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Review This Story || Author: Eric Dumuzi

Face (Sex, Power, Love)

Part 11

Lets Eat

“Lets eat,” Anna announced abruptly. “Eric, you want to eat, right? You are a hungry, hungry boy, arent you? Surprise me, be a well-mannered boy whore, and Ill arraign that very special therapeutic diet you crave.”

All I could think about was pleasing Gina and her beautiful friend. If I were a puppy, my tail would have wagged. If I were a man, my cock would have stood at attention. But my cock was locked in its cage, an erection was impossible, and so what sort of creature had these women made of me? Oh yeah, I was Ginas obedient tongue animal.

Anna smiled wanly. Her look said that this was too easy, just another male collapsing before her, another supplicant ardently seeking her dominion. Was there anything about this one worth a second glance?

I ached for Anna. This intense yearning to bask in her aura, to do anything she demanded, pried open and spilled something deep in my core. I unraveled, broke. My capacity to follow the routine narrative of the common place became unglued. I experienced Anna as a ravishing slow motion of revolving colors and surfaces imbued with emotive import.

Anna slid off her barstool amid a graceful flowing and fluttering of soft pastels as her full skirt flared. As she alit, her breasts bulged against her white lace bodice and the deep fold of her cleavage swelled. Her long strawberry waves and curls bounced about her bare, elegantly sculpted shoulders and floated around her pale, flawless face like a corona spiraling around some cool and distant sun. Annas soft yielding air, her impression of gentle sweetness, and her cerebral calm could not have been more misleading.

Anna put a finger under my chin and brusquely forced my head side to side in a mock examination. “A pretty face, quite serviceable. Perhaps you might make the grade. But perhaps not.” Anna smirked and sauntered off to the dining area. Her bewitching enchantment drifted off behind her, and my painful longing for Anna ebbed. The comforting illusion of normalcy recovered. Then I turned to Gina.

Gina sat on her stool with legs crossed, leaning back against the bar, gloating at the submissive manners of her tongue pet. The red leather of her thigh high boot cut through the long open slit of her full-length, black leather sarong. The gash was so deep that the bare flesh of Ginas upper thigh flashed above her boot. Hidden in the crease of that white flesh, the dark triangle that held me in thrall lurked. Gina indulged her pets lustful ogling of her crotch.

“Thats right, stare at it. Its all you can think about isnt it?” Gina pulled her dress to the side and uncrossed her legs. Now I was gawking directly at her cunt. I glanced to the end of the empty bar and saw that the idle bartender was polishing glasses and studiously ignoring us. Gina hissed, “I said look at it. This is the only thing in your world. Nothing else exists for you. Now look me in the eye.” Ginas eyes were the only thing that could pry my mind from her sex.

She measured me with cool approval. “Eric, I think maybe she likes you. Youve been good so far. Keep it up, dont weaken, dont back down, dont put your tail between legs and retreat in fear. Cower, but stay. Concentratethat ought to be easy because all you need to think about is cunt. This is your one chance to become something that most men dont dare dream ofa purely sexual thing, a servant of cunt. You can leave concern for the boring, mundane, and common place behind. Your role in life will be clear, simple, and most agreeableto eat pussy and serve women.”

I bowed my head before addressing Gina. “Thank you Gina, but what is this about the whip. I have given up control of my life to you. I have done everything you have demanded. It was not necessary to whip me; I obeyed. The whip, she said it with such glee. Anna frightens me.”

“Good, thats the idea. Cringe like a beaten dog. We want you to live in fear, a fear that freezes volition, a fear that enthralls, and a fear so pure that any impulse to neglect your duty to womankind is extinguished. The whip will teach you to grovel at the foot of any woman, to open yourself without resistance to her gracious gifts of pain and degradation, and thus be content. You have only begun. Youll learn; just dont ask too many questions. We know best.”

Gina stood down from the bar. Her height in her platform boots again surprised and intimidated me. By some inconsequential measure, I was still taller, but I felt smaller. She looked me in the eye, reached a finger under my belt, and pulled on the chain dog leash she had attached to my ball harness. Gina pulled me close and kissed me. Explosive flares of joy, gratitude, and ecstasy blew my heart apart into rapturous streams of red, white, and blue effervescence.

Gina smiled and ran her tongue over my lips. Her touch, her scent, and her beauty governed each beat of my heart, each shiver of my skin, and every quaking thought. “You are a gorgeous man, and so malleable. I love you, but dont mistake my love for fidelity or kindness. I will have other men and I will hurt you. But you could be my special man, the one I keep. I see in your eyes your cowering need for me, and my heart thrills. I am proud to share you with Anna. She seems to see promise in you. Continue to perform properly and Anna will take you on as her project and remake you into a male worthy of being my consort. I can hardly wait to enjoy the thing you will become.” Gina lightly kissed me again, jerked my chain, and ordered, “Follow me to the dining room.”

I dutifully followed a step behind Gina making her way toward the receptionist where Anna waited. Anna announced, “There will be the three of us. We require only two menus; we will order for the gentleman. My private table.” The receptionist was very young, very pretty, and, in contrast to Anna and Gina, very conventionally dressed. She stared at me with an insolent mixture of curiosity and disgust. Gossip from the valets and the bartender had apparently had reached this innocent tart. Gina, Anna and I were the sensation of the night with the restaurant staff. The girl smiled respectfully at Anna, “Of course. Please come this way.”

The girl led us across the stylish dinning room to a raised alcove off to one side where we could view the goings on in the larger room, but which afforded some minimal privacy. Gina, in her stunning fetish uniform, and Anna all womanly beauty, drew admiring glances, lustful gawking, and envious, reproachful stares from the patrons. As the receptionist seated us, she insolently stared at my crotch. She saw the chain leash leading from my pocket into the front of my pants. She started, and looked at Anna.

“Yes darling, thats his leash. Its attached to a harness fastened to his testicles. Hes the property of my good friend here, Gina. You seem surprised, perhaps intrigued. Would you like one like him? You are a lovely young thing and all sorts of men must come on to you all the time. You should consider taking these men on your own terms. That ismake them serve you. Once you realize what a beautiful woman can make men do, you wouldnt have it any other way. Eric, tell the young lady what you are.”

Remembering Ginas admonition to be subservient toward all women, and any shred of dignity long blown away, I looked into the girls eyes, bowed my head, and announced, “I am Ginas cunt licking slave.” My pride surprised me. Was this perverted sort of self-esteem allowed? I reveled in the disgust and desire in the girls pretty face as she haughtily examined me from face to crotch.

Anna took a card from her purse. “Take my card. If you are interested, call me. Perhaps we can arraign for you to use him sometime. I am always interested in young, attractive women who have the courage to rest control of their lives from men. Perhaps you can practice on him, or I have several others who would do. But now, leave us and send a server.”

Staggered by the perverse scene and the disturbing possibility of an entirely new approach to her life, the receptionist stared at me as she turned to flee. She reached back to grab Annas card and bumped into the waitress standing behind her. The server dodged the fleeing receptionist and said, “Anna please forgive her, shes new. She is sweet, pretty and dumb, the perfect receptionist. Welcome back Anna. Gina, it is pleasure to see you again also. I am delighted to serve such distinguished women.” The server regarded Anna and Gina with sincere hero worship. She hugged the menus to her breast and asked, “Anna would you like to hear tonights specials, or would you have your usual, prime rib rare as I recall?”

“Yes, Darlene, prime rib rare, well trimmed of fat, half portion, a sweet potato, and something green.”

“And Gina, would you like to hear the specials, or perhaps would you like more time and a menu?”

“Slice the other half of Annas prime rib and put it on a plate with raw ousters. I have an appetite for slippery things. Ousters, raw. Beef, bloody, no fat. No carbs, no veggies.”

“And for the gentleman?” The server addressed me, but I bowed my head to avoid eye contact. Anna responded for me.

“As you can see this one is not permitted to make its own decisions. Give him a small salad to play with while Gina and I eat. I am evaluating his suitability for enrollment in my most intense program. Darlene, perhaps you could be of some assistance. Insult him. Really molest him verbally; push it. Id like to test his response to a woman he not acquainted with.”

The server was delighted. “Look at me boy.” A cruel, vengeful smile flashed in her face. This woman hated me, why? Anna had sicked an angry, frustrated bitch on me. Smoldering resentment congested her voice, but she managed a sizzling whisper through her teeth, “Well boy, so you want to become a womens meat puppet. Do you think a piece of scum like you could serve a female properly? Ill bet youre the insolent, cock sure type, a real man who wont take lip from any woman. But, now you wanna give face. Youre a pathetic joke. You and all the rest like you ought to be crushed under the thumb of a woman like Anna. I dont think she shouldnt waste her time on trash like you. You dont deserve it.”

I should have been ready for Annas games, but the ferocity of this common waitresss anger stunned me. She reveled in her license to abuse me, “I know what shell do to you if get lucky, if she takes you. The pain is real bad. Ive seen her work. Ive seen the likes of you under her whipspoiled pretty-boys getting whats due.

“Look at me, scum. How much shit have you made women eat? Huh? I know your type. I know how all those simple-minded girls fall for degenerates like you, you and your pretty eyes and nice hair. Now Annas got you. Good, because Annas going to twist you and twist you until youre the kind of boy that suits the fancy of a real woman. Anna knows what shes doing; she knows how to whip the repulsive masculine poison out of a male. Yeah, I can see it in your eyes already; youre a cunt-licking slice of man meat, arent you? Speak, meat puppet. Tell me exactly what you are.”

The serving girls hissing rant heated to the snarling growl of starving carrion beast. She drew uncomfortable glances distracted from plates of epicurean delight. Was the stink of lowborn nastiness interrupting their fine meal? Snooping heads craned in vain attempts to eavesdrop on the exclusive table above in the alcove.

I knew I must behave, I must make a show of submission, but this was new to me. Upon the command of this ordinary woman, upon a common waitresss hissy fit, I was expected to humiliate myself. And here in this room filled with all the right kind of people. It was one thing to be the private plaything of sex goddesses like Anna or Gina, or even the pretty receptionist, but for this plain strangerin public?

In all my life, I would never have given a woman like this a second look, not that she was hideous, just plain, prosaic background. Now in her ordinary eyes I saw angry offense. I saw jealousy because I was the sex servant of the alpha females at the elite table while she merely served food. I saw hate because I was a former alpha male; the thing denied her; the thing that contemptuously ignored her all of her life. I could not humble myself for her, this plain, nothing woman. I smiled at the arrogant serving girl. She was too ordinary, too much the resentful peasant, not at all the imperious ruler, not the same rank as Gina or Anna.

I looked to Gina for help. Her angry eyes commanded me, “Disgrace yourself before this woman now, or you will disgrace me before Anna.” My heart leapt with the realization that my hesitation had left me on the brink of failure. I looked back to the server, bowed my head, and begged, “Madame, I am a slave, Ginas slave. I do anything she commands. If she allows it, I suck her pussy. If not, I am available for anything else that suits her. If you wish to use me, ask Gina, and upon her command I will let you do whatever you desire.” I bowed my head and prayed that this submission would repair my failure to humble myself immediately before the common hag.

Anna said, “Darlene, we are sorry for that hesitation. This boy has much to learn. Perhaps if hes suitably trained you may redress his insolent vacillation. But thank you for your assistance in testing him. I have learned something of how far I would have to take him. Now, please, bring us a bottle of wine, something dry and white, and see to our orders quickly.”

The server left and Anna said, “Gina, dont despair. We cant expect that he enter the program without flaws. If I take him on, I can grind off the rough edges.” She addressed me, “When Darlene returns make a show of respect.” Then Anna and Gina began reminiscing and gossiping as if I was not there.

The server returned with the wine and poured for Gina and Anna while I worried as to how to make amends. Gina saved me. “Eric, Darlene is entitled to a meaningful apology. I think it would be appropriate for you to kiss her foot. Get down on the floor, under the table, and kiss Darlenes shoe. I am sure her feet are weary from all the running about she has to do, despite those practical shoes. The sight of a man groveling at her feet might provide some comfort. Look, her shoe has a stain. Clean it off.”

Darlene gave me a cruel smile, and put her off-white canvas shoe forward so that it slipped under the tablecloth. I was mortified. How could I do this? Well, Gina demanded it. Surreptitiously, I slipped off my chair and under the table, hoping none of the other patrons would see. My cock once again swelled against its cage and my ball harness tugged in my crotch as I went under the table. The servers dirty walking shoe peeked under the tablecloth. I bent over, kissed it, and tried to suck it clean, but the stain of manual labor is indelible. She pulled the shoe back. I knelt under the table between Ginas boots and Anna elegant slippers. The voices above were muffled.

“Well he didnt get the stain off, but he did kiss my foot and somehow my aching feet feel better. Gina you have done well with this one. But that other one, Julio, the valet, he brags to everyone every time he fucks you. Its disgraceful. Hes such an obnoxious young cock. Id hoped you could train him better. You really shouldnt let him disrespect you like that. He is an offense to all women.”

“Darlene, dont you dare tell me what I should or should not do. I will use the pretty, young Julio in any way I please. It is not your place to question me. I should have you whipped for this insubordination. I let you play with my slave and then you forget you place? I will not have it.

“Whats really the matter? Do you want to suck Julios dick, but you arent pretty enough to interest him? The poor old hag cant get fucked by the hot young stud. You want that young dick, but cant get it? Yes, Darlene, Julios cock is thick, long, and hard as steel. Maybe I can get some for you. I think that maybe Ill have Julio fuck you in the ass. Everybody says you like that. Darlene, is that true, do you like it up the dirt hole? I am sure Julio finds you disgusting, but hell do anything for me, even butt fucking a dreary old bitch like you. Just to show you my power, to prove that Im in charge, Ill have him ream your flabby asshole. Then Julio can brag to everyone how he butt-fucked Darlene while she squealed like a pig. I think the staff would get a big laugh out of that.” Gina spoke calmly and cheerfully as if she where discussing the desert specials.

Anna interrupted, “Gina please stop, thats enough. Darlene, remember your place. Get our food.” Anna kicked me. “Get up here; be quiet; be invisible.”

When the serving girl sullenly returned, she pushed my salad at me, leaned into my face, and, as if an angry witch cursed, “I will beat you someday. Eat dog.” For the next hour, I played with my salad while Gina and Anna ate, laughed, and ignored me.

When they rose to leave, Gina kicked me, and I followed. Gina and Anna led me across the now crowded restaurant. I felt the stares of the room upon us. Those who comprehended nothing just stared at the sight of the leather clad Gina and her stunning female companion. But those who guessed the true nature of the thing being led through the room by these beautiful women, and there were a number of them including all of the help, these people stared at me, scrutinizing the abject man slave with loathing and envy.

Review This Story || Author: Eric Dumuzi
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