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Face (Sex, Power, Love)

Part 9

Eating Out

As I drove Ginas Jaguar to our meeting with Anna, Gina chatted on the phone with friends, whispering conspiracies. I could make out just enough to guess that the topic was meand Anna. There was a lot of giggling. I fidgeted in my seat powerless to stop her from betraying the embarrassing details of my perverse surrender.

How much was she telling? Did she just say something about the cock cage? Ginas cast a teasing sideways grin at me. She glanced to my crotch and sneered a rumor into her phone. The odd discomfort of the cock cage and ball harness hanging in my pants twisted into acute shame. She was telling her girlfriend about that?

I silently chastised myself, “Dont think about it. Your cock is swelling in that damm cage. Is that safe? Just drive stupid. Dont think about what shes doing to you. Dont think about her friends laughing at you. It will make it worse. My cock hurts.”

If I concentrated on just driving at least my cock stayed semi-soft in its cage, and the squeeze presented no immediate danger of strangulation, but the leather testicle harness constantly pressed tightly and stretched my testicles. I worried that my balls were not getting an adequate blood supply. I fretted over the numbness of the heavy lump hanging between my legs. Now my cock throbbed, engorged at the thought of Gina betraying me to her giggling friends. Why? What had Gina done to me? I deferentially waited for a break in her phone calls and asked, “Gina, please excuse me, but is it really safe to leave my balls tied up so long?”

“Oh, poor baby, do you think they are going fall off? That would be just too bad, wouldnt it? Then you would have to be my worthless little eunuch wouldnt you? Well, I probably should just let you worry, but dont. I know what I am doing. I could tighten it up a bit and strangle your balls, but Im not interested in that, at least not yet. You had better behave, or I just might change my mind. On the other hand…”

Gina laughed, “Honey, Im not going to let you lose you balls because I like playing with them. You have no idea how much fun it is to take those big balls of yours between my teeth and watch you squirm. Besides, what use would I have for you without those cute things? I could easily find another cunt sucker, a lot of my friends insist that women are better at pussy licking anyway, but I like boys, boys with balls. To find another guy whod let me use his balls as my private sex toy, another guy so well trained, so stoic that hell take my ball biting as hard as I like it, well, that would take more time. Ive invested a lot of effort in training you. Most guys are such wussies when it comes to their balls; theyre just no fun at all. So dont worry your pretty little head. I dont intend to castrate you, if youre good, at least not yet.” Gina laughed again at her equivocal reassurances.

“When we get to the restaurant well meet Anna in the bar. Now rules, so listen carefully. You are not to speak until spoken to and you will keep your answers short. Yes Madam or No Madam will do for the most part. You will address Anna as Madam until she directs you otherwise. You may still call me Gina; all that mistress or goddess stuff is so formal. But so that Anna sees you are properly subservient, I want you to bow your head and look down to the floor before and after you address me. This will take control on your part, so concentrate. Try it now. Repeat the rules.”

I looked at Gina, bowed my head casting my eyes downward. I looked back to the road and recited my lesson, “I am not to speak until spoken to. I am to address Anna as Madam. I am to be brief. I am to bow to you before and after speaking.” I looked to Gina. Her eyes glowed with satisfaction. I bowed my head and cast down my eyes. I was staring straight into Ginas crotch. She had raised a leg to the dashboard, opening the long slit in her leather sarong to her waist. Her hand was in her crotch, a finger in her cunt, she instructed, “Watch the road.”

My cock swelled against its cage. I tried to concentrate on the road as tears welled in my eyestears from the overwhelming, but denied need for sexual release; tears from fear of the dreadful Anna, fear of strangling my cock and balls, fear of where these fierce women would lead meand tears of gratitude for Ginas cruelty. I felt drawn and quartered between terror and sexual ecstasy. The lump between my legs hung heavily. Gina masturbated as she made yet another phone call.

“Anna, hi. We will be there in a couple of minutes. Oh yeah, this is going to be fun. I cant tell you how hot I am already. Well, thanks, and you know I feel the same. You are the loveliest woman on earth. Mirror mirror on the wall, Anna is fairest of them all. Oh, yeah, he is ready, nicely hobbled as you like it. He is looking good, Im sure you will enjoy him. He is driving the car, concentrating on the road like a good chauffer. Oh, hes blushing. Cant wait to meet you, I guess.

“Youll like this; hes all worried about his balls. He wanted to know whether they would fall off from being in the ball harness. Yeah, I know, but its fun watching him worry and squirm…Oh yeah, I know she did. She is the perfect bitch; I admire her so. She showed him to me. It was really weird, very sexy. He gave her the ultimate sacrifice, the definitive submission. But as a practical matter, beyond the symbolism, after you actually did it what good would he be? Oh yeah, of course for her its good. She doesnt have much use for men anyway. To each her own I guess. But I enjoy men, especially the accouterments hanging between their legs. I want my slave to have all of his parts. This one has real nice parts. Youll see.

“Could you do me a favor? Theres a boy on the valet station, Julio, Id like to attend to my car. I want Eric to meet him.

“You might enjoy Julio. Hes a very pretty boy, and, if you can get him to keep his cock in his pants for a couple of days, hell give you the most amazing volume of come. I know you like that. Julio just keeps coming, gob after gob. Sweet wonderful youth.

“Oh, please do, but I drained him this just this morning, so him give a couple of days to get back to full volume. Besides, hes just a trifling confection, a cocky idiot. I havent really worked on him. And you have this thing about men being hobbled and all. I am sure I could get the sweet young Julio chained up if you really wanted me to bother, but he will take some softening up.

“Right now Erics your guy. I havent let him come in three weeks, and hes had an almost continual hardon. Come is just about dripping out of his ears. Also, I made him clean all of that thick, slippery Julio stuff out of me this afternoon, so Eric is just stuffed with man juice. Oh yeah, he ate it all up like a good boy. Now, that was fun. I told you he was ready for the next step. Ok, were almost there, so please send Julio to the car. I think it would be a nice touch for Eric to give the boy a big tip. See you.”

The phone disappeared into her purse. “Eric darling, when we pull up in front, watch the valets eyes as he helps me out of the car. I intend to give him a show. Watch him look at my new boots, up the slit of my sexy new dress, and into the face of your ruler. Think about the power of my pussy, think about how lucky you are to be my dedicated cunt cleaner, and be grateful I didnt choose him. Be polite to the boy, and show your gratitude. Be sure to give him a nice tip.”

I pulled in front of the restaurant where a cluster of young men waited at the valet station. A handsome dark haired boy stepped over to the car to assist Gina from the car. The others gawked and sniggered; they thought they knew what was up. Gina swung one booted leg out, smiling up at the boy. Her dress slipped open to her waist exposing her bare pussy. The boy took Ginas extended hand, and, leering straight into her fully exposed, naked cunt, he stuttered, “G…Good evening Gina. S… good to see you again.” Gina let him get a good long stare.

I was nauseous. The boy boys face was a goofy caricature of disrespectful lust and twisted bewilderment. Gina was using him as a pawn in her depraved theater. The boy stupidly thought he had somehow seduced Gina, but he also comprehended just enough to be confused. He was disgusting, but I felt like filth. Did the boy know what Gina had done to me, what she had made me do after her tryst with him?

Gina rose from the car, tossed her head back, and smiled at the other valets. They were dumb struck by Ginas beauty and blatant fetish attire. There were hardons all around. “Julio, its so nice to see you again so soon. My boyfriend will tip you.” I got out of the car, pulled out my wallet, and gave Julio a five. “Dont be cheap, Eric. Now tip Julio for keeping me company this morning. He left something for you. Pay him for it. You seemed to enjoy it a lot. In fact, Id say you ate it up.” I had nothing but fifties left in my wallet. I gave Julio one. “My, my, thats generous. You must have really enjoyed Julios gift. Julio, be a sweet boy and get the door.”

Laughing, Gina turned toward the restaurant. Julio looked at the bills I had given him as if they might be infected. Then he shrugged, stuck them in his pocket, and scurried to open the door for Gina. Julio smirked and backed away from me as I trailed Gina into the restaurant, mortified, embarrassed by the pound. Gina dismissively handed me her coat and headed off to the bar.

I attended to the coat check and followed Gina to the far end of the darkly lit, nearly empty bar. At the last stool sat a beautiful petite red head smiling warmly as she greeted Gina. She ignored me. Only the finest of lines at the corners of her eyes betrayed that she was older than a contemporary of Gina. Otherwise, her pale, creamy skin was smooth and flawless. Her blushing wavy hair, from the very strawberry edge of the blond spectrum, fell softly about her lovely, pale shoulders.

In sharp contrast to Ginas menacing leather ensemble Anna wore a graceful, almost prissy pastel dress. The three-quarter length pleated skirt draped softly around the barstool. Thin straps curved up from her bare back, over the naked arc of her shoulders, and down to attach to an intricate peach edging that dove deeply into open white lace lying like an icy glaze frosting snowy drifts of bulging bosom. The delicate musculature of Annas neck rose up from the elegant contours of her shoulders. She twinkled with expensive gems. An expanse of creamy skin plunged to the see-through lace bodice and deep cleavage promised generous scoops of soft white breasts. Pink areola peeked into the lace with each swell of breathe. Anna was all sweet peaches and frosty cream, utterly feminine, with not a hard edge about her.

With a glowing smile, Gina kissed Annas cheek. “You are always so lovely. This is Eric.” Expressionless, Anna looked me up and down, evaluating. Her gaze settled on my eyes holding me in silent, rapt attention. Annas eyes were blue, or gray, or maybe green; they almost seemed to revolve color to color. I was transfixed, mesmerized as by a snake charmer.

At last she spoke, “Gina brags about you. She makes promises that you will be expected to fulfill. She hopes to enroll you in my male improvement program.

“I must say right off that physically you meet the standard; we will see about the rest. The therapy is quite rigorous; you will have to be broken and remade. However, I will not take you as a patient unless you demonstrate that you have the capacity to complete the program in the manner I desire. I could remake you even if you had no aptitude or willingness to participate, but that would be an onerous process, painful for you and boring for me. Your agreement to the program is assumed, but that is not enough. This evening will be an evaluation of whether I find you sufficiently interesting. Tell me, what Gina has done to your cock and balls.”

The casual moderation of Annas sweet voice belied the severe cruelty implicit in her interrogation. I trembled before her tranquil feminine authority. I was tongue-tied. My face flushed. I burned and I froze. I looked to Gina for help. She sat crossed legged leaning back against the bar in the stool next to Anna, the full length of her red boot rose through the long slit of her black leather skirt. An expectant smirk conveyed her instruction that I respond to Anna. “Madam, Gina has bound my cock and balls in steel and leather.” How could my throat be so dry, my brow so cold, and yet I was afire with panic and damp with flop sweat? I looked down to the floor.

“Good. The purpose of those restraints is to provide physical confirmation of your status. Any man who is allowed in my intimate company is required to be restrained, his manhood hobbled, so that the proper relation between the sexes is maintained. I have no use for free men. Gina feels otherwise and I respect her choice.

“However, you no longer have a choice in anything. You will be permanently hobbled to assure that whenever you are in the presence of any woman, whether she knows it or not, whether she is one of the cognoscenti or not, your inferior status will be physically manifest. You will be hobbled when you eat, sleep, or piss. You will be hobbled each time you think about any woman. You will wear these restraints permanently so that you will always be aware of what you are to women. No longer will you be just Ginas slave, or my slave; you will be the slave of all females. The only time your restraints will be removed will be for cleaning or for a womans use, such as for whipping your genitalia.

“Gina tells me she has not whipped you. I dont understand that. Personally, few things give me greater pleasure than beating a man. If I accept you into my program, we start by introducing you to the pleasures of the whip. Oh, dont look so forlorn. Good things dont come easily. Yes, it will be painful, after all that is the point of whipping a man. But, if you are right for this program, you will learn to get beyond the pain. I will take you to a place of grace where the pain is joy, where subservience is dignity.

“Oh, that pitiful look. Of course you dont understand yet. It is a good indicator that you are despondent, rather than rebellious. A propensity to wallow in your misery will stand you in good stead in my program. I do love watching men suffer. And you will suffer more than the whip; emotional pain is so much more exquisite than simple physical pain. I will give you this to brace your courage. You will eat more pussy than you could dream of. Gina tells me that you have wasted your life as a total whore, that have cheated on every woman it ever knew, but that you have come at last to appreciate the path of oral homage to women. Is that true, are you a cunt sucking whore?”

The assault of words stopped suddenly. Those beautiful eyes, those strange circling colors, pinned me down like a specimen on an insect display.

“Speak when spoken to.”

My mind was blank, and I had vertigo. I was an unarmed soldier in no-mans land. I glanced desperately to Gina. Her eyes commanded me to speak. I tried to answer Anna, but my voice failed. The bartender had just brought Gina and Anna fresh drinks. He looked at me with quizzical contempt before he turned away. How much had he heard? The bar was silent but for the clinking and crackling of swirling ice cooling drinks. The air tasted of sweet, rich bourbon. Finally, in a splintered whisper I managed, “Madam, whatever Gina says is true. I am a whore. Yes a whore, but thanks to Gina, I am a cunt sucking whore.”

“It speaks, good boy. You were slow to respond, but I appreciate a man who struggles to find the right words when speaking to me. His difficulties lead me to believe he knows his proper place, that what he says is heartfelt; and that he is sincere and not just repeating formulaic blather.

“So you admit to being a cunt sucking whore. If that is true, my program will be perfect for you, a true paradise. Do you want to go to paradise? Do you want to go to the land of cunt and honey, where the sweets between the thighs of all women are yours for the sucking? Thats what you will get, all the cunt you can swallow, day after day, woman after woman, pussy after pussy, enough to drown in.

“So thats the stick and the carrot. Informed consent. Now you must convince me. Are you strong enough for my program? Should I bother? Well see.

“All the pussy you can eat, what a lucky guy. Yes, you will be whipped mercilessly. Yes, you will be a lowly slave, but a sex slave, not a wage slave like that dismal bartender over there who was just looking down his nose at you. You will never have to return to the work-a-day prison where the half brain dead inmates delude themselves with illusions that they are free. We will feed you, keep you, and use at our pleasure. All you have to do is obey, eat anything we stick in your face, lie under the yum yum tree, and suck pussy candy all day and all night. Lucky, lucky boy. But now Im hungry. Gina lets eat.”

Review This Story || Author: Eric Dumuzi
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