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Review This Story || Author: Charles E. Campbell

Part 1

By Charles E. Campbell

    It was two years ago this past May. I had just turned twenty-five a couple of weeks before that. It wasn't something I had planned, nor was it something I had ever even fantasized about before then. It's just that it happened that one afternoon after work, and ever since then, it has become the total focus of my life. My purpose, really. I am always thinking about it, where to do it, how to do it, when to do it. It was on that day when I became completely obsessed with exhibitionism.

   It was one of those days in mid-May where summer heat and humidity strikes early and catches everyone unprepared, as a wicked harbinger of what's to come. The commuter bus I rode home on from my mundane job as a receptionist for a law firm was an oven that evening, the air conditioning not even pretending to work at all. My blouse was soaked through front, back, and sides, and it clung to me like a second clammy sticky skin. My light tan midi length skirt was dotted with large sweat spots along both of my thighs. My hair was a greasy lifeless mess hanging in clumps from my head. Beads of sweat dripped from my forehead and upper lip.  I was morbidly aware of the fact that my antiperspirant had quit being useful not long after leaving the office and hitting the searing heat of the concrete sidewalks. All I wanted at that point was a long cool shower and a few tall glasses of iced tea.

   The three block walk from the bus stop to my building was brutal and seemed interminable. The heat coming up off the sidewalk on the breezeless street just adding to the oppressiveness of it all. At the time, I was living on the third floor of a four story walk-up with a brick facade, in a one bedroom apartment that had an old window unit a/c I had gotten for $35 from a neighbor when she moved out of the building.  By the time I was fumbling with my sweaty hands to put the key in my door, sweat was running down my face, burning my eyes, making my panties so soaked it felt like I had peed myself!

   The apartment was stifling, as I moved zombie like through the three small rooms closing the windows, stripping off my clothes and dropping them on the floor as I went. I was naked by the time I pushed the power button on the a/c and listened as the compressor in the ancient machine seemed to groan as it struggled to life. It was 6:15 in the evening.

   A quick stop at the fridge for a big glass of iced tea that I greedily gulped down. I refilled the glass and headed straight for the bathroom and a long cool shower, the final item on my agenda for the night.

   I started the water warm, gradually turning off all the hot water, until I was soaking under the invigorating pulsation of straight cold water.  My body was covered in goose bumps and my little nipples were as hard as pebbles when I finally stepped out. I glanced at the clock on the vanity and saw that it was now 6:45. It was at that moment that everything in my life changed forever.

   Normally at this point, I would have toweled myself dry and wrapped myself up in a towel from my armpits to my knees. (My hair is always cut very short, ala Peter Pan, so a quick rub with the towel suffices there).  Then it would have been straight to the bedroom, where I would have quickly donned a fresh pair of panties and a 2XL t shirt. Duration of nakedness outside of the shower, probably 30 seconds max. But for some reason that night, I stood looking at my naked image in the bathroom mirror. I spent over ten minutes looking at my reflection, studying myself from my face down as far as the mirror would allow, even standing on my tip toes and leaning in over the sink to increase my field of vision. I took it all in, the muscles of my neck , the out line of my collarbones, the shape and color of my areolas, the flat space on my chest between my small breasts, the slight curve from my navel to my pubic hair. I  looked at every visible square inch. This was something I had never in my life done before. Absolutely never! I had been raised in a very strict Christian family, where I was taught that the naked human form was dirty and sinful. Bathing was the only time one should be undressed, and then for only as long as it took to get clean.

   ( I should probably fill you in on what I saw in the mirror. I'm 5'3" tall, weigh 105 pounds and have very short reddish brown hair. My breasts are a 32B, my waist 22 inches, and my bush is natural in shape, very thick and curly, and matches the color of the hair on my head.)

   What happened next I have no valid or rational reason for, and believe me, I have given it a tremendous amount of thought. I hung up my bath towel on the rack, picked up my half empty glass of tea, and padded naked to the kitchen to fix my supper, which I ate naked. I spent the entire evening reading and watching TV, also naked, and when I went to bed,  I was still naked, (prior to that evening, I always was dressed for bed). In fact, I didn't get dressed until five minutes before leaving my apartment to head off to work the next morning at 8:00AM. I had been completely naked for thirteen hours and forty-five minutes straight, and I was ecstatic! I felt free, liberated, and honest!

   The next day the weather had broken, the oppressive heat and humidity was gone, so it was for very different reasons that I took off all of my clothes as soon as I had gotten home and had shut the door to my apartment. Reflecting back, I was just so happy the day before, that I just wanted to be naked again. It was on that day that I resolved to be naked whenever I was in my apartment. In fact, it was right then that I established a rule for myself, the first of many more to come, which mandated me to get naked the instant I stepped over the threshold, even if I hadn't yet gotten the door shut. I was to begin undressing when I stepped into the apartment.

   Friday evening, I made a quick detour to the grocery store for some items, as I had plans to be naked from when I got in until I had to go to work Monday morning.  About 60 hours of continuous nudity. My pussy had been wet all day at work thinking about it. I had a very difficult time concentrating on my work. (I was not, however, at all disappointed in my weekend!).

   By the middle of June, I had learned, via the internet, that a nude beach, (clothing optional), existed in Sandy Hook, NJ. And to make it all the more inviting, a ferry from E. 35th St in Manhattan would take me right there! Checking the projected weather report, I vowed to make my naked outdoor debut that very Saturday!

   My stomach was doing flips as I walked over the dunes and was suddenly faced with hundreds of naked people. All shapes and sizes, ages and races of both genders were well represented, (although there were more males than females that day).

   I found a spot for my towel and beach chair, and with one quick breath, I removed my bathing suit. No one looked! No one cared! I lathered up with sunscreen and was stark naked in the warm air and bright sun with a large group of kindred spirits. (Yes, I saw a few pervs, and some dressed oglers trying to discretely steal some photos, but for the most part, everyone was very respectful).  I visited that beach six more times that summer.

   The next big change for me, and one could mount a fairly decent argument that it was the biggest change of all, was when I was found out. My little "secret" discovered.  I had gotten too brazen, and by that, one could understand, careless, or maybe even reckless. My rule of undressing had gained an little addendum, which required that I disrobe with my apartment door wide open. Once I was fully naked, I could then close the door. Not before.

    I had just stepped out of my panties when I heard a "Hey Danae," and my friend Ashleigh from the second floor burst in and almost knocked me over. She did a classic double take when she saw I was naked, and I quickly reached around behind her and shut the door.

   I felt my face instantly flush, and yet I sensed a strong tingle in my pussy at the same time.

   "What are you doing, Danae," she asked, her eyes staring at my total nakedness.

   I've never been particularly adept at spontaneous lies, so after an uncomfortable pause, I settled for the truth. "Ashleigh, I just really enjoy being naked. I hope I'm not offending you."

   "Offending me? You're kidding, right? It would take a whole lot more than your naked body to offend me, I can assure you of that! So when did all this start?" She didn't stop looking at my breasts as she spoke.

   I started to pull on my clothes before answering her, and Ash stopped me, saying, "If you're not embarrassed, I know I'm not. Don't get dressed again on my account. You can be naked in front of me. It's cool. I don't mind."

   I spent the next hour telling Ashleigh how I had started becoming a nudist, and what I had been doing in pursuing my newfound interest. When I was through, she said, "Sounds to me like you might want to ramp it up a bit, so it stays fresh for you. You know, keep it exciting."

   "Sure," I agreed. "I'd like that."

   "Well then, how about from now on, when you're sitting, you keep your knees apart. I would think that might make you feel even more naked and exposed."

   I hesitated for a moment at her suggestion, until she barked, "Spread your legs open, slut. Show me your cunt!"

   I jumped up, quite startled, but obeyed her.

   "That's better. I think you have to be more open to be really nude. In fact, why don't you put your feet up on the sofa so your wet little whore hole is completely out in the open."

   I was mortified at what she wanted me to do, but still I did it. Ashleigh didn't say anything for a few minutes, but she made sure I knew she was looking at my exposed sex.

   "I have plans for tonight, otherwise I would stay here with you," Ashleigh said. "Have you got a spare key to your apartment?"

   "Yes, it's in the fruit bowl on the kitchen table."

   "Go and get it for me," she said.

   I got up an went to retrieve the key, strangely excited by the knowledge she was watching my naked form.

   As I handed the key to her, she said, " I like your rule about being naked in your apartment at all times, and I'm going to help to insure that you keep your promise to yourself. I'll be coming in here whenever I like to check on you. I won't call first. You'll never know when I'll show up, so I would suggest that you remember the rules that you yourself set up.

   "Go and open the shades on those front windows," she ordered.

   "B....but the lights are on, Ash. Anyone in the building across the street will be able to see me!"

   " what? Isn't that what you really want anyway? You're not a nudist, Danae, you're an exhibitionist. You get turned on by knowing others can watch you in the buff. Now, open up those fucking shades!"

   The next weekend came and went, but I didn't encounter Ashleigh. I obeyed my rules and was always naked in the apartment, and I kept the front shades open all the time as well. Then one night as I came home from work, I found Ashleigh sitting on my couch as I walked in. We didn't exchange words as I got undressed facing her. Just as I finished folding my clothes and placing them neatly on a chair, a woman whom I had never met walked out of my bathroom.

   "Danae, this is my friend Phoebe. We've known each other since college."

   "Hello, Danae," Phoebe said, watching my reaction to this surprise visit.

   I didn't know whether to run or scream and quickly tried to cover myself with my hands.

   "Come, come, slut, what kind of an exhibitionist displays modesty? Put your fucking hands down and come show Phoebe how I taught you to sit on the couch," Ashleigh said sternly.

   Resigned, but at the same time feeling my pussy becoming aroused, I complied with her order and sat down on the couch with my feet up touching my buttocks and my knees wide apart. Phoebe took two steps closer to me and bent over to inspect my sex. She even used her fingers to spread the wet lips further apart and expose the inner recesses of my pussy.

   "Well Ash, I'm of the opinion that the hair must all go if she's to be exposed completely. But you knew of my preferences in this area before. If you're looking to humiliate her some, I would suggest making her grow her arm pit hair out, and get her used to showing it off."

   "Put your hands behind your head and lock your fingers, bitch," Ashleigh commanded, and I obeyed.

   "See, Ash," Phoebe added as she pinched my armpit between two fingers,  "if she's made to grow that pit hair out and learns to always sit like this, it'll draw one's eyes to it instantly."

   "I see what you mean," Ashleigh concurred.

   "From now on, whore, you will no longer shave your pits," she said to me.

   "Okay," I answered meekly

   "Doesn't she have a formal address for you, Ash," Phoebe asked incredulously?  "Okay is hardly an appropriate or respectful answer from this cunt."

   "What would you suggest, Phoebe?"

   "Ma'am is good. Vague enough to not be overt, yet strong enough to show the respect she should be giving you."

   "Slut, from now on you shall only address me as Ma'am, is that understood," Ashleigh said.

   "Yes, Ma'am," I replied obediently.

   "Let's order some pizza," Ashleigh suggested, "I'm famished. We can wax her disgusting cunt after we eat."

   When the buzzer rang announcing the arrival of the pizza , I was told to buzz the delivery boy in, and when he knocked on my apartment door with the pie, I answered it naked, and handed him the money plus a fat tip. I'll never forget the look on that teen's face when he saw me in the doorway.

   After we ate, and I cleaned up the dishes, I was told to lie on my back on the table while Ashleigh and Phoebe meticulously waxed my nether regions, even down and around my anus. They left after they had finished their task. I looked in my full length mirror on my bedroom door at my hairless groin. A fleeting thought that I was getting in too deep flashed in my head, but it was just as quickly replaced with an urge to stand in the living room and play with myself with all the lights ablaze, hoping someone might notice me.

   When I got up to get ready for work, I noticed there was an envelope that had been slid under my door over night. "cunt" was written on the envelope in Ashleigh's hand. I opened it and read the terse note inside:

   "Gather up all of your bras, pantyhose, slips, and panties, put them in bags and donate them in a clothing bin. From now on, you will only wear dresses or skirts to work. I expect you to keep that bush the way Phoebe and I prepared it for you."

   It was simply signed "A".

   I now felt naked wherever I went, no more "second line" of protection under my clothes. I'm sure my braless breasts were often discernable under a few of my lighter colored tops, as my areolas are quite dark and my nipples are in a perpetual state of hardness.

  Ashleigh continued to "pop in" on occasion to check up on my compliance with our rules. A few times Phoebe came with her. Once Phoebe came alone. I heard the key in the lock on my door, and expecting to see Ashleigh, I was surprised to see Phoebe come in alone and close the door.

   "I want you to stand in front of the window," she said.

   I got up and walked over to the front window.

   "Face the window."

   I turned.

   "Look across the street, three windows from the left, the one with the blue drape slightly open."

   I scanned the building across the street and located the window.

   "Keep your eyes on the window."

   Phoebe moved two lamps over on either side of me so that my naked body was fully lit up in the open window. I saw the drape across the street part and a naked man with binoculars appeared in the window, and he was pleasuring himself.

   "What do you see, slut," Phoebe asked rhetorically?

   "A naked man looking at me through a pair of binoculars and playing with himself, um......."

   "Mistress will be fine, cunt."

   "Yes, Mistress."

   "Well then, don't you think it would be polite if you joined him in a Jack and Jill so he can enjoy himself more?"

   "Wh....what," I stammered.

   "Are you fucking deaf? Spread your goddamn legs apart and play with yourself, you useless whore! The next time I tell you to do something you had better obey me, and without any hesitation. Do you understand? Don't make me tell Ashleigh of your disobedience!"

   "No, Mistress, please don't tell her. I'll obey you. I promise I will, but please don't tell her!"

   "Well then, touch yourself, but don't you dare cum. Keep your eyes on that window and watch while that man enjoys himself the entire time!"

   "Yes, Mistress."

   I licked the middle finger of my right hand, (although it was completely unnecessary by that point as I was saturated), and started to rub my swollen clit. I could see that the pace of the man's hand had increased when he saw me masturbating for him. In less than fifteen seconds I saw his body spasm, and I realized he had cum. He waved to me and shut his drapes.

   "You may stop now, slut," Phoebe instructed me.

   "Yes, Mistress."

   "I want you to watch that window every evening, and if you see any movement in it at all, you are to set up the lights as they are now, and touch yourself for him until he waves you away. Understood?"

   "Yes, Mistress."

   Over the next two weeks the man appeared in the window four or five times and we repeated our voyeuristic scene. I found that each time it became more and more of a challenge for me to not cum myself, as my arousal grew, but I was afraid that through his binoculars he would notice if I did, and I feared he might inform Phoebe of my transgression.

   One Saturday afternoon, the three of us piled into Phoebe's car and drove out into the suburbs. We pulled over in a parking lot in some town park, where I was made to get out and undress. Ashleigh took my clothes and locked them into the trunk. I was told to drive the car.

   As we drove up the road, Ashleigh spotted a fast food drive up and said, "Pull in. I'm hungry."

   We gave our orders and waited in line. When we reached the window, a young girl said, "That's $23.75, please." She almost screamed when she saw me. Phoebe and Ashleigh took their sweet time putting the monies together, while a group of the girl's coworkers gathered at the window to look me over. Almost all of them putting the cameras in the cell phones to heavy use.

   All three of us were laughing hysterically as I drove away. Phoebe, who was seated in the passenger seat next to me got suddenly serious and said, "You really enjoy all of this, don't you Danae?"

   I stopped laughing as well. When I stopped for a traffic light, I turned to her and said, "Yes, Phoebe. I honestly do. I've never felt so alive in my life before this, and I want to thank you both for helping me to realize it all."

    We hit three more drive-throughs that afternoon, and had the same reception at two of them. The woman at the window of the third one was in her sixties and didn't find any humor or happiness in my naked display. "You drive on out of her, you little pig," she exclaimed, "Before I call the police!"

   Half an hour later, and many miles from there, Ashleigh told me to pull the car to the side of the road and get out. Phoebe slid across into the driver's as I stood on the street.

"We're going to drive up two blocks ahead of youand pull over," Ashleigh said. "You aren't to move from this spot until you see us park the car. At that time, you can start walking, not running, up the sidewalk towards us. When you get to the car, I'll pop the trunk, you may remove your clothes and get dressed and then you may get in the car and we'll all go home. Should we see you start walking too early, or if you move at any pace faster than a normal walking speed, we'll drive ahead another two blocks. Do you understand me, Danae?"

   "Yes, Ma'am," I answered, my stomach in knots as I heard passing cars already honking at me and announcing my presence.

   Phoebe blew the horn several times herself as they abandoned me there, drawing the attention of passersby on both sides of the street. I stood still, watching them leave , the first time ever I had publically been the only naked body around. Phoebe seemed to wait an overly long time at the stop sign up at the corner before continuing on down the road. After what seemed ages, especially based on the number of cell phones that were hastily recording my running afoul of the public decency laws, I saw her signal come on and she  parked the car.

   Taking a deep breath, I held my head up high, pulled my shoulders back, and began my walk up the sidewalk to the car. Most people gave me a wide berth on the sidewalk and then stopped and stared as I walked by, many more took pictures, while others shook their heads in disbelief. One yuppie soccer Mommy tried hard to shield her two young kids from my "obscene behavior," as she labeled it. But with each step that I took, my butterflies diminished, and a broad smile broke out on my face, reflecting my pride in my boldness and defiant nudity.

   When I reached Phoebe's car, the trunk had been popped, but I shut it, and remained naked as I got back into the front passenger seat. My pussy was dripping! Ashleigh allowed me to play with myself as a reward.

     One night that January, I was sitting in my apartment alone and naked. The shades were up and all of the lights on, my "partner" across the street had failed to show, when my phone rang. "Hello, Danae, it's me," Ashleigh said.

   "Hello, Ma'am."

   "I'm having a small party and would like it very much if you would pop down and attend."

    "When and where, Ma'am?"

   "Well, right now actually, in my apartment. Please come down and join us."

   "I'd be happy to, Ma'am."

   Just as I was about to hang up, Ashleigh added, "It's a come as you are when invited aprty, slut, if you catch my meaning."

   The silence on my end prompted Ashleigh to say, "Do I have to come up there and bring you down here myself, slut?"

   ", Ma'am. I......I'll be right down."

   "See that you are, cunt. Don't make me wait!"

    I hung up and panic struck me as I thought of who I might encounter as I walked down the long hallway to the stairs and then down one flight to the hall leading to Ashleigh's apartment. Our building has six apartments per floor, four floors, and only one staircase. Only the tenants in the apartments on the ground floor don't use the stairs.

   A quick trip to the bathroom to pee and add deodorant to my hair covered pits, and I was cowering behind my door, listening for sounds in the hall. Hearing none, I opened the door a crack and peered out, listening intently for footfalls. Mustering what courage I could, I stepped out into the hall and closed the door behind me, realizing that now I was totally committed, as I had no key with me to reenter my apartment.

   I walked briskly down the hall towards the stairs, where I paused again, and listened. Then I ran down the stairs and bolted for Ashleigh's apartment. I rang the bell, looking all around nervously. I could hear people on the other side of the door, but no one opened it for me. I rang the bell again, and Ashleigh opened it up.

   "Impatient little slut, aren't you?

   "Here," she said handing me a key. "I didn't get my mail today. Would you be so kind as to go and get it for me?" Not waiting for my answer, she closed the door and once again I was naked in the hallway.

   The mailboxes in our building were located in the entry foyer, right next to the staircase but also in plain view of the double glass doors which opened directly out onto a public sidewalk. I slowly padded down the stairs to the foyer, my eyes focused on the doors, trying to see through them out to the sidewalk. I could see people walking past the doors outside. Waiting a second before committing myself, I listened once more, and then sprinted for the mailboxes. I was so frightened that I dropped the keys two times before successfully opening the box and pulling out the mail.

   Hastily I closed the box and ran up the stairs, the sound of the front door opening up behind me caught my ears just as I turned the corner and hit the hallway to Ashleigh's.

   Again I was made to wait for her door to open, but this time I was allowed in, only to come face to face with eleven people, six female and five male, all of whom were dressed. Being that the theme of the gathering was come as you are, the radically different manners of dress was really to be expected, that is of course excepting for me! One couple was in gym work out clothes, a man was in just his pajama bottoms, two women were in lacy nighties and are were barefoot,  the remaining three men were all in business attire, while Ashleigh, Phoebe and the other woman were dressed in sweaters and blue jeans. All eyes were upon me as I stood in front of them. No one spoke, and the shock that was registering on their faces told me Ashleigh hadn't forewarned them about how I was dressed when I was invited.

   "This is Danae, my neighbor," Ashleigh said by way of introduction, after allowing the guests a good look. "She spends as much of her free time naked as she possibly can. Don't be put off by her, she actually prefers being naked tan being clothed. Phoebe and I have yet to be able to find anything that will embarrass or humiliate her, so all of you are most welcome to try if you'd like. Danae won't mind in the least, will you, Danae?"

   "No Ma'am," I answered, feeling my excitement begin to build.

   "Danae, please have a seat on the couch."

   The guests all moved aside as I stepped between them and over to the couch. I sat down, my feet up against my buttocks, knees apart, and hands behind my head, fingers laced together.

   One of the men dressed in a suit and tie came over to me and studied my face for a few seconds before announcing, "Ashleigh, I will not be a party to whatever kind of perversion it is you're planning," and he turned and stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door in his wake.

   "Danae is open to any suggestions you might have for her. This is quite literally what she lives for, so please enjoy yourselves with her," Phoebe said.

   The two women in nighties took quick advantage of Phoebe's invite and sat down on either side of me on the couch. Everyone was watching as they took turns feeling my breasts and belly and sliding fingers up into my willing pussy. They also ran their fingers through my armpit hair, twirling it between their fingers and tugging on it gently.

   "Why do you keep your pussy bald and your pits natural," the one on my right asked, as she combed her fingers through my pit?

   "Ashleigh prefers me to be this way, that's why" I replied. "I do anything she tells me to do."

   "Do you shave," the one on the left inquired, spreading my nether lips apart with both hands?

   "No. I get a Brazilian wax every three weeks, although I have an appointment  scheduled to begin laser hair removal treatments, as they are longer lasting and give far better more permanent results. In fact I start this Saturday."

   "May we take some pictures," the woman in the gym clothes asked?

   "Of course you may," Phoebe said, "She's at your disposal. Take as many as you like, and do anything you want with them. We told you, Danae doesn't care. You may do anything you like with her."

   For the next few hours, I was licking pussies and asses, sucking cocks, and being fucked in both my pussy and ass. All the while, Ashleigh filmed the goings on, making sure to capture my face, but never the faces of her guests. 

   When at long last they were sated, Phoebe gave me a pair of very short shorts, nothing else and told me to put them on. I was made to kneel on the floor and wait while the four guys jerked off on my face. Ashleigh then told me that there was money in the front left pocket of the shorts, and that I was to walk up to the corner store, buy a lottery ticket, and bring it back to her. Only then would she give me her key to my apartment so that I could go home.

   In New York City, it is not illegal for a woman to be topless in public, so I had no fears of being arrested, but in January, with cum on my face and in my hair, I certainly drew a lot of attention as I waited for the clerk in the bodega. I'm sure he wanted to prolong the length of footage he would get from the surveillance cameras in his store.

   As soon as I got to work the next morning, I was summoned to the office of my supervisor, Betty Lynch. She indicated that I should have a seat in the chair facing her desk.

   "So, Danae, it seems that we have a bit of a problem."

   "Oh, Ms. Lynch, what's wrong?"

   "It has been brought to my attention that one of our employees has a large number of pornographic images of her out on the internet."

   I felt instantly light headed and nauseous.

   "This firm cannot and will not tolerate such lewd and lascivious behavior in it's employees. We have a valued reputation to maintain" She waited a moment, letting my anxiety levels grow. "I will give you two choices, since up until today, you have been a valued employee.

   "You may resign and leave at once. Clear out your desk and go. You will be given two weeks of severance pay, your health care benefits will remain in force for the remainder of this quarter, and you may call on me for a recommendation for new employ. This is overly generous if you ask me.

   "Your other choice is for me to fire you right now, for being found out to be a revolting and disgusting pervert. You will receive no severance pay, nor will I, or anyone in this firm ever write you a recommendation!"

   I was walking down the hall to my apartment an hour and a half later, a small cardboard box holding my personal items out of my desk. The two week severance pay plus my meager savings would allow me to stay where I was a few months, but then what? I opened the door, set the box on the floor and disrobed reflexively. Nudity seemed the only comfort I could find.

   Closing the door behind me, I turned and was surprised when I saw Ashleigh and Phoebe sitting on my couch with one of the men who had been wearing a suit the night before. My head dropped in resignation, figuring they had brought him there just to have his way with me again.

   "Look, Ma'am," I began, my head down, "I just lost my job because of some pictures, probably from last night, that are out on the internet now. I really don't think I can do whatever it is you want me to do."

   "We know about your job, Danae," Ashleigh said. "That asshole that made such a big stink about you last night and left the party recognized you. He's the cousin of your ex-boss. He heard about the pictures that they took last night and he ratted you out."

   I didn't comment. I just shuffled to the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee.

   The man stood up as I walked past and grabbed my hand, stopping me in my tracks. "If you'll permit me," he began, "I have an idea that I think will help you out. I've already spoken with your two friends here and they both think it's a great idea.

   "By the way, I'm Tim, Tim O'Reilly."

   When I didn't respond, he continued, "I have a tremendous amount of experience in setting up websites, I've been doing it independently for the past nine years.

   "What I proposed to Ashleigh and Phoebe was that I set up a website for you, a pay to be a member site. We can talk about the membership fees, duration of membership, those sorts of details afterward.

   "The members can submit things they'd like to see you do. Like a dare. We could offer them an incentive for this involvement, like three months free membership if you accept and carry out the challenge they suggest. You would always have the final say as to whether or not you would do anything. We could call it a challenge or dare. We would film you doing the things you chose to do and post it on to your members only site."

   "I was thinking of calling the site "Dare Me," Ashleigh interrupted excitedly. 

   "Sure," Tim cut in, "We'll work all of those things out later.

   "I'm pretty secure in saying that you'll be making whatever you had been making at your job within three to four weeks time. After that, I would think the only limits to your income would be your limits in accepting the members challenges."

   "Think of it, Danae," Ashleigh interrupted again. "You'd be getting paid to do the things you love to do anyway! It's a win win!"

   "Yes," Phoebe leapt up from the sofa and chimed in, "How can you lose? I mean, no offense, but you're already out there on the net now anyway. There's no taking any of that back. You might as well turn it to your advantage and get paid for it. Tim even thinks the pictures that were taken last night will be free advertising for your site! Like a teaser!"

   I sat down on the floor, somehow remembering to bring my feet up to my butt and spread my knees, (How and why had this now become so comforting to me?).  Ashleigh gave me a sternish look.  I raised my arms and laced my fingers together behind my head. I really didn't have a whole lot of options in front of me.

   "What will I need to do," I asked softly.

   Tim answered, "Most of tech aspects will be my responsibility, so you needn't have any concerns there. We do need, however, to discuss the finances now before we get too involved. Get it all ironed out and agreed upon. We'll need to have a lawyer draw up formal contracts for the four of us, have them signed and notarized. This will spell out individual job descriptions and responsibilities, as well as the division of funds.

   "I was thinking my share should be 20% of the net, while Ashleigh and Phoebe would each receive 10%, and you would make 60%, as everything dealing with actually earning the money will be from your efforts.

   "Ashleigh and Phoebe will be responsible for reading the requests that come in for dares, sifting through them, and dismissing any that could tie us up in legal situations, other than the occasional misdemeanors for public lewdness and the like, of course. These we'll let our lawyer handle. The two of them will also be involved in helping you plan and actually carry out your challenges.

   "Have you any questions so far?"

   "What kind of time frame do you think we're looking at here," I asked?

   "Well, it'll take me a good two weeks to design and get the site up and running, but we'll need content ready to be uploaded before the first day. The three of you will need to get going right away with filming your little exploits and getting them into the computer for me. I should think an hour's worth of material should suffice for starting up. After that, as the challenges come in, you should probably figure on five or six new videos per week, depending on their length. The site's members need to be seeing a constant stream of fresh video to induce them to keep renewing their memberships."

   Ashleigh, Phoebe and I set out straight away to gather video for the site. We repeated some of things from our past, ie naked in the drive through, naked walks on the street, cum walks and the like. We drove up north above the suburbs three times and they filmed me naked in the snow, (For the record, naked  to me means totally, no shoes even, so those shots in deep snow were very difficult. I view being barefoot at all times  as a trademark of mine). One shoot was of me tied tightly to a pine tree with coarse heavy rope, while Ashleigh and Phoebe pelted me with snowballs from my shoulders to my knees, until my lips were blue and my entire body was red and covered in goose bumps and I was shaking uncontrollably.

   We drove out to the Island and I walked along a stretch of the beach, my feet in the frigid water. I even went swimming and rolled in the sand, causing me to have to get back into the ocean to wash it all off.  God my nipples shrunk that day! A park ranger almost caught us too, it was my closest encounter with being caught to that date, (I have since been arrested five times).

   Phoebe suggested we do some different kinds of shoots to show the variety of challenges I was willing to try, like insertions. We ran the gamut from your usual veggies, ie cucumbers, celery, bananas and the like, to wine bottles, golf balls, ice cubes, thumb tacks and even live goldfish!


   Ashleigh thought adding some spankings would also be a good idea. They shot me naked over Ashleigh's knees while she spanked me hard with her bare hand, a wooden spoon and a wide leather belt. The discoloration and welts that appeared on my ass served as adequate proof that I was for real. Another shoot had me with a few dozen clothes pins on my nipples, areolas, pussy and stomach. Using wet bath towels, they knocked them of, like a scene in a gym locker.

   Well all of that was eighteen months ago, and that's how "" was born. Today, we have over 50,000 members world-wide, each paying $30 per month. (You do the math!).

   Ashleigh and I now live together in a decent sized house in another state, with three acres of land. This allows me to be naked 24/7, indoors and out, while Phoebe prefers living alone in a large apartment in a city close by. She visits 2-3 days each week and when she does, she takes over running my dares, leaving Ashleigh with some much deserved time off.







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