found herself caught in a net.  A gigantic hand removed her, stroking her feathers and speaking to her soothingly.  The despair she felt at being captured turned into quivering joy and she was not at all offended when the hand put her in a cage.  She began to sing, sing for the joy of captivity.  Another hand removed her from the cage and warmed her.

As the vision faded, Lisa found herself bound in a hammock.  The tall amazon was running her hands over her body.  She spoke but no one translated the words for her.  She sucked Lisa's clit until the blonde orgasmed again. 

Suddenly she turned the hammock so that Lisa was lying on her side and forced the blonde's face into her bush.  Lisa smelled the pungent saltiness of the tall woman's clitoris.  She knew her own body well enough to know where to put her tongue; she stuck it forward and searched through her mistress's black-haired jungle until she found the sensitive crevice and began to lick.

Her tongue found the tall woman's labia.  It traced the ridges on either side of the clitoris before plunging into the cunt. As Akamutha bent backwards in pleasure, another, older white woman caught her and massaged her breasts. 

Lisa ran her hands down Akamutha's arms which bore five ringed scars each.  She wanted to kiss her on the lips, suck her titties.  Her tongue corkscrewed into the chieftainess's bush, pressed past the semi-liquid walls of her cunt. 

Someone massaged Lisa's cunt.  The two women sought orgasm together.  SLisa pulled Akamutha to her, kissed her on the mouth. 

The tall amazon slapped her hard on the face and threw her to the ground.  Akamutha barked some commands.  Several women staked Lisa to the ground.  The warrior queen took the Brazillan woman to her hammock.  She left Lisa to be teased and denied until the night grew silent and Lisa's pussy throbbed like a drum beat.

Review This Story || Author: Darkstorm
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