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Letters from the Midwest

Part 1

Dear Shoeblossom:

My cousin Glen is married to a dominant bitch called Jocelyn. When Glen and his brother Gavin, both free-wheeling, bimbo-chasing poker-playing drunkards met Jocelyn in a club, they had no idea that the icy blonde would tempt the two of them, and Glen's boss Monroe, into becoming her slave harem!

Now Glen hasn't been out for a poker night in seven years. When he and Gavin are at home, they are forced to wear French maid's costumes, with dildoes or butt plugs up their asses, and they get hard-core discipline from Jocelyn that you wouldn't believe! And Monroe has an even harsher deal...Jocelyn keeps him locked in the furnace room in Glen's basement!

Next year, Glen is having his balls removed and will go by "Vanessa"...Gavin's wife and family, came with a deprogrammer to rescue him, only to see Gav being put in diapers and enema injected by Jocelyn...and Monroe is not allowed to urinate without permission...

Partners from my firm, Thaddeus and Thatcher Wilmot, are kept in an almost permanent nursery situation in their house (when not out at work) by a blonde governess, Miss Crickmere, who makes them drop their britches for bare buttocks thrashings and enemas... Thad called me the other day weeping because Miss Crickmere had strung him up by his nipples...because he didn't eat all his porridge!

Thatcher's daughter, Vildan, a beautiful twentysomething, agreed to have all her beautiful long strawberry mane of curls chopped off, to the point of baldness, and now the former debutante lives in the backyard, in a doghouse owned by Miss Crickmere. Naked, the girl shivers on her knees in the mud with a collar round her neck, a stiff metal one, with spikes.

And how I envy them all!

(Quaife Tyldslley, the Second Selectman of our town, had to resign after his wife caught him visiting Miss Crickmere to lick out her cesspool...I envy him, too, sadly)

For I am a submissive without a Domme!

(It's the truth, though my first fiancée, Eunola, just called me a "weird little fuck")

The first time a prostitute saw the chastity piercing on my penis, she was utterly bewildered, and flabbergasted. She even called in another girl from the room down the hall. "C'mon Tina, I want you to see this." And the two whores stared at my locked cock with their pretty, full lips open, as I lay on the bed, utterly humiliated.

My cock has a silver loop through the head, and that loop connects to another piercing right behind my scrotum, so when my dick tries to erect itself, it just wriggles miserably, so impossible to straighten!

It's torture in and of itself, when my aroused penis is filling up with blood, getting excited, and then can't lengthen because of the lock. Watching pornography, or seeing my secretary's ass twitch in her leather miniskirt, or seeing the girls Rollerblade in their latex pants just gives my poor, pierced penis a world of trouble!

I dated a church girl once, Mazie Sue, who would make out with me, her boobs almost bursting through the tube top as she wriggled against my narrow chest, and then when she could tell I was erect, she'd beat the shit out of me with her fists until I made that "unclean" thing go down again.

Well the piercing is worse than Mazie Sue!

There was a time when I wore a chastity belt called "The Curve" back in '05, which connected and held my member in a polycarbonate see through form. (Look, but don't touch, ha ha). But the chastity lock piercing, similar to a Prince Albert, is a more honest, deliberate celibacy device, and I can be teased, or play with myself, becoming aroused, without having an orgasm.

I got the idea from your "Letter from Red Hook" about the NYU girl who put one of her profs in a Prince Albert, and then connected it to his desk until he gave her entire Econ 102 class A's...Sweet Jesus!

I have that kind of disposal, it started younger, of course...I was expelled from the Lincithum Normal Primary Academy for asking Sister Jarrett for a bare-bottom spanking...

But my goodness, the Prince Albert piercing story...

This got me so excited,and I ordered one and had someone from Canyon Piercings do the necessary eh, surgery...

It was painful, the loops, but worse, even worse, were showing the humiliating piercing to a working gal...oops.

"What do I do with that?" the first whore had asked, seeing the lock, and I'd explained to her that my ding-dong was permanently affixed to my balls, and I was there primarily to be of service.

Sure, I'd forked over $300 to this call girl (her name was Sugar) but my main interest was in worshipping the girl's figure, giving her good head, and cleaning out all the used semen, that nasty old spooge, that the previous johns that day had deposited within...and after that I'd given Sugar a full body massage!

After our time was up, Sugar gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I go by Sugar, but my real name is Araminta, Minty for short, and you can see me anytime" She was thrilled. I'd used my tongue to clean her anus as well as her vagina, and her outer ass, her feet and her armpits...she was very impressed!

I remember that Sugar/Araminta had felt some intense compassion for my poor wee-wee, which had dangled and then bounced around, stretching unhappily against the piercing, as it had grown excited as the sperm had surged within. But I assured the girl this would calm itself when I got home and took a freezing shower, and did some push-ups.

I didn't mention that I'd be dropping by a strip bar for a lap dance or two, just before going home, for my cock needed a bit more teasing punishment, a little torture, to remind it what a bad little worm it really is!

Haithcock Biddix, the manager of the Lavender Kitty Lounge loves it that I am one of the best customers ...but he says I am one "Confused Boy" and I can't blame him for that assessment, the weird relationship I have with his stripper and hooker employees!

Before I left Araminta (or Sugar) that first night, I pulled out my trusty two foot leather snake whip with the cruel metal star on the end, and asked Minty to whip my cock, testicles and ass, just to calm my penis down so I could get my pants on.

It was so hard to get my mind off her fabulous body before I dressed, and once prompted, the whore thrashed my body quite obligingly until I sobbed, and was bleeding slightly from my anus.

We are still close, Minty and I. I just used some of my savings to put her daughters, Thumbelina and Rapunzel through cosmetology school!

There have been so many working girls since then. I've never had an orgasm with even one of them, just love and service from my end. Once a month I have a prostate massage that cleans the semen and pressure out of my genitals, and the guy who gives it to me is a fat old nursing assistant!

I have not had a real orgasm in nearly seven years! This is amazing since I go to prostitutes, male and female several times a week to serve them with my mouth and massaging hands!

One hooker got such a kick out of my junk being locked up that after I'd done a full worship session, 3 hours of massaging and "tongue therapy" she lay me down landlocked a spreader bar between my ankles and then played around with my manacled penis with an electric toothbrush...and then also ran a piece of lubed string up down right under the frenulum of my cock, getting me so excited I burst into tears!

Pruitt P, her punk-rock spiked haired "controller" actually looked in, wondering if she was killing me...than he took pictures for a possible movie advertisement, but I am used to such insults....

And I came on week after week, welcoming new humiliations!

I also bring along a big strap-on dildo, and the girls, even the very petite ones have such fun reaming my asshole, and then having me lick my shit off the plastic cock after the sodomy! Finola, one of the newer girls, told Pruitt that I am a john who makes the work "sparkle" whatever that means...

I have made close friends with many of these paid companions, picked them up at emergency rooms, and paid for medical and legal fees. I often give my "comfort women" extended manicures and pedicures along with the massages and oral duties. One or two of them have offered to see me for free, but I enjoy giving them the financial tribute. One even made me godfather of her second child!

Some nights I've gone out and met homeless men, or male prostitutes, down where they congregate in thee Cannon-McCracken Projects, on the corner of Fraser and Lonsdale Avenue, and reserved a motel room for them...or sometimes even an expensive inn, where I served sumptuous meals in bed, myself kneeling naked before them as they ate off a tray from a nearby restaurant that delivered, sometimes spoon feeding them caviar and other delicacies.

After the man's meal is finished, I let my hands massage their muscles, and my mouth does yeoman's labor between their legs. I've brought my guest to five or six orgasms in a single evening from the efforts of my blowjobs!

After it's over, I bend across the bed, handing them the whip, and telling them I will pay them double if they can make me cry!

I had the misfortune back in the Marine Corps of having a drill sergeant who made me the "goat" of the troop, dressing me in heavy pancake makeup and lipstick and making me prance around in a garter belt in front of the entire camp.

Perhaps I was shelteredI was raised by a domineering aunt in Eikenberry Estates, about ten miles from Coldstream Canyon, and I thought the military might have a positive effect on me...but I learned that men can be cruel! The Master Sergeant in Camp LeJeune made the P.E. teacher at the Eikenberry Academy look like Shirley Temple!

Sarge thought nothing of taking my pants down on many occasions and whipping my bare buttocks with a discarded fan belt from a Jeep in front of my laughing platoon mates. And yes, I cried, screaming like a colic ravaged infant....just a crybaby!

Then my "buddies" would crawl into my bunk and take turns raping my buttocks and mouth all night long. The worst part of this was, even after I was promoted to commander, the men I was supposed to dominate, who should fear me, would leave the infantry, sneak into the officer's quarters and rape and beat me, until I was discharged from the Corps on a medical (psycho) Section 8.

And that possibly is what makes me leave my carefully sheltered suburb to go see the male street hustlers, who love to abuse! Especially the blacks and Hispanics, when they've heard they have cart blanche to abuse me, it's anything from fist-fucking to making me clean their dirty boots with their tongue, (which has given me light salmonella) and yet I return to the projects to see them, night after night!

One young fellow, a bodybuilder called Mayday, offered to just kick me in the nuts harshly. To take my mind off my illicit desires, of course. I agreed, to my regret later on!

At the end of these evenings, my wallet is empty, the Visa is maxed out and my jaws and anus are swelling and sore. My swollen, overloaded penis is chaste. I must keep my tool roomworkshop, where the pliers and scissors are stored, locked up, so I don't succumb to temptation and snip the piercing off and masturbate!

I got the idea to write about this to you after reading "Letter from South Bend" about the Indiana housewife, a Miss Gilks who sent her husband to service male and female hustlers...but I send myself!.

Because you see I've never had a dominant partner, not like a wife or girlfriend who would do this for me. When I did tell the wife that I wanted this, she thought it was weird and creepy. "Gilder, you need therapy, dearest."

And so this has meant I must keep myself chaste and it's scary because I have no self-discipline whatsoever.

In the early days, when I was using a CB-3000 chastity belt, I would put the key in a large block of ice, a big one, and then force myself to sit next to the big ice block, stark naked in the garage, and wait for it to melt.

This could effectively keep me from jerking off too often, but then I decided to have my penis pierced, which was painful, but reminded me of my submissive state, although truth be told, I submit to whoever will have me!

I used to have my wiener locked with a padlock and I'd mail the key away, stuffing it between two pieces of cardboard and putting it in an envelope.

My wife was so repulsed by me after a time, since she couldn't abide the kinkiness, that she forbade me to touch her!

We got on well enough to be married for 23 years, and to raise seven kids, but she insisted we have separate bedrooms, and although I desired her intensely, this lady of mine, when I found out she was going to cut me off from her vagina, I was even more motivated to get into chastity seriously.

Not that we had much sex from the startGilder, Jr. and Wakefield, my two oldest sons are adopted from the Ukraine, my next boy, Warwick and his sister Elmira have a darkish hue to their skin (who knows) Woodburn, my most athletic boy resembles our gardener, and I'm pretty sure Wiltwyck and Spofford are the kids of my worthless younger brother, who was very close to my wife!

So no one really noticed when I began wearing the chastity belts, or kneeling naked with mouse trapped nipples in lingerie in the downstairs bathroom. Since I am financially comfortable having inherited furniture polish company from my late parents, I have enough moolah to afford my alimony and child support (and Spofford's legal fees, that kid) and still can visit prostitutes for abuse, eh?

It's funny, my son Woodburn has a girlfriend, Cara, who has a bit of a BDSM relationship with him. Woody is not in chastity, but he and Cara agreed that the best way for him to impregnate her (these kids, no wedding ring) will be if he gives her a huge fucking about once a month, during her "cycle".

So Woody stimulates himself! He has an executive bathroom at his job, and Cara calls him on the cell phone and talks sexy to Woody as he jacks off (without cumming) in his little bathroom. Then, when he gets home, Cara has Woody strip and she plays with his cock all night long as they watch television, again without letting him cum.

There is no reason why Cara shouldn't enjoy orgasms, so when they finally go to bed, Woody goes down on her for hours (honestly, he's told me all about this when we were drunk) and she cums again and again...when he gets too excited, and his balls are all blue, Cara ices them down with frozen peas.

And then once a month, Woody gives her a good fucking!

Woody's friend Danbury...his wife determined that Dan, although a good provider, didn't have the genetic material to give her a good baby, so she also prevents Dan from cumming with a large hoop in his penis (this was to keep him from trying to fuck her when she was asleep).

The lack of orgasms keeps Danbury attentive to his wife, and he must serve her and her genetically more attractive lover in bed...but he gets to cum once a month IF he's been a good boy and very attentive...

Why can't I find a situation like that?

I've read that most women aren't aroused by submissive men, but yet they are always complaining about men being insensitive to their needs. I am ready to fulfill a woman's needs at any moment. Think...if I disagree or am selfish she can cut me off sexually or give me a stinging whipping.That's the sort of power a girl should want, wouldn't you think?

What do you think I should do to meet more women like this?


Dear Mystified...

I wonder if you don't need a psychiatrist first!



Dear Shoeblossom: Here is a journal I was keeping a little while ago. My girlfriend Sabrina, also called Brina has since left me...and I am lost as what to do!


April 20

So today I finally got Sabrina to spank me! Brina seems to like it that I'm so thoughtful and generous "Compared to the assholes I've dated before" she says. And I just love her! Curvy, short dark hair and malevolent green eyes...

"So how does it work, Filek?" Brina asked me. "You want me to hit you with my hand?"

I showed her my Mom's old hairbrush. It's a big ivory thing, made from elephant's tusk, and Mother used it on my disobedient backside so many times!

"Ihere it is, my mother's hairbrush, Brina." I looked at the carpet, shamefacedly. "Sheused it on me a lot."

Brina's eyes widened. God, those green eyes! "Your momyou told me about this. You have some post-traumatic stress from this, real Inner Child stuff, Filek. She used to take your pants down in front of your sisters and really give it to you. And you want this from me?"

"Well, you know, I can be kind of a misbehaver at times, honey." I tried to make a joke of the whole thing."

"You're the sweetest guy I know! You buy me jewelry, and take me out...I think you're a prince. But if you want this, hell, I'll make you as happy as I can, honey."

Brina took the hairbrush from me and tapped it on one hand. Her long red nails drummed it a bit, and she smiled. Looking up at me, Brina winked. "Young man, you're to be punished. Take down your pants."

I began trembling, and my hands stumbled about my trousers as I undid them. Impatient, Brina reached over and pulled them down, breathing heavily...I was hypnotized watching her breasts heave in the snug pink turtleneck.

Brina dragged down my pants and then my tighty-whities, and she took my arm and pulled a bit, and I fell across her knees, my penis squashed between my pot belly and her soft faded jeans.

For some reason it reminded me of Mother pulling the trousers of my Boy Scout uniform down and thrashing me after hearing me repeat some of the colorful language I'd heard on a camping trip. I was eighteen, and an Eagle Scout, but Mother had no patience for potty mouth.

Now, Brina whacked my right cheek with the paddle, lightly, and then the left buttock a little harder. "You'll learn to be a good boy, Filek, or I'll make you so sore you won't sit down for a week!"

She paused. "But I don't want to seriously hurt you, honey."

"It's up to you, Brina...but you have to make an impact." God, what was I saying?

Brina began whacking my ass with more vigor, and I tried hard to take it in silence.


The swats got harder, as did my penis, pressing against Brina's soft jeans. Suddenly, Brina hit very hard, and I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming.

I remembered how Mother would whack harder and harder, and when I struggled and cried she'd cruelly imitate me...she was so evil! But I knew if I kept my grades to A's and did my music lessons, I'd go unscathed...but it was so difficult! When I got a 99 on a test, Mother would say "Where's the other point? Go get me the hairbrush and the razor strop!"

Brina rained down the brush again and again... "You should see how red and mottled your butt is getting, Filek. I bet you'll learn to be a good boy after this!"

"Brina-maybe you're getting a little excessive!" I was crying now, and trying hard not to blubber. My butt felt as if it were being burned with a torch.

"I'm starting to see why your mother did this to you" Brina said as she pounded the hairbrush against my suffering buttocks. "You (WHACK!!) are kind of a (WHACK!!) whiny little bitch (WHACK!!) at times, Filek.

I (WHACK!!) remember (WHACK!!) you getting mad because (WHACK!!) they didn't call on (WHACK!!) you at your (WHACK!!) nephew's PTA meeting, (WHACK!!) and how you (WHACK!!) went on about it. It's (WHACK!!) good to (WHACK!!) give you something (WHACK!!) to actually (WHACK!!) cry about."

I thought of the time Mother whipped me with a frying pan because I didn't want to get my weekly crew cut. I wanted a mullet, like most of my friends, but Mother was many rules. Crew cut, in by six, bedtime at nine until I was nearly twenty years old...but she made me a better citizen.

Finally Brina stopped whacking and tossed the brush on the cushion next to her on the couch.

"Now what did your Mother do next, Filek?" Brina asked as she pushed me off her lap.

I stood up, feeling ridiculous with my pants around my ankles, holding my blistered bottom, and sobbing in front of her. "Mother (sob) would make (sob) me stand in the corner with (sob) my pants down."

"Get with it then, go stand by the door."

"Brina, I was hoping (sob) for some cuddling now (sob)"

"Get in the corner, or I'll take you over my knee again."

And so I shuffled, in my pants, still clogging my knees, to the corner and cried for all my heart was worth!

Soon Brina came over to the corner and reached around where I was standing and gently toyed with my very hard penis. "Sugar, this is what you said you wanted" came her scented breath in my ear. "I hope you were satisfied."

I turned around and gave Brina a big hug, pressing my cock against the crotch of her jeans. I felt a little embarrassed that I was exposed when Brina was still dressed, but Mother had often made me walk around wearing only pink socks as a way of teaching me humility...

April 21

Well, last night, Brina was so sweet, I kept crying while standing in the corner, and finally she brought me over to the couch again, and removed my clothes, and rubbed lotion on my ass. Then I sat in her lap and sobbed some more and she petted my hair and then stroked my cock a little bit.

But then I reached for Brina's sweater, to touch her tits, and Brina slapped my face lightly. "What the hell are you doing, Filek?"

"I-I thought you might want to make love." I said defensively.

Brina gave me a big smile in the twilight darkened living room. "Sweetie, I-I enjoyed doing this spanking thing for you, and I think it's great that you were able to be so open with me with your feelings."

She sighed, and her breasts moved slightly in the snug pink top. "But you know, Filek...this role of yours, it kind of turns me off, from lovemaking. Probably just for tonight...why don't we just go to bed, honey?"

I reluctantly got up off Brina's lap. "But what about dinner?" I realized we'd forgotten about dinner in all the excitement of the spanking.

"Baby, don't' worry about it. Why don't you make us something, and I'll get the bedroom ready?"

"Me? Brina, I'm not much of a cook." I protested. I felt so ridiculous standing naked in front of her.

Brina reached out and toyed with my still hard cock with her long red nails. "Well, you'd better make something I like, and do it well. I wouldn't want to have to use your Mommy's hairbrush again." She laughed as my cock stiffened some more.

Walking to the kitchen, my mind was a whirl. What the hell? Brina and I had a great relationship. She'd started out as an au pair, and then a tutor of sorts for my kids after the divorce and had looked after the housework and cooking.

By the time Ian, Judith, and Filek, Jr. had gone off to college, Brina and I were already sleeping together, but she'd really never gotten a job, she just continued to be a de facto housekeeper. I continued to pay her, and she had a free place to stay, in my room...

But what was this about me cooking dinner? I left the kitchen and picked up my clothes.

"What are you doing, honey?" Brina asked, standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

"Well, I thought I'd get dressed. It's probably not safe to cook in the nude."

"Oh, it'll be fine. Remember the time I cooked for you wearing only a little apron for your birthday? It was fine. Matter of fact, you can probably find the frilly little thing in the kitchen drawer, babe."

I looked a little shocked, and Brina came in and gathered up my clothing, giving my dick a sharp flick with her nail. "Hurry up, make something I can tolerate, and none of that grilled cheese sandwich nonsense, I can't stand your sandwiches."

"But I thought you liked my grilled"But she'd already shut the bedroom door. Then the door opened again, and she brought out a pair of high heels.

"These are in your size, 14 double wide, they're tranny shoes. I got them for a costume party...they'll look good with the apron. I suggest you put the apron on soon, I'm getting a little impatient."

After dinner, Brina insisted I clean up. "I always do it, so clean the damn kitchen."

But the doorbell rang. I almost dropped a dish. I was, after all, wearing only an apron, and a pretty frilly one at that. (I had bought it for Brina to wear, so it was see-through.)

"Go get the door, Filek." Brina said, smiling over her magazine.

"I've got to dress, honey." I mean, really. "Why don't you get the door while I"

Brina casually picked up Mother's hairbrush and began toying with it, and so I trudged to the door barely staying on the high heels and opened it, just a peek.

"Dude, what's up, open the door!" It was Todd, my best friend. He pushed a little and the door opened.

Todd and I had been having some tensions over the past few months because although I was sleeping with Brina, she had insisted that she wanted an "open" relationship.

I had not figured it would involve my pals, but Brina and Todd had gone out a few times, she insisted just to watch football and drink beer, which I guess was all right, since I wasn't really into sports.

"What the hell are you wearing, Filek?" Todd began laughing after he came in the door. Behind him was Kevin, another friend, and I backed up, again almost tripping on my high heels.

"Jesus." Todd said, looking at me. "This reminds me of when your mom made you jump rope wearing a girl's pinafore and white socks and those little Mary Jane shoes...remember? Because she found out we were drinking beer in my tree house?"

I flushed with shame. I looked up at Brina, who had risen, laughing, and was giving Todd and Kevin big hugs and open mouth kisses.

I noticed that Brina had actually changed from her pink turtle neck to a bustier type violet open-bust camisole top, frilly as all hell...and she'd put on bright lipstick and enhanced her cheeks.

"I thought I'd invite the boys over for a few after dinner drinks, you know, Filek."

"B-but when I'm like this?" I was feeling a little sick to my stomach. Todd and Kevin had sat down, and were giggling and poking each other, and of course, pointing at me.

"Aw c'mon, Filek, you know you love it, your dick is pushing the damn apron up. "

"I should let him suck mine." Todd said, and the three broke up laughing on the couch.

"Jesus, he's got a little dick though" Kevin observed. "How do you enjoy it, Brina?"

"It's not easy...I'm thinking of cutting him off..."

"You could cut IT off, and then you'd have a Vienna sausage" said Todd merrily.

I brought them all beer, at Brina's request, and tried to sit down on the couch, but Brina pointed a finger. "Stay there. Kneel on the floor. I think Kevin's freaked out by faggots."

"I'm not a faggot!" I insisted, tears running down my cheeks. Unconsciously, I knelt in front of my former friends.

"I'm not a fag-got!" Kevin and Todd repeated in falsetto, and I hung my head. They played Quarters, and every time a beer was finished, they'd toss the crushed can at me, and order me to go to the kitchen for more.

Here my girlfriend was, playing a tough-guys game with the fellows, and I was still in my French maid uniform apron!

For a couple of hours I knelt there, while Brina joked around with the boys, and finally they left, Kevin slapping my ass.

Brina looked around for me, and found me in the bedroom. I was crying. I kind of expected her to comfort me, but she was annoyed that I hadn't gone and cleaned the kitchen.

"Do you expect ME to clean up your mess, from that shitty casserole you made?" Brina grabbed me by the ear and dragged me to the kitchen. "The next time I have to remind you about something like this, I'm going to put you over the kitchen stool and whack your ass with a wooden spoon. Clean the damn kitchen!"

After I cleaned the kitchen, Brina inspected, and was annoyed, because I hadn't wiped all the grime out of the sink. She told me I could lick it out, or take another 50 from Mother's hairbrush.

I have always been a bit of a hygiene freak, so I reluctantly minced over to the couch, and Brina ripped off my apron, pulled me across, and actually hit me about 75 times.

Then I began crying bitterly, and Brina took me into the bedroom. She became tender and rubbed my shoulders, and I watched with lust as she removed her jeans and was only wearing the open bust camisole and a thong.

"You know, Filek, you're lazy, and you can't seem to take a little joke. Todd and Kevin are your friends, and I wanted them to see how weird you're getting."

She was sitting next to me, with her breasts pressed into my arm, and speaking slowly...and I was mesmerized by her full lips. Instinctively, I reached for Brina's breast, and she slapped my face, hard.

"I didn't tell you that you could molest me, I am trying to be there for you, Filek." She said this with gritted teeth, and I began weeping again.

Suddenly, Brina began kissing my tears away, and then kissed my mouth, and inadvertently her tongue came into my mouth and I pressed back at her. And again she pulled away.

"Jesus!" Brina got up and took a wooden pointer I used for PowerPoint presentations at work. As I sat on the bed, puzzled, Brina whacked the tip of my hard penis with the wooden pointer, and I screamed.

WHACK! WHACK! My cock completely deflated.

"Why the hell are you trying to rape me when I give you friendship and affection?" Brina wanted to know, and I felt so badly about the whole thing.

I was still humiliated by the experience with the guys, my butt was reddened and it was just too much, and I began sobbing.

Brina asked me if I would make amends to her by giving her a massage. "Don't touch my tits or my ass, but you can rub my back and legs...if you do a good job, I might have a treat for you."

I began rubbing Brina's back and really putting my fingers in it, and she moaned. After a bit, she took her camisole off, and the thong panties, and I gave her a thorough massage.

I really wanted to play with Brina's full, perky breasts. They were 34DD,and the most beautiful things, and I also wanted to kiss Brina's ass, but I didn't want her to get upset with me.

After a bit, Brina looked up at me and smiled. "Did you like that, honey...would you like to go down on Momma?" I was a little surprised at how she referred to herself, but I nodded meekly.

"You can kiss my derriere if you want, baby, and then turn me over and lick for a while. I don't want you touching my titties...Todd says they're all his right now, and I'm trying to stay faithful to that."

I was so appalled by this statement, but I began kissing her delicious ass, and then I rolled her over and began worshipping her clitoris.

Finally Brina came, and I pulled myself up to see if she was in the mood for my dick. But no, she pointed to her pussy and I returned to my efforts.

After Brina had cum three more times, she motioned for me to climb up to lie next to her on the bed.

Brina took a pair of her pantyhose and tied my wrists to the headboard of our brass bed.

She reached down and began toying with my now raging cock.

"You are so impatient, and it's hard to relax around you. You have such a high IQ, much higher than Todd's, but you behave like you're about twelve. It's incredibly annoying."

After she stroked my cock a little more, she fell asleep, my Brina did, and I began trying to sleep as tied up as I was.

Soon I found I had to pee, and spent most of the night holding my thighs together until Brina awakened, laughing, and untied my wrists at about three a.m.

This morning, Brina had little to say about our eventful Sunday....

When I got to work, they told me that I had a new assistant, Miss Phipps. Miss Phipps is something else. She has a bouffant of red hair, and big lips, and is very curvy. When I saw her, I thought for a moment of Joan Harris on "Mad Men" although Miss Phipps's eyes were bigger and more translucent, and she wasn't more than twenty-three.

Miss Phipps sat down with me in the office. I felt it would be good for the mentoring relationship if I didn't put the desk between us, and so I sat right across from her and asked her a few routine questions, and then she said something.

"Don't' you remember me, Filek? I'm Tequila Sunrise from the Dancing Buns club."

Tequila Sunrise! Tequila had been quite an obsession for me at the strip club. She often had given me expensive lap dances, and she'd chortled when I kissed her feet, and had once stomped my exposed penis with her high heel when I'd asked her to.

Now, Tequila smiled at me, and raised a long, shapely leg. "I met neat guy who paid for my nose job, and capped my teeth and sent me to business school, and now I generally only dance for him, but it's so nice to see you again." She pushed her heel into my pinstriped crotch, and giggled.

I knew I should fire her, or at least have her reassigned to another floor. Tequila kept rubbing her heel in my crotch, though, and I got quite distracted. Before I could say anything, Tequila pulled her foot back, and leaned over showing me a full cleavage in her low cut silk shirt.

Reaching out with long pink nails, Tequila unzipped my fly and pulled my penis out, and of course it immediately hardened in her smooth white fingers. I was still very horny from the night before, with all the nonsense with Brina, I hadn't orgasmed at all...

Tequila played with my dick for about forty-five minutes and then suddenly zipped up the zipper so it caught in my scrotum, and then left the office, laughing.

When I got home tonight, Brina was out, but she left me a note telling me to scrub the bathroom. What the hell's happening with me and my life?

April 22

So tonight I tried to make a pass at Brina. She rebuffed me, saying she wasn't in the mood. Last night she was out with Todd, and he might have satiated her passion, I don't know, but I took her hand tonight and made an implored plea.

"Brina, ever since Sunday, when you spanked me, you've been behaving peculiarly, and pushing me away, and I miss you, and I'm terribly horny." I didn't mention that now I had the former stripper Tequila Sunrise working at my office and that today, to get out of doing some spreadsheets, she'd sat on my lap and kissed my neck for an hour.)

Brina kissed me lightly on the lips, and I nearly swooned. "Filek, baby, I just don't see you the same way anymore. It's kind of a shame. We have a nice friendship, and I take care of your house and stuff, but I don't think we can be doing the nasty anymore."

Brina looked so beautiful, too, in a low cut black top and miniskirt. What the hell could I do?

I looked down and bit my lip. Damn it, I ruined things by having her spank me! Of course why would any woman think that was sexy? Still, I'd needed it, in a way, and it had gotten me so excited.

Then Brina looked at me more seriously. "Before you begin whining and feeling sorry for yourself, I have another issue. Last night I left you a note to clean the bathroom. I thought I could have one night off, you know. You didn't do much of a job."

I was wearing a bathrobe, and Brina told me to take it off, so it didn't get cleaning stuff on it. Then she dragged me, in underpants only, to the bathroom.

"Look at this sink, there's still residue from before, that's totally gross, and here's the tub, you didn't grout that out..."

As I was scrubbing on my hands and knees, Brina came back in the bathroom biting her lip, enraged. She looked kind of hot breathing hard, and now she was wearing a gardening glove and had a long thorny branch from the rose bushes from the back yard. "I just found out also that you didn't trim any of the hedges, or my rose bushes, or even the azaleas, this weekend, Filek...what's wrong with you?"

Before I could answer, kneeling on my knees with a scrub brush in my hand, Brina raised her arm and swung the thorny switch down across my prone back, and I felt the full swat of the thorns. Brina pulled back, ripping my skin with the thorn branch.

Before I could protest she swung again, this time the thorns getting caught in the silk of my boxer shorts and ripping them off.

"When (THWACK) are you going (THWACK) to learn (THWACK) to listen (THWACK) to me and have (THWACK) some (THWACK) respect, and do (THWACK) your share (THWACK) of the work around here?"

Brina flailed at me, and the thorns were unbelievably harsh. I scudded out of the bathroom on my hands and knees, and Brina chased me, swinging and screaming.

Brina's branch caught me between the legs, right on my scrotum, and joyfully, she hit there again. "I ought to tie you down and whip your balls every day for a year, goddamit!"

I almost crawled under the couch, but Brina was kicking me with her boots and forcing me into a corner where she could use the razor sharp thorns for a front attack on my nipples and penis as I covered my face.

"I don't(THWACK) understand why (THWACK)you think (THWACK)I should(THWACK) be your (THWACK)slave, scrubbing (THWACK)and looking(THWACK) after the house (THWACK)like an Aunt(THWACK) Jemina,who the fuck(THWACK) do you think I am?"

Brina rubbed her tits with her free hand. "You want(THWACK) to kiss my(THWACK) boobs and rub(THWACK) me all over(THWACK) and fuck me with(THWACK) that almost (THWACK)nonexistent prick, (THWACK) and then in (THWACK)my free time you want me to(THWACK) clean your (THWACK)goddamn house(THWACK) like some kind(THWACK) of field hand? I (THWACK) should never (THWACK) let you touch (THWACK) me again!"

Finally she threw down the rose branch and took me in her arms. "Baby, I'm sorry. I got too upset." Brina began kissing my tear stained cheeks. "I just want you to learn that we live together, don't you know, and that we can't exist together unless you help, you know?"

Brina took me back to the bathroom and gave me a sensual bath, pulling out the thorns, and stroking my cock a bit. She took me to the bedroom, and lay me down and lay next to me, still fully dressed, and kissed me some more, stroking my throbbing penis with her long red nails.

I moaned, and cried in her cleavage as she pulled and stroked my cock, and she told me that I was a wonderful boy, and just needed to listen more.

"I don't want to have to hit you" Brina said between kisses. "I just do it because I love you and I want you to listen."

But I wondered if just a little bit, she liked hitting me...just a little.

Finally, Brina felt me rubbing up against her, and she pushed me away gently.

"Honey if you want to beat off, go right ahead, but get out of the bed, so you won't stain anything."

"You won't let me"

"I know your heart is breaking, but I'm not really attracted to irresponsible, whiny momma's boys. Why don't you play with your wee-wee, and I'll watch."

"Will youwill you take anything off?" I asked hopefully.

"Now that's the kind of nasty talk that makes me want to get the rose branch. I've changed my mind. I'm going to tie your hands tonight so you can't touch yourself. And you can sleep in the damn closet!"

And so it was. I cried, my hands tied behind me in her clothes closet, but I did get some nice smells from her shoes...there's always a silver lining!

April 23

Well, I'm starting to go crazy. I haven't been laid in a week at least, and Brina won't even let me see her in the nude, although it seems like I'm naked around her all the time.

At work Tequila keeps climbing in my lap and playing with my dick, but this morning, after I tried to reciprocate, Tequila pulled me over to the paper cutter, which has a long nasty blade, and she put my naked, hard dick under the blade and told me that if I misbehaved, she would cut her self a sausage sandwich.

And then she forced me back to my chair, my dick still waving through the open crotch of my pinstriped suit, and after I sat down, she plopped on my knees.

Tequila cupped my exposed testicles and juggled them gently, and then took my penis below the crown and ran her hand up and down between my straining penis and my full testicles. She got her thumb and forefinger around my penis and clutched, lightly, and then pulled up so my cockhead began to expand.

"You like this baby?" Tequila breathed. "You'd like to fuck me too, wouldn't you? But I don't fuck weenies, I like big handsome construction workers, preferably have that sunken chest, and bad breath, I don't know how you'd ever get a woman to even look at you if you weren't rich."

I tried to protest, but Tequila mesmerized me by opening her shirt a little bit and letting me gaze upon her cantaloupe sized mammaries. Tequila took one hand and began toying with them, and as she was wearing a demibra, she could play with her exposed nipples.

Tequila pulled the skin of my poor doinger up and down, murmuring softly about how much she liked circumcised men, and my penis bulged as I stared at her adorable frilly sundress with a plunging neckline that went nearly to her waist.

I understood through office gossip that the head of administration had objected to Tequila's violation of the office dress code, but then she'd met with him, and blown him once or twice, and now she probably could go to work in a thong and pasties. It was always good to know who was in charge, eh?

At home, Brina really had this stand-offish attitude. It's really difficult. She said something to the point that she's not that attracted to me, and that also she wants me to do more of the household chores.

I protested, saying since I pay for room and board AND give her a thousand a month to run the house that it's her responsibility, and she got mad and went into the bedroom and shut the door.

What am I supposed to do? I banged on the door and begged her pardon, and Brina came out and told me that she would leave me if I didn't stop complaining, and she also said she wants a raise and ALSO have me do more of the work around the house.

"You are such an officious asshole, and I can't believe how badly you behave, Filek!" Brina had her hands on her hips, and her boobs were jutting out in a tight blouse, and I really wanted to grab her, but she kept stepping back.

The doorbell rang, and I went to answer it, and it was Todd. He came in, and noticed Brina was upset. "What's wrong, babe?"

I didn't like him calling my Brina "Babe" but then things got worse. Brina told Todd that I was pushing her around, and Todd grabbed me by the shirt and bitch-slapped me five or six times.

"You tell him, Todd...he's been bossing me around and wanting me to slave around cleaning house, he won't do a damn thing around here!"

"That's just what wimpy guys like you do, they pick on women!" Todd screamed. "My dad beat up my mom and my sisters, but I won't let you treat Brina this way!"

Before I could protest, Todd ordered me to take off my clothes, and he kept slapping me until I had stripped naked. Then Todd threw me across the arm of the sofa and began whipping me with his belt. I screamed, but he kept on...

And Brina was LAUGHING. "Glad this is cheering you up, honey!" Todd shouted as the belt came down faster and faster.

I finally began crying, and Todd took me by the ear and threw me down on my knees. He unzipped his fly. "Get your mouth on this wiener, you bullying little bastard...I'll show you how to mistreat women!"

Todd grabbed me by the ears and shoved my mouth on his penis and began skull fucking me as I coughed and spurted. Brina stepped delicately around where I was kneeling and threw her arms around Todd and stuck her tongue in his mouth, and then opened her blouse so he could feast on her delicious breasts.

"That's right faggot" Brina said sweetly as I kept sucking, "Todd gets the boobs, and all you get is to suck his dick, and maybe you can rim his asshole out, too. You'll learn not to push me around anymore."

And I hadn't laid a hand on her! All I did was remind her of the agreement we had...I'd been giving her a thousand a month, and paying her medical bills and room and board and I expected a little housework, that was all...

And instead I was sucking my ex-best friend's dick!

Finally Todd came, and then he held my head by the hair to ensure that I didn't spit out the semen, and I swallowed. Then Todd told me he had to pee, and again my mouth went on his was really an unpleasant evening!

Then Todd ordered me to vacuum the house, clean the curtains and scrub out the garage. He told me that he'd better never hear Brina complain that I wasn't doing "my share".

As I write this, Brina and Todd are banging the bottom out of it in my bedroom, and again, I have been banished to the closet, because Brina is using the spare bedrooms for some sort of "studio project".

I can't believe this is happening, and what's worse is, I am so horny I want to blow thinking about the extent of my humiliation!

April 24

I wanted to jerk off last night, but I was so sore from Todd's beating that I just didn't do anything. I keep trying to get my mind off sex, but it's incredibly difficult.

At work, there was something even weirder going on. Tequila's niece has started with us. She is a sullen looking girl with short blonde hair...very cute, but I don't know why the office hired her, she has no more skills than Tequila does!

"You can find something for her to do here, can't you Filek?" Tequila asked. "Amber set fire to her boyfriend Merlin's bed, and also shot my sister, India in the left ear. The court says that Amber can stay out of jail if she can learn to control her vicious temper."

And she's going to learn that HERE?

"You can empathize for a poor, misunderstood girl, can't you?" Somehow Tequila had gotten all my clothes off, and I was lying on the floor of my office with my hands tied behind my back with a computer cord.

Tequila had her shoes off and was sitting on a chair rubbing her stocking tips all over my stiff cock. I have to find a way to convince this woman that she can't treat her superior this way, but the problem is, I lose all control whenever I'm around her.

"Amber's been molested by all these guys, and she's very angry at the male gender, but you're kind of a nice wimpy type, not all macho like the rest." Tequila stroked the tip of my pre-cum soaked penis with a large toe.

What's that mean? I'm not macho? Well, I guess if I were, I could keep my secretary from taking my clothes off when we're supposed to be researching regulations and executing documents. It seemed like nothing got done anymore, now that Tequila was here.

Whenever there was a deadline to meet, I'd have to wait till Tequila left the office, and then frantically research, type, etc. so I could present it to my superior on time.

Tequila pulled up her skirt a little bit so I could see her panties. This made my poor dick even harder against the light scratching of her stockings. Tequila used one foot to push my penis back on my stomach, and the other to toy with my scrotum, pushing it lightly, and then not so lightly into the floor.

"Can't you take her on as a regular second secretary, or something?"

"I might have her as a temp" I gasped as Tequila pushed my testicles into the carpet a little more forcefully.

Tequila casually bent over, still sitting on her chair, and picked up one of her six inch silver glittery heels. Taking the shoe by the front, she raised the spike heel and slammed it into my testicles, which were now almost crushed into the floor.

I screamed, and struggled against the computer cord tying my hands. "Oh, please, no more..."

SLAM! POUND! Again and again the heel came down on my balls. "Would you hire my innocent little niece?"

I didn't mention this part, but at the same time this was going on, Amber was sitting in the office, enjoying a Kool cigarette, and letting the smoke go out the window. She got up and came over to where I was being tortured by Tequila.

Amber knelt down next to where I was lying and put her cigarette next to my nipple, and then she gave me an evil grin.

Suddenly, Amber pushed the lit cigarette against my nipple and I screamed again. "What's wrong, queer-boy?" Amber asked, laughing. "Don't you want cute girls in your office?"

Tequila picked up her foot and then kicked me in the balls. "I don't understand it, Filek. You dropped all this cash on me when I was working at the strip club, and now you're being such a stingy little fellow."

"Iit's not that, but Amber's not qualified." I gasped.

Amber snorted. "Lick my twat, faggot." I watched in horror as Amber stepped out of her panties, still wearing the skirt, and then came and sat on my face, grinding her vagina into my mouth.

"I'm either gonna suffocate you, or you're gonna make me cum!"

As I licked, I wondered why Amber was sitting turned towards my crotch, and soon found out that she was going to use her cigarette to burn my cock and balls. I figured the faster I licked, the sooner she'd get off of me.

First Amber burned my cock head, and I screamed while licking her. Then I felt Tequila's foot kicking my balls savagely.

"Let's make the choosy little bastard pay for discriminating against me" Amber screamed, shoving her clitoris harder on my face. "I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Spatial Perception Disorder, Drug Addiction and Alcoholism...I'm disabled, and he's making me feel bad!"

I licked and I sucked while my cock was burned four or five more times, and I endured more spikes...and finally Amber came, and hopped off my face.

The phone rang, and Amber picked it up, and talked briefly, and then hung up with a big grin.

"What's up? Tequila asked, finally untying my hands so I could get dressed, and perhaps get First Aid to my genitals.

"The little bitch from Human Resources got on my nerves when we were doing my orientation, and I took her over my knee, and pulled her panties down and whipped her with my shoe. And then I burned her tits with the lighter from my car..." Amber smiled. "Now she wants me to work in her office, so the dork here is off the hook, you win, faggot!"

So that's a relief....just one lunatic woman in my office, right?

April 25

I am going out of my mind with desire. Brina wears these hot little camisole tops around the house, and I have a perpetual hard-on.

April 26

Today is Saturday, and I was hoping that Brina would like to go antiquing, or something, like we usually do. She was sitting in the living room wearing this cute little top, a white print with little strawberries on it, and cut offs. Such amazing legs!

I sat down next to her and asked her about antiquing, but Brina smiled. "Why don't you take off your pants, honey?"

"Wh-why?" I asked. "Lately, you seem like you won't be undressed in front of me at all, but you keep finding excuses to get me to disrobe." But as I spoke to her, I began unzipping my trousers.

When I was naked from the waist down, Brina instructed me to sit on my hands, and then she tied my shirt just below my navel, like redneck girls wear it, and she began toying with my penis.

As I gasped, Brina giggled. She ran a long manicured finger up and down my growing cock.

"It worries me, Filek that you are so focused on playing with your dick, honey. You're constantly jerking yourself, and I've caught you four or five times. It's like I'm living with a teenager."

I flushed. "Well, Brina, you seem to be rejecting me sexually, honey, and it hurts, you know? I'm really horny, and"

Brina put a finger to my lips and used her other hand to pump me faster. It seemed a little peculiar to be starting this at ten on a Saturday morning, but Brina is so beautiful, and she did know how to give a hand job.

Brina took one little hand and grasped my cock right above my balls and used the other one to pull the foreskin over my head. I really got hornier as this tug of war went on, and it was a lot of work to keep from pulling my hands out from under my butt, picking Brina up and running into the bedroom with her!

But I sat there obediently, and at one point Brina pulled down her little strawberry blouse and exposed a fat pink nipple, which she leaned over and rubbed on my hardening penis.

For a bit of time there was blessed contact with the nipple, but then Brina put it back in her blouse and returned to rubbing the tip of my stiff cock with her long fingernails.

"But honey..."Brina said with a wistful smile, "It seems like all you want to do is fuck me, and use this thing as a commanding wand or something. I think we'd have a happier, more spontaneous sex life if you were less focused on your own pleasure."

I watched in horror as Brina leaned over and took a box of safety pins out of her purse. They were the kind one uses to connect diapers, and as she opened one and guided it towards my hard cock, I began pulling my hands out from under my butt.

"No no...keep your hands where they are, honey." Brina said warningly. "I am trying to be patient with you, Filek, and you make things so difficult."

I knew I had to be a man, so I pushed my hands again under my bare butt and waited.

Brina took a bit of my foreskin and stabbed it with one of the opened safety pins, and as I winced, she ran it through the skin and closed it on the other side. Brina then put five or six safety pins in the skin around my cock as I gasped, and tears ran down my face.

"Now I want you to stand up and take off your shirt." Brina instructed. I did this and while I was trembling in front of her, Brina went around me and fetched what appeared to be an old fashioned bamboo cane from the bedroom.

"Now I want you to put your hands behind your head." As I obeyed, Brina sat back down. My crotch was right about near her head, and Brina took the cane and swatted one of the safety pins hanging from my cockhead. Then she swatted again, and got the tip of the cane caught in a safety pin.

As she dragged it to get it loose, I screamed. "Oops" Brina giggled. Finally, the cane was free and she began tapping the safety pins hanging from my cock, giving me warning looks whenever it appeared that I might be moving my hands from behind my head.

At first the taps from the cane were gentle, and then they became a little harsher. I gritted my teeth and tried desperately to keep my hands behind my head. I did note, though, that my penis was staying hard. I must be some kind of hard-core masochist.

My mind went back to when I used to spend summers on my uncle's farm, and my cousin Afton, a curvy redhead, would take me out to the barn, and play Strip Poker with me. She always won, and almost never had to take off a stitch.

Later, I learned that she cheated, Cousin Afton did, but oh well. After I would strip down, Afton would play more for "favors" and one of the favors she liked best was to tie me to a beam across the ceiling of the barn.

Then Afton would cut a switch and whip my cock and watch me scream! Sometimes Afton and her girlfriends would prance around and dance in their tube tops and hot pants to get me really excited, and then one would whip my cock while the others used switches to torture my poor exposed ass...but these girls were nothing next to evil Brina.

Brina began hitting me harder, slapping my safety-pin encrusted cock again and again with the cane.

"I'm doing this to take your mind off of fucking me!" Brina explained as she swatted my penis again and again. "You've got to learn that it's not about you any more."

And, as my penis seared with jiggling safety pins, I felt I had to agree. April 27

Today in church, I was trying to focus on the sermon, and Brina, looking gorgeous in a tight little sweater dress, kept running her hand up and down my leg as she sat in the pew next to me.

But then, when I put my arm around her, Brina slapped my face (the entire congregation turned to look at us) and told me to pay attention to the minister. So there I am, blushing like a stoplight, and I try to keep my eye on the vicar...

And then she slips her hand in my right pocket, and it's turned out that Brina cut the inner pocket out of my pants and she began rubbing my cock...I couldn't find my underwear this morning, and apparently she must've hid them, so I was wearing nothing under my dress pants.

Brina stroked and toyed with my penis quite extensively, and again I looked towards her, but she gave me a very severe stare, and whispered in my ear "If you don't want me to take your pants down in front of the Reverend and all the parishioners, you'd damn well better give your attention to the sermon!"

I was already quite horny, because this morning Brina asked me to rub oil on her legs and thighs before church...and she'd stroked my cock with her stocking covered toes. But then when I'd tried to follow through, Brina had told me to dress so we could get to services on time.

Unbelievably, as we sat in the pew and Brina rubbed my cock through the cut out pocket, she'd pull her hand back out and rummage in her purse, rubbing her fingers with Vaseline before sticking her hand through my pocket and stroking me some more.

When I began getting too excited, and it showed on my face, Brina whispered that I'd better keep my composure, as she didn't want to be humiliated in a house of worship. I wonder if she was some kind of schizophrenic, and she didn't know what her hand was doing!

When we finally got home after church, Brina told me to undress and then she actually tied me to the bed and shaved my pubic hair off...then stroking my stiff member with her soft hands.

I began pleading and begging to cum. BEGGING. It had been several weeks since Brina and I had a "good time" together, she's been so bitchy. But Brina was annoyed that I would ask for such a thing on the Lord's day, and she got up, still in the gorgeous sweater dress, and fetched an old razor strop that she'd purchased at a flea market.

Brina whipped my hard cock until it was tiny and bleeding, and then she removed her panties and sat on my face until I'd licked her to several orgasms. She left me tied up for the rest of Sunday, while she went out to "play miniature golf" with Todd and Kevin.

April 28

Tequila was in a fairly good mood today at work, although she is still having trouble with the filing. (I am not sure she knows the alphabet) She seemed tense, and so I suggested that I give her a massage.

We went to a hotel near the office, and Tequila stripped to her panties, and I worked her entire body over, except for her boobs, which she flashed at me, but wouldn't let me touch...

"You have such a hard-on" Tequila observed. "Take off your clothes; I'll take care of it!" So I hurriedly stripped down, and Tequila produced a pair of handcuffs, cuffing my hands behind my head.

Then she took me into the shower and turned on the cold water, and made me stay there for fifteen minutes...under the icy stream.

April 29

Today was really stressful. Brina wants me to bring her breakfast in bed, and when I fucked up the coffee she threw it on my balls. It's really getting tense around here.

April 30

Today, Brina found semen stained Kleenex, and became enraged with me. "You are a pervert!" she screamed, and then she ordered me to take off my clothes.

Brina laid me naked out on the bed on my stomach and tied my hands, and whipped me with a cane as I cried, and then turned me on my back and used the cane on my cock and balls.

"I don't want a compulsive masturbator in this house." Brina said with gritted teeth.

Still tied down, I looked up desperately. "But honey, you won't sleep with me anymore. Andand you look so hot. It drives me crazy, if you know what I mean."

As I said this, my welted cock inflated a bit, and Brina brought the cane down again, right on the tip.

"You have to be a gentleman, Filek." Brina frowned, tapping the cane in her hand. Her full lips were glossed in purple, and she was wearing a snug black top that pushed her cleavage out considerably.

"It's understandable that you are still attracted to me, although I think our relationship is changing now, and I don't want to make love with you anymore, although I still feel that you need discipline."

Brina sat down on the bed and abstractedly began playing with my tumescent cock. "I love it that you are so sweet at times, and you give me little gifts and stuff, but I can't have you sniffing my pantiesyes, I know you do thatand jerking off. It's unacceptable."

I kept thinking, but what about jerking me off in church, and all the shit all the teasing that goes on? But I was afraid to say anything, because Brina was getting more and more volatile...

"I love you a lot, Filek, and we've been through quite a bit together." Brina smiled, and grasped my cock just above the scrotum with one hand while she pulled on the crown with the other, giggling when I gasped.

After a bit, Brina untied me, and took off her clothes, to the joy of my eyes, and asked me if I'd give her a little pussy worship, telling me she'd been through "so much" lately.

I licked between Brina's legs for nearly an hour, and she seemed to like it, but then Todd came by, and honked his horn, calling Brina to see if she wanted to go get some beer, and when I asked if I could go along, Brina told me she thought I should stay in and try to think of ways not to touch myself, so she would feel safe around me.

I have been trying to keep from touching myself, but it just ain't easy.



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