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A New Beginning

Part 1

Part I

Her day began just like any other with one exception that feeling was already gnawing away in the pit of her stomach.  It was a feeling of excitement, anticipation, and dread all at the same time.  It was not a feeling she hadn't known before, but this time it was different...much more consuming.  He had told her it would be different this time.  He did not say why, but by now she knew him well enough to understand it would be something out of the ordinary.  She realized she would probably question herself and ask why she was willing to do...whatever it was...for him.  But she also knew that she would willingly endure it, and whatever experience he had planned for her would strengthen the bond between them.  It would help her reaffirm that place within herself, a place she sometimes questioned but always returned to.  And she knew that he understood that about her.

It was not that long ago that they had met, both seeking, both searching - searching for what, they were not quite sure at the time, but they had both harbored dark fantasies for a very long time.  They had confessed their feelings to one another, yet in the beginning had tip-toed around them, knowing all the while, somewhere deep inside, that they were heading toward a different place.  At the time, neither of them was sure what that meant.  It seemed like such a long time ago to her now but things had happened very quickly…when she tried to sort things out everything seemed like a blur.

She wondered what he had planned for her.  She searched inside...there were things they had talked about but never done.  Was it one of those or something completely different?  She had come to understand that she would never be able to figure him out completely, and that was part of the attraction.  It was his special gift he had a delicious, twisted imagination and he relished the element of surprise and the power that came with that.  At times, she had struggled with this.  By nature, she was a planner and was most comfortable when she knew what lay ahead.  Yet, when she was with him she had learned how to embrace the unknown - he had taught her not to be afraid of it. 

She played over in her head the things they had done before...the places he had taken her places she never knew would exist for her in real life, although she had fantasized about them for a very long time.  Yet, somehow, this would be different she knew that.  As her mind drifted, she lay down on her bed and her hand wandered to the growing wetness between her legs.  As she touched herself a flood of emotions enveloped her.  She couldnt help thinking that this was going to be the beginning of something much larger.

Part II

He had told her he would arrive around 3:00 o'clock.  She had not seen him for several days and by 2:45 she had already been standing at the window staring out for some time.  She didn't want him to see her there but, deep down, she realized he would know that she was there he always seemed to know these things.  Her mind was drifting when she heard the clock strike 3:00 and she was filled with a sudden and heightened anxiety.  Until now his arrival had only been a thought in her mind, but as the remaining seconds ticked away she felt herself being drawn inexorably closer to reality.  She had no idea what “reality” would be and that was the most difficult, yet exhilarating part.

It seemed like ages before she saw his car approaching.  He pulled into the driveway and got out.  He was still dressed in his work clothes.  She had always liked that look pressed slacks and a crisp white dress shirt.   In his hand was a duffel bag she did not remember seeing before.  As he neared the door her heart began to pound.  The doorbell rang.  It occurred to her that maybe she should hesitate for a moment.  She did not want to appear too anxious.  She did not want him to know...but, deep down, she realized that he would know   just as he always knew.


He embraced her with a kiss.  Ordinarily, she would have gotten lost in his kiss, but not today - too many thoughts were swirling in her head.  He took her hand and led her to the kitchen where she had opened a bottle of Cabernet to breathe, as he had instructed.  He poured two goblets and then offered a toast. “To new beginnings!”  She took a sip and enjoyed the warm feeling of the wine going down.   Whatever it was he had planned for her, she wanted to be as relaxed as possible.

They sat on the sofa for a while and he made small talk.  She heard him speaking but wasn't really listening something about what someone at work had done.  She was fixated on the dark green duffel bag he had laid on the floor.  She was struggling...what was in the bag that would make this time different?  As the calming effect of the wine began to take hold, she put her head on his shoulder and tried to relax.  She realized that mystery was a part of his plan inside she was dying...and he knew it.  He enjoyed causing her mental conflict, something he knew she both craved and hated.

After what seemed like an eternity reached into the duffel bag and took out a blindfold.  It was the last thing she was going to see for a while.   As he slipped the blindfold on the afternoon sunlight turned to darkness.  She felt his fingers prying open the buttons on her dress, one at a time until it slid to the floor.  Underneath, she was naked.  He put a wine glass to her lips and she greedily accepted it. 

Normally, she would not have been self-conscious about standing naked before him but today was different.  She resisted the temptation to cover herself with her hands.  Then she heard him say “I'm going to need to restrain you.”  Somehow, she had expected this, but that didn't make it any less nerve-wracking when the words were spoken.  She was familiar with his methods.  It was his way of removing the things that afforded her any sense of control - first her ability to see, and then to move.

He led her to the leather ottoman she had come to know so well and guided her down over it they called their “spanking bench.”  He secured her to the ottoman with a length of rope, looping it several times around her lower back and then underneath the ottoman.  She found herself wondering what color the rope was.  Normally, when he tied her down he would draw the rope taut between her legs however this time he did not.  “I need to ensure that you remain as motionless as possible,” he said.  He spread her legs and bound her knees firmly to the opposing ottoman legs.  She was acutely aware of the position she was in with everything between her cheeks fully exposed.  She both relished and dreaded the feeling of vulnerability.  He understood this and enjoyed displaying her in this way to accentuate her total submission to him.

Next he placed a collar around her neck.  He cuffed her wrists, secured them together behind her back, and then ran a length of rope between the cuffs and the collar.  He pulled the rope snug, effectively immobilizing her arms - if she tried to move them downward, she would begin to choke herself.  He gathered her long hair into a pony tail.  Normally she enjoyed it when he used her hair during bondage scenes but this time she was too nervous.  He looped the rope around her ponytail several times and then knotted it.

“Ill be back in a minute,” he said, “don't go anywhere.”  He enjoyed toying with her like this.  When they were together, whatever he put her through normally involved an element of humiliation.  It was all part of the mind-fuck.  “I think there are some Jehovah's Witnesses coming up the driveway,” she heard him say from the other room.  “I should probably let them in.”  The sudden wave of panic was overwhelming.  Was he serious?  Would he really do that?  There was only a short wall between the front door and the hallway to the room where she lay fully exposed.  Anyone who entered more than a few steps into the foyer would be able to see her clearly. 

“Just kidding my pet,” he said as he returned.  Without warning, he began to administer stinging slaps to her bottom not particularly hard at first, but certainly hard enough to get her attention.  “I am going to get some endorphins flowing for you” he said.  “You will be needing them later.”  She loved it when he spanked her.  To her, there was nothing more personal and more intimate.  She was able to take a hard spanking if it was delivered in the right way starting slowly and building in intensity as her tolerance to the pain rose.  He knew how to deliver a spanking in such a way that it took her on a wonderful journey.  He would intersperse the stinging smacks with pauses, rubs and squeezes...varying the intensity level while steadily pushing her harder toward the edge.  He had ever really “hurt” her, at least not more than she enjoyed being hurt.   She enjoyed wearing the resulting marks from her spanking sessions like a badge of honor - admiring them, touching them, and reliving the experience in her mind.  She had experienced some of her most powerful orgasms while lying on her back with her knees raised, gazing at the marks he had left on her bottom in a mirror while she masturbated.  And she loved the residual tenderness that she retained for a day or two after a hard spanking.

After a few minutes of alternately spanking her and massaging her now burning cheeks he stopped.  She heard him rummaging through the duffel bag.  There was a brief pause, then she felt something press against her anus and an object slid in, fairly easily it seemed.   There was a occurred to her that the object was made of metal.  She had been in this position before and never knew what to expect.  He had inserted a number of things into both of her orifices in the past.  Spontaneity was one of the things she loved about him she was never sure what to expect.

The new object felt like it might be curved and she could feel him moving it around as if he were trying to position it.  Suddenly, she felt a tug on her hair and pressure on her anus simultaneously, and then the was an anal hook.  She had seen pictures, but had never experienced this before.  She was trying to figure out whether she liked it while he attached the hook to the length of rope trailing down from her hair.  The hook was not painful to her but she was keenly aware of its presence.  It occurred to her that this was just another way for him to immobilize her.  If her head were to start thrashing around she knew that motion would be transferred directly to her anus.  It was clear that he was trying to immobilize her completely...but why?

She was experiencing all of the emotions she had come to love and hate more strongly than ever now.  She was torn - she had developed a trust that he had never compromised, but that still didnt make this easy for her.  She heard a sound…like air rushing through a tube.  She could not visualize what he was doing but her mind was racing.  Then there were a couple of “click” like the sound of butane lighter.  Then she heard his voice in the darkness. “Do you remember our discussion a while back about how we might solidify our commitment to each other when the time was right?”  For a moment she found herself searching, and then it hit her “Oh my God,” she thought, he was going to brand her! 

Part III

The next few moments felt like an eternity.  She could not see, but was aware that he was heating something and images danced wildly in her head.  A panic was welling up inside of her   a dreadful fear of the unknown.  What would this feel like?  Would the pain be completely unbearable or would the branding iron be so hot that it would immediately sear her skin and she might not feel it so much?  In the distance, it seemed, she heard him say “this will take just a moment because the iron needs to be red hot.  I want to make sure I don't have to apply it more than once.”  Red hot?  More than once?  “Oh my God,” she thought to herself, “please, please do it right the first time.”

He gently put his hand on her shoulder and spoke.  “My pet, are you ready to accept this ultimate symbol of your submission to me?  It will be my initials, signifying the bond between us and the fact that we complete each other…to be worn by you today and forever.”  Although her mind was pulling her furiously in a different direction, she heard herself reply “yes Sir.” “Good,” he said, “I need you to open your mouth.”  She did as instructed and felt him insert an object that she recognized as a folded washcloth.  “Bite down on this it will keep you from doing any damage to your teeth.”   She did as she was told.  She was suddenly scared...very scared.

She felt his hand on her lower back.  “Perhaps right here,” he said as he touched a spot on her right cheek, about half-way down and near the inner slope.  “I will count to three.  One...two...”  She never heard “three.”  Unbelievable white hot pain pulsed through her - she struggled to maintain her faculties.  Were there colored lights?  Stars?  She did not know.   There was an odor of seared flesh.  It felt like she was screaming but there was no sound.  She knew she was struggling mightily against her restraints, but he had done his job well and she was unable to budge.  At any other time, the tugging of the anal hook might have been a torture all its own, but at this moment she scarcely noticed it.   Then…finally…it was over.  She had no idea how long the branding iron had been in contact with her skin.  It was probably only a second or two, but it had felt like an eternity. 

The ensuing endorphin release sent her into deep subspace and suddenly there was no longer any pain.  She was floating...merely a puddle...he was talking but she did not hear.  To her, there were only echoes.  But one single thought was going through her mind as she drifted. “This is only the beginning.”


Review This Story || Author: Spanknutt
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