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A Boy and His Mother

Part 1

                                   A BOY AND HIS MOTHER


                                              Part One

                                      by Rudolph Rassendyll

Hello, Mom. This is my friend David and he wants to see your tits. Hello, David. I can understand how a growing boy like you would be interested in seeing my tits, but I'm afraid that is just not appropriate, and I'm sorry if my son led you to think otherwise. But Mom, if you don't show David your tits I am going to have to call up Dad and ask him what he wants me to do about it. Now Justin, you know your father doesn't like to be disturbed at work. But Dad specifically told me to call him any time I had any trouble with you, Mom. Don't you remember? Or maybe you didn't hear him say that because you were screaming so loudly at the time. I was telling David about that, and he said he sure would have liked to have seen that, what Dad was doing to you. I told him that if by any chance you were reluctant to show him your tits, that he might get the chance to see it after all. So what do you say, Mom, are you going to be a good obedient mom or shall I call up Dad and ask him what he wants me to do to persuade you? All right. All right, Justin. I will show your friend what he wants to see. And I think you should apologize to him too, don't you, Mom? For being so rude at first and refusing his request? And mine? I think you should apologize to both of us. Why don't you do that, Mom. Okay? Justin. Yes, Mom? All right. David. I apologize. I'm sorry for hesitating to bare my breasts to you, and I shall do so now. All right? And what about me, Mom? I think you should apologize to me as well. Justin. And I think you should do it on your knees, Mom. Justin. Yes, Mom? There has to be a limit to this. Does there, Mom? Why is that? Maybe I should call Dad and ask him what he thinks the limit is. Because he told me there was no limit. Not to this. Not to your submission. Not to your mortification. Not to your degradation. Not to your shame. And, if necessary, not to your punishment either. Isn't that what he said, Mom? Yes. Justin. That's what he said. That's what I thought. That's what I told David too. Oh, he was very interested. In fact, I think that some part of him was hoping you would refuse to show him your tits. So that I would have to call Dad and then carry out whatever punishment Dad told me to administer. I suspect that a part of him is still hoping that. But I'm sure you don't want that to happen, do you, Mom? No. No, Justin. No. I. I. No. Say please, Mom. Please. Say it again. Please, Justin. Please. Then do as I say, Mom. Show David your tits. Right now. All right. All right, Justin. I will. I am. Here, David. Here. Here are my breasts. Please look at them all you want. Nice, aren't they, David? I told you she had nice ones for a mom, right? Yeah, I think he likes them okay, Mom. And now for that apology to me, which, as I mentioned, you should deliver on your knees. Get on your knees, Mom. No, don't cover up your tits. Leave them as they are. Kneel down. That's right. Okay. You like this, David? My mom on her knees like this, with her naked tits sticking out? What do you want her to do now, David? Oh wait, she hasn't apologized to me yet. I'm waiting, Mom. Justin. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Justin. It won't happen again. You hear that, David? It won't happen again. That means you will obey me now without further trouble, right, Mom? Yes. Yes, Justin. See, David? That means that anything I tell you to do, you will do, right, Mom? Yes, Justin. So I don't have to call Dad up, right? Because you are going to be a good submissive obedient Mom and do everything I tell you, isn't that right, Mom? Yes, Justin. And David too, right, Mom? Justin. Mom? Yes, Justin. If you say so. Oh, I do, Mom. David is my guest and I want to show him all the hospitality we have at our disposal. And that means you, Mom. At our disposal. Isn't that right? Yes, Justin. Oh, don't cry, Mom. It isn't so bad. Crying is better than screaming, right, Mom? Just think of the spectacle you have deprived my friend of by not making me consult Dad in this matter. The spectacle of you hung up and screaming in agony that I described to him, and here he is with a hard-on. Right, David? Yes. See, Mom? So I think the least we can do is to have you attend to that, don't you, Mom? With your mouth. Justin. Don't cry, Mom. Just say you'll do it. Justin, please. Say it, Mom. I. I will. I will do it. David? Stick your cock in her mouth. That's it. Ah, that's it.

Suck it, Mom. Oh yes, that's it. Take it all. Show David what a great cocksucker you are. I remember when Dad made you do that for me, do you remember that, Mom? I bet you do. Dad said I could have you do that any time I wanted, remember, Mom? So I think that privilege kind of extends to my friends too, don't you, Mom? I think that's what Dad would say. Keep sucking, Mom. Take it all the way. And use your tongue too, Mom. I think David is going to come any minute now, and I want to see you swallowing all his jism, Mom, okay? Say it's okay, Mom. Nod your head at least, that's it. Oh good. Your face looks really good that way, Mom, with David's prick stuffing your mouth and the tears running down your cheeks. Really pretty, and it makes me want to stuff my dick into that mouth also. But I can do that any time, like I said, and this is really David's time, which is only polite, right, Mom? And I'm pretty sure that even after he comes in your mouth, and you swallow it all, I'm pretty sure David will be able to get hard again without too much trouble pretty quickly, and then what do you think we should offer him, Mom? Do you think David would maybe like to fuck you on the kitchen table? I bet he wouldn't turn that down, what do you say, David? Wait, Mom is trying to say something, but damn, with her mouth stretched around your dick like that I can't make out what it is. But it doesn't sound as if she's very happy. Do you mind if my mother is unhappy while you fuck her, David? I didn't think so. I certainly don't. And I think, if you have no objection, David, that while you fuck her I'm going to have her suck my dick. With that moaning sobbing crying whimpering mouth. I think she will be even less happy about doing that, but she'll do it anyway, isn't that right, Mom? Because she doesn't want me to give my dad a bad report when he gets home from work. He will be tired and short-tempered what with working all day, and he will be very irritated if he learns that Mom here gave me a hard time in any way. And I hate to think of what he would do. Actually I don't hate to think about it, actually I quite enjoy thinking about it. And I bet you do too, David. Choke her with that thing, David. Grab her hair and pull her into your crotch and strangle her with your big throbbing dick. Shoot down her throat and hold her still as she swallows and swallows and swallows, gasping and retching and desperately trying to take in air through her nose. Yeah, that's it, that's the way, look at how her tits bounce around as she convulses, swallowing and strangling and choking. So nice. So pretty. So delicious. They bounced around that way when my Dad had her hanging by her wrists in the middle of our living room and was whipping her naked body. Especially when he was whipping her back. For all the company to watch. Of course when he got around to whipping her tits themselves they didn't bounce in the same way, but the way they did bounce was something to see. Especially with Mom twisting around and flailing and kicking and going crazy with all that pain, like I said, right in front of all the people Dad had invited over to watch. Remember, Mom? Listen, Justin, I'm gonna come down her throat all right, but I want to shoot it right in her face, too, okay? Hey, anything you want, buddy. You want me to pull on her hair so she'll hold her face still for you? Make her do it herself. Make the bitch sit there and stare at my dick as it goes off right in her face and yes damn it yes Justin yes down her throat christ look how she's choking on it, gagging on it, swallow it, Mom, swallow it yes now hold still hold it right there just stay that way don't move your head you sweet sweet mother bitch christ yes in your face now yes right in your fucking face you sweet submissive piece of shit crying bitch now yes now yes here take it take it take it here christ here. Here. Here. Oh yeah, Jesus, I wish my daddy could see her now. Maybe I should take a picture so I can show it to him when he comes home. But what I really want to do right now is fuck the shit out of her. Do you hear me, Mom? I want to fuck the shit out of my mother, and I want my mother to fuck me back, okay, Mom? Fuck me back and wrap your legs around me and kiss me and stick your tongue in my mouth and buck for me like you did after that whipping. Yes cry, Mom. Cry.

My mother was twenty when she had me, so now she's only thirty-six and she looks great. Not only is she younger and prettier and sexier than any of the mothers of the kids I know, but her tits are just spectacular, just the right size, not too big, not too small, and they stand up and out on their own and they bounce around so nicely under her clothes, and even more nicely when she's naked. Now admittedly I have not seen any of the other mothers' tits naked, but who would want to? They all seem to be saggy and sloppy, or else flat and practically nonexistent. Which goes for the rest of their bodies. Fat or thin, with flabby legs or skinny shapeless thighs and calves, I can't understand how their husbands can stand to fuck them. If they do. But my mom is a different story. I can understand why my dad fucks her, all right. What I don't understand is why he wants to make her fuck other people. Well, I mean, I do understand it in a way. I know he gets off on the way she hates it, and so do I, so I can see that part of it. Shaming her and all that. Grinding her into dirt in front of his friends and all. Sure. But on the other hand, I think if I was her husband I would want her all to myself. But I'm not complaining. Christ, no. I mean I get to fuck her too. Which she hates as much as she hates doing it with anybody, and maybe more, because I am her son and it is so filthy dirty disgusting and all that, so mortifying and humiliating and horrible. She cries every time she fucks me, my mom, but she does it anyway. She does it well too, because if she didn't my dad would punish her. I can truly say that my mom is the best fuck I've ever had, and her hatred of it and her shame and her crying just make it all that much better. Now when I say she's the best fuck I've ever had, you will probably think how much experience could I have, being still in high school and all. Well, more than you think. Take Sally, for instance. Sally. Sally is tall and blonde and curvy, and she doesn't take shit from anybody. At least she didn't. Very proud, very haughty, very aware of how all the guys were always looking at her body, but keeping herself to herself. One day I was talking to her and I asked her about an assignment in history class and she kind of blew me off. I got kind of pissed and I just said, Suck my dick, bitch, and started walking away. And then Sally said, Okay. Just like that. Not loud, not soft. Matter-of-fact. Okay. That's all. Well it stopped me in my tracks. Was she kidding? I turned around to look at her. She just looked back. No expression. What? I said. I said okay, Sally said. Okay? I said. Okay, you'll suck my dick, is that it? I still figured it was some kind of a trick. Yes, Sally said. We were standing in the main corridor of the school. Okay, I said carefully. When? Right now, Sally said. Right now, I said, sounding dumb. Okay. Where? Right here, Sally said. Right here? I said. I couldn't help it. My head was swimming. Yes, Sally said. I looked around. Nobody was in the hall. It was after school closing time. Okay, I said. Okay, Sally said. I thought it must be a dream. Okay, I said. Get on your knees. And Sally did. Went right down. Slowly, but she did it, and she was kneeling there looking at me. I walked up to her and unzipped my pants. I took out my cock. I positioned it in front of her mouth. Do it, I said. And Sally did it. She didn't say a word. She didn't make a sound. She put her lips around my cock and she slid her mouth down over it and she took it all in and she made a little gagging sound but she took it down to the base and then she slid her lips back up and then she slid them down again, this time licking her tongue across the underside. I almost came right then. But I controlled myself as best I could. I might have moaned or something. Sally didn't. She just proceeded to suck me. Slowly. Up and down. Up and down. Her tongue working, her lips soft. Her hair was bouncing a little on her shoulders as her head bobbed up and down. Back and forth. I wanted to ask her why she was doing this. But I was too excited. I knew I couldn't hold out. Sally, I said. I'm going to come in your mouth, Sally. Swallow it down, okay? And Sally. Still sucking. Gave a little tiny nod. With her moving head. And made a sound around my dick. Christ. Did I come. Christ. It was like a fucking explosion. And Sally took it all. And swallowed. And swallowed. And swallowed. Christ.

Why did you do that, Sally? I said. Because you told me to, Sally said. Jesus, I said. What if I told you to show me your tits right now. Would you do that? I don't know, Sally said. Well let's find out, I said. Show me your tits, Sally. Okay, Sally said, and she started unbuttoning her blouse. My cock was already getting hard again even before she got the buttons undone. Then she pulled the blouse apart, and reached back under it to unhook her bra. She lifted the bra up and there she was, still kneeling, looking up at me, with her tits naked and bare and they were fucking gorgeous. Just then I heard the sound of somebody coming down the hall from the gymnasium. I knew it had to be Brad Whitford, who assisted the coach in the athletic department and always stayed late after school to straighten up the gym and put away the balls and stuff. Sally heard it too and started to cover herself up. No, I said. I didn't know I was going to say it, I just said it. No, Sally. Stay as you are. Stay just as you are. For the first time I saw a flicker of expression on Sally's face. It was a mixture of fear and shame, and it turned me on like crazy. Her hands twitched, but she didn't move. She stayed there on her knees with her blouse wide open and her bra resting above her tits and her tits just sticking out, and Brad came down the hall and when he saw us he stopped. I heard him gasp. I was looking at Sally. At Sally's face. God, it was a blast. I could see her breathing hard now, her tits going up and down. Her eyes, damn, they were big and wide and wild. Just wild. But she didn't move. Brad didn't move either for a long minute. Then he said, Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. What--what is going on here? What does it look like? I said. Sally is showing me her tits. And you too, you lucky boy. Sally just finished sucking me off, didn't you, Sally? Sally's eyes were crazy, and I thought I might be seeing tears in her eyes, I wasn't sure. But Sally answered me. She said yes. Yes, Sally said. Brad made a noise. Then I had another thought. Sally, I said. Sally just looked at me. Sally, I said, why don't you show Brad how you sucked me off. Sally caught her breath. Justin, she said. Sally, I said. I didn't know what the hell was going on here myself, if you want to know the truth. All I knew was that this was Sally, tall blonde sexy Sally, who had always seemed so unobtainable, so unreachable, so much above it all. I couldn't believe what had just happened, and I had to find out just how far this miracle would go. Sally, I said. Suck Brad's cock. Sally was still for just a moment. And then she said, All right. That's what she said. Another sound from Brad. He looked as if he couldn't move. Brad is poleaxed, I said to Sally. Go to him, Sally. Go to him and suck him off right there in the middle of the hallway. Sally started to get up. No, Sally, I said. Don't get off your knees. Get on all fours and crawl to him. Sally looked at me. Then she didn't. She pushed herself forward onto all fours. And she began to crawl. On her hands and knees. She crawled slowly, but she crawled. She crawled over to where Brad was standing with his mouth hanging open. When she got to him she pushed herself back onto her knees and waited, but Brad didn't move. He looked as if he didn't know whether to shit or go blind. Sally turned to look at me. I looked at her. Then she turned back to Brad and brought her hands to his fly and pulled down his zipper. She fished out his cock. It wasn't hard. Sally looked at me again. Poor guy is either gay or in a trance, I said. And I don't think he's gay. Make him hard, Sally. Sally bowed her head and opened her mouth. All of a sudden Brad came to life. Wait, Brad said, and took a couple of steps back. Wait, Jesus Christ, hold on here, shit, man, what is she doing? Is she on drugs, did you hypnotize her, what? No, I said. She's doing it because she wants to do it, right, Sally? No, Sally said. No? I said. No, Sally said. I'm doing it because you told me to do it. Okay, I said. Why look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say. Brad, I said, are you going to let this girl suck you off or are you really gay after all? I'm not gay, Brad said. But I don't want her to suck me off. I want to fuck her. Sally made a sound. It thrilled me to the soul, because what that little sound said, clear as day, was, Oh god I don't want to do that, but if you tell me to do that I will do it, but please don't. Please.

That's what it said. Good idea, I said, and now I definitely saw tears on Sally's face. You can start by stripping, Sally, I said. Take it all off. You can stand up now. Face Brad and strip yourself naked. But first tell him that you are going to fuck him, and that you can't wait to have his dick inside you. I saw that Sally was shaking now. But she did it. She did it exactly as I told her to do it. She stood up and she stood right in front of Brad--though luckily I had a pretty good view from where I was too--and she first slipped off her open blouse and let it fall, and then she slid the bra straps off her shoulders and let that go too, and there was Sally naked to the waist. Her face was unreadable again, but the slow tears were coming. My cock was very hard. Sally took off her skirt. She always wore short skirts, and her legs were spectacular. She stood there for just a moment in only her panties. And then she took the panties off too. And when she pulled them off her feet she straightened up and stood there. Shaking a little. Still shedding slow silent tears. And let Brad and me look at her, which we did. Sally, I said. What did I tell you to tell Brad before you did that? Justin, Sally said. Sally, I said. I'm sorry, Sally said. I forgot. Tell him now, Sally, I said. Sally looked at Brad. Brad, Sally said. I am going to fuck you. Her voice was low but clear. It sounded strained but we could hear every word. I can't, Sally said, and for a moment I wasn't sure if she was going to say what I told her to say or whether she was going to say I can't do this, I can't go on with this. I can't wait, Sally said. I can't wait to have your. Your dick. Inside me. Good girl, Sally, I said. And look, you've got Brad all hard now. How do you want to fuck her, Brad? In the gym, Brad said. In the gymnasium. We got all kinds of stuff in there. We got mats, we got tubs, we got sawhorses, we got all kinds of exercise machines. Let's go, I said. Sally looked scared. She started picking up her clothes. Leave your clothes, Sally, I told her. And get back on all fours. Crawl to the gym. So we moved down the hall, Brad and I walking, Sally crawling naked between us. Just as we had nearly reached the gym, a classroom door opened and Miss Barns, the history teacher, came out. I thought this was it. I would be expelled from school in disgrace and be disowned by my family and blah blah blah. But Miss Barns did not look shocked. She did not even look surprised. She did not look as though anything unusual was happening. She looked at Brad and me and she looked at Sally and all she said was, How fascinating. Are you going to whip her? Are we going to what? I managed to say. Whip the bitch, Miss Barns said. That is what I would do if I had her in the position you obviously are fortunate enough to have her in. But I suppose you boys have nothing but rape on your simple minds. Rape? I said. Who said anything about rape? If I wanted to rape somebody, Miss Barns, it would be you. I didn't know I was going to say that, I just said it. Miss Barns was no ordinary teacher. She was slender and voluptuous at the same time, if that is possible, and it was. She had long dark straight hair and very long legs and she was the youngest teacher in that school and I had often thought about her fabulous body and her mysterious dark eyes. So I said that, and I thought she would probably slap me or something, but she didn't do a thing. Is that right? Miss Barns said. And what about you? she said to Brad. Would you rape me too? Jesus Christ, Brad said. Well, Miss Barns said, there's nobody around right now so if you want to rape me there is nothing to stop you. But I have a condition. What's that? I said. Miss Barns smiled. She pointed at Sally, still on all fours, her tits hanging down, her head averted. I want her, Miss Barns said. What? I said. Very simple, Miss Barns said. You get me, I get her. You get to rape me, I get to rape her. But, I said. But what? Miss Barns said. First of all, I said, Brad and I are not going to rape Sally. Sally is going to fuck us, and she's only doing that because I told her to. Sally does what I tell her to do and that's all, isn't that right, Sally? And Sally said yes. That's what she said. Well then tell her you want her to suck my pussy, Miss Barns said. Sally, I said. I want you to suck Miss Barns's pussy. All right, Sally said. So we all went into the gymnasium and had a blast.

I want to whip her now, Miss Barns said. She said it with some difficulty, as Brad and I were both fucking her at the time, me in her pussy and Brad in her ass. Christ, I said, you made her eat you out for half an hour and came at least six times, and you came another couple of times while we fucked you, and now you want to whip this poor girl on top of that? Why? What further pleasure can you get out of that. Oh my god, Miss Barns said. If you don't know I can't tell you. But I bet if you watch me whipping her you will begin to understand. Watching her pain and agony and horror and listening to her screams. Oh lord, the whole school is empty now, there is no one to hear her screaming, we can make her scream as loud and as long and as piteously as she wants to, and nobody will hear her, nobody will rescue her, nobody will interrupt her torture. I looked at Sally. She was crying. No, I said. Sally may be a bitch and a cunt and she may be crazy on top of that, and nobody is happier to enjoy her body that scrumptious body than I am, but hurting her physically is something else. I'll suck your cock, Miss Barns said. No, I said. I'll drink your piss, Miss Barns said. No, I said. I'll eat your shit, Miss Barns said. No, I said. I'll give you an A in history, Miss Barns said. Oh, I said. Well, that's a different story. I heard a sound from Sally. It made me come in Miss Barns's pussy. Brad was still fucking her in the ass. I got up and went around Miss Barns and stuck my limp dripping dick in her face. Clean this off, I told her. And suck it hard again. And Miss Barns did that. Justin, Sally said. Yes, Sally, I said. Don't let her whip me, Sally said. Please. If you want me to be whipped, you do it. Not her. Please Justin. You do it. You whip me. Please. Do you want me to whip you? I said. No, Sally said. And she was sobbing now. No, Jesus no. But I don't want her to do it, Justin, please, if you want to whip me and make me scream for you, do it to me, Justin, please please please. What about a compromise? I said. What if I let Brad whip you? No way, Brad said. I ain't whipping nobody. But I'll tie her up for you if you want. If you want to whip her ass I could tie her over a sawhorse, lying right across it with her wrists and ankles all bound together underneath it, that would be perfect. Or if you want to whip her tits I could hang her on a gym rack with her tits sticking out just begging for the whip. Or if you want to whip her all over I could hang her from the ceiling by her wrists with her arms all stretched over her head and her body hanging off the floor and her tits all flattened out and her legs kicking and her body twisting and flailing and writhing in pain and agony and terror, or I could-- Jesus, Brad, I said. If that is what gets you off, how come you don't want to whip her yourself? Why don't you? Brad said. All right, Miss Barns said. All right. If I can whip her, you can whip me. I know you want to do that. Both of you. Are you serious? I said. Brad came in Miss Barns's ass. Yes, Miss Barns said. I want to whip this bitch so much that I will let you do anything you want with me. Hang me up like he said and slash my naked helpless body to ribbons. Listen to my screams and shouts and howls and make me beg you to stop, but you won't stop. Whip me as hard and as long as you can and then make me crawl for you and drink your piss and eat your shit and make me fuck you till the fucking cows come home. But let me at this cunt first. Sally? I said. Yes, Sally said. Will you be my slave for always and do everything I tell you to do, with no hesitation or contemplation or stint or limit? Will you fuck and suck anybody I want you to, will you fuck my dog if I tell you to, will you strip naked in class and show yourself off to all the guys, will you crawl around on your hands and knees all over the school, will you be my submissive little slut and my obedient fuck toy and my official cock sucker and my filthy worthless piece of shit? Will you wear a sign saying, I am Justin's filthy cocksucking piece of shit, will you do that, Sally? Yes, Sally said. That's what she said. Sally said yes. Okay, I said. Then nobody gets to whip Sally except me. Miss Barns said she would fail me in history. Brad and I hung Miss Barns up by her hair and put out a pack of cigarettes all over her body. Then we fucked her as she hung that way. And left her there for the athletic coach to find.

Anyway, I could go on and on telling you about Miss Barns and the things the coach did to her when he found her that way and all the things he made her do after that, and how I could never tell if Miss Barns was doing it of her own free will or out of compulsion or how much her screams were screams of pleasure and how much they were screams of agony because in Miss Barns it was all mixed up and damn it was quite a time until Miss Barns went away. Some say she is still in the basement somewhere, hanging by her hair and waiting only for the coach to come down and visit her carrying his wicked little riding crop, but I don't know about that. Anyway, Sally was only one example of my sexual conquests is what I was saying, and now I think we should get back to my mother. Who David fucked on the kitchen table while I fucked her sobbing mouth. We had such a good time doing that and making my  mom do anything we wanted that we were still at it when my dad came home. Dad, I said, this is David. I was just showing him what a filthy little whore Mom is. Good boy, my dad said. Where's your sister? Fuck my sister, I said. That's just what I intend to do, my dad said. But I want her to drink my piss first. I haven't had a piss all day long. Where is the jiggly little bitch? She's probably still down in the cellar with the dogs, I said. Didn't you leave her down there stretched out on the floor with her legs pulled so wide apart it looks as if she might split in two? Lying there for the dogs to fuck her as much as they want? That's right, my dad said. I'll have to beat those animals off with a stick if I want to get near her. But how did you know that? Well, I may have paid her a visit at some point, I said. Between me and the dogs, she prefers the dogs. She can't stand the dogs, my dad said. Exactly, I said. That's what makes it so much fun. Your sister? David said. I didn't know you had a sister. She's a secret sister, I said. What is her name? David said. Asphodil, I said. But we call her shit for short. How old is she? David said. She's my twin, I said. Can I fuck her? David said. Only if you let me fuck your sister in trade, I said. And me too, my dad said. My sister is too young, David said. I'll be happy to break her in, I said. And when my dad and I break her in, she'll be broken all right. Right, dad? Is she a virgin? my dad said. Of course she's a virgin, David said. Nothing I like better than ripping away a young girl's virginity, my father said. Unless it's torturing them to death. All right, David said. But anything you do to my sister I get to do to yours. Well I'm afraid it's too late for you to take her virginity, David, my father said. But I'm sure we can work something out. How did you like playing with my wife, by the way? He loved it, my mom said. Christ, he loved it like you all love it, he loved my forced submission and my helpless servility and the fact that I was sickened by all of it and he loved my sobbing and crying and begging and he loved the way I ended up doing everything he wanted, giving him my body, giving him my soul, giving him my mouth, giving him my pussy, he loved it all and Justin loved it all as always and now if you don't put a stop to this I'm afraid Justin will be bringing all his school friends around to sample my submission and my body. Is that what you want, Alix? Why not, my dad said. All right, David, come and have a look at Justin's sister. My sister was naked of course, and her body was so tautly spread and stretched that her nipples stood up from her chest like long stiff spikes, though it was hard to see that at first because she was nearly covered by two dogs, one of which was fucking her rapidly and the other of which had his cock in her mouth. My sister was crying and sobbing and choking as she sucked on that dog's cock, but she was doing it assiduously as the dog fucking her barked and growled and whined and pumped away at her wide open pussy. Her magnificent young legs as I had said were pulled so far apart by the ropes binding her ankles that the muscles and tendons of her straining legs were standing out, quivering and twitching so invitingly that my dick was instantly hard. As soon as she saw us my sister started to moan. Not him, she said around the dog's dick in her mouth. Oh please daddy not him. Please daddy. Please. Jesus Christ, David said. I'll bring my sister around tomorrow. Good, my dad said. I can't wait.

I was a little bit afraid that David's sister would actually be too young to have any real fun with, but I was wrong. God, she was just ripe, so ripe, all jiggly jouncy perky little tits and a blossoming body that was blossoming in all the right places. I couldn't wait to play with her from the first moment I saw her, and especially because she looked so frightened. And reluctant. And unwilling. And she was. I wanted to burst her cherry more than anything in the world. I was afraid my dad would claim first dibs on that, but for some reason he suddenly got a crazy notion into his mind that he wanted her virginity to be taken by one of the dogs. What a spectacle, my dad said. Christ, David said. If you do that I get to burn Asphodil all over with a welding torch. As much as I want to. I'll reduce her to a charred singed seared hunk of ruined flesh while she screams so loudly all the neighbors will come and watch. Wait, I said. Come on now, you don't really want this nubile young girl's virginity to be ripped out of her by a dog, do you? I mean, we can make her fuck the dogs any time we want, but not for her first time. I want to do that, Dad. I want to ram my dick inside her and look down into her wild crazy horrified eyes and laugh at her and spit in her face and start fucking her like a son of a bitch, I want to slap her face for her and then grab her hair and make her kiss me as I fuck her, kissing me with her sobbing crying moaning whimpering mouth and feeling the pain inside her, knowing it was hurting her and shaming her and killing her and I want to make her wrap her legs around me and buck for me and squirm for me and twist for me and scream for me and then when I'm finished, Dad, you can turn her over and fuck her up the ass, what do you say? All this time David's sister was standing there hearing this and shaking and whimpering. Shit, my dad said. Does that mean David doesn't get to burn your sister shit? I don't care what he does to her, I said. What is your sister's name? my dad said to David. Bliss, David said. Her name is Bliss. Bliss, my dad said. Rhymes with piss. And kiss, I said. Wait a minute, my dad said. What happened to Sally? Who is Sally? David said. Sally Sundston, I told him. Sally Sundston? David said. Yeah, I said. You want to fuck her? Are you kidding? David said. Who doesn't want to fuck Sally Sundston? Okay, I said, if you want to fuck her I'll tell her to fuck you and she will. Bullshit, David said. Boys, boys, my father said. Stick to the point, okay? I couldn't care less about who fucks Sally Sundston, what we are discussing here is what to do with little miss Bliss here. This little Miss Bliss which rhymes with kiss and also with piss. Wait a minute, David said. Didn't she have something to do with all that stuff about Miss Barns. Who the fuck is Miss Barns? my dad said. I told you about her, Dad, remember? I said. Miss Barns was a history teacher at school, a young sexy brunette with long hair and a body to cry for and she and the athletic coach used to put on kinky exhibitions for some of us in the know. Miss Barns was either a masochistic nymphomaniac of the first water, or she had been ground into dirt by the coach after he found her hanging by her hair in the gymnasium, where Brad and I had left her after whipping her to ribbons and fucking her every way from Sunday, and Sally was crawling around after eating Miss Barns's pussy, and anyway what does that have to do with anything? Damn if I know, my dad said. Wait a minute, David said. Are you saying you fuck Sally Sundston anytime you want? Yeah, and I have her suck me off too, I said. The first time she did it was in the hall at school and she did it of her own volition, or because I told her to, or something. What? David said. Oh shit, I said, this is getting too complicated for me, I think I'll go upstairs and fuck Mom again. Oh, your mother will love that, my dad said, grinning. Yeah, I know, I said. That's why I want to do it. So I went upstairs. My mom was undressing for me and crying when we heard a scream from downstairs. Ah, I said, that will be dear old Dad devirginizing David's sister. On your knees please, Mom. That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. You sweet crying sobbing cocksucking bitch mom. Who shall I bring home next for you to crawl for, Mom? My mom couldn't answer as she was crying and choking on my dick. 

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